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Quranic Reflections #16

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Bilal Philips

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters, this is another verse from the Quranic reflection series. And it's from Surah Al Baqarah

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when Latina kifaru What can the Boo be? I attina Hula Iike, US Harbin, Nadi home fear Hollywood.

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As for those who disbelieve and reject My revelations, they will be inmates of the fire eternally.

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This verse addresses the consequence of disbelief and rejection of divine guidance.

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So the first point of reflection is that those who disbelieve in God and reject revelation may appear to be successful in this life.

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But without a shadow of a doubt, they have failed.

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So we should not be deluded

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by the success that we see the material success that we see around us

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that is attached to those people who reject God. Some, not all. But some of those people reject God, they have all this wealth.

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We shouldn't be deluded by it,

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because they will meet the consequence in the next life.

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Now, the second point, or reflection, is that the consequence of failure to believe in God and divine Scriptures, though

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not evident to us, you can see it around us.

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We should be certain.

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This is why Allah has revealed this verse,

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we should be reassured

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that there will be a consequence.

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And that consequence, is something that none of us want to be a part of, to be put into,

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not even for a moment.

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The third point of reflection

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is that the result of disbelief and rejection

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is eternity in hell.

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for only 70 years, or plus that we live in this life,

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doing sin,

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there is an eternity of hell coming.

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If we disbelieve and reject

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it may seem disproportionate,

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but it is not.

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For if Allah had so willed,

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even the 70 years,

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we could also have been in hell.

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He canceled that

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we were in relative paradise in this life.

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The fact that the consequence

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is an eternity in hell coming after it. That's for us to reflect, to think

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is not what we want for ourselves.

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So we need to think beyond this life.

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To what is to come.

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Of course, nobody has left this life and come back to tell us

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but messengers have been sent to human beings with a common message.

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And Allah gave us the ability to think and to reflect.

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whatever happens to us, will be a result of our own decisions. And we cannot blame anyone but ourselves. If we find the evil consequence,

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instead of

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coming back into this life, time and time and time again, or when we die, everybody's the same.

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We just shift into another plane of existence and whatever else.

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But instead we find there is heaven and hell

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with all the prophets spoke about sent to all human beings around the world.

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That common message is there.

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it is for us to reflect

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and to act according to our common sense and the knowledge which Allah has revealed to us.

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BarakAllahu li Coombs

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Rahmatullah lie.