Ep. 13 The Art of Thoughtful Responses

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Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode on the mind mastery series. Today's episode is a personal favorite of mine. It addresses the issue of communication at workplace, especially the knee jerk reaction that we often give when we are at workplace.

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Now there is a tendency amongst many people to feel that what makes great leaders great is the ability to take quick decisions. So if you analyze all the great leaders of the world, most often than not people think that what makes them great is the ability to take quick decisions or make quick decision. But that is far away from reality. The reality is that what makes great leaders great is not quick decisions, but the quality of decisions that they make. In order to make quality decisions. You need to take time and think through about the consequences of your action. You have to think through and understand as a leader, what will be the implication of some of your decisions

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that you will make, and that is what will make you a great leader. But if you are someone who is going to keep giving knee jerk reaction, emotionally responding to every situation, you are going to be judged about your leadership skills, or rather the lack of leadership skills, you will be called a person who is emotional, you may be a great sales achiever, you may be a great sales performer. Sometimes you need to be emotional to be a successful salesperson. But to move to the next level, you need to understand how to control your emotions, how to manage your emotions. If you can't, I wouldn't say controlling your emotions. But I would say how to manage your emotions you need to

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learn how to manage your emotions at your workplace. So next time when an email comes to you in your inbox, you may be tempted to give an immediate knee jerk reaction either to your supervisor or your subordinate, that knee jerk reaction can be catastrophically for you. Instead, what you need to do is take time out and draft response and don't send it keep it in the draft mode. Come back and read it again after an hour when you have probably cooled down and the thoughts have settled into your mind. Read the mail again and perhaps take another couple of hours. Before you send that email. You will see more often than not you will be making a lot of change to your initial draft mode. That is

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what happens with most of us remember what I said a few episodes back many a time when we relook at the decisions we have made. We realize we could have done it better. This is because we are giving in with knee jerk reaction. So the mantra for this episode is don't give in to knee jerk reactions have a better control over your emotions. Or rather, as I said not control but manage your emotions more positively and more effectively. Thank you so much for watching this episode. I look forward to your participation in the future episode. Please remember to like this video, share this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.