Qarun & The Good & Evil of Money & Fame #09

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Qarun has to take action Qarun was advised multiple times beautiful stuff What will he do what will he say his response no

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in nama ot to who I am and he got angry you know tell me how I use my money

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is not of your business to tell me what right and what wrong I should do. I worked hard to get this money you don't know how many business decisions that were accurate that I did to get these millions I got it from my own sweat. So don't go criticize me You go get yourself a living then you know how to talk yeah Allah in mo T to Allah Amen nd and this is remember, mind your own business Yanni Holic BNF sec, Yanni la kvnf. Sick is the most hated sentence to Allah.

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Allah Allah one more time in typical big words but the Hadith the proof, rasool Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, What will kill me Illa Allah, the most disliked of speeches to Allah is when someone tells another person it tequila, have consciousness of Allah, fear Allah, then that person tells them mind your own business. Mind your own business in such scenarios is so hated to Allah. He classifies it as one of the worst sentences to say

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when you're being corrected, and you know, you're wrong. Fix yourself. You can tell them I appreciate your effort. I'll keep trying. Don't forget me in your DUA I'm not saying mind your own business. The guy came to you respectfully

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right some people have to find their own business I'm with you. Right detracted understanding by give you the context at which I'm referring to. May Allah protect the CRO but I mean, I got two scenarios for you. One guy led the library, we University of Windsor. Every time we used to go to pray in the masala prayer area on campus. We used to by pass by a group of Muslims to the most part they used to come and pray in congregation with us tastic there is that one brother, every time I turn to complain, Talia said, You know what, rah rah, I need these five minutes come on, man, five minutes, blacks the blessing, Never will you give except that you will gain more math.

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But he told me don't you ever stop telling me and I will never forget this. This was long time ago. He said magic never ever go to prayer and passed by me except that you remind me maybe one day I'll come.

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I have another example.

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A brother speaking to him respectfully. I told them about salah and he tells me don't you ever bring up this topic? Let me live my life that way I want

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Subhan Allah may Allah protect us in M O T to Allah in nd stop saying it's all God gave it to me and God did this and God did I worked hard to earn this. May Allah bless you all yellow bell alanine. So then what happened? Brothers and sisters, he ignored all of this. And Allah says he continued his oppression. He continued his arrogance for how Rajala comi fees he netted this Qarun guy. He intentionally wore the best of clothes, that's fine. But he did it for the wrong purposes. He had the best of vehicles used it for the wrong purposes. Just to show off bling bling flash whatever appropriate terms of today's time, which Subhan Allah at that time, it was a rarity, right? It was a

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rarity. But now the majority do it. Agreed. The majority of people they show what they have, oh well actually what you judge my intentions, relax.

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People post these things. Are you saying it's wrong? Are you saying it's right? I'm not saying wrong? Or I'm saying right? I'm saying watch your intentions. At times it can be great at times it will hunt you down.

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So don't you post anything on social media until you go through that test? Why am I posting it? Why are you telling the world you are swimming in an infinity pool in the Maldives? Ah, Nokia What do you want?

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Right? What's your purpose?

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I want to show the people that you can you know call people to Allah and still have vacations

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harder Okay. All right. So next time I go to Maldives I'll take a selfie inshallah. Right? Why? I remember one time a wonderful brother. When we were in school, he came and picked me up or we I had the car that time I picked him up for a ledger.

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And then he looked wide awake. So when he came to the car, I said it looks at Asahi look like you didn't

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Sleep is a key I was doing. I was doing the night prayers.

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And between me and myself, you know, young overzealous, I'm like you could have kept it to yourself, you know? You have to get a sprinkler. Yeah, yeah, I know. Yeah, bro. You know you gotta focus on keep your eyes on the prize but imagine

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right but I can't judge his intention maybe he said this to me so I can start waking up.

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So my point being is that I'm not saying don't show off what you have. I'm just telling you watch why you show off what you have. That's all I'm asking you for be sincere with yourself. Why are you why are you doing this?

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Why are you taking a photo like this?

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Why misread the HIV?

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I take a photo of that

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right maybe maybe he's saying Remember to donate. I don't know the caption.

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Sometimes you have to think well of people right? Like someone you know nothing against that's fine. I love I have friends that do that. Right? Nice car rental right?

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Life is stuff.

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The Blaze.

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lays right I love the wonderful brothers and sisters. May Allah grant y'all Genesee. I mean, and I'm just saying what was my focus? Why? This Calusa Hey, beanie. Mateen Massoud remember the prophesy seller. Every lesson person has envious people towards them. Watch out. Watch. We share it maybe with mom. My mom loves to know.

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How was the lecture? How many people showed up? I'm the Columbus now but I want to I know it's not done yet. How many people showed up? I'm like, like Allah. And what did the people say? Did they like it? I'm like mama stop. How's it a mom likes it makes my mom happy. I'll tell you everything. I brag with my mom mom a lot. What am harder what a lecture it was fire a lot, right? People love me mom. Right? But do you? I probably wouldn't do that. Right? So the point being is that shared the good things that happened to you with those who you would not imagine will ever be envious towards you. And number one mom and dad, mom and dad will very likely almost impossible be jealous of you.

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So share your happy moments with them. It is so sad that you share it to the world to the strangers and make your profile public. And you will never go back home and tell your mom and dad what you achieved. Why would your mom and dad have to know your achievements through your friends? Salah Isn't it sad? Well, I'm telling you as a parent, it can be very sad that I have to know about you through your friends and strangers and so on. Tell me where you applied. Tell me where you got accepted. Tell me what scholarship you received. Tell me which person you're interested to get married then tell me I'm your dad. I'm your mom. I love you. I want the best for you. May Allah

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protect us. So this karoon guy is so obsessed. I'm gonna show the world I want to do this I want to do that. But when he came out bling bling an extreme like you know like it looks like a stunning let's be honest, is stunning. There were two groups of people one group of people okay. They were so sad.

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He said

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yeah late Elena Miss llama oto Caro and Luca Corona. I wish I had like this guy. This is the life bro. This is the life not waking up at seven in the morning. Go to a Ford factory. Like a mummy was. I look at this life. Look at look at the security guard. Look at the car. Look. Hi there.

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Yeah, later, Lana Muslimah. We wish we have what he has. I wish I have what he has, in order to have an outing is so lucky. These are adults speaking. And adults say stuff like that. Yes or no, but just different wording different verbiage. So, so lucky. Oh, he's just he's so lucky. But you know where they're going for winter break two weeks. They're going to Paris to ski and we're waiting. And we're waiting for the snow to come through and go sledding and Ford Field.

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So lucky. Bubba. Why can't you have a house? Why can't you have a house in TPC? The golf course. Because they can't afford it. Why don't you work harder?

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Why Baba the security by itself is 450 a month. Hmm. Work? I know I have a daddy alleged to have mama Oh, mama yo go to continue school to be so lucky. You look you see their house Subhanallah

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relax, watch what you wish for. Watch what you wish for adult and young or lie male and female all of us whether you're working or not working. Look, look at her house. Look, I wish I had something I got married to this guy. Miskin

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barely has an income. You want to have a house like that. Y'all lobby ready to clean it up. That's number one. All right, y'all let me spin by three vacuums basement first floor third floor.

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yella Bismillah what else? You think it's that simple? It's that simple. Allah be ready for the ain d be ready for Oh her husband probably is like he does money laundry like I tell you you came here as refugees. I don't know her husband did this. You weren't ready for this y'all lice. Watch what you wish for. La has a day left with nothing. Two times you ever say I wish I have what the other person has two times best. Number one Rajon atta, hula hoop Quran, someone who Allah bless with the Quran for your Qubee alayhi wa Taala for now, and specifically at night is someone who stands up and prays that night reading the Quran, you say, I wish I knew how to read the Quran and pray at night

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like that person. That's something you wish for, because that's something you can attain.

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Because that is something you can achieve. Many of us here will never own a house. Many of us here will never own a one plus million dollar house. Many of us here will never have you know, I don't know security guards and that fame, many of us here will never have more than 10,000 followers many of us, but many of us can go to for those who Allah so wish for things that you can guarantee will be of benefit to you. And the other matter you can wish to have is when you see someone who is very, very rich, finish, let me finish. But that person donates a lot of his wealth. You say I wish I have money like him or her to donate like him or her to cases may Allah protect us Europe. So then these

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are like, I wish I wish so who heard this will call the Levina. Or to the aim the ones with knowledge era budget, may Allah make you all of them Yana. People who learned and now he has learned ayat, I'm very optimistic that I and you I know grammar says you and I but I'm desperate for myself more than you, I and you that after hearing this, our view of life will be different. Plus, I'm going to watch what I do what kind of job I have. I'm going to be very careful. I'm going to focus on asset all my decisions have to be in the checkbox. How does it impact my afterlife? Not just how does it impact my neighbor? How does it impact my afterlife? That's a new checklist I will have to

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add. So he said those who have knowledge whaler come. You're welcome. You're welcome. What is this you ask for? I wish I was like him. You wish to be like this. This masiva this disaster. You wish to be like Qarun who is the oppressor? You wish to be someone who people hate. You wish to be someone who is obsessed about bragging and showing off? You're obsessed to be like someone who hates Musa you will never set a wish to be like Musa Allahu Akbar. You will never set a wish to be like Musa watch what you wish for. When you look them then he said he said power will lie higher demand and and what I mean aside, you have the reward, the reward waiting the believers is much better than all

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what you've seen.

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viaggiare the believers have reward. It's been an all what you see with Qarun. And now with Eman you have that richness in the heart. Remember karoon feels empty with all what he has. He's empty with all the followers. He's empty. He's sad, he's lonely. You think he has all his miskeen? How do you know the hearts because Allah said so women are older and Vickrey for in Allahu.

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Allah said Whoever goes outside my path, whoever goes astray, they will have a miserable life. I don't want to hear no one above the words of Allah. Or you who is far from the deen the further you are I'm talking to myself. Cumberbatch and Dean

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Kuma continue convener. COVID Higher, the further you go away from the religion, the more miserable your life is that equation X was out of x plus two equals y. It goes like this. May Allah protect us era Bill alanine, something to really pay attention to. So they're saying it with confidence, like how do you know now you're rewarding Africa for the believers? And dunya Yes, dunya and akhira Yeah, he the money is with the disbelievers the money is with the corrupters the money is with the oppressors. Not necessarily true. Not necessarily true. You guys think not that I'm talking the people of knowledge to those who are obsessed about the dunya you guys are saying that money being

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given is a sign of Allah's love. That's what they think. Right? Allah gave it to him so he must be a good guy. Allah took it away. So we must be very bad people. Why is the Muslim ummah majority is poor, because Allah doesn't like US law. You guys have a whole wrong equation here. Allah giving Allah taking does not change Allah's love and hate to us. May Allah protect us era BL alameen and also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Look at this beautiful Hadith. I knew another narration but I never knew this until today. May Allah bless you. The one that I know Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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look at those below you in dunya that's what the Prophet says on Guru 11 Who is Philomene come in

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Instead of you driving around I don't know Novi checking out houses just just why can you afford it? No, I just like to see these houses. It's not healthy but anyhow okay you want to go to Novi okay the process says no look at those below you so maybe go on your way to Costco Livonia the trailers

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May Allah bless them they Allah guide them and grandmas era because why you know so Allah he says look at those who have lesser than you in this life, the kala Testimonium at Allah so you do not belittle the blessings Allah has given to you, when you're always around and always seeing and always watching. These are no pages on social media, which I advise you to be aware of. I think it's hard on the on what you follow exotic cars, right? Mentions one on one and you follow Follow Follow Follow all your timeline will make you feel poor. I'm broke, right? Why am I living this life? So I'm exaggerating but it actually hits in the mind you have to be very careful. So your profit your

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told you look at those under you May Allah protects from dunya now the one Hadith I learned today may Allah grant you all Jenna so cool. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is another Hello Camila man full delay Ali Phil Malley will help if you happen to see someone who Allah gave more money than you and better looks physical features than you fell jamboree lamb and who is feminine? Then look at those who have less than what you just saw. Like if you felt you were shaken, but what you saw of a house of an individual. I don't know the clarity of their skin, or I don't know whatever the case may be their hair, the straightness of it, whatever the the

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fashion and the whatever is considered beautiful and he saw it slightly getting you like

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Go Go look at something that is less not just for the sake of Oh like that then you go to help them out if you're able to the one who was for it will not just make you feel comfortable with what you have. It will drive you to help them Allah Allah Allah and hide will come to you may Allah bless you all and mineral Bill alanine so you guys love with the intelligent people said I love it may Allah make us like them. I mean Roble alanine type Yola, next what happens

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Qarun What about him?

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Maybe he was going back home I don't know. He's about to go have dinner 17 type of meals. entrees. I don't know three spoons, Three Forks, three knives seven plates Allah Tala alum. But on his way what happens for herself now he will be dead he'll out next is so quickly so fast, so swiftly. Right when he was going back home or whatever he was going, Allah opens up the Earth. For holy it gels elfia And he starts falling and falling and falling it's such a scary moment. He doesn't have a parachute. He doesn't have anything like that is falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling the fear is killing him who is going to help you now go down go down go down

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because you always thought you're above others.

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You always thought you're better than everyone is as data out go all the way up maybe we'll be dead he'll out. Let's put you in your your place in your proper spot, very severe to such people. May Allah protect us era Bill alanine in a way he was buried alive.

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His wealth buried his security guards all those who supported them buried. Done vanished. What happened right there? What happened? Remember that people that said I wish I have? You know what they said? Yeah, Allah, Ya Allah. They said,

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We can allow you to risk premia Amina Eva dy. Oh, it's so clear to us. If Allah really loved him, he would have never done that to him. Allah gives and takes does not reflect Allah's love to you. If you're someone who was trying so hard to make so much money but it's genuinely not working. Doesn't mean Allah doesn't love you. It means Allah loves you. Some people getting so much money gets into their heads and out of love to you Allah protects you from it. I'm not saying don't pursue pursue within reason Allah grant you all wisdom euro but I mean I myself, but go but be very careful. Yeah, Allah. When Allah gives people children and others not doesn't mean necessarily they committed a sin

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and you don't deserve it. When someone tries to apply for the US citizenship tries to bring their spouse from overseas. Things didn't work out. Allah loves you. It's tough. I know I feel you but don't take it that Allah hates you. Stop saying Allah hates me. Allah doesn't want the best for me. Allah loves that believers. Allah you had been with Ducane May Allah make us of them Yara Bill al Amin, and you know what they said? And I wanted to pick up

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Close attention. Close attention. They said Lola Amana Allah Who Elena husafell bina Allah, Allah Allah, Allah huge, because I spoke about Cardone, like, you know, I know I don't have that kind of money. So I think I'm safe. No, you have other blessings to you have to watch out from. But what they said here, the people that don't have that many followers, the people don't have that kind of money, the people that don't have that kind of status and power. They said if it wasn't for God's blessings, we would have been swallowed by Earth as well. Why

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did they do it? They do what korone did? No. So why are they saying hamdulillah and we deserve to be swallowed by Earth we deserve like what just happened to karoon being buried alive we deserve it. But Allah saved us lamella can hunt How do you deserve it?

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Because if you wish, and this can fall to all of us here, if you wish to do something that is bad, something that is evil. You saw someone doing it well off rich, famous, whatever. And you're like man, I would love to do what he did. I would love to do what she did. And the only reason you did not do it is because you couldn't you will be punished just like them.

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Tibi, this is a warning

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if you saw someone donating $100,000 And you're like man, if I had that kind of money I would have donated it with Allah reward you as if you donate it

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why this Okay, I like it. Was it

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right? Yes, yes, I know there are Hadith I know another Hadith what is it? Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever is about to do something wrong a sin and steps back from it Allah rewards it gives them good deeds yeah be these people did not do it. In another Hadith mean John why means because of Allah sake. The guy is about to rob a bank. Okay? It's about to rob a bank to everything ready to mask all that stuff? Not COVID mask and cover himself whatever, right? All this stuff. And then it's like, Man, this is wrong. This is wrong. Forget it. Allah will reward them because they felt it's wrong a lot. But the guy's like bro I'm gonna rob distance

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right okay, it's very easy this navels bad Allah for a reward. Okay, I'm gonna go rob this bank. Let's go turn on the lights they turn on the lights go go they turned on the lights go. You have the robbing of the bank with zero cash.

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May Allah protect us. So until you what you wish for that's why they said now they gain the knowledge. So now they learned May Allah enlighten us the way he enlightened this people their enlightened wake and Nola up hold. calculon the disbelievers are never successful. We got it we got it. Then Allah ends the final lesson.

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ultimate success belongs to the righteous Allah says till Kadar will occur. Ticket the hero tonight heard in letting you read on our Lu Wang Phil on the Walla

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Walla Kiba tune in with talking Allah says the Astra Jana, may Allah make us all of the people yada, yada. It is for those who have no two qualities, they don't have these two qualities, or Alou one fell out. There are people that do not focus to be on the top and the sense to get people, you know, praises. Their focus is to be appreciated by the people, their focus is to be recognized. They're not obsessed about recognition. That's one, they're not show offs. Number two, what are facade. They don't seek to spread corruption. They don't seek to justify it, legalize it, whatever the case may be. They stand against corruption, two main traits and at the end of the day, will our table to the

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moon docking, beautiful lesson.

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Great reflection for all of us to learn for from especially this part of the world, especially this part of the world because we are some of the most blessed people on earth agreed to hamdulillah so show the blessings that Allah has given you in a way that pleases Allah.

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Then Allah knows exactly when this happened. A study of Quran, but there's something coming up. mousseline salaam, what about him? Musa Ali salam

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ala upon appoints a second meeting with him. second meeting bow. I know that first meeting with Allah remember the mountain of tour? What was the first meeting about

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To deal with flowering, right Allah met Musa one on one he told them what to do meet with Pharaoh Pharaoh drowned was a second meeting for second meaning second meeting is so meet a so serious Allahu Akbar, for out serious that Allah tells Musa I want you to train yourself for this meeting for 40 days of worship on a bare Angel.

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Why? There's a big, big mission because then for around 840 days, huge. What's the mission? What's the next meeting? What's the next phase of mu Sally salaams life