How Many Parents Are Killing Their Kids

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AI: Summary © The speaker provides advice on helping children with cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, emphasizing the importance of rewarding children with fake foods to avoid damaging their bodies. They also suggest protecting children from added sugar and refined foods, replacing toxic ingredients with natural ingredients, and protecting them from addictive foods like sugar and refined foods. The speaker offers guidance on how to prevent these conditions and a documentary to develop healthy values.
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How many parents out there would love I want you to raise your hands. If you would love for your children to have cancer. Go ahead and raise your hands. How about diabetes? Raise your hand say Aye. How about for your children to be obese, overweight? How about heart disease? Any parents out there? raising their hands right now? I don't think any sane parent who truly loves their child would like for their child to have cancer,

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diabetes, heart disease, that the question in it of itself, you would think is just nonsensical? It's crazy. But what if I told you that many parents unintentionally, with, I'm sure, with a lot of love for their children are unconsciously helping to contribute

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to their children having cancer, diabetes, heart disease?

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What would you say? What would you say that?

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Because this is the truth, and I'm going to share some simple, there's brilliance. In simplicity, I'm going to share some very simple yet profound advice with you from someone not literally a Mufti or share, but someone that so you can equate that because usually when someone is of this stature, you say wow, they have a lot of knowledge. So this person in this area is an expert in the science of food, in nutrition. And this is someone one of my teachers.

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And I want to share this simple, yet profound advice.

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easy to understand, easy to digest, and this can be a catalyst from here for you to take off with pay attention, he's in a real, real Sally key.

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show an important point of awareness. Remember that we come into this world needing only one food, the milk from our mother's breath.

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I mean, this is this is what the Almighty Allah talks about in the Quran for two years

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that the mother should be breastfeeding. This is like the most powerful foundation that you can build your child upon. To have a such a strong immune system to set him off for the rest of his life. Of course, at two three years of age, there are other nutritious foods that children can enjoy and benefit from and allowing your child to try a variety of foods has value, but variety should not overly be emphasized also. And unfortunately, it is common in our junk food and fast food convenience, food dominated culture for adults to project their own

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tastes, but exciting food preferences and addictions onto your onto your children. So he talks about

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nutritionists expert Jim Marlowe talks about how parents, they end up projecting their food preferences on their children. So we see this happening a lot that parents, they have an addiction to a certain food, they like a certain food, it's a junk food, fast food, whatever it is, they end up projecting what they like onto their kids and they corrupt their kids sweets, and other refined and processed carbohydrates that have addictive qualities

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can corrupt a child's tastebuds and cause a child to lose touch with the nutritional instinct that they were born with. Feeding your child high quality, nutrient dense, wholesome food, which I suggest that you think of simply as real food helps to strengthen a child's nutritional instinct. More than a few times over the years I have heard from mothers with children who had uncorrupted tastebuds about how their child loves liver and has no interest in eating sweets. Now you think liver and that's nasty, but I used to hate liver. Let's take this example here a living example but when I learned how beneficial liver is for example, that's one out of the many real foods that are

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out there. I reeducated my taste buds. I found that liver was something that our parents would eat and their parents would eat. They were onto something but today the child's tastebuds have been so corrupted with eating fake foods chemicalized processed junk foods they don't like the real foods

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But when we, when we train ourselves,

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to eat, to live, not living to eat, it's a totally different experience. So I re educated myself to love something that's beneficial for liver being the most nutrient dense, dense food you get the most bang for your buck. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it is rare for a child in our culture, not to have some degree of carbohydrate addiction by the age of two or three, dulled world around them encourages it icecream cookies, candy, and other sweets are used by nutritionally unconscious adults to reward children. Now, many of us with the best with the best love for our children, we end up corrupting their taste buds, we end up corrupting their bodies by rewarding them with fake junk

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toxic foods. And a simple way to substitute that is to reward them with real foods, the real food that the Almighty has given us with a banana date with an apple with an orange, not with something toxic with something put with something that's actually damaging. And we talked about earlier, the skyrocketing number of statistics of heart disease, cancer,

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obesity, diabetes and kids, their teeth just falling eating a lot made the teeth that, you know they're supposed to fall out that soon. I mean, we've seen corpses that their teeth and dead bodies have gone on, to continue to be preserved. It's the food that is destroying not only the children's teeth, but everything else in their body. He says I share all of this with you in support of emphasizing the following hard earned wisdom. You know there are many people had to struggle to have to seek knowledge. They had to, you know, go through a lot to get this information and you're getting it to us very simple. So this hard earned wisdom he says, be consciously careful about what

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foods you allow your children to be introduced to the commercial food industry is expert

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at imparting addictive qualities into the highly processed chemical ized products that they sell as food in addition to making the most of the addictive qualities of sugar and refined starches. Now we're finishing up here powerful, simple, profound advice. He says I strongly support that children should be protected from these fake food products as much as practically possible, rather than being encouraged to partake in them. What's fake food. Fake food is anything with the list of ingredients that you can't pronounce your grandparents didn't recognize as real food is something that's gone through the human process for a longer shelf life on the shelves. Something toxic you put in your

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body has addictive elements has no nutritional value, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Pop Tarts, snicker bar, an Oreo cookie, ice cream, someone might say, what's the big deal? I reward them once in a while? No, the big deal is

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did you raise your hand in the beginning? I said would you like for your child to have cancer, heart disease, obesity, nobody raised their hands. But the big deal is that when you come to know that sugar, white process or fine, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, these kind of sugars are highly there. They're pumped into the majority of these fake food items.

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They're addicted at seven to eight times more addictive than cocaine. So now when your child's climbing up in the cupboards, he's looking for this food, he's addicted. He's having mood swings, crying, he won't eat the liver, he won't eat the real food, the veggies, the banana, the apple, the real food that the almighty that Allah gave us, but he's smart, but he can distinguish what's nutritionally nutritionally beneficial, and what's actually destroying and helping to produce cancer in his body, diabetes and all these other health disorders because of the fake food chemicalized food that now you're putting in your child's body. You don't want them to have cancer, any of these

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things you didn't raise your hands Did you know you did because you love your child. So if you love your child, then do what's best for your child for yourself.

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eat real food, take this profound, simple yet profound advice. And I'm telling you, that if you implement this

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and you live by it

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You will see tremendous changes in your health and your child's health.

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You will help to protect your child from these chronic health disorders, you won't be contributing to the demise of your your health or your child's health. So, community leaders in the musters we shouldn't have Coca Cola parties, ice cream, cake cookies, you can, you can substitute the ingredients in a cookie with natural ingredients, find out what they are, we don't have time for this in this video, you can substitute the snicker bars, the toxic, remember these things, again, help to feed the cancers help to destroy your child's health. So why not replace it with a real food, a date, you know to date. It's a real food, a living food,

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an apple, banana and orange

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instead of the ice cream and the cookies and all that so that garbage

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because you care for your kid and you don't want them to have cancer.

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Follow this profound, get simple advice of

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keeping the fake food chemicalized food away from your home from your family. Train your kids to develop nutritional integrity yourself first and foremost, and then projecting good values of nutrition onto your kids.

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And you will help to protect them. Again, you didn't raise your hand because you don't want that for your child. But if you continue to go on, you're not raising your hand but you actually are because you're helping to contribute to your child. If you don't follow this advice to tomorrow having cancer an epidemic amongst kids today something that was unheard of, at a certain time, some time back. But today this the number of kids that are dying from these did not expected to the first generation of kids not expected to outlive their parents. Because of the toxic fake foods that they're eating in the parents. The kids aren't going to, to the to the store buying this stuff.

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You're buying it. So you got to stop. And I'm gonna leave you with some homework, a great documentary to watch is fed up or sugar coated. And if you can do this simple state is to eliminate the sugar, the high fructose corn syrup D this is a great catalyst a great place to start and keep it simple. It's not convoluted something abstruse and hard to understand. Real Food is our God given right. Allah had given it to us you know 50 100 years ago there's no such thing as organic food it was just Real Food, Cooking and stuff at home, rewarding them with real foods to give you example of a banana and apple a day right now you like they won't eat that of course you've been you've already

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corrupted them. So now you got to reintroduce it eliminate the fake food.

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incorporate the real food into your life and your family's life. And then you will live the difference you will see the difference in your health and your children's health. And what do I have to benefit only to the reward from the Almighty and out of love I really see so many kids affected so many parents so many peoples have been affected. And there's such a simple, simple yet profound

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solution out there if you just implement you start off with implementing this simple yet profound advice from an expert in this area and you'll see inshallah God Willing the benefits. Thank you so I'm making peace be with you.

Many parents today are unconsciously helping to destroy their kid’s health which in turn is killing them slowly, This is the first generation of kids not expected to outlive their parents find out how this is happening and what you can do to prevent it in this short talk.

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