Reminders Purpose Of Creation Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the existence of life on Earth and the importance of rethinking one's actions to fulfill the purpose of their life. They emphasize the need to reflect on the value of life and consider the possibility of recycle it. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of helping others to fulfill their

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salat wa salam O Allah.

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Allah Lee was happy

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I saved an Hello kanakam Abba.

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Last one, I do think that we have created you invade

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the thing that we have created to do without any purpose.

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So, my Elena, lots of john and he said that

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you think that later afterwards, you will not return to us?

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We must think about this

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dwara inshallah, we'll see what is the purpose

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and we know the purpose.

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But for today,

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the one thing I remind myself a new

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is to understand

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't just create

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this entire world, and he didn't just create us

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for no reason.

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He created us for a reason. And he told us what that reason is.

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And just think about it that in all of this universe, Allah knows best whether there are other planets which have life and those planets, if they have life, then do they have something like human beings on them and if there are human beings on them, then it allows Rotella send any messengers to them and so on. These are things that we do not know. But we definitely know that in this world, and in whatever

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solar system we live in, there is life and Allah subhanaw taala, Buddha could have put life on all the planets, Allah is not constrained to say that you cannot say the light cannot exist on mercury for because it is so close to the sun or light cannot exist on Saturn, because it is so far away and so on. Life can exist wherever I want it to exist. But Allah subhanho, Dara decided to populate this planet Earth, with life, and in that life is human beings. And then he chose to give guidance to those human beings.

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Now, if people after receiving guidance or after understanding who was violated, still live their lives as if they were created for nothing,

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then obviously, there is a problem.

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So unless Renata Devo is asking this question,

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do think that we created you for no reason?

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For no reason whatsoever, just like that,

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and do think that you will not return to us.

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Which means that we must reflect in our own lives and say, What is the purpose of migration?

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And as I said, tomorrow, we'll look at that. But of course, you all know all these things. I'm not talking to rocket science, we know all of this is all new, nothing new in this.

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Therefore, we need to reflect and say, am I fulfilling that purpose?

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If I know that I have been created for a purpose. And I know what that purpose is, then Am I fulfilling that purpose?

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Because you will know and I know that anything has value only as long as it fulfills the purpose for which it is created.

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If the thing does not fulfill the purpose of its creations, then it loses all value, and it becomes trash, and garbage.

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Whether it's a pair of shoes,

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whether it is a

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car, whether it's a house,

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whether it is

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something valuable,

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whether it is something that you really sacrifice to get

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even relationships, whether it's a wife or a husband,

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the minute

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the purpose for which it is created, the minute the purpose for which this whole thing happened is that purpose is no longer fulfilled, then what do you do with it?

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You separate yourself from this.

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The god no longer fulfills the purpose for arbitration, you've done it.

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You try to repair it,

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and you see whether it will work. But how much power how much repair will you do? You will not recreate a new car. Also think of that no sound now it's not it's better for me to buy another car. supposing somebody says you have to replace all the engine and you have to replace all the wheels and replace the entire transmission.

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And then that gearbox, and you have to also put in new seats. And the steering system is gone, you got to put in your seats.

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What is the center, I'm recreating all cap, there's no sense of just throw this and buy another guy that's simpler, cheaper, faster, everything.

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So it's something full stop fulfilling the purpose of his creation, then it's no longer useful.

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What about us?

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What about us,

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and those around us, that created us for a purpose.

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And we will go back to our last round of that.

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Those that go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala, having fulfilled their purpose, Allah subhanaw taala will put them in a good place.

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Those who go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in a condition where

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they did something

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and something that did not do

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then we have the faith on the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he will

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clean up that stuff and put us still in the good place inshallah.

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But if you go to Allah subhana wa, state where you were completely smashed and broken and finished,

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not even intact, then what happens?

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Then you get recycled.

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It seems like

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we're in a melting pot at our level at that level MLS, but Allah protect us from this. And that is the issue that is the issue is when you are created for a purpose, to fulfill that purpose. I will end today with reminding myself and you let us reflect on this all purpose of the mind is not a buyer for us to some thought to reflect that has reflect on this all through transit. Am I fulfilling the purpose of migration?

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If I'm fulfilling it, and I am going and I am content with it? With l No, I'm not saying I am fulfilling I think so. No, no, no think so. With knowledge, how do you know? But if you have this knowledge and you think you're fulfilling the Baba hamdulillah all about you. But if you think that there is some gap something is missing, then I think it is very serious. You must think about this and say how do I fulfill this gap? How do I fill this gap you can live like this.

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And we have time only until we are alive once you die until I graduated while we are alive How can I fill this gap so that the thing is once again and I have fulfilled my purpose? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our eyes to the fact that he has given us the knowledge none of this is hidden. None of this is secret. Allah told us what is the purpose Allah told us how to fulfill it. I see after that also if we don't fulfill it, then we'll be responsible as well as well. To help us not to fall into that trap of shaden and to save us from that and to make it easy for us and to fill our lives with the nor of his connection and with the

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Baraka of his baby mamas Allah Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was heavier