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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The concept of Islam is not brushed aside, but rather brings people together. The speaker discusses the limitations of achieving spirituality and the need to overcome them to acquire wealth. They stress the importance of love in achieving spirituality and emphasize the need to be mindful of one's actions. The " Lamest accomplishments" of Islam involve being a person of Jesus's nature, being a person of God, and being a person of God.
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US there are the Allah's talking about the machete goon and the very first thing that we do our attitude becomes that this is regarding the machico and it has nothing to do with me. So I there is no point and reflecting upon these ayat, for example there's an ayah of the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah Al Baqarah Wamena nurse there are amongst people may yet Duffy lumen Duni Allah here and then you have buena Hunka Kabila there are people who take undead and what is underdone and then is something that replaces Allah subhanho wa taala. Like long time ago for some people, it was idols. For some people, it was power for some people it was something else. You hit

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Buddha hookah Kabila, they love it like this, most of them Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah then says when Medina and Manu a shadow Belinda, but the people who believe in Allah, they love Allah subhanho wa Taala even more meaning that if you compare the love that someone has for something besides a law, versus the love that a believer has for Allah, the love that a believer has for Allah supersedes the love that someone else has for something else. And what happens is that we recite this idea and we say, You know what, once again, this idea has nothing to do with me, and the whole Ummah, of spirituality, the scholars of spirituality, and what these mentioned is that this

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underdone is not something that we simply brush aside. For example, even Masuda Leola line he once came to the prophesized settlement he says, A you them be out of them, which sin is the worst. The Prophet saw some says he says Antonia honored in now you need done well who are Holika there you have a lid then mean that you have an associate in your heart or someone that you associate with Allah subhanho wa Taala despite the fact that Allah has created you, meaning that if there is any love that supersedes any other love in our heart, it should be the love of Allah subhanho wa taala. And so the question is, for each one of us, there is a separate and then in our life, there is a

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separate need been in our life. For some people, they love money so much that they will cross the boundaries of Islam, they will cross the boundaries of halal and haram just to acquire money for them that is there another there are some people who love power, they will do anything to gain power, they will do they will go about the wrong ways to acquire power for them that is there under than for some people it is it is dignity and fame. And they will cross all the limitations in order to get what they want. Just like today's Subhanallah we look at the world that we live in how many people are being oppressed. Why? Because we always hear the ends justify the means. This does not

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exist in Islam. This does not exist in Islam, the means have to also be permissible. So going back to if there is something in our hearts, if there is something that we truly love, and it replaces Allah's love and replaces Allah that becomes an undue burden. In the time of the Prophet SAW Selim the Prophet it is some did not just come to break the idols and to take away the love of idols from people's hearts. But anything if I love my job so much, then that is like an idol in my heart, if I love wealth, so much that it becomes like an idol and we have to break these idols. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu it was something he mentioned in the Hadith. He says, er Kemal Hawa, stay

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away from falling in falling into fulfilling your desires for in Al Hawa your your me, Well, you seem that following your desires makes you blind and it makes you dumb. And not only that, but another Hadith, this is a Hadith that were some orlimar say that it is dar Eve, but there are some unima who say that it is a sahih Hadith where it says that hog Buka che you are me when you say that when you love something so much. And that love makes you sometimes blind, it makes you deaf, that sometimes people are telling you that what you're doing is not correct. But you love something so much that you are not willing to listen to anyone. People are bringing you the law and you're still

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you're still turning a blind eye to that. So this is why it is very important that we pay close attention to those things in our heart that we love over the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala finally, the one thing else I want to share with a show with all of you is

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that when it comes to love, we love things for a reason. We love things for a reason. Today, there is something that I love children love video games, for example, but after a while they don't like the video game anymore. They will play it

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For a long, long amount of time, after they finish the video game, it's on the site. We as human beings, those might be a pair of clothes that we love we wear so many times. After a while we leave it to the site. How many times people say I love to look at my wife, because you remember the day you got married to her, but then later on when the when everything is gone, then you say what's you know, we say we get disappointed. Because our love to materialism, our love to anything besides Allah and His Prophet SAW Salem, there is a condition. I love my job but if something happens, I don't like my job. I love such and such but if something happens, I don't love that anymore. This is

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how the dunya works. But if there's one love there, you will never get bored of one love that you will not be you will never be betrayed by one love that you can never have enough of. It is the level of of our subhanho wa Taala you will never get bored of the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala a person will never say that you know what I've had enough because when you come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah post his peace and tranquility in our hearts, that will Allah He no money can buy. No nothing can buy that piece of heart. Even if you try to explain to someone what that piece of heart is, you cannot explain to anyone and no matter how much you try to explain to someone

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else, they will never get that experience because this comes directly from Allah subhanho wa Taala and this only comes when you put your heart to Allah subhanho wa Taala now the question is, how do we gain that love of Allah? How do we gain a novella last thing I want to share, the best way to earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala is to do the additional things, we have basics, we have solid the five time days a lot and so forth. Those are the basics. But the Hadith Bootsy mentions that the only way Allah will love us is when we do the additional things. See when when a student goes to school, he knows that if I get a B if I get a C if I get a D our paths, right Yes, you know,

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students say that if I get any grade besides an F our pass and so they will just want a passing but if you want an A then you know that you have to pay close attention. You have to be more punctual, you have to burn the midnight oil in order to get that A that you want so bad, you have to do some additional things. Likewise when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not sufficient that we only pray our salad but we do additional things especially after Ramadan. Our tilava It is not further is not mandatory, but by doing it taking time out and paying and you know giving time to the Quran giving time to the reflection of the Quran making our as God giving time to the masjid

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spending time in the morning after assaulting Fajr reflection you know doing your own Rojas about doing us God. Those are the additional things that Allah loves and once we do those additional things that you don't get a D you don't get a C you don't get a B you get an A in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the aid that we all are trying to acquire. And that is where we earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala we will love Allah and Allah will love us meaning that when we love Allah, we will do anything our love for Allah will trump and it will supersede all other love that may exist in our life. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us His love, we ask Allah subhana

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wa Taala that he puts the love of himself in our heart and made the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala be the most important thing in our life design from Allah Subhana Allah who naturally will learn into their STEM field to be like the sacrum Allah Hey, so I'm already gonna play but I'll catch up

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