How To Identify Your Peak Performance Time

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses four different personality types when it comes to peak performance time, including the night owls, early bird, and dol dol dol simplify. They explain that each type has a different personalities and can have a different peak performance time. The speaker emphasizes the benefits of knowing these personality types and maximizing one's day to achieve maximum work.
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Let's talk about peak performance time, what is the best time of the day to do your most intensive work? If you can figure this out, then you can get the maximum amount of work done every day by scheduling the hardest task for your peak performance time. Now, some people say that you should do your hardest task early in the morning. Now, this may be good advice for some people, but not for everybody. Because in reality, people have different personalities. When it comes to performance. Some people may perform best early in the morning, some people don't. Now, you may have heard about two types of peak performance personalities, you have the night owls, these are people who work best

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late at night. And then we have the early bird, which is a person who wakes up early every morning and gets their best work done very, very early in the morning. But what you might not be aware of is that there are two more personality types when it comes to peak performance. The first is the beer. And we'll talk about the beer in a bit. The second is the dolphin, we can talk about the dolphin in a bit, as well. So there are actually four performance personality types. So let's talk about them in a bit more details. The first one is the night owl. The Night Owl is very simple and easy to understand. These are those people who work best late at night, they have the most energy late at

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night, they spend the late nights writing or working or doing whatever it is, that makes them happy. The second type, also very easy to understand is the early bird. This is that type of person who wakes up very early in the morning full of energy and gets all the best work done early in the morning. This type of individual we call them the early bird. Now the third type, and this is something I wish I had learned when I was younger, because this is actually my personality type. That's the beer, there's wake up lazy, but by the afternoon, they're out in about and they're doing their work. And so a bit refers to that kind of person who works best in the afternoon, which means

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they wake up in the morning tired and slowly over the course of the day they gain energy. And by the afternoon, they are full of energy. And that's the best time for them to do their most intensive work. This is why I scheduled my writings for the afternoons. Because that is when I am at my studies, right? That is my peak performance time. And finally, the rarest type of personality is the dolphin. The dolphin doesn't sleep at any time of the day or night he can go he can get work done. And really, it's very, very hard to find someone who has this personality, but there are people like that, that they don't have a peak performance time. Nor do they have a time of the day in which they

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are really tired and lazy. He can go at any time. So what's the benefit of this information? Very simple. If you can figure out your peak performance time, you can get your hardest work done in that time and you can maximize your day. I myself have done this by realizing that I work best in the afternoons, I scheduled all my boring work and my easy work for the mornings and all of my writing and content production and cost production for the afternoons. So in that way I do my most difficult tasks during my peak performance time.