Kamil Ahmad – Can You Handle the Truth – Episode 1 Is the Truth Out There?

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding the truth in life and the need for a way to determine one's evil behavior. They argue that certain behaviors such as killing a baby are seen as evil and that individuals have a different perception of good and evil based on their own perception. They also discuss the origins of belief groups and their similarities, as well as the importance of having a wholehearted search for the truth. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a shadow.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy he edge marine and I begin with the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. All praise belongs to him. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Prophet, his last messenger, Mohammed sala de la he was Allahu LA, welcome to this new series, can you handle the truth?

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In this series, we want to answer some of the pertinent and big questions out there. What is the purpose of life? What is the truth about this world we live in? Why do I exist? Is there a higher being? Does God Exist? If he does, then what does he want from us? And so these are the big questions in life that many people they wonder about. And so I have dedicated this series of episodes to every seeker of the truth, who is out there who is sincere about searching for these answers, who has been searching for these answers for a long time, but still has not arrived at the truth.

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I have also dedicated this series to all those out there who think that they have the answers to all these questions. They think that they know the truth. And so they believe that what they were taught growing up, and what they have always been upon, they think that that is the ultimate truth. And everything else must be wrong. I have also dedicated this series to all those out there who have never thought about these questions who are living life as it is, and have never questioned themselves. Why do I exist? Is there really a purpose behind my existence? And so they're living lives of heedlessness of negligence? concerning these questions. I have also dedicated this series

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to all those out there, those Muslims who believe in Islam as being the truth, I have also dedicated this series to all those Muslims out there, who themselves are not sure about the answers to these questions. They have doubts in their minds regarding these questions, or they are uncertain, they know that this is the truth, but they are uncertain about it. I have also dedicated this series to all those Muslims out there who ask these questions all the time. And they don't have the answers to them. Or they don't know how to explain it to their non Muslim friends, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, and so on, and so forth. And so I asked a loss of Hannah who were to Hana to make these

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series of episodes beneficial to each and every single one of us, and to help us to find the truth, to arrive at it. And then to accept it wholeheartedly, without any doubt, without any uncertainty. And so I begin by saying that the truth is something that is real,

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the truth regarding these questions, what is the purpose of life? Does God really exists? Is there a purpose behind God creating this creation? I say that the truth behind these questions, it is out there it exists. And it is possible to discover it is possible for each and every single human being to arrive at the correct answers behind these questions, not like how some people say these questions don't really have an absolute truth. Rather, the truth regarding these questions is relative. Some people will have one answer, others will have another answer. And you know, we should just let it be as it is. And so I say the answers to these questions. The truth is out there and it

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is not something hidden, like some people may think it is not like how some people may think that these are mysteries that we can never, ever find the truth about. And so the reason for that is that everything in this world, everything in this universe, it has an explanation to it. And we have discovered up until modern times, we have discovered up until this current day in which we're living, in which we human beings have gone far, in terms of our technology and our science. I say that we have the answers to many, many questions concerning the world we live in. And so if that is the case, that we have an explanation behind all of these things in this world in which we live in,

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in this university, then how about the greatest questions, the questions that affect us human beings, such as why we're here? Why we came into this world, how we came into this world? How on earth, is it logically acceptable, that we don't have the answers to these questions. And so I say that the answers, they're out there, the truth is out there, we just need to look for them, we need to lift the veil off of our eyes, and off of our hearts and minds, and search or the truth. Now often when discussing religion. One here is the point and the statement of many people, that no one has the right to judge anyone else's belief. And so, they say that religion is a person's private

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matter. And we cannot say that it is either wrong or right, it is either true or false. And so I say that, throughout history, societies have based their laws and their ethics upon absolute truths, which they consider to be right.

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And this is a result of an exterior text that they regarded as being Supreme, a scripture that they consider to be from God, or it was as a result of a certain trait, a certain characteristic that is found in the nature of man, a trait, a characteristic that is found within human beings, that causes us to see certain things as being correct, as being moral, as being ethical, and other things as being evil, and immoral. And so human beings, we can see, to a certain extent, certain things as being good, and certain things as being evil. For example, all humans, if they were left to their natural state, without any external factors, affecting their minds, perverting their minds, they

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will consider feces and urine as being something filthy.

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This is something that they from their inner selves, consider as being filthy, not something that they are taught. Also, certain actions, like stealing, killing, lying, and so on. These things are looked at as being evil, and looked at as being unethical. Again, not something that they're taught, not something that was caused as a result of some external factor.

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On the other hand, certain other traits, like being truthful, being sincere, being honest, these things are seen as being noble, again, from the inner self of human beings, they look at these things as such. And so this is as a result of something within human beings that they are created with, that they are born with. And so they look at these things as they are. And so if you were to leave them on an island, all by themselves away from civilization, they would still look at these things as they look at them today. And so if someone says that you don't have any right to judge another person's belief, or, you know, their actions,

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the reality is that whoever says this, they are contradicting themselves. And that is because if you were to ask many of these people, whether killing infants babies is correct and acceptable, or whether it's suicide is something correct and acceptable, they will naturally answer that it is not acceptable by anyone. However, when we look at certain societies, such as, you know, certain religions that are found in Central America,

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we find that infanticide, killing infants was seen as a way

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To get nearer to their gods. And so, if you truly believe that religion is something that should be left to the individual, and no one should have the right to judge, and interfere, then this would basically necessitate allowing killing babies, this would necessitate that suicide, there's nothing wrong with it rather, it's something praiseworthy, and so on and so forth. Why? Because no one has the right to judge them. And so if we were to bring this issue to the individual level, we will see that each and every single person, each and every single individual has their own perception of good and evil. Whether this perception is based upon religion, upon a certain law, culture, or simply

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individual contemplation, one might believe that it is perfectly acceptable, for example, to commit adultery.

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While someone else would look at that same act as being wrong, one might believe that it is permissible to engage in drugs, while someone else will say that this is wrong, and so on and so forth. Nobody would be able to object to anyone else. And so everyone would be left to their own opinions, and their own perceptions and they will practice whatever they want. And so if we were to implement this belief in society, we would have a community, a nation that is built upon anarchy, chaos, where no laws could be legislated or executed. Why, because law is based upon the principle that certain things are to be good, while other things are to be evil. And so, if one was to say

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that certain truths are agreed upon by all human beings, which can be used to legislate laws, this statement is to a certain limit, as we have stated that all humans do naturally have a trade to know right from wrong in a limited sense. But as seen, this tree many times, becomes perverted through either environmental or psychological or religious factors, in that certain acts, which were seen one time as being evil and immoral, are later seen as being completely acceptable. And some things which do not coincide with human nature are later on seen as being the keys to salvation. We'll take a short break and be right back.

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With truth is hidden, misleading politicians create confusion

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where truth is hidden lack of knowledge and cause upheaval and commotion, with truth hidden, manipulate scripture, and first effects emerge.

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hidden truth creates false propaganda, real chaos, disorder and turmoil in our lives and the world.

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But is there anyone with courage and wisdom?

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What is the truth and who has the courage?

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God, it's your right to

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watch truth prevail and lies perish in truth exposed by Dr. Zakir Naik, next on peace TV.

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Welcome back, before the break, we were speaking about how certain things certain traits, at certain times they're looked at as being evil. And then later on, they become acceptable, while other things, they don't even coincide with human nature. And yet they're looked at as being the keys to salvation. And so this can clearly be observed, especially in democratic societies like we have today, which based their laws on what the majority consider as being acceptable. And so we see that many things which were considered to be absurd, considered to be immoral, are now completely acceptable, to the extent that if someone holds opposing beliefs, they are seen as outcasts. And so

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we have the recent example of homosexuality, and how for centuries, and you know, for decades, it was looked at as being a major sin, something filthy, something abnormal, only two decades ago, and how now today, it has become the norm. And it has become accepted in those societies. And so this is regarding morality, and Dean's, but what is even more important is that, regarding God, and the existence of God, and what God wants from us, and so those who believe that the truth is something relative, and that all beliefs are correct, basically, they deem that it is not possible to say that one person, his beliefs are wrong, and another person, his beliefs are correct. And so that is

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because religion to them is purely individual, it is a personal choice. And so the false hood of this statement, and this belief is clear to everyone. And so absolute truth is naturally something narrow, it is naturally, something narrow, and it excludes its opposite. And so two plus two equals four, it cannot equal five, or six, or seven. And so this is the absolute truth, that two plus two equals four. So this point becomes critical, as different belief systems and worldviews, they contradict one another when we compare them. And so if one belief system has certain components that are proven, and so if one belief system has components that are proven to be true, than any

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competing belief system to that,

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it obviously becomes false. Why? Because if you have several contradicting beliefs, if we were to compare several beliefs, and they contradict one another, then obviously only one must be true. And they cannot all be true at the same time. And for example, if one religion believes that Jesus was a false prophet, like the Jews, while another maintains that Jesus was God, such as the Christians, well, yeah, a third group claims that he was a human being a messenger, a prophet sent by God, as the Muslims believe, then we could see that these are three contradicting beliefs. How on earth can they all be correct at the same time? So we say, Jesus, he must have been one of these three that we

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mentioned. And it is impossible that he could have been all three at the same time. Therefore only one must be correct.

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Also, we must keep in mind that absolute truth is not impacted by sincerity and desire. And so no matter how sincere someone is about embracing a lie,

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it is still a lie.

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It is still a lie. And so no desire in the world can make something that is true as being false. And the opposite, no desire on Earth, can make what is false as being true. But having said that, I mentioned something very, very important here. And that is, this does not mean our belief that there is an absolute truth out there does not mean that you don't have the right to believe in what you want. And that, you know, someone is going to force you to change your belief, according to what they believe in, as this is the reign of God alone. And so at the same time, that doesn't mean that we take it to the other extreme, and we say that all of them are correct. And that, you know, no one

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has the right to form a judgment about the beliefs of others. And so from what we have discussed so far, we can easily conclude that all religions found today in the world are either all false, or that there exists one among them. That is the comprehensive truth, the all rounding truth. And that is because although various religions do contain similarities, and so there are many similarities between, for example, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, however, the fundamentals are different. The very core beliefs that these religions are based upon, are completely contradictory. And so we say that there could only be one logical conclusion, and that is that there is only one true ideology,

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or one true religion out there in the world, which contains guidance in all spheres of life, whether it be religious, moral, societal, or on the individual level. But the question is, how do we come to know this true way? How do we come to know this true religion. And so I say that it is upon each and every single one of us. Each and every single human being, we have minds with which we could think. And so it is upon each and every single one of us to investigate, to ask, to search for that truth that is out there. And so each and every single human being is born in a circumstance that he did not choose. And so the religion of his family, the ideology of his society, was placed upon him from

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the very beginning of his existence. By the time he reaches his teams, he is usually fully brainwashed into believing those beliefs of his Society of his people, and that which he was taught.

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And so this is what he ends up. However, there are some people who as they mature, and they become adults, and they're exposed to other beliefs that are out there, they start questioning the validity of their own beliefs. And so the seekers of the truth, when this happens, often times, they end up in confusion.

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They realize that every single religion that they have examined, and that they have come across, called to some kind of good. However, every single religion, every single ideology, each and every single one of them claim to be the absolute truth. And so the seekers of the truth, they often reach a point of confusion upon realizing that each and every single religion, sect ideology, philosophy that's out there, each one claims to be the only truth, the only correct ideology or religion for men.

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And the reality is that each one of them, calls and encourages good. And so the question that each and every single seeker of the truth asks Is, which one is right? They cannot all be right at the same time, because each one claims that the others are wrong. And so all religions, they contradict one another as we have mentioned, and so they can logically not all be the same. And so we need to search for the truth sincerely. And the truth is one and only one. This is the whole point of this series of episodes in which we're going to examine the truth. We're going to see what is the

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Truth, and what are its evidences? And so I hope that you are a seeker of the truth. And if you're not, I hope you'll become one. With that having been said we come to the end of today's episode, until our next episode, we conclude subhanak Allahumma will be Hambrick a shadow Allah insha Allah and so futile care what a tubal era was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh si.

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The truth is something that is real and possible for us to discover. It’s not something hidden that will remain a mystery forever, because everything in this world we live in has a truth behind it. So how about the greatest questions, how we came into this world and the very purpose behind our existence? The answers are there, we just need to look for them.

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