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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Shara Philippi Abel Musa Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to see you and

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others just as we,

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we use the word or the term networth.

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To define somebody's wealth, so and so's net worth is so much.

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So what is a way of defining what is net worth?

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assets, assets, assets, so what are this person's assets?

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let me give you an example. You don't see that too much here in this country, but you see it in the Middle East. The reason you don't see it here is because America gives you citizenship. But if you go to the Middle East, and there are, at least for us, this is what

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in some countries, there are more

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experts than local people.

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In in Qatar, for example, there are more Egyptians than others, literally by numbers.

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Now, what you see there is you see people in very well paying jobs, or money.

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But if you see where they live, they live in a small apartment.

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You don't see them living in a big villa, lots of servers and big garden and swimming pool and

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few cars. No, you see them living in a small apartment. For most of them, if the children have grown up, then the family itself is not there. They're living alone.

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And if you ask them, Why are you doing this? You're making all this money? Why do you live like this, you are living in a small place. And you know, you may be cooking for yourself, you have no server, nothing in this place, you can get all that

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is going on. I'm saving money. I'm sending money back to

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my home country, which is India, Pakistan, whatever.

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And I'm building my house there.

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And building my house in my own country. It's very interesting because a few of you have not been to India, if you go to India, especially go to Kerala to South

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Carolina, very green place and very rural and very agricultural. So you have lots of rice fields. And so you drive through Kerala

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in the middle of literally middle of nowhere. In the middle of the rice fields was fine, this huge house,

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huge palatial house. And the light the love bright colors is simply painted bright orange or something, you know,

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completely sticks out like a sore thumb. And interestingly, and in sort of not nice way.

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Traditional care or architecture is beautiful. They do they build a house with a central open courtyard. And there's a house there is a you know, receptacle for waters when it rains you have fresh red water in that and there's a veranda all around and there are rooms all around beautiful, fantastic ventilation and everything else. But these people with these houses you see they're they're not on that on that architecture at all. They're just RCC reinforced cement concrete blocks, huge houses

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who do they belong to? People working in the Gulf

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they all work in the Gulf they spend money back home the ability now why?

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Damco question very simple because why? Because they know they will never be allowed to stay in the Gulf long term. People in America don't do that. Because here you get citizenship. So you stay here you build stuff here. You want to get your people from the home country to come and live here.

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What in the Gulf in the Middle East you know, you can't do that. So send money back home.

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So basically transferring funds back to Pakistan or back to India back to back.

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Because that is my real home.

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The reason I'm saying that is because that is exactly our situation.

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Our situation is that this is not our you know,

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what is our real home

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with Allah Subhana Allah that's our real

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and what we can do from here is one of two things, we can transfer assets or we can transfer liability both are possible.

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What is that what is that what are the assets assets is the asset was a seller he said

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whatever you eat, what you wear and what you spent in the bottle as well.

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Everything else is diverted he will be questioned about that.

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If it is good family life is not good then potential problem

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So if you're earning in a way which is wrong liability you may be earning a lot of money

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but liability

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is not the amount right you can be earning millions billions

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or you don't have to be somewhere else we have in our May Allah protect us from ourselves the country we come from Arsenal was corrupt countries in the world

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people are earning billions but every every rupee of that every cent of that era

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How are you going to answer to Allah and many of them have got big names and big titles and

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I don't want to go into the details but the point is that

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liabilities what you're doing is creating liability not assets.

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But people who created assets

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I give you the standard I'm not asking you to go there I know I can't go there. I can't ask you to go there but the standard

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hasn't busted out the line

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there were some classic people has adversity Abdullah bin Mubarak

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had the Well awesome route to that even made some names on the debate I'm giving him his I Have our Saba

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hasn't busted out today standing

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in Salah he wakes up at the height of the stand on the on the on this masala and he says yeah Allah the whole world is sleeping except to

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or world asleep except to

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you on your rush and media

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don't take that too literally was in us in Australia. It was 10 o'clock in the morning don't don't worry about that.

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This is the hello

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when the laptop

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so he's praying

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and then he hears a sound as if somebody has entered the house.

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He can't hear us

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and the sound as if somebody is walking around his house and all that and

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when he finished when he makes it salam after Tanaka there is a man standing there

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that says to him what kind of man are you

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so somebody says who are you?

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Yeah motive.

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I came here to steal something but you have nothing

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he's how to live like this. There is nothing worth stealing in your house

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so I got nothing. So he said I said I must tell you this

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he didn't simply go away because I was telling you what

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I've done

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has I must know I have something I'll give you is what he said call me with one come

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the eyes it was a deep thought

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he's going to give me something even when I was one comes as I was standing next week so Lord

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that evolved with a Muslim

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so as long as you know how to learn imagine these are people hasn't misery around larae was a student of Alameda Vitara villa.

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He is one of the tabby and he's called to say to Tyrion, he

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saw as soon as as alum when he was a baby

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he was in the house of one of the battered woman in as a very small little newborn baby and it was awesome came the reason. So

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connections. So now this man is reciting Quran. Imagine I'm not talking here about whether he deserting is in reciting that in the whitewash, or the White House. I'm talking about the recitation of the Quran in the voice of somebody who lives by the Quran every incident of his life.

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The theological Quran is not to me it's not it's not an achievement she has a different song is different.

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You don't decide what are in

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raga slavery or rag Burberry

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either behave with that guy Burberry as a result, you

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know, the actual recitation of the Quran is what is happening in the heart of the recital heart. That is the resignation. It's not the the surgeries Of course we are up I'm not talking. I'm saying the tune is the harlot of the carry, which is why when you hear some of them, may Allah bless them some of the horror, they don't recite it in the same way every time.

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Because the way it changes is what is happening to him

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in his heart at that time, the way he is his heart is interact

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thing with Karma hollows bandha so never in the state of this thing Aslan bursary, the reciting Quran this man is standing next to him.

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He finished regatta Salah, the man said I make over he said I make history. Please make dua for me

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that Allah should forgive me. He's a troll you gave me something I came here to steal you gave it to me.

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Either I'm changing my life from now.

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Transferring of assets.

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So what do we do with the assets? Allah subhanaw taala gave us raw material, what's the raw material? It's our time it's our energy it's our education. It's our challenge Swansons how do we use them?

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Because we know one thing

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mine the comb Yan photo, Omar in the law he barks whatever is with you will will remain here will perish will finish what is with Allah will remain.

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So what is it we are creating? And what is it that we send ahead of us? To wait for us?

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We ask a loss manager to help us understand this so that we create and build assets. So when we go there Inshallah, we have the access to enjoy. Masala Allah Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was a member Africa