Irshaad Sedick – Surah Yusuf 14

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the punishment of stealing something from the king or someone else, as well as the use of statistics in media and the importance of knowing one's knowledge. The speakers emphasize the need for men's satisfaction and the need for them to come out as desired. They also discuss the use of statistics in media and emphasize the importance of knowing one's knowledge.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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that'd be Erica Well, I said it was just informed his sons not to enter through one door but through various doors.

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So what happens after they enter Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim while I

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mean Haifa amraam. Abu. So the integral metaphor that commanded him to the front doors Makka yovani and hoomin Allah him in shade, but is Allah This wasn't going to help for what Allah Allah had in store for them. Nothing at all. This would be no availing from his plan. illa hajat and feen FCR Koopa Koba exempted this was something that nebia felt he wanted to do and take precaution with and that was completed, according to His plan. What in the world mean? visually, he possesses knowledge, the man I love No, because of what we Allah had told him we're lacking axon nasionale mo, but most people don't know. So, at this point, we realize that even then a B aku is taking precaution to

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prevent bad things from happening to hisense, it was already in or was planned and this is not going to change. So this if we look at it from an Akita point of view, this is what we call caught on when

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you get caught on luck and you get caught amo prom is such a photo that is suspended upon do is good deeds, etc. Something that is destined to happen to you, but it is also suspended. So let's say you are designed to become ill at a certain point, but in suspended illness plan. So if you make a lot more openness and they will pass a shelter chef Elijah fiorella Antara Shiva, Shiva, Shiva Allah now, you heard him Sakuma. And then because of you go around with Anna removes that from your destiny that's called that's called cada Warlock suspended but in Cabo mukarram on the other hand, is when something is going to happen to us, regardless of whether we make whether we do good deeds,

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etc. It's going to happen, it's final. So this is some sort of cadabra being shown to us we despite nebia cause precautions, it was at this time that something bad is going to take place to them.

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What is going to take place? I'm not going to tell you one and I felt very natural.

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Maddow Allah Yousuf so they all enter into the quarter of an abusive

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hour in a row and abusive takes his brother because now yes, there have been your men with him. Said abusive text Binyamin one side, call me Anna hook says Verily, I'm your brother falletta beta SP McCann yamalube. So don't you don't have to be sad anymore for what they used to do to you. In other words, the abuses that they they might have carried out with him. Fela jahaz Amita has him so we skip a few details. Abuse of Madison system is not having the bags prepared with goods that they get to take back home. So as he's preparing the goods Giada sakata Farahi he commands one of these workers to place a cup, the king's cup a very very valuable commodity into the bag of Binyamin.

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Some linen and then they they leave the brothers are now leaving an abusive sends out for a call and an announcer and he calls out to them he had to lie. Oh caromed in nakoula sorry, you are thieves. Now the accusation is coming forth.

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Call to accompany him they turn and they face him and they say magnetos ketone. What did you lose? So the very clever in the way they respond as well because to them they genuinely didn't steal anything. But they also clever not say what do you think we still What did we steal they saying what did you lose, trying to transfer the blame back into them call enough to sua allomantic the respondents say we lost the cup of the king when a man jappy him long enough so he can return the cup of the king. We will give them another camels worth of food. Well nlb design and the column inches and I will be getting into for that. Paulo de la de la parada alum to magic nanny lucida fill

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out they said the loi and other form of saying one la High School down Casa de la de Biola Nakata Adam to me no magic in an inner city fill out we didn't come here to cause problems since we got here. You know, we've been good we've been well behaved within Canada to cause any issues America unnecessary pain and we are not thieves call Ufa matches in kuntum Kathy beam Now, look at the way in abuse have made this plot he says to the announcer ask them what the punishment will be for someone who stole something from the king or from anybody else.

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That method you could never use of it Senator Sam knows that according to the law of Egypt we he's in, he knows that this will not be the punishment the punishment will not be for for that person to be kicked in as a as a recompense for that which they stole. But that is the law with the brothers come from. So when the announcer asked them the only loan that they're going to save for fees, the law that they know. So that's exactly what happened. He says what is going to be very convenient if you're telling lions call you just oh my god the fee roughly for

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the record pain so the punishment will be that the one in his bag, the cup is found, that person will be very convinced for the cup, caddy can adjust the volume and that's how we in other words in our country, that is how we recompense or punish the wrongdoers. For by then we'll be our team cobla we are efe. So for dramatic effect, they start searching the bags, but they search the brother's bags before they search Kenya means bags because I mean, if you consider it to be a means by ticket the cup they get to know something's up. So Mr. Raja name, they take it out of Kenya means back in the last row in a row.

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They establish I mean, we I actually think that the feedback can radica keyed in on the use of an analysis. This is how we planned for use of Elisa mcanally, who the whole female medic, he would not have been able to take his Bradley with him, according to the law of the king, in the Yeshua Allah except with this plan that Allah Subhana Allah had put out for him. Now in fact, with our gentlemen, we raise in rank who say we want unless we raise in, in writing, we elevate in this in this dunya even after homesafe we went

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for Coco Levy, I mean, a very important statement. And above everyone with knowledge is somewhat more knowledgeable. And above everyone with knowledge is someone more knowledgeable. It's a nice reminder for anyone who has been endowed with management, not just speaking about knowledge of deep any knowledge that never ever allow your knowledge to be a means that leads you to arrogance, but rather always be humbled that the more you know, the more it should humble you. Like the fruit that goes in the tree makes the branches Angular will always become more armed with the knowledge because there's going to be somebody who's more knowledgeable than you. And after everyone is going to be on

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loads for HANA data, who has knowledge that no one knows.

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We move on kalu he has record they now say if he stole for the sun, aka a hula, hula. And then we had a brother once upon a time, and his brother was used to steal his brothers sisters. And so they're not talking about the abuse of Islam and they selling this to us.

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So apparently, according to some Israeli some narrations from the people of the book, they mentioned that there was an incident in his childhood where he was accused of stealing a belt of some sorts right but we don't know the details and it's not really important. The point is, they are accusing him again, I'm extending it Subhana Allah

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for our server use goofy laughs He when abusive contains himself and he keeps it secret to the end himself. When I'm ubaidah home and he says nothing to them. He reveals nothing to them color and do shadow mechanic in himself is saying, He's saying in his mind, you people are worse than you used to be. Well, lo Adam will be methodical but Allah knows what you're what you're saying. Allah knows what these other way of what you are describing, call us as ease. They didn't see Oh, as he's referring to abuse of asceticism in an urban Jehan Kabira please, you know, this brother of ours, we as we have a father initiate home. Kabira is a very, very old man, for whom I had no maganda so

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please take one of us in the state because they understand that Binyamin is more beloved to dobbiaco parasitism is a very young boy, etc. So now they begin because one of them wants to remain in his place. In an aka mineral, Marcin, we see that you are a person of goodness, you are a good door, or an Avalon law. response. This is how the law stuff it'll lock in you must be this, Allah forbid, and knuckle that in them or watch it no matter and how can we possibly take anyone except the one who actually is accused or who was actually found guilty of taking our goods. In the event of Bollywood do the SP have the wrong tourists and abusive knows that this is the only way he can keep being me

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and with him for a mistake assuming Who? So then they became you know, full of the Spirit that we're not going to win with this guy which is going to leave it as is called asuna Jia. They then separated themselves and they started having a private discussion. The brothers

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Karla Kabira, whom the eldest one Satan, I remember the eldest one at the beginning of the story. He was also the one who sort of, you know, made things

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is a bit better than what they would have been? events is alanda Adam abakada de la como se camino LA, don't you people know that your father has taken an oath from you from Allah subhana wa Tada. Even says, woman kaaboo monferrato and Don't you remember that you cheated before with regards to use have fallen out of the hat die. Abby said I will never ever leave this place meaning I'm not leaving without my brother in law except if had

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had the accent if my Father gives me permission, so he's refusing to leave an opinion. Oh yeah, Kuma lovely. Oh, if allegedly something else with me. Or who will hacky mean and allies the best of judges even says to the IRS Yo, in abaco. Now all of you go back to your father go to the vehicle for Punahou and say to him, yeah, Bana Oh, our Father in the Castle Rock your son he has stolen, Masha he did not. And we cannot be in testimony. We cannot be witness. Illa Bhima alumna except without we know we can't tell you except what we know mama can be happy and we don't know the unseen was in Korea then the kunafa ask the caravan that we were traveling with us the people came with us

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when I asked the town rather than the city which we were in and they asked the caravan as well there and let the cabana hear that which we received in our in our lasagna cone. We are telling the truth. But now of course now via COVID thinking. I've heard the stories before that once upon a time we were seeing the same

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color balance so well at Lancome and Phu Kham Amro in abeokuta responded to them and tell them what to find out tomorrow

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and in Hungary

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