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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Okay. Michelle carrying on with the virtues of Abu Bakar. Allah I know.

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The Sahaba of the alarm read, that when they Abubakar, Allah, who had some guests, and this is speaking about Baraka, the last Mandela to burqa, and this was really the life of the Sahaba of the Allah and Allah, Allah amazing amount of Baraka and what they had.

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So the Sahaba narrated Abubakar of the alarm, who had invited some guests. And then Rita mentions that every time we took a morsel, they will be exactly the same amount there. He says, By the time we finish eating, there were three times more food than when we had started.

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And then this food was sent to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he knew so much about that the profit and loss of the made groups of 12 and he distributed it to groups of 12 men and they ate this, we see this was a the Baraka in the food of America civic or the alarm. Now,

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the virtue another virtue of how aboubaker was a senior and this is a really interesting one.

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I will walk into a model dealer who in the lifetime of the prophet SAW Allah and he was so they have a dispute

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so aboubaker the alarm who as I mentioned to you

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would have to get angry

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so I woke up the alarm who said to a dispute takes place so you say something to Omar about the alarm and the alarm is offended.

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So he says to Oman Are you say back to me? It's almost I don't wanna say goodbye to you. So he says to him say back to me said I am not gonna say But

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so, Amara Lila Anna walks have an abacus following these wherever he is going is falling to say back to me say back to me. Omar is upset that he said this to him. But he won't say him actually enters the home and he closed the door.

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So what are the mobile cannot be allowed to do? Like a man who was concerned about his aka Allah he he goes to the mercy of Allah Allah, Allah and he was alone.

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And this is a message of Allah I transgressed Omar's right I said this to him, and I asked him to say it to me, and he wouldn't reply. So Meanwhile, over now thinks Okay, let things calm down. Let me go to a walk out of the house. So he goes to boubakeur his house Abubakar on the lawn is not there. Then he goes to the company or the province of MoMA and he was a lump and when he reaches the province, Alomar lives in America has already told the Prophet salaallah la la he was a lump, what has happened. And the province someone while he was ill of these changes, he's actually angry.

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And he says to Omar, he said, when all of you said, I was lying Abubakar of the allotted, you're speaking the truth.

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When all of you shun me aboubaker spent upon me

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when all of you disbelieved me, abubaker believed me. So this is kind of the Justice is he's spilling out the virtue of Abu Bakr Siddiq, Allah.

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So Allah said O Messenger of Allah, it was me was wrong.

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It was me wrong. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, For my sake, leave my companion alone. mean leave Abubakar acidic, alone. Now hear the message of Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah is not taking the side of Abubakar our Omar No, he wants to show the virtue of ibaka the alarm

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that Abu Bakar sacrifice will never be equal. So for my sake, if he ever does anything wrong, overlook it, because what he has for done for the day is unparalleled. And the message of Allah Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said literally the same word For whom? For another person who was a small of the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah Allah Islam in the early part of Islam, Khadija the alarm.

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I shudder the Lana says that I was not jealous of any of the wives of the Messenger of Allah as much as I was of Khadija, although Khadija was the only one that was dead. The rest was still her life.

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And she says one day there was a knock on the door.

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The Messenger of Allah recognize the voice.

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That is the system Khadija is passed away and said aloha mahalo aloha mahalo Allah, let me be holla This is the Collegium.

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So I shall have the Allah Allah says, My Rayleigh

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got the better of me.

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And she says, I said, O Messenger of Allah, when will you stop remembering this old lady of Quraysh

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she's so old that she got red gums meaning she was so old, that her teeth had fallen up because she was 25 years as you're 15 years older than the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah and he was alone. And then she said, Oh Mercy of Allah, Allah has given you better than good. All the other ones are young, young, comparatively.

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So the problem is Allah. Allah may never gave me better than the teacher.

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When nobody believed me, that Egypt believed me. When everybody else showed me She took me in when nobody was ready to spend upon me, she spent upon me. See, this is the thing. The professor Lawson was outlining the virtue of ibaka syndicate

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that listen for my sake, if this person does anything wrong,

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you know, overlook it and one lie This is a great lesson for us. You know why? We look at a person who spent his entire life doing good, and he makes one mistake one mistake in his life. And everybody's got their, their swords out. Everybody's got their chopping knives out one mistake.

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And I've got a message of Allah Singh, Abubakar himself as a messenger well I transgressed

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but this is a virtual book about the alarm there was a Sahabi

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called Robbie eslami from the tribal Aslam. So, the message of Allah gave him some land and he gave boubakeur some land

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a dispute broker between Abu Bakar and this person because there was a date palm tree which is right in the middle of the land.

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So rubbish it belongs to me Abu Bakar said this in my land. So they start discussing

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so we woke up the alarm who now say something which offends me, who realizes straightaway this is this is the law of creativity people with different temperaments

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only ambia are perfect.

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So Allah may make somebody you know quickly gets angry. Okay. But the but the virtue in this this is your nature. The virtue in this is that you control the anger. You know, when you when you realize you've done something wrong, you come down straight away, you apologize.

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See, you have a guy says, Man, I'm cool as a cucumber.

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I never get angry. Well, there's no virtue in that because you're never gonna get angry. As a mom Shafi Rahim Allah said, he said only a donkey never gets angry. He said if you don't get angry, you must be a donkey. Why? Because you see certain things happen in the world. You shouldn't become angry. It shouldn't upset you.

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You know that's the nature but look, when you know you have done something wrong, like Abu Bakar straight away

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when he offends the rubeola Aslam, you know, the Allah and Allah Boubacar the alumna says say well, I said back to me, he said no, I want to say what I said back to my sister won't say it. So his tribe was men, Klansmen with their rubies. They say funny guy. He Oh fins. And then he gets angry because he said if you don't say back to me, I will go and tell the Messenger of Allah. He said he offends he transgresses and then he goes and complains to the Messenger of Allah

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for a be above the alive new the virtue

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aboubakar speaker of the Atlanta Ruby said you know who this man is, this man is a boo

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boo buckle gets angry. The Messenger of Allah becomes angry. And if the Messenger of Allah gets angry, Allah becomes upset with that person.

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Allah become a displeased with that individual.

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So there will be goes to the message of Allah and advocate is already there. And what I'm saying and I'm not saying that what I did was right Abubakar saying message of Allah Just tell him to say back to me because of the Day of Judgment, I don't want to stand in front of Allah.

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Let's, let's settle the score in this dunya.

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So Roby comes and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listens to bekas account. They listen to Robbie's account.

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And he said that he wanted me him to say to me and I did say that to him and, and the message of Allah said you did good.

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And next time it happens, just say or Abubakar, May Allah forgive you. Forgive me. I love you.

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So this is the virtue of Abubakar Siddique about the alarm mu and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to show the seniority of a miracle of the alarm who, upon occasion,

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with Abu Bakr Siddiq of the alarm

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and I will read or the alarming rates these are the man that comes into the gathering and he begins to curse a book acidic. So the message of Allah they're sitting there and he's smiling. And this man is cursing aboubaker

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held after a while abubaker on the a lot of calm take it oh Baba replies. Soon as he replies the Messenger of Allah gets beliefs.

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So mocha Lila no realize it the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not happy. So he gets up and he follows the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. He said, O Messenger of Allah, why did you get up?

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And the Messenger of Allah said that this is a jeep. Allah give us the understanding of this

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is a book as long as you remained quiet and you were being insulted

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the angels were playing on your behalf and that's why the missing of allow smiling.

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He said when you replied, You got angry you applied them shaytan came into the gathering, and it not be fitting for a newbie to speak in the same gathering.

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Another problem is a little earlier someone said the same thing. He said I'll give you three advices.

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So firstly, if any volume is ever done upon you, and you have subber for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will elevate your status and Allah will grant you his sir. So you know normally when somebody would come upon you, you will be little RNG Yeah. Unless you have Allah said, if you do suffer for the sake of Allah, Allah will give you

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he said whoever second advice whoever gives for the sake of Allah and to reconcile ties,

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so he gives to Allah will increase in his wealth. And the third one who ever begins to ask,

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he wants to ask others, Allah will decrease in his risk, although apparently he may be gaining more, but Allah will take the Baraka out of it.

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We spoke about the mana book out of the land Oh yeah. Now normally after a man who does Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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what is normally mentioned after a man in the Quran, Allah, Allah.

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Allah generally mentioned Amala saleha. So he was the man who had the greatest Eman. Now let's look at is

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after one of the Salah has the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam turned around and he said, Who from among Xu is fasting.

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Woke up send me a message of Allah.

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In the same gathering, same time the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said who from a one monk shoe has followed a janazah today because a mere messenger of Allah and the same gathering at the border is Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said, Who from among Xu has spent upon a mosquito saying gathering a book and send me a message of Allah, same gathering, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Who from amongst you has visited a sick person. Rebekah sent me a message for the same gathering. The rest of you have Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, for that person who has these actions in his account in one day, meaning he's performed these actions, I see no other

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See no other abode but Jenna and this is why we listen to the stories we strive to do them.

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Come Ramadan,

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your fasting

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go to janaza give a miskeen visit a sick person your 30 days to do it easily done. Rescue Allah said I see no other abode for him besides Janna. another occasion the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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he said when on the Day of Judgment

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a person will enter into Jenna according to doors, the doors will call him so according to his actions. So if he's a person who prayed profuse Salah, there will be a door of Salah, which we'll call him all those who pray Tsar come through me, so he will enter through it. There will be another door for those who fasted correllian and this door will call all those who fasted come through me. There will be another door for those Mujahideen who did jihad.

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This door will say come through me. There will be another door which is the door of Southern, Southern.

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So those who gave Sonata in the dunya come through me to walk out of the Atlanta sitting there.

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And he said, O Messenger of Allah, is there any person that all the doors will call it? Oh, just these are all the doors

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and the message of Allah Nam What are you at the corner? And I'm optimistic that you will be from amongst them. And another generation are related by hybond the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes ibaka and you are that person that all the doors of Jannah will call all the doors of Gemini man

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you know we should inculcate in our life to do good actions. Give sadaqa pray your Salah.

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Do good actions which are pleasing to Allah smart Allah on the day of judgment that the doors of general court call our name.

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Moving on

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to Abubakar, the sphere of our last panel done, what was a blue book about the love the fear of a loved one, but let me just tell you the you know the virtue of the many, many more virtues, woke up the alarm, who was the closest Companion of the prophets Alomar leaves, the Messenger of Allah left this dunya and he was happy with him. He was one of the 10 guaranteed genda so the most eminent of the companions the hell If so, you would think a person of that virtue would say okay, now I'm going to go

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if I'm not going to go gentlemen, nobody's going to go general agenda is gonna be empty. So he

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will walk up the latter would say sometimes he would say I wish I was a bird.

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I wish I was a blade of grass.

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So I don't have to be accountable to Allah smart Allah.

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I wish I was a bird. That day or the day of judgment, the birds will turn into dust.

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I was a blade of grass that I don't have to be accountable to Allah subhanho wa Taala one day, Omar or the Allah and who's so abubaker so the color of the man who he was holding his tongue is pulling his tongue like this.

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And he was saying this has bought destruction upon me by tone

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for O'Meara do not solicit what you're doing your Booker. He said this, the tongue has bought destruction upon me This is how Abubakar Siddique, viola and hope federalist pound dollar, you know a book about the Lando statement a Jeep statement he said you would say

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I would not be secure from from what Allah has planned even if one of my foot wall engine

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is almost fatal. Even in my one foot was in Jannah I still wouldn't be secure until both of my feet

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Zach mala Hayden for watching. And please do not forget to watch the next episode at insha Allah when you're GWAS they will be plenty more history series coming very soon Baraka Luffy comm salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah