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Relationship Between Envy and Evil Eye

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Karim Abuzaid

Channel: Karim Abuzaid

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An Evil Eye Story – Relationship Between Envy and Evil Eye

Episode Transcript

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What is the relationship between envy

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and evil are?

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You see, envy is a disease of the heart

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burning fire

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inside you.

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Now, a person could execute this physically

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killing, physical strength. And this is what Cain did to him.

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What the team did due to evil, he actually went with his own hands. This is what triggered the killing, but that was processed through the physical strength and he went, and he killed his brother.

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This can also be processed through backbiting and gossiping.

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The tongue

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this brother, man, he thinks he's the enemy. And he goes around, oh, this brother, man, you know, he thinks is this. And then he thinks he's this man because he sees this. And and this brother, man, because he has this and so through. So backbiting and gossiping, is triggered by what?

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envy, also, evil is triggered by envy.

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That you look at the thing.

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Some of the scholars have done as far as this, that when you actually have this burning fire inside your heart, Lowell has said

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it processes raised into the eyes, that he goes into the eyes, and that somehow activate the gene.

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Yeah, this is again, not

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just to be one. But this is analysis of work.

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The gene gets activated through up through that burning fire inside the heart.

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And they go and they inflict

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this harm

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upon the individual.

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Well, I have four every time I pick up the subject, I have to tell you the story of the data.

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Yeah, I don't know if you guys heard it before or not. But this is another heading that you're gonna have to leave.

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There is a guy in my village that is knowing a brand

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known when he passes by something called us. Everybody in the village Know

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Welcome one more here and believe this guy.

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When I came to America, I was here actually still in Maryland. You know, I come from a village. I mean, you

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simple cattles.

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When I came back, I rented a car.

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A car for them is like what like a spaceship?

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I drove from Cairo to my village

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Subhan Allah.

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I found him on the highway asking somebody to give him a ride and he shows me he told me

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this car is good.

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Low at this time. No, no, no. You see in Egypt they have something very interesting if you're an Egyptian I was stood as a gyptian citizen. If you're an Egyptian, they have your Scion was a man of his home. He wasn't a man.

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And he received like 25 the value of the car

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like a check

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in order to guarantee that you're gonna bring the car back.

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But if you're American, they take your insurance and everything. They have two, you know ways of feeding people.

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That's why you're honored in Egypt if you have a US passport.

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I was signing almost 25,000 Egyptian Pounds was sukey sukey

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sukey this summer so Luca, Korea,

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Minister and his

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brother in law

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I told I'm renting it for three days because I have so clean

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but also

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everything is okay. I said you're fine.

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You're fine.

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You're fine.

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He told me that you're fine. You're good

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the way in the way Yeah. And the way to the village. This guy is very rich is very wealthy is actually one of the wealthiest people that has three floors building houses you house. I heard that you build the third floor. So I'm reminding him of what a nice bow

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so he doesn't look at my little Suzuki here.

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So I kept doing this.

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While law one My father

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used to have a water buffalo, like these black kettles.

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I have never seen a human having a relationship with a cattle like my father with this cattle. They used to be very close.

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He would actually talk to her. And she would

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they would actually, he was in love

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with this with his cattle. Very.

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So I arrived at the house. Coincidentally My father is bringing in the cattle back from

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the fields

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for law he Allah has my witness. I thought if he's gonna let the car go, that means your need for a cat. He did like this to the cat.

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I think pay attention to it.

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I said maybe he given me a deal that I'm free.

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I brought him

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in the morning.

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Right before my brothers are waking me up.

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Wake up the cattle is that

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for no reason.

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Somehow it went around the room

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that strangled

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and died on the spot.

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And you know that you cannot even walk

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that if he slaughtering Qaeda, we could sell the meat at least you can. But really the whole issue was for my father was the friendship.

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Now having to tell your father that the cattle died was a nightmare.

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Well, I'll never forget this day.

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Knock knock knock in his bedroom. For five fee. What's wrong while you're awake?

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I sat on the bed next to him. Father Jani. If somebody gives you a gift and takes it away, like one of the kids died

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mentally to accept

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Yeah, if somebody gives you a gift and he decides to take it away, will you be upset?

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What a car.

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I said in the relay. We're in the La Jolla, your own the catalyst.

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Pamela, just to show you that these things are real.

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the heart activates

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the eyes. And that's where gene can if they tell you that it facilitate the work of the gene. It makes it easy. They use it somehow or it gives them like bills in the gym big bills. So these bills that they go out there and do the work