My husband took a riba based loan, what do I do_

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We are back down with another question on the subject of Southern banking and finance. The question is asked by a sister who says, What if the wife and the kids are forced by the husband or the father to live in a mortgage house despite the refusal? And how can the wife prevent the evil effects on a family? Now, this is a common concern with most of the sisters who are staying with husbands who have not yet reached a level of awareness about the sins and the evil effects of horrible and therefore they go ahead and take a house or mortgage in spite the wife requesting them in spite the wife and other family members trying to put some sense into the man that this is not permitted. What

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should happen in such a situation, as it is understood by the scholars, they say that the sin lies upon the husband, it is perfectly healthy, for the wife for the kids to stay over there. If they are forced by the situation to stay over there. They can very well stay there in the house, it is perfectly healthy for them. As far as the man is concerned, the sinners upon the man it is he who has entered into this contract. So we need to be extremely clear about this. This is not permitted from the perspective of the man who is the decision maker. The decision maker is the one who is forcing it upon the family so the city will be on the decision maker and not the family members.

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What can the wife do to prevent this effect on the family the evil effect in the family? Here we advise the wife and the other family members to continuously engage in what is called Islamic correction. You need to continuously counsel them you need to continuously advise the family member. Remember the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said that most certainly the religion is sincere advice. So there should be sincere advice given in the right time in the right place. That's also important. You can't just stop as soon as your husband walks in after a very busy day in office, and you start getting him I don't want to stay on this money is

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this the right time and the right place for everything. And we need to continuously keep working and making loads of larger losses. Because he is the one who controls the heart. He is the one who turns the heart. He is the one who guides us in all our affairs. So maybe to add to Allah the law open up opens up the heart of your husband and he is able to correct himself and change his way of thinking as far as the issue of robot and other prohibitions are concerned. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best