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Lord about the earthen sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God.

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There is only one God.

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Lord about the earthen sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam, we'll come back to the best of stories from the Quran. And we're talking about that interesting story. It's really interesting. It will help you understand a lot about your religion about your deen when Allah Subhana, Allah commanded Satan to bow down to Adam,

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what did Satan say? And better? I am. This is what we call arrogance. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Who are you?

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But what Allah subhana wa Taala made you a person who's arrogant, he's hated but Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah does not like the, in Allahu Allah, you wouldn't use the Quran. Allah loves not those who are arrogant. And Subhana Allah, one of the greatest punishment, in my humble opinion to an arrogant person, that he will fail to see the light of a man, the lack of faith.

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Allah will not he will not be guided to the truth. Allah subhanaw taala said and sorted out of the same so our we're dealing with that story. So I'll sleep on the de nataka nothing oh baby while you're in Hong Kong, I will turn away from my ayat from my signs, the signs that would lead you to believe in Allah and then submit to Him submit to Allah Subhana Allah because of the arrogance that you have in your heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala will turn you away from contemplating and pondering, which will lead you to the truth which is Islam. That's, in my humble, humble opinion, that the greatest punishment an arrogant person can can can gain. There is also another punishment in the day

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for selection. So panela anyone Have you played

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the law on your Sharon Buta? kabiru, nyaman chiamata cantelli. Okay, I'm fairly dumb. Those who are arrogant in this world, they will be resurrected in the day for the election and they will be belittled, they will be basically brought down to the size of an ENT that people will step on them. Yeah, Allah, Jaco Jaco will keep be aware of arrogance, brothers and sisters in Islam. arrogance will always stand between you and accepting the truth. But I don't want you to understand that arrogance that you wear nice clothes or, or to look lean. Nananana the Rasulullah Salam was asked about this about arrogance. He said

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the companions as the prophets of Solomon, in one occasion, had a tabula rasa Muslim Rasul Allah, we like to dress nicely we like to look clean, I don't know. I'll keep Roboto Taekwondo ness, arrogance is that you belittle people belittle people because of the race, because of the color or because of the way that they look? Or because they are poor or because they are not as knowledgeable as you, then you belittle them then you look down at them. What about that you do not accept the truth if it comes to you from another person.

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So this is what arrogance is about. So in the Day of Resurrection, this this person people who will step on them will step on the on those people who are arrogant in this world, people will step on them, look in a different direction. SubhanAllah Khalid Abu

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hanifa, Muslim Kala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, la gente met them and care enough to be here with

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a person who has the atom, the weight of an earth the size of an atom of arrogance in his heart will not get to Gen Y.

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A Muslim Allah Subhana Allah says Allah Kibriya odd one lava metal is a feminazi and aefi him at 211 by the way, that feeling of having high Your Highness and your excellence it only belongs to a lackey you're always in need, you need to eat you need to drink you need to sleep you're needing you're sometimes you're dependent upon someone who is lesser than you and ranks in the world. The only the only one who really deserves to be called highness and excellence is Allah subhanaw taala and that is why any time that you try to be arrogant, you have pride. You're competing with Allah subhanho wa Taala here is saved.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, his arrogance or look at the verb that Allah subhanaw taala used in the verse, man man act what prevented you? So, arrogance can be a trait, a trait medica in the left in the left in units, remember we talked about the first enemy the last episode that it will prevent you from prostrating. Now Monique, Monique and Subhanallah there is a beautiful Hadith when hollyfield Muslim that anytime that we decide the Quran and then we meet, and we decide the verse of essentially one of the verses of the center in the Quran, what shaitan does shaitan take center and put it in his head? Yeah, why Elijah was to me. I was commanded to frustrate and I did not and he is

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the son of Adam because he's eating a verse in the Quran that commands him to prostrate and he's doing so. Oregon's brothers and sisters in Islam was the one thing that stop Satan from prostrating to Adam alayhis salaam.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam. I want to close this episode with a very important message. You know what it is?

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What did Satan hear you? he disobeyed the command of Allah subhana wa.

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Because a lot of Muslims these days, they understand that being a Muslim, is that you believe that Allah is the Creator. Allah is the Sustainer. Allah is the provider. Allah is the one who guides in disguise. Allah is the one who benefits and harms. Allah is the one who

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for you. If this is La ilaha illa Allah. Let's look into the creed of Satan.

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When Allah subhana wa Taala asked him, Why didn't you bow down Satan? As I commanded you? What did they say?

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I'm better than him. Lucas, Halekulani. Oh Allah You created me. Satan believes that Allah is the Creator wahaca who and Satan believes that Allah is the Creator of Aram.

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Later on, when Allah subhanaw taala will command him to descend from that status he was elevated to, he will say under me, my Lord, give me life Satan believes is Allah is the one who gives life and the one who gives them. Satan believes that Allah is the one who guides and the one who causes misguidance pilaf avina out why Danny, Satan believes that Satan This is the creator of Satan. But what did Satan feel to do? implement the commands? And this is let you see the first one is called the halo rule movie. Yeah, the unity of the Lordship. Remember, this is why we're narrating the stories. We're not narrating the stories just for the sake of entertainment. But Allah subhanaw

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taala is commanding the prophet SAW Selim that person Salah Allah Allah homeopathic Cahoon upon this this is how we understand our Deen You see, Satan belief this align the Creator. Satan believed Allah is the one who guides Satan believe this. Even the disbelievers actually at the time of the people of the Prophet at the time of the prophets of Allah. When a woman Hala person Our Allah know more. If you ask them who created the heavens and the earth they will say Allah, whether incel Tom and Kala Kala Kudo, nama, we're talking about Buddha Buddha. And all of those, they believe that but what did they fail to do brothers and sisters in Islam, they fail to say, Sanjana, WA we hear and we

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obey Satan in order for him to implement the covenant of servitude. He must have persuaded like the angels. How many Muslims are doing this? Brother? Pray? You know what? I don't feel like praying safe one, huh? Yeah, the people in the past 1400 years ago, they had more time and we're busy now. We're busy now. Satan. Satan. That's that's the analogy of Satan. Rejecting the commands, you know that the people who felt they say what he had to

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say Satan had a command to go straight to Adam, as a way of obeying Allah subhanaw taala. He did what he did analogy he did he had, but he has a text. There are a lot of things praying five times a day a lot of Muslims are not pray five times a day. And they once you ask them, they come up with excuses. Look at Satan. Why did you bow down? I'm better than him. Sister. The hijab is in the Quran.

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Let me think about it. Satan. Right. That's the analogy the attitude of Satan. That's the work of Satan right there. Finally, people in the Muslim world now and I say this with greed, rejecting the commands of Allah subhanaw taala using the apple using the analogy

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That is the work of Satan. That is the attitude of Satan. Be aware of Satan and the analogy, and the men have the will of Satan brothers and sisters in Islam, brothers and sisters in Islam, after Allah subhanho wa Taala as Satan, why you did not bow down to Adam, as I commanded you. He said, I am better I am better I am better than him. You created him from clay and You created me from fire. Here's the command Allah subhana wa Taala told him

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you see, servitude obedience to Allah subhanaw taala, elevated Satan. Now this obedience go down to earth, he was brought down to earth

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and you are rejected and disgraced and all of this, he begged or Allah angrily gave me the response. Give me some time. I want to prove to you Oh Allah, that Adam and his offspring, they do not deserve that Frank, that level, that status that you're given to them, give me a chance or Allah. And Satan started revealing his plan of deception to Adam and his offspring. To find out the plan and the agenda of Satan. Don't miss the next episode of The Best of stories of the Quran. Till then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh is only one God, the

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Lord about the earth and sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God

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Whoa, I've seen the perfection of all creation and add