Living with The Quran #07 – Harshness Drives People Away

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The speaker describes a situation where a man named Sayed Alayhi wa Sallam speaks in Salah and is criticized by the people. The speaker describes Sayed as hesitant and rude, but ultimately says that even though he says the truth, people need to say the truth in character and a HELOC. The speaker also mentions that Sayed is not immune to bad behavior and may have to say the truth in a future scene.

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Can you imagine a guy speaking and salam will one day while we're doing that hacker, may Allah be pleased by him a new Muslim convert. He prays behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while in Salah and there's a congregation someone sneezed. So he says to them your hammock Allah bless you may Allah's mercy be upon you in Salah he does not know much right at this point. So he said the people started to stare at me. And I looked back at them and I said, Why are you staring at me for he said it's a sign of perhaps this approving of what I did. When I said that to them, they started to hit their thighs.

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At this point, he said okay, I chose to remain silent. At the moment the salah ended look to what he said more I were to Malacca. May Allah be pleased by him. He says the moment the salah ended, may Allah you know, bless the prophet, I give up my mom and dad for him. I love him so much. Why did he say that? He said because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Medora bunny did not hit me. Mark Kahani did not embarrass me, Masha. Tammany did not curse at me. All what he said was the following. He said this Salah does not permit the speech between people it cannot talk to people inside out. Rather this Salah is all about glorifying Allah, praising Allah and Quran recitation, Allahu Akbar.

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took the verses of the Quran very seriously. He lived by the Quran. Look to what Allah says. Febi Mara Matin mean Allah Heylin, Tala hum. It is by the mercy of Allah, that you were able to be lenient and gentle. Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to your people. Look to what Allah said, well, oh, Quinta, love and rally they'll help and if you are harsh, if you are so rude and firm towards them, learn fog dome and how like people will leave you and go Allahu Akbar. Even though he's saying the truth. Yes, saying the truth alone is not enough. You have to say the truth in the best edit and character and a HELOC. May Allah beautify our

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character Yeah, but Allah mean how would you react if someone did that in the in the masjid in your in your place in your city, the phone rang and melody and so on. Be cautious. Maybe there are no Muslim maybe they never knew how to react. They maybe they thought if I press off on my phone, my salah is invalid. Maybe they need further education and Allah knows best May Allah make us merciful was Salam o alaikum.