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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Seven years passes by,

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Nabi Yusuf Alayhi. Salatu was Salam is now in charge in a time of great difficulty. And because of his interpretation of the King's dream, the use a valet service, and I managed to keep in storage, all of the food that was required for that time period. But of course, as in any case of feminine route, as we've experienced here in the Western Cape as well. It gets rationed. So your portions will become rationed.

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So now all over the lens that people have to come to the treasurer in order to get the ration and the treasurer is an abuse of Valley citizen. And this feminine reaches all the way to Palestine can an inner br coop and his sons still reside? So they are the visitors who come to the abuse of Allah salat wa salam, the very brothers, who we knew as a child did a terrible thing to him and lift him you know, deserted in a well?

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What? What do you suffer by the Hollywood outlet altavilla Manisha rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim.

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Yusuf of Idaho, alayhi farofa. Home,

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thank you. So the brothers of use of came, they entered upon him, he recognized them, but they did not recognize him at all. And of course your the prophecy of Allah tala comes through. Remember what Allah Allah said when he was in the well alone? Well, hyena Allah, He lived in a bit under whom we marry him either, you will most definitely inform them about this matter of this. But the second part Allah says, and they won't recognize you, they won't recognize you they won't even know. So of course, now you can imagine, if we were to be put into that situation, you in charge, they need food, they need help, and they coming to you now want to be the first thing that you'd say. And I

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just think about that for a second. So behind Allah,

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but not never Yusuf alayhi salatu wa sallam for his beauty was not only that, which was apparent, but he was beautiful on the inside as well. While imagine his own beija has him when he prepared the provisions for them.

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Call a Tony be

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even indicated to them, you know, are you the only brothers? Oh, do you have another brother? So they said now you have another brother 10 of them came, they lift the youngest one now behind that's Binyamin Benjamin in the anglicized form. So now we use of Alex electricidad. Remember we said he and his brother Binyamin were from the same mother and father was from a different mother. So he's inquiring about his brother Binyamin is kind of asking them and they say no, he's got another brother. Okay, so nice is now bring me that brother.

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He really loved his brother as well. And is that brother was good to him.

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Be aphylla comin Abby, come that brother that you also have of us have the same father, Elijah, Rona, Annie. Oh, Phil Kayla. He says to them, don't you see when I give you a full measure? Now the way it used to work?

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Excuse me, the way it used to work was that each person would get a ration nothing more. That's fee because you can't give extra. Now somebody is gonna come in and say Well, look, I also need for my mother and my father, my auntie and my uncle. Each person gets the ration so now the use of says no, bring me the other brother as well. Can you see that? I'm gonna give you full measure each person. But he knows that that's not enough because perhaps the ration of 10 people would suffice them say he says we're at a hieromonk zerion I'm the best. I'm the most hospitable of those who gave, he says for inlanta to nibi in Athens Lim as well. But likely, he says if you don't bring him Falah Kayla

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cumin, Indy, then you won't get anything from me. Now this is the first time they coming they're going to get their rations. And he's telling him if you don't bring your other brother as well, then you're not going to get anything at all. So that is leaving him with very little choice. He says while at the core of Boone, you will not even be able to approach me meaning you won't come you won't be able to come again to prevent you from coming.

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Then the brothers respond call who said oh we do and whoever who we will try to get him from our father. They know it's going to be difficult because now the Father has mistrusted him now he doesn't trust them after what they did to the abuse of Allah Satoshi now. They say we're in an affair alone and we will get this right we will definitely do this.

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While califa tianni non abusive says to his boy serve and he's also got a little servant that's helping him he says to his young servant IJA aloo bedarra to whom very highly placed the goods in the bags Allahumma de funa so that they may recognize it and

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Tokyo Do you see at this time everybody would come to purchase the Russians. But it is the party system. So you would bring in say, for example, you had gold, you'd bring your gold in that give you your ration of food. So whatever it was that they brought, jewels or treasures or perhaps other harvest, that we use a virus that Islam secretly put all of the payment back in the bags. So in other words, now they're getting free rations. And they can see without them knowing, they'll be able to now see later that this man is really generous. He's even given back our money.

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even call abou Illa and E when they return to their families, they get to recognize it allow me to persuade them to come back again. Because imagine you go to a store and that still gives you something that you want to pay for absolutely free next time you need that thing you go back to that store, it's just logical

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for them rajguru in a V him when they returned to the Father in abeokuta they said to Sarah corlew Yeah,

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they say oh Father munia minella Caillou.

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That one Russian was kept back from us for autoseal Medina horna so please send our brother with us that time so that we can get information we're in Allahu Allah have a Loon. Don't worry. We will protect him. Now you can imagine abeokuta Lisa, this is the key we ever heard this before. Right? color. I am a new Cumani. He then says to them, do you really expect me to trust you with him? in camera? I'm into kumala he like are like how I have trusted you with his brother before mean cobban for La Jolla and haffi though he says no, Allah is the best of those who predict or who are hammer Rafi mean, he's the most Merciful of those who show mercy. While I'm a father who metta whom they

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opened up the bags, which I do be the writer who wrote that in a human then they were really taken aback because they saw everything that they can to offer was now returned back to them. Or do they now See ya abana our father Mabry What more could you ask for? Look at this generous man. Look at this generous King. Has he been able to now read that Elena, you find our goods have been returned to us when Emiru Atlanta

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you find our goods have been returned to us.

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When a father afonya one is there to Kayla Berry. Let us take our family let us take our our brother, we will protect him. When is there to Kayla and you will get an extra good Kayla berry an extra good of camel, camel loads worth that he can kinda see and this is going to be easy for us to obtain.

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So now look at all this it has been put into place through the plan of number Yusuf alayhi salaatu wa Salaam.

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Here is our goods given back to us. We shall bring food to our family We'll protect our brother, you know you're gonna get the extra measure. If we don't go back if we don't bring our brother we're not gonna get food again. He's making it irresistible and abusive and he said to set up all our land wartsila who Morocco he says I will never send him with you had to name mosaic Aminullah until you take an oath by Allah. In that time it means something for people you know, says take an oath Allah to take the oath it means somebody today somebody says well law Hey now you first start thinking this person is probably lying. Now who's been Allah protect us but that is the unfortunate case.

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Let that let that nanny be. You almost definitely bring your brother back to me in you how to become unless of course something genuinely happens to you. You are generally genuinely attacked. For that matter who most of whom, then they gave him the earth by Allah. color. Color Allahu Allah man akula key they said Allah. Allah is the Joaquin, the guardian of what we are saying in other words, Allah is the the overseer of the promises we are making to you

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call a man he Yeah, he says what call I have any Oh my children landed the Hulu mean baby. Why don't go he's not giving them advice as a father. When you go to the land don't go through one door into three separate doors. Whether Hulu mean Abu Dhabi Mutharika, enter through the front doors why we'll find out in a moment.

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Well my only uncle Mina, la he mean Shay, I cannot help you. I cannot save you from always planned in the least. In your hook, moolah. Lila, the decree is only for Allah Allah hito wa called upon Allah to replace Madras la familia de Vaca moutoku and upon him should those who placed the trust placed the trust. The Mufasa Unum explained a number of reasons for this. The primary one is that he understood that the brothers

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Together, number one, they were strong group, and they all possess this really good looks. And they were strong, healthy young men. And he understood that them going into this town everybody's in need, and they presenting all of these goods now that people might become jealous over them. So taking precaution he said, conceal, you know some of the favorites at the letter I their favorite you worth says not to inspire jealousy among others and we can learn a lesson from this. You don't have to advertise the whole dunya what Allah Allah has given you. Yes, on the one side you have been atmosphere of deca for Heidi, as for the famous of You, Lord, speak about it. That is within context

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of the name of Allah Subhana Allah Deen, as far as livelihood, health and so on is concerned always, you know, explain when you speak to other people, how Allah Subhana Allah is the one who give you gives you whatever you have. But at the same time, while saying that you can't go around showing people well look at my car and look at my verse and look at my that and did you know I've got this achievement and that achievement, and you know, I have this in the pipeline and that in the pipeline, because that's asking for trouble. Remember, sometimes hazard happens without the person even knowing that it's happening. So this is advice that he that he gives his son. And of course now

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the plot thickens, because the brothers they're going back, but never uses didn't ask them to bring his brother back for nothing. He has a very, very cunning plan, which he will tell you tomorrow evening and Charles Darwin and hamdulillah me