Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #264 Feb 27th 2017

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam is discussed, including the importance of seeking after authority and not accepting any position. The importance of having a leadership position and being a leader over two people is also emphasized. The negative impact of people not being aware of their own abilities and the need for people to be aware of their abilities is also discussed. The importance of fulfilling needs and being a good judge in order to achieve success is emphasized. The history and pressure on individuals to do so is also discussed, along with the importance of having a strong opinion and authority in order to avoid going to trial and avoiding bad advice. The importance of being a good partner and friend is also emphasized.
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love our God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He bought me to be against his best religion to allah God has been greatest, the one and only glory to Him.

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It used to be the best and gave his religion to

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salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. All Praise be to Allah alone. We all praise Him and we seek His help. So Allah Allah guides is a truly guided one and whosoever Allah leaves a say none can show him guidance. I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah our own and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon is his last messenger. My dear viewers everywhere Welcome to another edition of our program Guardians of the pious Today's episode is number 318. In the blessed series of Guardians of the pious,

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it will be also our second episode and explained in chapter number 81. The chapter which deals with the prohibition of seeking after authority, looking forward to be a ruler or a governor, when there is no need for that.

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And the following hadith

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is Hadith number 675

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is a similar Hadith to the Hadith which was studied in the previous episode. The main person of the hadith is Abu XRL referring, or probably Allah Who,

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who spoke about his biography. In the last episode, we learned that he was courageous when it comes to the truth. He was brave. He was outspoken and he was a very pious servant. He was either the fourth or the fifth to accept Islam in this Oma. So he is amongst a Serbia kin, yet Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Selim, advise them not to accept the position of the leadership under any circumstances in today's Hadith, Abuja Releford. Iran the Allahu Anhu said, Call to rasool Allah, Allah Testa Milani for the other big he ILM and KB some Nakane here

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in Nicobar Eve, in a manner we're in, yo Malkia, mature he's young when Adema ylonen ohada be happier. Wherever the lady Ali fee her are our Muslim and the sound Hadith Abuja relief ferry may Allah be pleased with him, said, I said once to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, oh prophet of Allah, once you appoint me to an official position.

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So he patted me on the shoulder with his hand and he said, Oh,

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you are a weak man. And it is an accountability. It is a big responsibility. And it will be a code of disgrace and remorse on the day, what is your reaction, except for the one who handles it with a full sense of responsibility and fulfills what is entrusted to him?

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We are definitely desperate, in need for this hadith,

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to learn it, and to act upon it, people do kill each other. And they violate the sanctuary of each other, the honor of each other, in competition for the leadership.

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Why, while no doubt that none of us none of those who live today are even close in the manners in the faith and the variety to avoid any fairy or the Allah Who am

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the man whom the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said to him, I love for you, what I love for myself.

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And because of that, I advise you not to accept the position of the leadership, not the leadership of the general rulership, any position. In the previous Hadith he said let a Marana Allah's name.

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Don't even be a leader over two

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In one Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, I said,

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either condom selesa a mill.

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If you're only three people, let's say that we are on a journey, three people at least then appoint one of you to be the leader

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to be followed, so that we'll have one opinion. This one opinion is not a dictatorship because in Islam, it is not the opinion of one person. He is not the sole decision maker. Because Allah Almighty say to His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi salam, while he was still receiving the revelation from Allah,

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and any move, he will take, in his saying that he would alter any action that he would do was simply a matter of why, as Allah Almighty confirm, in Surah, an edge by saying in Hua Illa hewn, you have, it is not but a revelation being revealed unto him SallAllahu sallam, yet he commanded him in surah. Earlier Imran will share with whom Phil

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consoled them in the matter, in the matter of the

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shower home, consult them.

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And he admired this OMA for the quality of having a mutual consultation.

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What a moron should I buy now. And they're matter that affairs are to be decided with or through mutual consultation among them,

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you can solve the expertise, you can solve the people have experience, okay, there is no one man decision. It is not a one man show. But we have to have committee and a leader. Even if it is only two, we have to have a leader. This leadership in Islam is known as LMR. So the person could be a governor is Amir

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could be a mayor could be,

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you know, in charge of a small group, or a big group or a city or a state. This is called a Mara.

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So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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worded of a Buddha really ferry from seeking the leadership in the previous Hadith. He explained in the beginning about our love for you exactly what I love for myself, like I'm wrong dive, this weakness, my weakness in a man or in faith in piety and righteousness, know, the weakness when it comes to the responsibility of the leadership. So maybe you're a very righteous person, people confuse the issues. They think that because he's a very good speaker is a half of the Quran, then he should be in a charge. Maybe he doesn't have the qualities of the leadership. Maybe he doesn't have the experience. He doesn't know how to deal with the social relationship. He doesn't know how to

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sort out problems. Maybe he has knowledge but he doesn't know how to utilize it.

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So that's why the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim set a beautiful example, when he pointed to one of the great companions of Buddha referring or the Allah on whom he prayed for him more than once, and he said that he is an Asian by himself. Yet he told him in one Hadith in Nakamura on Bife, you're weak, let a moron Allah's Name. Never accept the leadership position, even if you are going to be a leader over two people.

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What are the well layin amellia team and here in the other Hadith which is collected by Imam Muslim, it gives us a different glimpse of you from another angle, where the narrator is Abu Dhabi referee himself, he did not hesitate to share with us his story, his personal story, and experience with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he saw the leadership because many of us think of themselves very high. They assumed that if it is not me who could be better than me, really,

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this is what you think, Fela to zecco and full circle, who are alum, Bimini

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we are being forbidden against admiring ourselves or thinking very high of ourselves. He knows best, who is truly righteous and who is qualified. Does it mean that we all have a stain? It only means that as explained in the other hadith of a Brahmin Abdullah

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Mr. Mara that

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if you are being chosen for the position, where entirely you will be held and assisted by Allah, but if you seek it, and you will die in to get it, so you got it will kill Tyler, you will be on your own without the help of Allah Almighty, very, very beautiful policy. If we not only Muslims, if the entire world were to adopt this policy, then we will not have these corrupt, wicked politicians. Those bunch of liars, rather would have to readers home that people would assume think or believe that this person is Morfitt. So people would nominate him would beg him to be the leader

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or Amara macabre, the Allahu Akbar, after ruling was justice. Then when he was tapped, lying down on his deathbed, he named six of the great companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam six of the best remaining companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said you guys sit down and you choose one of you.

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And he appointed a supervisor or a member who doesn't have the right to be one of those who may be chosen for the MRO, that is his son, his son, Abdullah, ignore Ahmad even know how fab was pretty qualified to succeed, his father said no enough burden to be laid on the shoulders of one person in the family of Alcott, Bob, if it was good, we had our share. If it is bad, if it is a bad thing, the leadership and the rulership, then it is enough for herbarium hubbub to bear the burden on behalf of the entire family. Enough is enough.

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He entirely refuse any advice from those who are standing by and the rest of the companions who suggested Abdullah abnormal is pretty qualified, at least put His name among the six nominees, he said no

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one from the family of a cooktop is more than enough. This is how the Companions perceive the danger and the responsibility of the leadership, they distance themselves from it as much as possible. What is happening nowadays is entirely the opposite.

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People think of themselves very high, they think that they are being sent by God as saviors to save the country. And you know, that the lying, those who are dying to get this position have personal interest. And you can tell after six months, after a year, after two years, very few very rare people who really do changes to their societies or to the people, but the only change that is, you know, noticeable is the change that happens to their families, to the relatives to their sons occupying very strategic positions, very high rank and jobs getting paid very high salary, you know, controlling the joints of the entire country and the society. And then after the first period is

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over, you know, he would not have to nominate himself again, he would have already some beneficiaries, whether columnist, writers, media, people, different platforms, who would direct the people that he's our Savior, with our 10 we cannot do anything. Without him. We will not experience the luxury that we live in and people are living in mud.

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And people are suffering. But this is how they brainwash people. They lie to them, they lie, they lie, they lie, they lie until people end up believing the lies.

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You know? So, if he was a good leader, his actions, his achievements, would it need any media to express them? They would speak out loud. You can see you can see through establishing justice, creating jobs, eliminating poverty, taking care of the poor, pulling the criminals off the street, you know, expediting the cases in the court system, that a lot of things, you know, excluding his family members, his sons and daughters, his relatives, his brothers and sisters, completely from any position of the state. Oh, this man is an honest man. We need you to remain in office. We'd love for you to live forever, but it's not happening. We don't see that. Sometimes.

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In the nation and the country may be suffering of severe poverty and people are going to sleep without food.

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You know with hunger and, and without clothes in winter, without blankets, whenever it is extremely cold, there are no beds and the hospitals there are no enough medications. There are no jobs there are no wherever. And only certain people are getting richer and richer and rich. And this is a sign of corruption. You don't need to hear it from me. You don't need to read it in books. This is what people will talk about it Subhan Allah rasool Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi salam

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once while sitting with his companions,

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a funeral passed by

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for ethno Allah you have Hira.

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So those who are sitting with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him talk very well about the disease they admired him and they made mention of his good qualities.

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So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam remarket, saying why jabot

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the word wager that means, it is due,

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it is confirmed.

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Then, a while later while they're sitting, another funeral passed by fast nawala HaSharon. The mentioned the disease, with all bad things, all Hamdulillah he died, he was such an awful person, he was, you know, harming his neighbors, he was an oppressor he was miser, he was he was, you know, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said, what Yeah, but confirmed, it is due at that the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam inquired about his little marks in both cases wager bet wager but now RJ, but what is the meaning of wager bet and why did he say wager but in the beginning and by the end in the two cases. So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said with regards to the first

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funeral. You guys admired him for Elijah metla whole Jana. So Heaven is due for him. Why? Because you admire them. You admire them after he had passed away. You admired him with what you already witnessed with your experience with this person, you're not gonna compliment him because he's already dead.

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He's not gonna hear you anymore, for whatever but now he will Jana So accordingly, Paradise eyes is due for him. It is confirmed that this person shall enter heaven.

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With regards to the second, you guys talked about his bad traits and characters. And you witnessed what he used to do during his life. So why do I bet law who not so Hellfire is due for him and to show who don't live on earth. You are the witnesses of Allah on earth.

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This hadith applies here to when you find the vast majority of people love you.

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Love you truly love you. You know praying for you. This is a good sign. That means you are just ruler. That means in sha Allah, Allah will help you in achieving your goals. Allah will be pleased with you with your achievement.

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As a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said in the Hadith, the best of you rulers are those whom you love and they love you.

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You pray for and they pray for you.

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And the wars are those whom you hate, and they hate you as well. You cursed and they curse you. There is no chemistry because you can see injustice. You can see all wrongdoing and corruption. Sometimes a person says, well,

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the ruler himself is a righteous person, but it is a government.

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It is in ministers. It is a prime minister. It's his fault. It's his sin. He's the one who hired them. And no one in office he has the right with a scratch on a paper to fire this prime minister or to hire another one or any officer in the government other than Him. So why don't you do that?

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So it's a very complicated process. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam chose for Ebola real referring, what would he choose for his loved ones? No. Stay away from that state you worship

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Be among the laymen, this than yourself from seeking the authority and the leadership. Why? Because in a manner

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it's a big responsibility. It is not an honor. Some people, they pay a lot of money in order to be elected, or re elected in the parliament, in the Congress, in the Senate, whatever, they follow every legal and illegal way to be elected. And obviously, in in, in the Muslim countries, unfortunately, there is a lot of illegal business that is happening in order to get into this position. Why? Because once they get there, it's time to recall back what they spent. I don't generalize. Of course, I'm not saying that. Everyone is like that, or the vast majority, but it has come. And it is no secret, okay, in a manner, but he doesn't have time to check out the needs of the

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people whom he is representing.

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His main focus is to please the one who chose him, not the public, the governor, or the ruler. So he will pass any law or amendment even if he does not for the benefit of people. Why? Because he received

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orders. You need to approve this or else your file is open. That's me the responsibility. That's why smart people say, I don't want this headache. I said in America, it's a big responsibility. We're in a yarmulke Leanna says, you know, and then then on the day of judgment, it will be a cause of remorse, disgrace and regret.

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Yeah, perhaps, now you, you will drive or you will be driven in a bulletproof Mercedes, you will be moved to live in a green area.

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The area of the diplomats, the ministers, the area of the big ranking officers, were laymen and ordinary people cannot reach you. Okay, your feet, not gonna touch the three anymore, you will be treated differently for how long? How many times we've heard about people died in their offices. It happens all the time. So for how long you're going to last there, how long you're going to enjoy the superiority for

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a couple of years. Not really enjoy me, because every day he's worried what if anything happens, and I'm out of the office, or my superiors are not happy with me and they throw the book at me it's it's a very miserable experience. So he said in Amana multicam. And the life is June when Adam on the Day of Judgment. Now, accountability.

00:22:57 --> 00:22:58

Did you fulfill your responsibility?

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Which you are entrusted with? Or not? What about the people who elected you? There used to be this person who needed a treatment this person who needed a house this person who needed this this road is free, the hospital discord? Oh, you will be asked about all of that.

00:23:18 --> 00:23:26

Because all of that is your responsibility. This is what the new territories? Did he take care of that. But I couldn't do anything because normally,

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none of us could do anything. It is the word of the governor. So if you know that from the beginning, or do you to die for it? What did he spend millions in order to be in this office, while you knew for certain you will not do any change and you will not hoping to do any change in this corrupt environment.

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Subhan Allah the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said and confirmed it yet people are still dying for it's like there is our shower. There is some sort of blindness over our eyes, we still die for long for it. I pray that one day I will become in this office or in the office. But it is our responsibility. And on the Day of Judgment, it will be a cause of remorse, regret, and disgrace, except

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a lemon aka be happy here, except for the one who handles it with a false sense of responsibility and fulfills what he is entrusted to do. Whatever the lady are like if you if this is the case Alhamdulillah you will be rewarded for that. You will be rewarded for that when people will pray for you. When you facilitate things for people, the best of the deeds before Allah and it is even superior to the fasting the voluntary fasting the voluntary prayers the voluntary hydrogen ombre is covered. However, gymnasts fulfill

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In the needs of people and sometimes whenever you are in this position, it gives you a lot of access to fulfill their needs, but only for those who are interested. And the main focus is fulfilling the needs of people. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all against every evil and guide us what is best. We'll take a short break and we'll be back in sha Allah with some more please stay tuned

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. The last Hadith in this chapter is Hadith number 676. As general advice to the entire OMA with regards to not seek an authority when ever there is no need for it. And every royal authority Allahu Anhu Ana Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Alcon in ACOEM SATA. Hallo sunnah Allah Mr. wasat Hakuna de mutton yo Malkia Anna, Rahul Buhari.

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It is a sound Hadith in watch. Our most Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, you will covet for getting a position of authority. But remember that it will be a cause of humiliation and remorse on the Day of Resurrection Subhanallah Well, if this is the case, so why do people compete over it? Why do people do every possible thing legal or illegal, lawful or unlawful? In order to get it? It is a Shaohua it is a desire which does not grow old when the person grows old. Rather, it grows younger even the person goes older. This is what the Prophet sallallahu Alia Salama said, this is one of the two qualities no matter how old the person gets. It gets younger in him and he gets

00:27:16 --> 00:27:33

bigger and sharper. He loves to be in charge. He loves to be an emir, he loves to rule, he loves a position of authority. And if that is stripped away from him, or he is removed away from office,

00:27:34 --> 00:28:27

he feels like his handicap. He sits at home, he is just waiting for his term to come for death, because he feels like life is not worth it anymore. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam prophesies, because during his generation, he have raised his companions who have passed them, and he wanted them off again is seek and authority and the learn that they comprehended that and if we study the sphere of our predecessors, we will realize that they were the distant themselves the farthest from the responsibility of the leadership, or being judges or being in a charge for any group of people benefited from the advices of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this regard. So he prophesized that

00:28:27 --> 00:28:34

the time will come, where people will not only nominate themselves and hence the covet for it.

00:28:35 --> 00:28:37

They are very eager to get it.

00:28:38 --> 00:28:46

They are anxiously waiting to obtain this position. For them, it's a matter of life or death, and helps

00:28:48 --> 00:29:14

what's at the corner, then it will be on the Day of Judgment, the dama a cause of remorse, humiliation, and regret. Why? Because the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said in the Hadith, every ordinary human being, every human being, will not be dismissed on the day of judgment before having to answer four questions.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:31

One of these four questions will be about his earning every penny he has earned. And many he made a Enactus about who was him and Sokka. How did he earn it? And how did he spend it? That's very problematic.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:58

Also in the person who will be asked about those who are under his responsibility and guardianship, every one of you is a guardian. And every Guardian certainly will be held accountable for those who are under his guardianship. Imagine if one day there is a family or families who were afflicted with a calamity and no one stretched out the hand of help to them.

00:29:59 --> 00:30:00

No one

00:30:00 --> 00:30:53

and assisted them and it's your responsibility. While on the day of judgment, He will have to answer for them, you will have to explain your negligence, you will have to explain how your son got this job. While there are 10,000 Other people have applied for the job, maybe 2030. Maybe you just one person was more qualified than your son or your daughter? And why did you wife? Get this vehicle cheaper than others? Was it a compliment? Because you're in office? And why did your family travel? And the airfare, the state have to pay for it? Might you? Oh my god, it's a bigger responsibility. This is what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is saying, those who are in office, the perfectly know

00:30:53 --> 00:31:08

what I'm talking about any of us sometimes you are, you know, a simple president of a university in the management position, not in the scientific position, and you have a lot of fund under your authority, you will be asked about that.

00:31:09 --> 00:31:13

Sometimes you are in any office in any office,

00:31:15 --> 00:32:03

anyone who has a need to be fulfilled, you will be asked about them on the Day of Judgment, who wants to answer for all those people? Who wants to answer for all of them? Who wants to be responsible for all those people, unless if you think yourself as good as Al Karim, the son of Al Karim, the son of Al Karim, the son of alkylene. Joseph, the son of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, please be upon them. Or if you think yourself, you are as good as Prophet Yusuf Ali salah, then go for it and bear the responsibility. May Allah help you. And now brothers and sisters, with the following Hadith, which is

00:32:04 --> 00:32:45

Amin, the the following chapter, chapter number 82. It's another very interesting chapter and goes in line with the previous chapters in this chapter, chapter number 82, which deals with urging the rulers to have righteous advisors and to avoid the bad ones. Yeah, we definitely need that. The shatter these will have to Soltani Well, Callie well very him I mean volatile Ohmori Allah the hottie was ear inside him. What that has eerie him min Khurana is su e welcome holy men home

00:32:46 --> 00:33:15

again, urging the rulers and the leaders, the people of authority to have whitest advisors and to avoid the bad ones. As usual, Imam nawawi may Allah have mercy on him listed an eye of the Quran as number 67 of Surah zuroff as a reference Quranic reference in the beginning of the ship.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:17

So, beautiful area,

00:33:19 --> 00:33:25

this area gives both Beshara and also severe warning,

00:33:27 --> 00:33:45

it delivers a glad tiding another election to the audience as how to receive the sclera tiding and to be eligible for it. And a severe warning, again is doing certain things which if you indulge into them, then you will be in trouble. And I feel

00:33:47 --> 00:33:55

we are eating bow to whom labor are going idle. 111 13

00:33:56 --> 00:34:03

LFP let plural of holly. Holly means an intimate friend.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:59

This intimate friendship could be simply for a reason or another. Those who smoke marijuana. They love each other. They can't wait to see each other. Why? I got your weed. I'll get your drink. I got your injection. I got your dose. I'll give you the girl. I got your whatever that you and I share. So the bad companions also have a hola you know, when we started fetco taharah we started wudu and was we said the lelu outside bath to wash between the fingers and you handle hate to put your finger through your beard if you have a thick beard or if you have a long hair so that your fingers would go through the roots of your hair

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

By performing last while performing all your fingers will go through the build in order to wash in between that school darkly it goes through.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:21

So and Helene is the one whom your heart have absorbed His love and His heart have absorbed your love. Like you've become one.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:25

You've become one.

00:35:26 --> 00:36:01

Some speakers in the beginning of the hotbar. They say that Ibrahim Hollein or man and Mohammed Habib, man, that is true. Ibrahim, as Allah Almighty says autohide Allah Who Ibrahima Hi Lila Allah I have taken Ibrahim as Helene. Yeah, and he loved them and Ibrahim loved Allah Almighty to the extent that this love was absorbed totally in the heart of Ibraheem Alehissalaam there could not be any better love

00:36:02 --> 00:36:08

so Allah Almighty have taken him as very Helene, very close to him. Okay.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:16

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was also Helene. And hula

00:36:17 --> 00:36:21

is a level or a degree that is higher than an muhabba

00:36:22 --> 00:36:42

and hope and and muhabba means love. But and hola is higher than that where this love is absorbed in the heart and in the entire body of the person like two who love each other so much that it is not imaginable that anything can break up between them.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:43

I feel

00:36:45 --> 00:36:50

like they become one like two bodies have become one that's called Hola.

00:36:53 --> 00:37:00

And on the Dave Dodman, Latin FAO who let them know Alicia neither hola and a close friendship. Close love.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:05

No indecision will help or avail on the Day of Judgment.

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So he will also say that and Mohammed who is ideal ramen, halal Allah, because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in the Hadith in Allah Tala, Ibrahima Halina what the Hi Danny Hi Lila. Indeed Allah have taken Ibrahim as a hurryin. He loved him so much and Ibrahim loved him the most. And he has taken me as a holiday to only two human beings, Allah Almighty gave them this title and this high ranking position of Holy Prophet Abraham and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Okay, so now we understand the meaning of the word. Hola.

00:37:46 --> 00:37:47

And Khalil

00:37:49 --> 00:38:12

al Akela. Plural of Helene is Aquila, do you very intimate friends? Yo, Maggie then on the day. Your major refers to the Day of Judgment. On the day, all intimate friends on the Day of Judgment will become each other's enemies.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:25

Except for the pious ones. How's it possible, that those who used to love each other so much to the point that they had been like transform into each other?

00:38:27 --> 00:38:57

They were molten into one pot, they become one they turn into enemies, there is there must be a reason. When the intimate friends whose friendship was not stablished on piety and righteousness was for any one cause. They will be resurrected on the day of judgment and each one will cast the blame on the other it was because of you I was misled. He never advised me and other would say the same. In Surah Al Baqarah. I believe in air number 160.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:13

Allah Almighty gave a beautiful example of those who shall follow the wrongdoers and take them as Oh models. Is that about right I love you not to be rude Mina Larina.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:27

Well, I will either by what Park be him will as the remember on the day on the day of judgment to about Allah Allah the net to be

00:39:30 --> 00:39:41

Iris number 166 of Surah Al Baqarah second chapter of the Quran. Yeah, behold, on the day on the Day of Judgment. Those who have been followed

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

will renounce and disown their followers because they have seen the torment and everyone will say myself myself. They want to save themselves, despite whom they're going to sacrifice for the sake of saving themselves.

00:40:01 --> 00:40:05

And the other I will say we'll call a levy in a

00:40:08 --> 00:40:14

cup of water fernet mean whom came at will mean

00:40:16 --> 00:40:19

gather early carry him who law who

00:40:20 --> 00:40:23

has a lot in ILA in

00:40:24 --> 00:40:27

Bihar, eg in Amina and

00:40:30 --> 00:40:51

as for the followers, they would wish that they can go back to life. Why? Because if they are returned back to life, they are going to renounce those whom the followed as they renounce them and the Day of Judgment, it's too late. Now Allah is telling you beforehand, you're following the wrong people.

00:40:52 --> 00:41:35

You're following the wrong doors, renounce them now. This on them have hola and companionship with the good people can dedicatory him Allah Who am Allah who has arrived in Allah him does Allah Almighty will show them their deeds, which will be means of remorse and regret for them. And in any case, neither one of them will leave hellfire, neither those who have been followed, nor the followers, when a man came to Imam Ahmed, may Allah have mercy on him and said, Oh, Imam, I am the tailor of the ruler.

00:41:37 --> 00:42:18

Those who have threw him in prison and have tortured him while he was standing for the truth. Am I being one of their assistants? He said, No, you're actually one of them. That assistance because the other assays gather their own doors and that assistance to those who assisted them directly or indirectly. They said that assistance is the one who sells you the sewing needles and the threads, the fabric, but you are making their own clothes and you know that they are criminals, or you know that they are oppressors. You're one of their assistants, you will be gathered with them to that extent.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:21

To that extent,

00:42:22 --> 00:42:25

while on the other hand if the whole levels for the sake of Allah

00:42:26 --> 00:43:11

and the view sallallahu alayhi salam narrated the Hadith * Motorhead buena Vida Lally Allah the mighty will call upon them. What are those who love one another? For my honor for my sake, and the OMA or will loom be a really yo Melville lovingly. We spoke about the shade before which Allah Almighty creates especially for those people. You want to be sheltered under that shade on the Day when they will not be in the shade but his shade. Then love the righteous people for the sake of Allah loves one another for the sake of Allah. So those who love one another Amuro Aminian Aileen Vitaly, are the Allah who can give the example of to Hollywood's

00:43:12 --> 00:44:04

Holly line, Mina in a holly lane, Catherine to intimate companions, who are two believers, whenever one of them dies, he says to Allah, Oh Allah, bless my companion his dead, and he is making dua for his companion who is still alive. He's asking Allah Almighty to keep him steadfast on the straight path, so that he will die in the same condition of faith, so that they will be gathered in paradise, because he used to enjoy me to do what is good. And he awfully forbade me again is the evil. So Allah assist him to remain steadfast so that he will die as a believer. While in the other case, he will disown his companion, and he would wish that he would go to * like him exactly. Akela Eden

00:44:04 --> 00:44:05

Babu whom Leyba

00:44:06 --> 00:44:34

inland water clean. May Allah Almighty make us and inspire us to only take the righteous people as our close circle, family, friends and intimate friends. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us all steadfast on the straight path until we meet him safely on the Day of Judgment. Akula Kohli had our staff for Allah Lee welcome and until next episode as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

glory to Him, offering us to be the best and gave his best religion to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

Are they? Allah God has been greatest

00:45:05 --> 00:45:25

glory to Him on a quest to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about an empire that was shipping comes fire and stones, sending their best with the cheapest

00:45:27 --> 00:45:36

day ignore that forgetting about how bad you guys are shipping cause fire and stones selling their best

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