Mohamad Baajour – Beautiful explanation of DUAA Al Qunoot

Mohamad Baajour
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Today in sha Allah Tala, we're going to take you with just a little break. We'll continue on Tuesday about the cult, because many of the brothers requested that

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we'll do some shadow of the Convert. Many people do not understand that the check does every single day in Serato canoed slotted rotor and oil connote so in Charlotte Allah we will go through it quickly hoping that because when we are making darts panel that imagine I'm making dua and I have no idea what I'm saying, and I'm saying I mean also, so inshallah that will make it easier. So

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the DA is narrated from the grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam al Hassan. Alemany Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught his grandson to say this in the keynote. Allah hum Houdini payment headache why a funny theme and faith whatever Lenny theme and we're late with Eric Lee FEMA our tight walk in the shadow Mercado in the lake to the Rock Top Donna what Alec

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Aloha Medina if human headache

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yeah Allah guide me among the ones you have guided layer one if we understand this.

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If we understand this to this sufficient, we do not need the 1015 20 minutes. As a matter of fact, the sooner in the

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connected router is to make short that's the sooner or that you hear that half an hour 45 minutes. This is not from the sooner the sooner is short to the point and so last I seldom look at this when you finish explaining the DA you will see how this is sufficient because if one of them was was answered sufficient for me along the Houdini if human headache, Allah guide me among the people you have guided

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because we all know here one after the greatest blessing of Islam, the best NEMA after that is the name of guidance. There are a lot of Muslims, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada there are two kinds of guidance, guidance, lamb or shed, and then guidance and tofield two kinds of guidance. The guidance which Rasulillah Salam came with already and guided everybody to the path of Islam. He already explained to us what Islam is and told us this is the only way to Jannah the only way when we get to Iran Islamic deen and Fela yoke but I mean

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who should ever take Islam anything other than Islam that their Deen it will not be accepted from them and then the accurate they will be among the losers. This is the guidance that everybody should know about. Then there's the other guidance, the guidance of tofield

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the guidance that you are here today praying treasure in Jamar the guidance that you are constantly worried about your Acura the guidance that you are always worried about your children being misguided that ya Allah guide me to what pleases you Allah madonie If human Hadith ya Allah you have guided many people. Ya Allah make me among these people you have guided Aloha Medini fee man headache, Wi Fi theme and faith. Yeah, Allah. Give me the if you remember one time we were here we made the whole talk about the Afia

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loved us or the Allah one. kintra sola Salam is the uncle of Rasulullah trisul. So Dr. Rasool Allah teach me

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he said salaallah In Afia, one word, ask Allah the efia la Akbar

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WHAT IS THAT A fear the idea is to be protected.

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And especially when you specify IP and my dean and Afia in my dunya when you specify the Alfia and the dean Daffy and our dean is not to be misguided is to stay on the straight path till you meet Allah subhanahu wa taala. Is not to commit any major sins these are up here and the dean and the FE and the dunya. To be healthy through to have good children to have good spouse, to have good income to have good community all this avea in the in the dunya Allah wa Fini theme and faith your Allah give me this Afia which is the best thing in this dunya and the best thing in the era.

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Among the people that you have given them, the RVM Wi Fi the female fate, whatever Lenny if humans are late, along with people

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asking Allah to make me from his earlier

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right, well, he

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will learn a few mentors interval lightyear Allah, you have many Olia on Earth Yeah, Allah make me one of these Alia Tolani theme and our late

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In Olia Allah He loved how often I lay him Wallah whom yeah his own Alladhina amanu where can you get the Quran? Subhan Allah Allah says in surah Kunos Alia Allah, la joven Allah him, don't worry about them. They will not fear what's coming up and they will not be sad of what they left behind who are the Olia of Allah? Allah subhanaw taala described explained who are his earlier a Latina, Latina am and they believe and they have Taqwa not just believe. What can we atone

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with our lineage human toll late Allah Who will you let in

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your home in Avila Tila Nora. Allah told us in Surah Al Baqarah. He is the willie of the believers of the true believers. He will take them out from the darkness to the light Subhanallah with the will Lenny theme and our late barbarically female.

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Allah, Allah you have given me have put Baraka in it. You Allah gave me children put Baraka in them. Yeah, Allah you give me a spouse put Baraka in it. Yeah, Allah you give me well put Baraka in it. Yama, you give me friends put Baraka in them. Yeah, Allah give me a community put Baraka in it. Everything I'm asking

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to put Baraka in everything, FEMA are tight and every NEMA that we have is from Allah. Allah Allah put Baraka in it please ya allah daddy Kana FEMA are tight.

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Put Baraka because without the burqa, one will be miserable, miserable you could be making 50 $60,000 a month Wallah if there is no Baraka in your wealth, you will be miserable. You could have seven eight children if there's no back end then you will be miserable you could have a lot of time but if there's no baraka and the time yeah me where's the day go? Where did they go? Where did the year go? There's no baraka and your time.

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When Allah put baraka and something you feel it, you feel it. You will feel it.

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You will feel content you will feel happy no matter what's happening

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with daddy cleave Hema walk in the shadow Rama Subhan Allah

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Ya Allah

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anything that comes from you is always higher.

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It might look to me shall but it's definitely failed this shadow that I think it's shattered the sickness yeah Allah protect me from its evil. What does that mean? Yeah Allah don't make this sickness this poverty this hardship that I'm going through lead me to something that will upset you

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do not let the sickness make me say why me why this is happening I pray I donate do not make this poverty ruin my by that

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do not make any hardship that I'm going through. Take me away from you work in the short run as

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well as a shallow lake. No shallow No evil will be you and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in Naka tuck the one Akbar Alec yeah Allah you order you command and no one commands you.

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Now use and one fly home alone. Allah does not cannot be questioned of what why this Why did you do that? This does not make sense. No.

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In neck attack the way I like to the doctor a burner what? Late fella calahonda Allah

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Ya Allah you are the doctor. Yeah Allah the blessings only from you. What I laid from aloo Subhan or BL Allah you are glorified your exalted ya allah Pelech Al Hamdulillah Mercado Katya Allah we are always always grateful to whatever you decreed Subhanallah

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Do you feel how deepest is too hot? Now, I want our our mean to be different from now on. Now,

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very important point

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along the Houdini of human Herdade I mean

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why if you need female fate I mean

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what I will learn if humans were late I mean barbarically female or tight I mean walk in a short run Mercado it I mean, what does I mean mean?

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Allahumma steady, Ya Allah answer my dua. This is what I mean means up to here. You say I mean, after that you do not say I mean?

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You see the whole mess you're checking me into everything right? I'm praising Allah. Yeah, I'm saying Ya Allah, you are great. And then I say I mean

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Hola answer answer what?

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Right Tabacalera bene, what? I mean? I mean, what for what I mean for what?

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So at this

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when the statement is said, What do I do?

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Either you stay quiet

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and ponder upon the greatness of Allah.

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Or you repeat what the

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Imam said.

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Or there's no harm and saying Subhanak

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there's no harm in saying Subhanak all the rest of the stuff that we say, there's no delete upon it, there's no evidence. So when we come when you see, starting with Allahumma means the answer is I mean, if there's no Allahumma in the beginning, just to praise we are praising Allah subhanho wa Taala so you feel that praise. You understand that praise you ponder upon that praise. And you could say Subhanak the automat said there's love that's you saying Subhanak after praising Allah was happy who who look rotten? Well I'll see you always and also Lhasa Salam they took it from the Hadith Rasul Allah I seldom used to, anytime he prays pm only in the novel, and he passed by eight of Rama

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used to ask Allah Rama. When he used to ask by pass by aid of adab of punishment, he used to ask Allah to save him from the punishment. So now we understand the DA Subhanallah I want my Amin and your me to be different. So we can in sha Allah to Allah, get those fruits from from this dua. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. May Allah protect us from any evil. May Allah make our last deeds, our destinies and our last words.

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Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah and Mr. Federica autobrake got the F la meno

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a Lavina woofie sala de force your own one Latina woman umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zanka de lune Wallasey now only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen for

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