A Moment to Wonder & Ponder #15

Mohamad Baajour


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Isla Vera? Milk? Become? What Genetti now do her center to avoid deadly, deadly pain to learn under the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah was how do you know rotten metal have become a Jannetty Naga has sent out to a point that we're talking and hastened to Allah's forgiveness and to Jana, as wide as the heavens and the earth that has been prepared for the pious ones. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala is ordering us to hasten to hasten to What two things to his forgiveness and to Jana and if you notice that Allah subhanaw taala put the forgiveness before the Jana because the forgiveness is closer to us. So Allah is telling us anytime you commit a sin, hasten to ask Allah

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subhanaw taala for forgiveness, and we should do that constantly. And this forgiveness will lead us to the second thing we should hasten for when we get our sins forgiven, that would lead us to hasten to the agenda as wide as the heaven and the earth. So my brothers and sisters, make this the fall as your daily habit. May Allah make us some of the people who wonder and ponder upon the color