Music Of The Soul

Lauren Booth


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I lived and breathed music pretty much like how you explained it. You know, we were I get so excited when I get a new CD. Later on Yes, I started to check out vinyls as well because it is it is cool to have vinyls, right, it was cool.

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And I would sleep with music on, I would go to school with music on if I had the chance I listened to music in class from after school, I'd go and practice music and I practice dancing. And I suppose the only moment of silence I would have would would probably be some nights where I'd be sleeping when I'm asleep. And then when I'm up music's on again, you know, getting ready for school and getting ready for work, you know, playing it out loud going in the shower, it was always on Subhanallah it filled up so much space and so much time The silence was missing and the power of music and movies, the power that it has to take over hearts, is it real, it's real, it's really

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real. And that's the thing you know, to bring it back to you know, music versus the Quran, entertainment versus the Quran.

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Only the Quran I feel has a much bigger power, like the ultimate power to overtake the power of music. You know, people people can understand like, oh no music makes me feel this way but the Quran can make you feel even more and it can take you to places you can't even even imagine in this world and in the next I mean that is it is just so powerful is the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala and it can be nothing better than that Subhanallah the piece that you know learning the deen can give a person what it gave me you know listening you're listening to perhaps a you know a stanza or share you know talking about Islam and and it just fills your heart with so much peace and goodness. And

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when you you know when you recite the Quran when you listen to someone recited beautifully, it's just another feeling this