Don’t Wish for Death. Make THIS Duaa Instead!

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The speaker discusses two types of requests, one being to ask for something from Allah and the other being a request for a lower month. They also mention a young man named Hulk who had mental illness and was unable to take his life, but eventually took his soul. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's ability to create and control his creation, as it is crucial for success in life.

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There are two kinds of, as we all know, the Athena, praise Allah subhanaw taala. And then that is that you are making requests, you're asking Allah for something. The first one is like letting the Hodesh recolor the whole color will hunt, while other cliche and this is a dot, but there is no request here. And then there is another way that you ask your Allah I asked you this, yeah, I asked you this. The second part is also divided into two.

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asking Allah for higher month, asking Allah for something that is pure.

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And asking Allah that I do not know whether it's hired or shut. The one the first one that is pure. I do not connect it to something. I'll give you an example to clarify.

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I do not say yeah, Allah.

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Enter me the agenda. If there is any failure for me entering Jana,

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because entering the agenda, by itself is pure. Hi, there's no any kind of sharing it. Yeah, Allah blessed me with your mercy. If there's any failure in your mercy. This is not the kind of dua but the DUA we're going to learn today. I do not know if there's any failure or share in it.

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And what inspired this is a young man, Allah protect all our children who came to me and he said, Can I ask for death? I cannot take it anymore.

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I cannot take it anymore. I want to die. Can I ask Allah to take my soul? And we all know that Rasulillah Salam Na, antimony al Mote La Silla Salam prohibited asking for death. But he said this

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Allahumma be Michelob Lockwood erotica idol Hulk, a Heaney.

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Ma lintel Hayato Hayata Tyrone Lee whatever funny either unlimited data hire only

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yeah Allah with your knowledge of the Unseen you see. Now here I'm connecting it to something because I do not know if it's higher or shallow. Ya Allah with the knowledge of the Unseen he asked Allah azza wa jal with two of his attributes, His knowledge of the Unseen and yeah, Allah was good Rata Khalil and this means two things.

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Your ability to create or your control over your creation, and they're both are Allah's attributes. So yeah, Allah with your knowledge of the Unseen and your ability to create and your control over creation. If you know that living is good for me, give me a life. And if you know that dying is better for me take my soul

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here because the Emerald there is could be higher ocean. I asked Allah subhanaw taala was telling me he'll hype right

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there's a very common, especially in the village. When people see you, they say talamona cashier,

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and they told me I'm gonna give you extended life. That by itself, right there, stop right there. It's not it's not good.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he was asked, he had a sort of mental illness who are the best of people? What did he say? Man? Thala amoro?

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Were Hassan, Amarillo, woman Sharon, Nurse man Tala Amara was Samuel. Yeah, let us Allah who is the best of people. He's the one who has a long life and a good diamond. So when you make the DUA you say you're like

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Emmonak May Allah give you extended life and good day man. And who's the worst of people they are a soul of Allah. He said the one who has a long life but he has evil deeds. So asking or making dua for someone with extension of their life and stopping right there is not usually a good thing because we have no idea if that extension of time is going to lead them to the hellfire. So here ya allah extend my life if there is any failure in it. And yeah, Allah take my soul because that is Hala. Quadra carnal Hulk with your ability and your control of your creation you can take my soul anytime yeah Allah if you know that me living here is not good for me. Yeah Allah take my soul. Yeah

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Allah if living extra to 90 to 95 is good for me. I'm going to accumulate so many Hassan ya Allah keep me alive, but don't ever say yeah, Allah take my soul.

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This is how you start the DUA. Yeah, Allah with your knowledge of the Unseen and you're controlling your creation and then you ask if there is any life if there's any good in me being alive, extend my life and if there is any good in taking my soul, yeah, Allah take my soul. So we will repeat it one more time. Repeat after me inshallah. Allahumma. Behind me can

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work with erotica, Allah

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Heaney ma Alinta Hayato feelingly with our FeNi ma alimta, Allah Fattah havenly May Allah make our last deeds our besties and our last words la Nila Salalah Anna you know Medina Ali

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in Medellin Mussolini now the most Lima D one meaning I will not mean it will quantity now I look on it that the more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one Saudi Rena was Slavia before she you know wonderful she

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was before she I mean I want to call she I think one downside BP now one downside the party was all me now was all in

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one have you Lena photo gentleman one half of what the was that good enough? Guess

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what's going on? I don't

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wanna jump on Eileen.