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AI: Summary © The host of a radio show introduces a book edition course on palava covering topics like the differences between tin and dissertations, the title of a sauna and massage, and the title of a sauna and massage. The course is designed to cover topics in a 12-week period, with each lesson covering two topics and exercises. The course is flexible and provides resources for attendees to revise their work, and is free of charge. The course is designed to provide foundation for learning Islam, learning the rules of houses, and the code of Islam, and is designed for all age groups and free of charge. The course is designed to provide foundation for learning the code of Islam and recordings will be available for those who do not want to take the session.
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All the elimination of clinical gene Rahim

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was already in the new software. And then wanting to modify tala Kanaka to

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on behalf of neurobion publications, as well as attend ziele Institute. I'd like to welcome everybody to this broadcast. And I'd also like to extend our things inside your document to NAD Academy for hosting this particular broadcast.

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So the session is basically to give more information with regard to the course that we'll be having on the book edition palava II read them using by Nakano addleshaw, guiding the students to discerning between the tin and dissertations.

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So why are we having this particular course.

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Basically, it is to dispel some of the ignorance that is surrounding pero at hamdulillah. For a number of years now, I've been studying and teaching guitar.

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And despite the increased interest in color, and the increase in the number of people that are familiar with guitar add, we still find that there's a lot of ignorance surrounding this particular subject.

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So, for example, did now in the Torah, we're gonna move on past and read according to a different study via a different era. And then, a couple of months after somebody mentioned to me that somebody was in the drama, and they thought that I was deciding incorrectly.

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Similarly, I had a message from a student

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with regard to him also experienced something similar. We read in a different era during a particular sauna. And he was wondering whether he should do this or not, should he be deciding in the ghetto or not? And again, his thought was about the ignorance of the people, what are the people going to think? If the yeah this? And are they not aware that this is actually a correct way of reading the Quran? So my response to him was that I feel we should continue to read the Quran in the summer.

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And through this, people will hopefully become aware of the existence of different digital ads. And hopefully, that will increase the knowledge. And if people have questions in they should come forward and approach the person in question. You mean, we can clarify the situation and the student pose the same question to my teacher, one lesson in gaming gave a bit of a more nuanced response. And he said that you have to consider the trauma and the people at the end, Capetown handle, and most people aren't aware of the existence of color. And when you decide in the massage, then you decide in a different unit, you don't really get a backlash, or any people questioning and so on.

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Realize in other places that not might not be the case. So the solution to this is, therefore to,

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to, to split the knowledge Africa and to make people aware of the existence of God, and to make them aware of what the difference, you know,

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exactly in them, in terms of deciding in different data centers requires us as students of you know, to split this knowledge

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and to, to have courses like this one, hopefully. So this is the first time this course is running. But my hope is that it won't be the last time that after this one, hopefully, other students or the will hopefully teach this book as well within the local communities, and through that, hopefully, this image that we have salonica can hopefully be dispelled.

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And so behind Allah, the extent of it, is that it is not only limited to like the general person, that a person but even people that are within the field of the people that have studied in people that have studied at Loomis, they spent a number of years studying the dean, but yet they have very basic knowledge with regards to the Emperor and so that if they also your people are deciding in a different era, they know we should get our IDs.

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And so hopefully, perhaps maybe the schools could be incorporated within that particular syllabus as well. So that those students become equipped within a very short period of time hopefully, to if not be able to decide in a different color,

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but to at least be able to

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identify the differences. So we find that the science of it this really closed off. Many of you have registered for the schools have indicated that we have completed haps you've completed one or two, you know add, and you'd know then that it takes a number of years. So

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you first have to learn that read correctly, then you have to decide to hit them and then after that

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Can you complete another item in a different bit on a different device, and that takes years upon years.

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So for some people just to get to the point where they just want to start to study it, you know, it takes them such a long period of time and the food for them.

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They even get demotivated And don't even get to that point, they get all excited, and they all energized, they want to study, you know, add, when others have to do that, that way, they first have to correct the errors, they have to spend a number of years or months deciding to addition, and then only get to the point of studying. So this course will hopefully speed up the process. We don't have to wait so long until we get to that when we can study.

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So within a period of just a few short weeks, hopefully people will come equipped with some knowledge with regard to it.

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So obviously, those of you that didn't close you need to know something but the person that is teaching you, and I was hopeful that unnecessarily even could have actually done this for me, but unfortunately was not able to, to join us on this particular occasion. He has a class that is currently teaching, but just some basic information with regard to myself. And then we just went over Hanukkah. I'm a student and a teacher at attenzione Institute, completing the hills and the tutelage of chef his mental burden.

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And that was at the happy

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and good and literacy Academy.

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I completed a degree in epsa in Islamic studies from epsa and a degree in education from cpvt and I received Santorini jazza. In Sivan Kira, from Chicago to LA Peterson sindicato ad from God is an engraving and the magnet in Piro ad, crochet Hamden law once all the handle obeyed, and I'm currently studying the major thienopyridine National Cobra, with Adi Salim KB, I've also written a few books on the gwede on parallel ad and adult romance. And

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also on you're gonna get this excellent extend

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the course objective, what do we hope to achieve at the end of this course at the end of the school, so hopefully, that is, attendees will be able to identify any bureau as the year being decided. So this is not a course, where the attendees are going to learn to decide. And hamdulillah we've had quite a good response so far in terms of the number of people that are already listed. And so obviously, to get people to decide and to learn to decide, it's not something you can do within a matter of just a few weeks. That is something as I've mentioned, it takes years upon years upon years, to get to the point where you can decide in a different device recycling, wash recycling,

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call doing and so on. So the idea is this that many of us and handler, hopefully will have that level of knowledge with regard to good art that we know that they are adequate or adult or they might be familiar with those names that we just mentioned. Now, let's get right to it just mentioned to know that this idea of Welsh does include all of Nashville, a lot of kisai and so on, but for most of us that is the extent of our knowledge of good or at least simply know of existence, but when the year decided deciding between Kira we have no idea we have no idea which device This is Suzy is it hollow is it hollard w Harris, some of us may be okay we know we can identify Walsh is

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one of the more unsettled but more common, but the idea is that at the end of the schools, when a year Robin decided you should be able to identify exactly which one it is if not exactly the rewire in at least a year or so, you should be able to Yankee that divided personally it was one of the new year somebody else reading and identify okay that was enough and so on. So, it is to identify and be able to discern between their period basically the title of the book, it summarizes what the objective is to be able to discern between the 10 there are at

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the core structure. So, it will be that every lesson will cover two topics. And each topic includes notes and exercises. So if I just switch over

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to this particular document over here, this is the book itself and it shows you the contents

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want to shed and then can the people see the screen and continue skeet shooting.

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Okay, so, this is the different topics that we have within the different chapters and how we intend to cover it.

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You have to do at least two topics per week. And to not let the course run for too long. And before each subtopic cannot be edited on its own. So basically, you're going to be to be doing two lessons within every week. As you can see over here, week one, I think, you know, as well as my second interview in the next week, my bedroom as well as my lien, and so on. So that hopefully we can complete within a period of 12 weeks on nurseline had the suggestion of having it over 10 weeks, so it doesn't become too long for the attendees. But

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I felt in some of the lessons probably would be a bit rushed. So we'd rather decided to leave it at 12 weeks.

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And each topic includes notes and exercises. So

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if I go to one example, example, in second and mean. So they're just really basic and brief notes with regard to that particular topic, and then exercise. And that is going to be a key part of the book in terms of achieving its objective. So after I've explained within the lesson, and that particular notes, I will then go on to decide this particular versus within the lesson. And then the attendees should be able to pick up How is the solicitation different from the normal rewire of house, what application is being applied here that is different to the normal application.

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And then after that, listen to certain and complete sewer on their own. And again, try to pick up those particular applications.

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Course duration, as I mentioned, it will run for 12 weeks. But how I've structured the book is that chapter two

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has what I call the single applications, we don't find this term with indicador. It is a bit Mr. Queen. But it's basically those applications with is only one quality one Ravi that leads within that particular way. So that will be very easy, then to identify that particular data, if you had a particular application, there's only one particular quality that decides in that way. So when you hear that application, you know, obviously it must be that particular era. So all of those applications, they will be covered within the first six weeks of the course, they after we will go on to what are called the combined applications, they have a particular way of leading. And it's not

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only one quality that leads in that way, but maybe two or three or even more.

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So when you hear that you don't know exactly who the party is, but you have least narrowed it down, you've narrowed it down from all the data, maybe just two or three. So the first six weeks, we'll cover the single applications, the remaining six weeks, we'll be covering something a bit more complicated, which is the combined applications. And therefore, at the end of six weeks, maybe some people only advise it, let's get to it. But hectic for them, then we'll be fine. If they opt to leave the course at that particular point. Hopefully at that point in time, they will have gained some knowledge and be able to identify at least some of the different, you know at

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the course requirements. So what does a person need to able to take part in this course, I've mentioned that they are basically no requirements, except that it would be very helpful if people have a basic knowledge of the rules of house, for example, one segment and we follow the rules, if you do a collab,

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and so on the rules of music, you know the rules of med.

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If the person is not really familiar with them, we will be covering some basic revision of that within the lesson itself that is relevant to the lesson. And we'll also be providing before and resources that people can read on their own just to revise this particular rules. By looking at the people that have registered in information that I've given and handler most people have indicated that they have done at least some studies with regard to that read. And that would be very helpful. Basically, Kira is just a different set of the grid rules. So we need according to the value of house, when you're dealing coding to the value of wash, it is the same couldn't adjust that

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different Tajweed rules apply. And that is basically they don't add it is not reciting in particular slow melodious way, like we're like sort of doing Bassett, shall we and so on. Some people think that that is scalar. And myself behind them, I also had that impression when I was younger.

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And that's actually a misconception. And for me, it was something that actually prevented me from learning karate, I felt that I didn't have the ability to decide in a particular way. So I thought, you know, ad is not for me. But then afterwards, I realized that you can actually learn and just decide in your normal way, but applying the different that we lose. So there are no requirements. You don't have to be happy to code and you don't have to have achieved Senate in the house. We're in a different era. This course is hopefully for everybody. But you need to have at least some basic knowledge of Tajweed rules. Now obviously the more grounded

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are in these videos, the easier the course will be for you. Obviously, those that have completed maybe one or two of the different keiro as required within hopefully, to learn the rules of others will be a bit easy. But the course is open to everybody

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the time commitment, what will people have to commit in terms of attending the schools. So it will be a one hour live session per week. So therefore, within that one hour lab session, we're going to cover two topics. So it will be basically approximately half an hour for each of those topics. We'll be very tight to get

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everything done within that period of time. But hopefully, we're able to manage and hopefully that in these will give me some grace in terms of maybe giving some extra time, if that is necessary. But I've done my best to keep it to just one hour per session per week. And then obviously, as we go on, there'll be more and more and more rules. So it'll be harmful if people do some revision during the week, maybe just half an hour. And the important part of this course is to listen, to listen to the difference that are being decided that can be wired to not necessarily having to sit down and study when often as you may be driving in your car going to work, listening to the different kiddos that

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will be the revision that will be required, it's not something you necessarily have to take time out to do it during your daily activities, maybe you busy in the kitchen, then you can still listen and do actually that revision that would be required.

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cost for the course. So I feels bit conflicted in having these type of courses. And I feel that this is knowledge of Islam knowledge of the code and knowledge of the deen and that should be freely available to people.

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On the other hand, the attachment cost to it has its own pros as well, in that if somebody is paying for something, they definitely taken much more seriously. Some days, you might feel a bit lazy. So now, if you're not paying for it, okay, I'm not up to it, let me just skip that particular class. But if you feel okay, I've paid for it in a different way make more of a

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attempt to actually attend every class seriously. So just like a balance between that I have made the course free. But the Indies, I feel that people should be willing to pay that you have maths, and I'm a math teacher as well. People are willing to pay for that the Cintiq is for tuition, and they are willing to pay for them. So they feel similarly with knowledge of the game, we should have a higher regard for that. And we should be willing to pay for that. So if people are by the means, and then they can make a contribution towards the cost of the course if they can.

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And as I said, a few people should be willing to do so However, they are people maybe that's not by the means. And therefore, in order not to exclude them, the course is free of charge. So for those who would like to possibly make a donation, there's the

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paper link that can be used, and the account details and for those people that have registered after this particular session, I will share this PowerPoint in the group. So then you'll have access to one of these nodes insha Allah.

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So the book that we'll be using, I mentioned the name at the beginning, and you saw the picture of the cover at the beginning.

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So the cost for the particular book is 150, then this is for the purchasing of the hardcopy, and those interested to complete the order form to place the order

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for people that are attending from outside of South Africa at an international day means they may purchase the book from the Lulu bookstore.

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And the PDF the soft copy will be made available for those of not to purchase the book,

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Scott in nachi 3d I just need to add the cover to the PDF, which is quite a simple thing. But actually, I've been quite busy with the admin of running this particular course I didn't get around to doing that yet. But definitely before next week, when the course starts inshallah, then that PDF will be made available in it.

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There's also another book, which is called the code rock couplets and that is available at a special price of 100 grand for those people that have registered for the course. Um, so just to speak about that particular book very quickly.

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In Islam, we always have scholars that have put into poetry, the knowledge of particular science, so many of you would have already studied to

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this area possibly of

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immunogenicity. So the benefit of these bones is that through the time and through the meter becomes easy to memorize. So you learn and memorize the rules of Tajweed through those particular problems. And you find it not only in the GUI but in all the Islamic sciences that will allow scholars they have composability regarding knowledge of aqeedah of Hadith and so on. And recently we find that people are doing this now in the English language as well

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as my lunch as a English moment as read only as he Jabbar has an English film on sort of an unknown

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So I was inspired by them to also do something similar for them. And so I compiled a poem on the names of the Hurrah

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did it for the for my son so that they can learn the signs inshallah will also for the students are going to be attending this course. So that particular poem is included in the book itself. It is included in the book itself, crescendo Bolivar, however, I felt that there were certain things I want to do clarify and explain a bit more. And so I wrote a brief commentary on the poem, as well. But in order for the word not to be too long, I left out the community. So I put the community into a separate book. So this book over here, dacotah couplets includes that poem, as well as their poetry. So it's basically a companion text to the one that we are doing.

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But the poem itself is in both books. So this is something extra, if we were interested, to have the printed copy of the commentary of that particular phone.

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And having dinner, that's everything I wanted to explain.

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You want to take too much time for this particular session. Hopefully, there has been beneficial, hopefully it has answered some of the questions you might have. And so in the remaining period of time, we'll just take some questions, if there are any before we start with them.

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There was one question that has been coming through quite a few times, which is with regard to recordings we've ever been asking, Are the recordings, we're going to be available a busy with other things you can't possibly attend maybe every particular session. So will the recordings be there? Initially, I was a bit conflicted as to whether to have the sessions recorded or not. The reason for that is I wouldn't like the sessions to be like, this particular one was just me speaking all the time. And I can't see anybody I don't even know if anyone is listening. So it's a bit unusual to teach in such a manner. So I would like the actual sessions, which will be conducted by zoom to be a

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bit more interactive, for me to pose questions for the response attendees to respond to answer to give the feedback and so on. And I know that if people are recorded, it will be a bit more hesitant to do that. So that is what I was actually going to

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ask the attendees and see what is the opinion, but then because so many people have been requesting this and wanting this, then I thought okay, rather let me just say yes, and have the sessions recorded. So the sessions will be recorded in the light on and it will be made available to those people that have registered for the course.

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So if there are any other questions, you can take them now insha Allah

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can you see there are currently no questions. Maybe just give people a chance to respond.

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Okay, if there are no questions, I'm going to put my contact details in the chat. So that if people have any questions afterwards, then they can contact me through that and to put their email address in.

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Okay, so

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our initial phone number James Rahim Allah has in this interview, he landed in Amazon in his own head and it was all very happy. It was only Southern Spanish. Having to get behind number one.

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So no, Monica Monica.