Social Justice in the Makki Qur’an – Qur’an Reflections

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So the macadam McKee surahs. They don't focus on

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Now, this also gives us an indication that the Maquis sutras are focusing on building the Eman and they are not much focusing on some social aspects of people's life. However, we find in a number of maquiladoras discussions related to some social aspects without talking about the specific rulings.

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we mentioned last time methoden or itella do Kathy Boudin fedeli Kayla DeAndre earlier team. Yeah, so Raquel Maroon, it talks about what being being just a nice and kind to who to the orphan people. We also mentioned that in solid ally the lady at the booth Denver Delica la de la de la la Miskin for a limo Selena Latino masala teamster Hoon Allah de Nomura una What? Wait a minute, ronelle Maroon, and they stop giving What? lending them our own them our own includes anything to be lent that people use and people ask. And this includes giving hope

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to others. So this is a social aspect.

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And Madonna in Maki surah, we find Sora Telmo puffy, puffy and Elena. Elena she

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was an army of zero, and I want

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to do many of them. So this surah is the opening of this surah is talking about what

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they talking about the cheating.

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Those who when they sell, they ask for their rights fully full. But when they buy something,

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sorry, when they buy something they asked for their rights, okay in full. But one day they when they sell something, they don't give the rights of others in full

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double standards, cheating.

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And Allah, Allah Allah is giving that as an example of those who cheat and there, they ask for their rights, but they don't give the rights of others. This is a social aspect.

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We see here in this surah that Allah Allah Allah, after threatening those who mocked it, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam, and after talking about the noble character of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, which are matters related to the essence of VEDA,

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Allah, Allah Allah sauce talking about this story, which is a quite a strange this history has nothing to do with al Qaeda has nothing to do with what mocking the prophets or mocking any prophet has nothing to do with that. What does it talk about? It talks about a group of people whom according to many more fascinating and it is mentioned in the end of this show of this story, that they were believers.

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Karl we are Elena in akuna Pauline Asha, what are buena de la hora minha.

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So as Allah Buddha they were believers.

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This is achieved. And Allah Allah Allah starts this story by saying in Bella una cama Bella agenda. We have tested the people of Porsche as we tested, the people have the agenda

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and this needs a reflection