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The history and characteristics of Islam, including shiny clothing and the lack of belief among Muslims, are discussed. The importance of praying five times and being a believer is emphasized. The history of the Holy Spirit and the credibility of Islam are also discussed, with a brief mention of the Hadith and the message. There is also a brief discussion about the origin of the message and the credibility of Islam.

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And you will find out and I tell you this that there are few believers

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but there are plenty of Muslims

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there is a difference between the two by the way

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honey Jabri

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is a Muslim

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam is sitting with his companions

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tala Allah him Raja by all the sudden amen

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*gy do biographia shady do Samba de Sha de

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la la Athol suffer while I

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a man by all the sudden abroad the gathering, wearing very white cloth has a very dark hair. No one knows him, and at the same time he does not like he's been traveling. See the combination is.

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He seemed like he was here with us.

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He sat in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Sahaba cafe Allah de

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de la Plata

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and he asked Dr. Mohamed mal Islam

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what is Islam

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and Islam and Tasha de la ilaha illallah wa en tu t masala 123 zeca will enter sumava one taco gel beta esta la de la casa de la that's what makes you a Muslim

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But by the way, this does not mean necessarily that you're a believer.

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I'll give you an evidence. FISA al Bukhari

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after the Battle of hoonah

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He is giving out the spoils of war.

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And you know after the Battle of Mecca, Rasul Sal and given the people who became Muslims recently more than the others in order to make them love Islam.

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So this person with a huge beard, his name is Darren Hawaii Sarah

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approached the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and he tells him

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the inoculum

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the fear you're not feeling

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is a dressing who

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refused to sell and looked at him and he told him look at the kippah Walker Sirota lm ad

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You are a loser if you believe that I'm not fair. I'm not just

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because Heather suven in the Navy.

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Anytime, by the way that you have bad thoughts about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has a Khufu.

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Khalid is merely a viola one standing by him by his side by the prophet SAW Selim side Kala Rasul Allah. Moroni abdrabbuh ohnaka

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Let me kill him

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also solicited Tao who are in who usually

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is not a believer, but he prays

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and then that just justifies By the way, sometimes you see somebody praying five times, but he gossips he back bites.

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What he did he at the Amelie Islam era.

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The apparent Yes, he prays, Yes, he does. But the heart is not engaged yet.

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The hearts still work.

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And this is the statement that Allah subhana wa Taala quoted

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in Surah Surah.

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Allah are upset we believers we are believers. They are saying it in a way that oh Prophet Mohammed we're doing you a favor we are believers. Allah subhanho wa Taala told him told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to kill them kill them to me no no you're not believers yet. While I can kulu your work level one

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level one you're at level one well I can pull up a slum now you're a Muslim. It's not while I'm

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while I'm

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yet holy man who

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flew back home and how the man is gonna come into your into your law. If you obey Allah and His messenger. The man will start penetrating

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The thought and then you can become believers.

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So, you have a Muslim.

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You have a boatman, a believer. Now. Allahu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, once he was asked by jabril, or a Salah, Who was that man wearing white cloth, dark haired woman, a man what is in color, and to me Nabila woman that he wanted to be he was when he was young, when he was 36 elements of faith.

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You must know who is Allah? And you must have a creed regarding this issue

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that Allah is your Creator.

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We have an issue here.

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We have our children are being taught in school that we were apes.

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Through you're aware of that, right your children actually received that knowledge in the school

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that we were apes. And somehow we emerge into

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that for

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that contradict Yeah, a yohannes. In Hakuna comin Decker in what

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we created you from one male and one female.

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He human being meanings, apes, that means there is one another one

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another god out there who created something on his own.

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So Allah is the one who created you.

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Allah is the one who provides for you.

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Allah is the one who harm you and benefit you.

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Fisher and tirmidhi Abdullah have now bass Allah Viola one Houma said contura de fer rasulillah he Salalah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he was a young boy.

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Look what the prophets of Salaam teaching iron boy

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yeah Hola.

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back for the La Jolla funk.

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Be mindful of Allah. Allah with the mindful few

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that favela has to do to jack.

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If you are mindful of Allah keeping up with his command, staying away from his harem the things that he made haram and you're mindful of him, whenever you need Him, He will be there for you

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will either stand or stay in biller?

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And if you want help ask Allah

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when he does ltfs Allah

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and if you ask ask Allah, listen to this one.

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And rest assured of all of mankind gagger

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to benefit you with something they will not benefit you with something but that which Allah will for you.

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While and

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legitimate Allah am for ABC in lianza oka Illa bc in Kolkata, Hola. Hola.

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lm n Luma legitimate Allah, ABC, ABC in say an Cata Holla Holla

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so the brothers are waiting

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iron stuff in their hands.

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that violates that

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some of them are waiting things in their necks that violates that

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that violates that

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you take an oath on someone but Allah that violates that. Number 13.

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You know the first job that I had and you will be surprised. I worked in a hotel as a receptionist

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in the I was in Egypt in Egypt.

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The hotel did not have number 13 unit

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number seven.

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Or like they say Friday the 13th you know there is a very interesting story about Apollo 13 anybody knows about it? Yeah. All of this is violation of title eight. You need to understand that that's why we say foul. I'm Anna hula Illa Illa all of this violates Utah heat.

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It does.

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they believe in Allah. Of course inshallah. We will walk in through this quickly.

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ucreate once it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is one, what is your creed regarding the angels?

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Do angels work on themselves by themselves? Like

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the Christians believe? Once they pray what they say in the name of

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the Father the father is who supposedly Who? Allah, the son who is the son, aka the holy ghost who is the Holy Ghost

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So that's jabril acts.

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Is that what we believe as Muslims? Or angels?

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They receive what

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laya asuna la Hannah amerihome ySr Luna yo Maroon?

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So the creed regarding the angels, what is the creed?

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The Creek regarding the messengers and the books?

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Do you think that there was other books besides the books that Allah Subhana Allah mentioned and the messenger mentioned? There are a lot of people out there having their own books, but as Muslims, we know that there is the Torah, there is Abraham, there is the Torah and there is the gospel. And there is sort of Moosa, which is the Torah as well. And there is the sons there's a boo and there is what,

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that's it. So if somebody comes to you, okay, this book is on the wisdom, Buddha wisdom, who is him? What do you think?

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Let me be mindful.

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What is your creed regarding things that are in the Gospel that are contradictory to the Quran? What do you believe? Do you think it takes precedence? Or do you believe that the Quran when Zenn la Calcutta will Haki masa de Cali Marina de la Mojave mina nalli

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the Quran has the upper hand

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so if you have something in the Torah, something in the Gospel that is not in line with the Quran. What do you think? What do you believe? Oh, they are from Allah. They are both okay. Habibi. This is out of the creed right there. Problem, big problem.

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What is the issue of another?

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And inside Ohio Masaya. And all these

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and I caught it yesterday and the brothers are from the Arabian Oh, I'm talking about right. We used to wake up to a dream in 1882

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I came, I don't know, where did I come from, but I came that means I'm forced. And I found that way in front of me.

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This issue from Qatar

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was ucrete regarding why I'm saying this, because you need to understand that

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and you have to believe that

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when the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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if terra cotta nesara if terra cotta yahood. Allah, Sabina

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was Tara cattiness, Allah Allah

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was at a study of komati Allah Allah was abena filco khulumani luminary in la vida.

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And by the way, if you argue the authenticity of this Hadith, I have a resource.

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This Hadith was narrated by more than 12 companions Abdullah Abdullah

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Abu Nana, Abu hurayrah. on film Muslim ban,

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the Jews divided into 71 cents

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and the Christian divided into 72 cents

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and my oma will divide into 73 sets