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AI: Summary © The webinar covers various topics including Islam, Facebook, and the web to web. Leah toogoo accepted theronication of Annie and apologizes for a mistake. The importance of regretting actions and making a statement about never going back again is emphasized. The segment discusses various accusations of fraud and bribery, including a woman named Leah toogoo who accepted theronication of Annie. The segment also touches on smoking and drinking alcohol, avoiding sinful behavior, and history of the use of "hasith" in religion to avoid offense.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. I'm gonna get Smilla hamdulillah Salah Tosa salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda main phone now and finally Mr. Lim Tana was ignite Inman hammerlock Amin. We ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us

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benefits from our tutorials and increases in knowledge along with data cleaning.

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You want to be very kind of jumping out of the room on Mahoma or Dr. Ferrara and daddy to follow up on musoma. An additional fee now would have been an extra fee and what am I Roma I mean your O'Brien I mean

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along the local handle, I can handle it or lead well I can handle by the reader. We are extremely grateful to Allah azza wa jal for giving us another chance to study one more name of his

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asking him and begging him to make us from the people who listen and apply inshallah.

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My beloved brothers and sisters tonight's name is a name that we are all familiar with. And tonight's theme is the web to web

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at the web is mentioned in the Quran. 11 times 11 times nine of them are paired with which name Rahim nine of the 11 are paired with a Rahim the web Rahim one with Al Hakim or with Hakeem the web one Hakeem and one

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you all know the sort of my heart one

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paired with

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sha Allah either Ajah muscle lahaie While fat or eight and NASA the Kelowna CD in Lehi, Florida that's a big behind the ROB Baker was to fill in.

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So this one here the Weber came with no other name of allah nine times the Rahim and one with Hakeem the web, obviously it's from the root three letters

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and if that which means to repent and at the web has few meanings which we will be discussing today in sha Allah Tala.

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At the web

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one the first name is the one who

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permits you or make it easy for you and me to make Toba.

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The one who makes it easy for the slave

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to repent.

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Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When you think of repenting right there by itself, is a blessing is an AMA

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from metabo la him.

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Ah, Leah toogoo.

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Allah said from metabo la him, Leah Tubu.

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How do we explain that? If we translate it literally linguistically, then he repented to them so they can repent, right? This is what it means? No, it means he gave them the permission to repent. He made it easy for them to repent. And he had comes a second name, or the second meaning of the name. And then he accepted the repentance from metabo I lay him Lea to so he made it easy for that person to repent from that sin. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted the repentance.

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Because yeah, when Don't think, don't think that there are people

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that everybody thinks of repentance, there are many people that repentance does not cross their mind.

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They might have committed so many sins, so many crimes, repentance itself does not cross their mind. So by Allah subhanho wa Taala or by you thinking of repenting right there. You have done the ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala blessed you with the first step

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and the second step is that Allah subhana wa Taala will accept for

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for coolamon terbit Illa tow button na sua Turbhe Allahu alayhi wa Kabila for our added a been a one bit of filthy him lick Toba well, your cabal Kenobi him la wa will

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be in bad that old Betty in tow Betty him coborn And Lucha Waffen and Kottayam SubhanAllah. So he is attacked by giving you tofield to make Tober and come close to him. And second, he is the web when he accepts your Toba and forgive your for your sins, your sins. There was a man from Bani Israel

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who will be Allah for 40 years

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I constantly buy that. And then he disobeyed Allah for 40 years.

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And then he felt bad. He felt like you know, how could I do this? So he sat down with himself feeling very sorry.

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And he said to himself, yeah, Allah.

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If I come back with you accept me 40 years of this obedience, would you accept me? So he heard the voice that says at the ABA, tena, Fackrell, rub neck

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while Satana neck, were in rigidity, Elayna Kaabil neck.

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He said, Oh, my slave.

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You worshipped us. So we brought you closer, and you disobeyed us. And we gave you some time. And then you want to come to us. You're always welcome. Subhan Allah, this is what at the web means. This is at the web, and who he is the one who said

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Bobby, I am Allah He said at the web, who will lead the tube who

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will Jakob alto betta who couldn't lemma tackle rot a Toba to Chiron Cagoule.

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It's not about one attack to Webb. Every time

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the abbot is sinning, the more he sins the more ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will will accept. We'll have the call. Where one lady told me by the way for Annie see?

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Via Nemo mattify alone. Well we'll let the Yakubu Toba tiny bed Subhan Allah Yeah, okay. My my brother, my sister. If you are one of these people who are sitting please listen to this area. Allah subhanho wa Taala saying well, who will lead the UK bellotto batani birdie he is the one who accepts the repentance of a bad and yeah Fu and he remits and he forgives the say he is my ugly. My brother who is watching haram, my sister who's watching haram, my husband is listening to haram his feet are taking him to haram. His ears are listening to haram his tongue is saying haram listen to what Allah is telling you. Yeah, okay. Well, we'll let the yuck velluto But all he's waiting for you is just to

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come and repent. And he already told you that he is going to accept. Come back to him. You actually don't feel that you know, the sin is so huge and so big and I committed so many sins. Remember that ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. He is at the web. Now turba it means to apologize in a way. Well, yet either other fella said morale and apology is one of three things either one would say that I did not commit that sin. He would not admit.

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You want me to apologize? I will but I did not either do it?

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Or he apologizes and he blames someone else.

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Yeah, he did that. But because of you I did that or because of him or because of the circumstances or because of the environment. So it's not a really

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sincere apology.

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You will make a emphatic volley Mina Matt, this is this kind of apology. This is not going to benefit. And then there is the third one which is the one that is we are talking about. And that is

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when someone is Jaco felt were upset, valid to assert to work at UCLA to Yes, I did that and I committed a sin and I wrong this and that. And now I quit. This is the proper and the true Tober. Now Allah subhana wa Tada does not accept the Toba just like that. There has to be conditions for the Toba to be accepted. There has to be conditions for the Toba to be accepted first.

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And number one is to regret

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to regret that you have committed that sin. You must regret yeah when this is these are the steps of a Toba masala and accepted Tober is sincere Toba from the bottom of the heart. Number one you have to repent every day. Let's take a sin of let's say smoking or smoking for example. You have to repent. You have to

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regret and feel remorse for every cigarette you smoked for every time you smoked for every money or those money that you wasted in this haram while you could have benefited so many people.

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You feel regret. Second, you stop it. You stop that sin immediately.

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You really stop it immediately. Wherever that sin is

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If you was not praying now, I'm going to stop praying. It was drinking and selling alcohol, whatever it is now I call us i Stop it, you stop it, you regret you stop. And the third one which is the most important is that you make you make a promise that you will never go back again. You make a sincere promise, sincere, sincere promise, not only means you stop and you regret but also you take by the means to make this promise sincere. For example, I will stop smoking for example. Careless, I regret it I stop and I make sure that I will never go back again. This one here means that you take by the means I will not hang. Hang out with people who smoke I will not go to places that is smoking I will

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you will take by the means not just Cardassia Allah now I regret what I did. And I'm going to stop but maybe in a week or so I will go back or you have pre set my you your mind is mindset that you will do it in a year you will do it when you get married. You will do it when you get divorced. You will do it. When you come back from highs you don't do it. You have this is not Tobin as well. This is not a sincere Toba

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since he told that, like the hola Juan and he was talking to a brother and he said what is the Toba nasaga He said in October Nasu he ality

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in Oberon

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Allahu Akbar. He said the sincere Toba that the Suharto is the Toba that there is no return you do not go back the intention. Keep in mind do not get confused. You might go back you might go back to that sin but the intention is not to go back at all. He said the intention not to go back at all just like the milk will never go back in and the other when you take the milk out of the goat

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there's no way you can put it back right. Similarly my intention not to go back to that sin is just like that milk will never go back to the other. Okay, so this is the toga masala. Now we are weak political inside of the IFA, we are weak. If I fall back again, I repent again. But I do the same steps again. Not I

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feel so sorry. And this and that. And then

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next day, I do the same thing all over again and all over again an all over again. What is the what is the NASA? This is not a sincere job Who are you kidding?

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You are repenting and you still have these

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videos at home. You still have these friends, you still have these

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company that you are with. So that means you're not sincere in that Tober Yeah, a Oh Halina and I know

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to wu

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tang Burton Nussle,

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an order from Allah to the believers to repent, sincere repentance Subhan Allah, how great is Allah who and how

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Subhan Allah Allah as I'm studying the names of Allah and I am so grateful to him that he inspired me to to bring up this topic to benefit myself first and benefit my brothers and sisters and all the brothers and sisters are watching

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Subhan Allah and he you cannot but love Allah so much as to you know who's Allah? Any at the web? Look how merciful was ALLAH? First you commit the sins while you are committing the sin while you are committing the sin while you are smoking. For example, the smokers are going to be very upset with me today. That's okay. handler they will thank me on day Inshallah, while you're smoking, your heart is beating. He's still making your heartbeat and your hand move. Subhanallah he's still blessing you. And second, he covered you even though you did it in the bathroom without anybody seeing he did not tell anybody in the morning and everybody knows. Right. Third, he gave you the

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option to repent. He opened the door of Toba for you to repent. And look at the beauty of Tobia when is the Toba is open all the time. Can you imagine? Can you imagine that? Tober for example, is only in Mecca. Or you drank alcohol Smilla Emirates airways tomorrow.

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You have to go to market repent. You committed adultery or you have to go to Mecca. Imagine that Toba is only at three o'clock in the morning. Imagine that Toba is touched to be 700 times. No no no no Subhan Allah He opened the door of Toba anywhere, anytime. Just really sincerely repent. Then. Allahu Akbar.

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Then when you repent so he keep blessing you while you are sinning. Number two he hides the sin that you did number three he opens the door of Tober number four

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a manner where I mean I saw on the phone

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okay you bet deal

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okay you bet Dean on who say to him Hassan work

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after that this has two meanings. Number one, literally he will change those any luck but how can you not love Allah azza wa jal when he when you know after you repent this mountains don't think about that one sin that we did think about a person of 5060 years of adultery Raber killing, stealing, lying you name it depends, all these mountains

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of evil deeds are switched into good deeds.

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Who does that?

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Remember the example I gave you? I I owe you $50,000 We went to court. You told me you know what the 50,000 are forgiven. And here's 50,000 as a gift.

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What? Who does that? Nobody, only Allah the web. The second meaning is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he will

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make the path of, of Hassan ad or you will switch the path of say ye add into a path capacidad

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de que Badulla Jose yet him has an Allah will switch. If you repent, Allah will switch.

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I wanted to become a singer.

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Allah was switching he becomes an imam. He becomes a curry.

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When he repents, I wanted to

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open a store. He repented Allah will make he opened the bookstore selling Islamic books. This is what you bet did Allah who say Yet Allah will switch Subhanallah and now let's go back again number one.

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He blesses you while you are selling number two he covers your sin number three was number three.

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Open the door of Toba number four he switch the head say yet and 200 and the last one is

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no no no.

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You are able to webby that he loves you

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then he loves you in the law you are able to webbing after all I have done here Allah I disobeyed you with what you have given me. What you have blessed me with I gave you $20 You bento you went and bought a knife and stabbed me.

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After with the blessings that you have given me, Allah you I disobeyed you with the blessings that you have given me. And you're giving me all this Allahu Akbar, this is at the web. This is a tower. So when you hear this, when you hear that Allah subhanaw taala is has this attribute. Doesn't he deserve to be loved?

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Doesn't he deserve

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us to give up our money for his sake?

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Doesn't he deserve for us to give our next for his sake?

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Doesn't Allah subhanaw taala after you hear about this attribute, doesn t deserve to be pleased.

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Doesn't this is this pleases Allah azza wa jal Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the Hadith I told you many times before, Allah is more pleased. Allah is more pleased in the repentance of his slave. Then a man who was lost in the desert and he has all his food and drink on his cabin, and he lost his cabin. And he looked left and right the cabin is gone. And he sat down

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and he sat down on a tree and he covered a closed his eyes and said that said colors I'm in the desert 100 And something degrees. It is very, very hard. I have nothing to drink, nothing to eat hardest. I settled I'm going to die. And then all of a sudden he opened his eyes and he's he's his camel came back from his excitement. What did he say? Hola Houma,

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and dab the

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book. He was so excited that he said, Your Allah you are my slave, and I'm your Lord. You're so excited.

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Salam said that Allah is more pleased when I and you come back to him. Then this man seeing his camera

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Allahu Akbar, after all I have done your Allah you are so pleased that I came back to you. You know Allah when Allah He that make us not only love him more, but think million times before I disobey Him a million times before I miss measure, or I go into a business that is haram, or I I leave the house without my hijab or i i skip Salawat I have to think how can I look what he's doing to me? Look how he treats me. Look how many doors he opens for me Subhan Allah.

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Allah subhana wa Taala Yep, so kiddo in Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. Indeed, he extended his hand in the night to forgive the one who sins in the day. And he extends his hand in the day to forgive the one who sins at night. And this continues until the sign the sun rises from the west.

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Hadith in Sahih, Muslim Allah extend his hands in the night to forgive the one who have sinned in the morning. And he extends his hand in the morning for the one who have sinned at at night. And Allah subhana wa Taala loves that a wellbeing loves the ones who always returned to him. Imagine that.

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Because you always go back to him. Nothing deters you, not your sins, not your heedlessness you go because you know, that you have, you have a rub that accepts you have a rub.

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You have a rub you have a lord that accepts that

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the repent repentance Subhan Allah.

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I'm going to looks like we have to because there's a lot of stuff left. I'm going to take another week on this and Charmouth Allah will talk about why is the

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at the web is mixed with the rhyme Subhan Allah, why it is with Rahim. And we will discuss in sha Allah to Allah is the Toba only for the non believers. And we will see that it is for everyone including the believers. And we will discuss also that do not feel that the sins are too big. And we will give examples about that. And there is a misunderstanding about the verse in the Quran about Tober we will discuss that and who is the person that he still was not accepted? We will be discussing that also. And the last thing we will discuss is that there is a sunnah that is neglected about this issue, we will be discussing that also next week if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive

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now have you?

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Yes, since we are discussing that,

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so we have regret and stop. And third, make as EMA as EMA, as oral asthma Azima that you will never go back and forth like a brother, may Allah reward him he reminded me if it is against ABD, this is against yourself. This is between you and Allah right? I drink alcohol is between me and Allah, I assigned Reba It's between me and Allah. But if it was against another look, another human being then there is a fourth

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condition which is

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to compensate what you have done, you have spoken your backbite that brother or that sister in a gathering, you go on the same gathering and you praise Him.

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You took something you stole the sin that you are repenting from stealing, you can if you can return what you stole, Allahu Akbar, that will be great. If you cannot, if you cannot, you take that money of that thing that you stole that worth whatever it is, and you give it a sadaqa on behalf of the person that you stole it from. So this is a false condition. When it is when when involves another back look. Okay? You were the reason for the fight between this brother and that brother. The you were the reason of the fight between this husband and that wife. You become the reason for peace between them. Okay, this is the fourth condition of Toba. It included it involved another human

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being the summit

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any What

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if though if the sun was against that animal,

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you see Subhanallah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When we hear this hadith, that Eman

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A woman who is a prostitute entered the jinn because she fed

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a dog Subhanallah that shows us the mercy of resource Hassan and tourists

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala and look at the treatment of a dog. So can you imagine for a human being and the Hadith of Rasulullah salaam like I mentioned maybe a week ago or two weeks ago, when he entered into a Bustan

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and he saw a cannon, and he said the camel was he had tears. And also Selim came close to him. He said, When Rob amendment Rob had the label, who is the owner of this camel, so they pointed him to an I'm sorry from Dancehall. And he said, he could just complain to me, that you ever overloading him and you're keeping him hungry and keeping him thirsty? Fear Allah with this that Allah gave you Subhanallah so imagine, allah sallallahu sallam, he told us that he taught us not to even harm or misbehave with an animal Subhanallah so how can I repent by fixing that by fixing that, for example, this man here with the with the camel, you go back and you feed him and you never do that again. And

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when we as human beings, we as people are living right now, when we hear this hadith, we should not even attempt to harm any kind of animal and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to depend on all of us inshallah. Allah may.

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Allah I am 100% sure that you are listening to us and 100% sure you are seeing us and asked you Allah by your name is Sami Al Bashir and the two Ballina? Yeah to have to Ballina Allah Allah min Nick enter to love Rahim for to Ballina our beloved I mean Allah Matoba Elena to Bala Valentina, but of Allah Allah in our to Bala Jimmy and Muslim in our Muslim add me you know me not Jadam Allama to Valley home yard hammerlock immune yeah to work. Yeah, academia are the ones that are some of them, you know, hammered earlier, Germaine Subhanak, along with 100 National No, you know him and stuff. Heruka Otto Vinick