Mohamad Baajour – 6 Habits That Make You Gain The Hearts Of People

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the impact of actions and environments on one's behavior and offer advice on forgiveness and apologizing. They emphasize the importance of having a smile and respectful behavior, as well as forgiveness. The speakers also mention a book they were reading and how people were surprised when they did. They emphasize the need for apologizing and being true to oneself. Additionally, they discuss the importance of forgiveness and offer advice on how to deal with people who refuse to apologize. Finally, they discuss the meaning of " ABS bills" and offer hope to others, specifically mentioning a book they will read and a photo of a man they have been dating.
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Not only people around us

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affect our manners and our actions, but also

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our actions are affected by

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the environment that we work in the environment that we live in.

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And sometimes our

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destination also our abode.

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Our final destination is also not only affected by our treatment to others, it could also be affected by even our treatment to animals are so lost I seldom he told us that a woman and Turgeon now because she gave water to a dog and another woman entered the Hellfire because she locked in a cat

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and also alasa insulin said

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Allah Allah venom

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of Sakina to you all welcome.

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Well, I will,

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I will say that he will.

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He said the people who deal with goats and sheep, they are the people of peace and dignity and the people who deal with with camels.

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They are the people of pride. So imagine even your job has an effect on the way you behave.

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So today inshallah to Allah, I want to mention six things that will make you gain the hearts of others.

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Simple things that we can all do in Java.

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May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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when you need

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others with a smiling face

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or something allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Lin said hello Jana hut took me a while and took me know had to have boo boo LUCAM Allah shake either fall to move with the habit of shoe Solana Binaca you will not enter Jannah

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until you believe and you will not believe until you love one another.

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Should I Shall I inform your something if you do you will love one another. What is it? Yeah Rasul Allah spread promote Salam

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among you.

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So the salam will lead or will make us gain the love of others. The Salam will also give us has anatra salah, said As salam o aleikum, Hassan As Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah 20 As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato 30 Hassan.

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So number one is when we greet each other with a smile As salam o alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. And we all know that you're supposed to answer the salon was something equal or better.

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And another thing is,

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when we leave each other,

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some cultures they say Allah Hafiz

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other cultures they say fee mn Allah.

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Beautiful meaning, but this is culture. The right thing is a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah when I see you, and As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah when we depart.

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So number one, salaam number two, that might sound childish, but two and three together, like they say here, please and thank you.

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When we want something, ask with respect, do not ask in a way that you are entitled.

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Please, no summit.

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When you want something, ask with respect, and when something is done to you also reply with respect Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Min Sunni elite Hema rufen the caller Giselle como la Hey Ron Theca Abdullah Hassan Astana whomsoever does something good to you, and you answered by saying Jazak Allahu Hadron, you have exaggerated in thanking that person.

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Look at our greetings and our replies Subhanallah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. You are asking Allah to have peace on that person to have mercy on that person. And when you finish Giselle come Allah Halen, may Allah reward you with a lot of hatred and pain. You're asking Allah to give him kale. So that includes all the good things in this life. Or Malaya school. There, yes, Quran, Allah, Malaya. scaliness. If you want to be grateful to Allah, Be grateful to others. So Salam, please and thank you

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fourth, now the fourth one is a little bit

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Saying sorry, if you wronged somebody,

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many people think that saying sorry is a sign of weakness. It's a sign of cowardice. Know Allah, La you can Ill Ill Kibera

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only the real men master

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when you are wrong admit that you are wrong. That shows bravery that shows confidence.

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I made a mistake I am the son of Adam were called Luke No Adam had thought I am the son of Adam and resource I seldom said every son of Adam commit

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make make mistakes commit sins. If I wronged somebody and I know that I wronged somebody and my pride and my ego is not letting me apologize, slaughter that ego and say I'm sorry, you know that you wronged them and especially when it comes to the spouses, ah, Allah for a husband to say to his wife, sorry, Annie inside habibi.

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And he this is like, one of the impossible things and similarly sometimes even the wife for her to say sorry is impossible. No, my my sister, if you did something wrong, apologize and my brother, Allah He you will be a real man. If you really wronged somebody admit. And also, this is another very important thing. If someone comes to you

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apologize sincerely.

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Except apology. Happy. Wallah he I will never forgive you to be happy. What else can I do? Are you wrong? Do and I'm very sorry. Please forgive me. What else do you want me to do? I'm sincere, not like younger sorry, no, no, he is sincere. She is sincere. No, I will never forgive you. Keep in mind

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the way you treat people Allah who will treat you. You want to be forgiven. Forgive others. You want to have mercy on you. You want Allah to have mercy on you have mercy on others.

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This is a chi than Islam.

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So when someone comes and admit, I made a mistake, I'm very sorry. I was not in my normal state. I am a human being I made them please forgive me. accept the apology Fe again, especially in the same household.

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Your son made a mistake. You're the father. You know, sometimes the father feels like so no way. I apologize from my son. Why not? If you're on your son, if you're on your daughter, apologize. There's nothing wrong with it. We are human beings.

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So number four is sorry. Number five.

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When someone asks you for something for a favor, get used to the word ABSHER

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What does actually mean?

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giving hope to your brother? I'll take care of it. Any have Bushra have glad tidings that are seldom ever used the word of should

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anybody knows.

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So allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Hadith in Bukhari,

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a Bedouin king.

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He said,

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Give me what you promised me.

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And you can imagine how the Sahaba felt standing around as soon as I Salam and a man is talking in that manner. He said give me what you promised me so so much I said and said I'm sure

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you know what he said?

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Extra Tala Yemen ABSHER.

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You've talked me too many times. I'm

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the one who took his soul don't want to cut this guy's neck.

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How could you talk a source and let them get annoyed from this answer.

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So the word option,

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especially coming from Rasulillah Salam, it's it means definitely not like you know sometimes, like I mentioned this before, when your son or your daughter asks you for something What do we say?

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Masha? Allah insha Allah

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in sha Allah, to the level that our children now know that insha Allah means no.

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When I went to when I moved to the Bay, there is a book I was going to check with the restaurant

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was a good places and all that to visit in the book, they tell you a few words in the beginning to use, like, you know the country here where you are. It's made for foreigners not made for one like me, that tells you Okay, Sarah Marie commits a greeting and all that and it says, If someone tells you in sha Allah it's not

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in sha Allah means no.

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This is a translation of insha Allah Subhan Allah. Allah means no. And unfortunately, this is the way when you want to get rid of your son and sha Allah.

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No, have you tell him no.

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when we Subhanallah so the fifth one is, what is it

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ABSHER absolute will give any hope to the person, you know, I'm gonna do my best to get to that job to

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get to that help, whatever the thing is, put hope in others. And finally, the last one. I'm going to ask you to repeat them all.

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I love you

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tell each other sometimes. I'm a man you want me tell another man I love you. You know how many times I tell myself, Allah if my wife sees my phone with all those brothers telling me I love you and the heart and the emojis and the kisses and who's this guy?

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You said have Zaheer or

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so, so there's nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, we just said

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love one another, to hairdo to have boo. give gifts to one another it will create love among you. And Allah subhana wa salam we all know the Hadith and man was walking with him. And he said, I love this song. So he said did you tell him go and tell him go and tell him to the man went and said I love you and other men said May Allah subhanaw taala be the one that you love me for love you and he may Allah subhana wa Taala love you. So salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah when you leave when you come and when you leave?

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Please and thank you

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I'm sorry. If I took so long, I'm sure. And I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and stuff

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in Muslim me now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning I want to know Mina team will quantity now look on it the more slowly been our slaw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't voice hearing our voice she is the one downside the lino one downside the party was on me and I was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one half of what it was getting along. I guess he was the guilt or I don't know who

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was a gentleman nauseam.

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