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Assalamu alaikum This is your brother magid Mahmood recording for the reminder, brothers and sisters if you have never heard of the following howdy or you heard it before but needed the reminder then make sure to make dua for me and the entire team who put this video together where you ask Allah subhana wa tada to gratis the highest levels in general. I mean, Robert, I mean, but why I will do so. But why why are you stressing on it this time? Because you're about to learn an absolutely amazing amazing Hadith and an amazing action item already for it. Bismillah also ally Salalah alayhi wa sallam said And don't forget, this is a lot he was under this heading Asahi is authentic and the

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references can be found below. Also ladies Allah it will send them to this companions men could see the work really solid in October, whoever recites ayatul kursi verse 255 from chapter number two so the book after every obligatory prayer, okay, what will happen? Let me I'm not home in the hood in jannetty illa then nothing is stopping him or her from entering Jenna except one thing a lot better meaning. If you are a person who recites as it could see after every other tourist law, or you will do so insha Allah then the only reason you're not in general right now is one thing. What is it yet also the law at law and death is the only thing that is stopping you from being in Jannah What an

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amazing idea. Read the adequacy after every salah and the internet as we promised Jenna but the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala right after you die We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to allow me and you to implement this Howdy. So brothers and sisters go ahead and perfect the pronunciation and the memorization of that one single verse and ask a lot to allow me and you to meet each other engender, I mean terrible agony. Feel free to press like Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. But most importantly is for us to share this video with our friends and family and ask a lot to make everyone who's watching this as means for other people to enter Jenna Baraka Luffy coma Santa Monica

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