The Qur’an is Naseehah – Part 6

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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of learning the meaning of words and misunderstandings to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. They stress the need for practice and understanding the concept of knowledge to avoid damaging others. The conversation touches on the importance of finding the right person to ask for and respecting one's boundaries. The speakers also mention the need for acceptance of the Sharia and the importance of taking the pregnancy test seriously.
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People the real meaning of the book of Alaskan avatar, this is.

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And this is very important, because he talks about teaching them the, the correct interpretation of cosmology. So you know, we are living in different, very strange fear Allah whereby everyone talks about the book of Alaska, Montana, under the pretext of political difficulty. But

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it is true that Alaska Martel says we should,

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we should reflect on that which is revealing to the Bronx that

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it is perfect, it is safe. But we should also at the same time know that every one of us has been limited in the matters of other religious activities that need to be taken randomly. And otherwise, just prisoner, I mean, practice them in the way he wishes. And now we know quite your sentence and help us out a lot of audio stuff, there'll be no point

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when a lot of sports out, tunes the profits off, so that's to me the longboard carrying a message, that means he is the reference. And those people who lived with him, they understood better than anybody ask. So when you integrate with Google, the last one are tied only way to get the correct me from that which is intended by that revelation is to be far to those interpretations of the early generation.

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And the generation that follow the prompts a lot sooner than the rest of the generation or generation, and then the generation that follows it, and the generation before them. So three generations instead of past generations, because they are very close to the proxy Alliance. So it will be good if somebody thinks that he has an approach, and that the competitors in the comments are lost, because they, they, I mean,

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they were there

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is lively, you go to the process, and they see how the person lost those marks at

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end of the petition. And before that was just brilliant. So he says he started becoming messy having to give the breathability not to have any time.

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To be honest with you, the claim that we have nowadays that everyone should think Ah, this is very dangerous, because it will lead through the medical negligence, get the Muslims are going to think lessons originally from the focus groups, meaning given to us by those being qualified to talk or they have disconnected themselves from the past, you're going to neglect that forgetting that already a lot. And then we might now be doing like a Christian, they use the same way that Miss Smith, they lost their religion, and they lost they're going to be also linked up. Because this is what this causes confusion and the problem of Christianity and Judaism. We focus extensively on the

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board and interpretation given to them by those people on the other side of it. So it's very dangerous idea that we should supply yourself with our own HD our own understanding without bringing ourselves to the past to get the correct meaning unintended meaning by, by initially, give us what I really, really want us to pay attention to this. And as far as I mentioned, and this I think we should be very obvious, you don't need to be punished to have, you don't need to be encumbered for you to understand that Coronavirus renewal in Arabic language a lot is being set up very crystal clear, our big divine revelation. So that means it is revealed. I don't think that is controversial

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in this regard. So, it is an Arabic language that means it is revealed to the process but in the way that our understanding and that's the reason why the purpose of the long run at some of them engage in a lot of interpretation of the book a lot because they do know what the process of learning someone is talking about. So, the first made to be used when interpret and that which is revealed to the partners that a lot of it

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is like the literal meaning of the words it is very important, the literal meaning we go with the flow it means the apparent meaning of the work for you to divert yourself out of meeting according to the way you think they should be used you have to have very strong evidence to support that version. Otherwise, you will be committed that we will not know because you happen to the realtor that still will dance Okay, which is to give the correct meaning of the book of the last part and that is another thing which is okay, which is the meaning from the original main intention.

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By the Arabs without having any editor to justify the end of Russia. So that's why you find a lot of people who make melodies in the last few seconds the truth

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for you to take the meaning of the words given to us by the last quarter in the Koran, you have to happen, how are we going to suppose that admiration for the lights, we have to keep it in the way it needs to be the way it is revealed, according to them? Very clearly. And the simple understanding of our

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religion originally understood, we didn't need to go to the grace of asking about any clarification in most instances, especially when it comes to the practice of Docker. But there are issues of a burnout and of course, you have to go to the proxy server to check exactly how it's supposed to do, how it's supposed to practices in this in this part, we have to look to the profit and loss of knowing how big language can never be in our industry. Again, no winner because you will never be sufficiently industry. So, this point is very important. We really in this stage

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milanesa magic is

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to teach people the correct meaning of the book of a last resort without hurting the real meat into another minute without having anything else to do with our

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Golf Digest and as we said,

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in the middle fingers, it has been determined

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to be determined largely by human human interest, but you

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will not see if I had to tell you we have there are a few karatu have been used to be if you look at how people got to have that kind of on that level, Jamia

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itself, it is one of the festivals. So we must want to be in touch with teaching people

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a lot is that whenever you have pushiness,

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you happen to stand up in the presence of others with speech. Teach them the look of the love ring booth is that you do UTP marine bonding interfaces like foster care expects you to come every Friday before we do this. Again, I asked that you know that people are busy making them especially in Florida. And any secret that you know people bring in them try and tell them that means because most of the people do not know what it is that they are doing.

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And you know why bad guys like that, because pattern will change everything you have been in this religion, believe it or not that small sooner than today copy has everything it has hated it. It has a path from A to B, it has to read. And it has to

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be divided in right into three categories. matters have to be

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either issues and matters of balance. And you have the last one is what matters are based on reflection, and humble and open ality.

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Indeed, these are all the tweetable here To be honest,

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the best way And last but not put them in three, three times.

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And nothing is neglected. Every single thing you need it to be this is

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your last Parkinson's molecule, the DEA tells you all sorts of good EMA gets involved, but also the final restoration when you go. I mean paramecium all of these things, you get them into the center of the last metallic body cavity. And then we come to economic analysis. Somebody has written a book in three volumes. Can you believe in that three volumes, somebody wrote the book the volumes just make an interpretation of this, he can download

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it you met you might finally apologize and say no attempt to learn that

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lesson here economic

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free ones. And each one of them is like this. Like it's almost impossible and technical to know. Each one of them is huge. Talking about monogamy

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because every single thing that is caused by them in Islam is contained in this world. Right now, what is the relative

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value of doing that which will last for too long that leads to peace.

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Soccer, talk about ear canal and we are going to study and we're going to talk about and we're going to talk about anything that relates to the chromosomes so delta chromosomes are callings. And as such, you have to know what is a great choice. Well so far is one of the transaction long story.

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But here, when it comes to is also another particle of heat, and this year chemistry, it destroys any issue magics and fortune telling and this Charlevoix all the security of this internet is connected to that. Because the history around it was supposed to be

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I mean, based on

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Last month, it depends on the last 10 years.

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That means you're seeking your help in those things that nobody can do for them except a lot, except for the last few months.

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So if somebody believes in this is no match, who knows?

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No, you have no shower, no other pieces of metal. So the illusion that I've seen is, I mean, means Shannon is using to take the email, you will never believe it. And you will always depend on the last time he is sufficiently. And when you go through the process of history, and values and medicine, everything, this is

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real life. And we will talk about it we spend days mentioning, so that you will understand the reason why I lost my job, I wanted you to read it on an early basis, and listen to 17 times.

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And listen to 13 times in the last month or so what chef is trying to say here is whenever you

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bring those items that you think people are usually reading them, I had to explain it the next day when he goes to go to sleep, and he

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is going to be different. Yesterday when he was sitting, he doesn't know exactly where we are today. But he got the explanation in the best way and even divert the middle you keep it the way it is, they will enjoy the adequacy of that you can be often you will be challenging them. Yes, they will be protection, it will be a protection for you until you wake up.

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But his face will never equal to n equals one.

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Because this has been manifested in those words, when you read it, you will think

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how can I read this? And then at the same time,

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yesterday, it wasn't like that. It just believed because the process was okay, that's like that. But today, he added on top of that belief, also lecture

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because he's going to read across through the power of a last minute to Allah will say yes,

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there will be no way for me to read this ayah. And then at the same tension of approaching, it will not be

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the one who has this power, the one who has this highnesses will never neglects me in writing what he said.

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Last month, check it out. So the most important thing here is when you give interpretation of the book of the last month and link yourself to the class, you can extract some other meaning if you're qualified to do so. And this also, we have to be very careful.

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We have to be joined here, you can start several million, which might not be set by the past. So you don't say no, the past was wrong. You have some people who tell you, this is the people of the past, Linda understand what it means. That's what it's called.

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What is going on, so let's get into it. Until then you will come up until the time you come. And then you will want photos Well, those generation didn't know. But what you should do is to keep that which they kept, and then add what you think, also to be caught up to the idea that will be the best, the best approach. But even in this one, we have to be very clear.

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The scholars of the past said the one who has the right to do this is somebody who productize two things, especially when it comes to the scientific approaches, and the other one taught us. So somebody who has who is qualified and qualified to do things in silence. And secondly, on the second day, you are well versed in the practice of intervention, then you will be able to excel

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and there will be no Robin Sharma line of statement. Oh, I see people doing nowadays. I gave one example. I lost my job protecting me last a few years ago when the tsunami happened to the division. Right? We heard a lot of words, that Mashallah everything was not accepted.

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As we look at the images of the massage, and the image, but then people will say those people who brought the image and say, See Islam as a religion, the tsunami gets everything right doesn't destroy the massages.

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So that was the thing that was comforting to them. That Yes, this is the truth.

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But the good is also somebody who I know will say you know I was also the president. I was also about that in Technicolor they cannot get destroyed. They will tell you that you see also because religion also is correct, because

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that's the reason why you should be very careful if a Londoner says this is this.

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She doesn't make it as this is the base.

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Because somebody might come and tell you, okay, I also haven't seen anything about that. And then you can start,

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you can either resources to do that,

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or just use this analogy, establish them up to be very difficult for them to come to find the entity contradiction that was established, because they speak knowledge. They don't speak based on assumptions again, and that which is not straightforward taken from the last question directly, they will tell you, we assumed that this might be the reason why it happens like that, but we're not sure, but it could be the reason why it's happening this way. And since they base it on knowledge to try to communicate to contradict them, you might not see something like that

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you can only do so, what I'm trying to say, please study get into smelly, smelly, smelly, unnecessary thing you have to fix yourself as a multiple to start teaching No, of course, there is a lot of study thought the time will come when he was not going to

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get it the moment you put yourself to the exam given contract will now give you a chance to go on to do the

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process of knowledge and she did busy learning, learning learning.

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Lecture sound modified and then established realism, the proposed

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phenomenon the semantic tabula and new mean again the La Jolla

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is also part of the lighthouse agenda is to believe that last part of our speech is for this is Dr. Kendra law from Alaska, Montana, which is so this is his work abroad.

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So I decided to see how to get out of it not to believe that the last few years, or the customer care organization is not the word of mouth.

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And if it is a word of mouth last time, we'll come to finish.

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And it is also an attribute

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for me, and then it will attract more capital.

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Want to see your pictures? When you are young? How is it?

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very cheesy right? Now, when you look at your pictures, compare this imagine your mother.

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So you have a lot of differences, right? You're gonna grow older, you have wrinkles on the face, and all these things we change, right? So our class last month, for example, excite some people don't lose their sight. Some people they will lose their teeth and people will lose a lot of things. Why? Because this is human nature.

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But does that happen in the case of Allah, hi Sha, Allah,

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this weakness is going on.

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So if we say

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that this has come from the last contest,

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it will never finish there will be no time where that run will not exist, where it's given during the last days of this lifetime, when the professor

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says yes.

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In one night and last quarter, we removed the last part of taking off the one that was in the heart and the one that was on the papers will be taken away

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doesn't mean

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best which is enough participation rate. And that was one of the papers relating

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with the last column.

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So this is very important. I think also because it increases your faith and your belief in Alaska. Ron will never finish so we'll never end and it is a word of our last

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caller laser killer.

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Allah says point zero Minami

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besides the movie, alas ages, it's a revelation of God and

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revelation of growing on me.

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I mean, a lot of room for me to read it. And trust,

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the trust and love and get three. I mean, the last one to describe is going to be a local run to the Bronx, the last one, and that will be connected to the Mayo Clinic from the heart so that they will be allowed to speak to provide warnings as well as the guidance which

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really stands out the last part of the of the book being assigned to Albion or being in the Bay Area christadelphian Rv language development.

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In South Asia, we have an economic

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developer while we're trying to find a profitable product, but in this particular see how Nikita now is unduly stressed.

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This is also very good. If you see nowadays that respect that they use

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In the early days, we didn't have enough notice. And a lot of the reason why you can see the protocol that we have, they have more than

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in the past, you have to be in the state of New greater temperature.

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Although the controversial issue, whenever this is referring to a hologram, we are all caught up in SR we are means you have to be purified wrong and adjust our ship, which means the Muslim conditional or odd even if he doesn't have,

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according to some opinion, and majority of the scholars said no, this is the general it means both power now,

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you have to be Muslim first. And secondly, also you have to be in a state of how to generate power from our from the prospect of success and power. Go ahead if somebody lost his home who has to have one, before you touch them a couple has carved out the love Island, the best opinion without is the one that says without attachment to the last photo

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together to get tested over the last photo.

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You have to get by yourself within the group and then attach to the testament for last. What are what is the evidence for that evidence? The same of the professor of law that you send out in that is probably the last thing that nobody's allowed to touch on except gonna say no, you're too good, except for him somebody who is considered purity. Not that I know that says my personal feeling is one is talking about angels. And this is not the Quran near us. But the one that I pressed on on is that I mean, the letter of the rocks or allamani, whatever that was sent to

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the people who live with you that nobody should test your book about last mile hotel accepts by some scholar says live here is going to go to the Muslims.

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But honestly speaking, it has nothing to do with the Sharia to describe the Muslim as I

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They don't call employees.

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And they were referring those processes, those customers.

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They refer to the hairdresser, or whatever. And he says I was in a state of Genova when I saw the thermostat a lot, right. costuming

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is for frogs last summer.

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So he ran away from

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his perspective, he didn't want to meet up and

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then afterwards, he imagined the process of learning something totally different. I saw you last time when you sit down to have credit scores, and was in the state of Canada. And I felt so bad to meet you, in the state of

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the province that allama smsfs.

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In the mid 90s. It said somehow, Muslims never pick up and adjust.

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So they took from this that the Prophet Allah I made myself I said Muslim never become better just

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to confirm their understanding that aha, they're mentioning the hadith of hazard, Hulu is in front of the room.

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But this is wrong, this is very long, because the same as the progress that he was telling us we've had a lot in the movement that is not actually checked and adjusted to the person doesn't mean that that person is in a state of alarm.

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For instance, if you just go out of this classroom, and use the bathroom,

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again, it's a chemical I use the bathroom will come up.

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Are you in the center of the hub?

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No, are you?

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No. So if we say you will not become an adjuster, it doesn't mean you have to

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take an idea. It doesn't mean if I if I say you are not having an adjustment does not mean you are fine. Otherwise, we will tell the university that you can just go out for a night now. Because the process

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of cataloging that would mean that you just

00:24:17--> 00:24:27

take an idea. Yeah, so we don't even know about it. And so the best opinion is the one that says I mostly

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mean the one who tends to be in the state of Ohio, because of this study is in the process of law. So here is a bar, I mean, general outline, the one that includes

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the major and the minor. You have to be in a state of purity. The purity that can give you a Champions can enable you to break across. But

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that's the way we should respect that over the last not very long ago. This is companies don't just let children play

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I wish people would not take me out.

00:25:06--> 00:25:12

If you are to see the manner of the predecessors, they give us the best example. That's why they

00:25:14--> 00:25:39

eventually Lombardi he doesn't come and teach me until we make Muslim first worships, dress properly, adorn himself, and he will send somebody to go for some incense to the, to the place of the place where they are going to have their massive, get the good profit first. And then he makes you can come and sit down and say.

00:25:40--> 00:25:46

So if this is how he treated the highs of the promise that we normally set up, can you begin to lay the groundwork?

00:25:47--> 00:25:51

That was an attitude that is in the process of us ever having been through a trade?

00:25:54--> 00:26:12

You should take this matter seriously. In fact, you should take this pregnancy test is not restricted, but it will happiness and the freedom of people know, is a matter of understanding that this isn't the test. Correct? Good idea. is one of the matches, also respecting themselves. Again, it's coming into the person

00:26:14--> 00:26:23

who should come to them doesn't emotion stay away from the most important well, and the process of applying is going to be talks about Hi, woman in the center of

00:26:24--> 00:26:36

what I call the mentors. Can she come and say that wasn't enough. Also another issue, controversial issue, as well as very interesting. Also an issue as far as whether she can come and sit. Of course she can.

00:26:37--> 00:27:15

Also she can touch ground, she can prolongation. But if you look at also the vast majority of his clothes delphinium is the best to me. If you look at it from an approximate time, it looks like surplus is the one who is in a state of fences to stay away from the masala This is Muslims, when they bring the lead. It is not even the Romans, it says you should stay away from the south. And that's what and the Bronx will also go to the Muslim not to make the law. They can make many instances of the henchmen to make the will they should make calls first for purity. And also one of the biggest enemies which is used by both the one who says yes,

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everyone is using it in the way he understands the promise of allowing somebody to hijack. He said No, he didn't give me a piece of

00:27:25--> 00:27:28

the province of Alberta yourself, no one stands out

00:27:29--> 00:27:33

against something he wants to use. So he told

00:27:34--> 00:27:45

me, she said he also reminded me how he was in the midst of that she was at home, you know, the room and the president reach out. So he said I shot him. I think she said he also asked me the same.

00:27:47--> 00:27:47


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same thing.

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Your height is not on your hand.

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Majority of the scholars will tell you this is the strongest evidence to show that she shouldn't come to the Brussels minority hotel. Also, this is one of the strongest evidence to show that she can come to the person. So everyone's going into a different approach. The minute he says he is speaking metaphorically.

00:28:14--> 00:28:16

Like what the cards are saying, unless again,

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the issue is nothing you have asked me to count on nothing. It doesn't mean it doesn't mean literally mean is

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they mean that is beyond your ability.

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But that's an interpretive interpretation. Taking it from the real meaning you have to provide evidence for that and there is no evidence and also taking a look at it directly on the shop telling the proofs or someone else or thought I'm going to say the maintenance like this, she asked if she was okay. Is it the person? And when she said yes or no I will say hi because I mean, it is known to them that they have actually come to university otherwise great way that she asked for the first place to get a bride when she asked me in the first place. So the problem is that lots of scientists need to think that you're not going to come in type of person and just want to have nice and just

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pass it to me you have the high end is nothing bad, which means the place where it does exist, cannot come to the mercy of Allah so to close this so they can close the classrooms for today and see how these particles say no to the book of Allah subhanaw taala that we shouldn't judge them without our

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with us anymore.

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Java and Python and also allow

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me the

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Mexican classical as much as I wish. I will try to finish up like

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