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Somebody want to live by God's

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a shadow

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shadow one

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shadow one

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shadow one

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Harry up

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you know

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in 100 LACMA don't want us to you know be here with us the Federal Minister The winner of the relay to Ireland Cerulean fusina woman's a yachtie Amelie No. No Maria de la bufala Mobile nella Amaya

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Deanna wash

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La la la sharika Why should one no Mohammed Abu ora solo or solo Allahu Allah Al amin,

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many in Omaha teleserye kin or her Jetta near the edge Marian and Allah will be local or Sahaba pseudo warfare to heavy Aryan and on the NY then also Morocco Logan will firm along with z hieromartyrs eat and maybe no matter what or soon and under what he what he said it was Allahumma was robotic it while he was having well I that Jimmy Are you minister not be so nutty architect bf de la oma Dean and banjo cinco Mona FCV tumble light either they know me or something. Yeah lahoma Raja was a woman hateful, I said, All praises to to Allah alone. And then we seek aid assistance and then we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. truly am Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides

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can this lead an EM Allah leaves to go astray? There is none who can guide and I bet what is that there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone. And then well, Hamlet's a little love wherever you listen to them, is both a servant and His Messenger.

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There is a principle in our religion,

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that the one who makes dry

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and the one who says me and confirms the Dwyer are equal.

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How do we know this? Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran, mentions a dua of Mousavi Sam will call me

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in the karate to find out when I was in it's a wonderful idea to dunya Rob Benelli Will you answer?

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It was Allah emadi him was to the Allah movie him? Well, I mean,

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I mean, Allah Subhana Allah mentions that do I have Muslim? What he says he complains to Allah subhanaw taala he says, Oh Allah, indeed you have human fit out when the pharaoh woman was establishment. You gave them splendor and wealth in this world. Oh Allah, they're using it to turn people misguided. And then he may drive to a license or a lot destroy their wealth

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and harden their hearts. So that they do not believe except when the punishment comes to them. The next verse, Allah Subhana, Allah says, Paul

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will jump to the water Kuma Allah says I have accepted both of your Diwan.

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Now how does Allah say I've accepted a plural to have your while

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When the only person speaking is most of Allah masa, masa said this, but Allah says I've accepted the both of you. And the scholars interpret this from the Quran.

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To say yes, Moosa said that

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his brother had said, mean. So when a lot accepted the day,

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he said, I accepted both of You're

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the one who says the DA and the one who says mean, are equal. The one who said I mean, it's as if he's made the Diwan. Why is this important?

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Because the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at tiny gibreel gibreel peace be upon him came to me. And he said, Yeah, Mohammed.

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I am making a dua.

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For admin, I'm making drugs. So you say me and

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so jabril is going to make two

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and he tells the Prophet say me and over the door I'm about to me.

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What is the daughter of God? And

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he says,

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fella Musa lionni he said, may the nose be dusted

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other men who knew Oh Mohamed are mentioned in his company, and he doesn't send for that upon you. Aloma suddenly Allah Mohammed.

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What does this means? The infamous nose be dusted. I mean, may this person be humiliated? May they be demeans.

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So he's make strides against the person whom the profits in the long run, you sent him as mentioned in his company, and he doesn't send it out upon him. Then he makes another drive.

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He says,

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brother, my

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fellow musical in Jannah, he sent me his nose be he made this person be humiliated, the one who loves to see his parents at their elderly age, one or both of them, and does not enter genda. And the Prophet Mohammed says, I mean,

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and then he makes a third while he says Roman Emperor in order

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for them youthful level, he says, may they be humiliated? The one who witnesses are Milan, and does not attain forgiveness. The Prophet Mohammed said, I mean,

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this is the best of all the angels gibreel Aeneas Anam making dry. And the best of all the humans, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying,

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and so had a lot to understand this a while

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is to understand

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the expectations on a person.

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If somebody says, I'm not a billionaire, do you look at them as they're less than this person's like, humiliated? No, how many billionaires are there? there's so few of them. How difficult is it to be a billionaire, very difficult, right? But imagine, for example, for example,

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a person who you they open for them, the gates of money, they gave them all the money, they wanted all the goals they wanted.

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Sometimes there's athletes they make, they tell you over their career, this athlete made $300 million

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over his career, you made $400 million.

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And then you find out that same person is bankrupt and has no money. That same person is on the streets begging people for money.

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Doesn't that person lose the steam in your eyes? You say you had the opportunity to take all the money? And you didn't you have the opportunity to take care of yourself and you didn't, right? Because they let go of the opportunity that was very easily attainable. You would look down on this person. Why? What's wrong with you? Why didn't you take advantage of this amazing opportunity that you had?

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And that's what's being said in this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. How do you send them

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that debris? And he said, I'm saying, you have this amazing opportunity for rewards. When the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I used them as mentioned, and you didn't know sense for that and said, I'm upon him.

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And so he's saying, may this person be humiliated? Because what a terrible decision that you made What a stupid decision it is. Something very easy, and you get so much reward and you didn't do it.

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And then he says the person whose parents are elderly, it's so easy to get the reward. You help them do this. You help them do that. You're in their service, you're in their companionship. Just a few years you're spending with them before they pass away.

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It's really not that much in the grand scheme of things. He says if your parents are elderly, you don't enter agenda.

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is your fault. You have the opportunity, it was a very easy opportunity and you didn't take advantage of it.

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And the last thing he mentions that you come to the month of Ramadan, this is the month of forgiveness. This is the month of the prophet SAW Allah and he sent him says the doors of Jenna are open and the doors of the Hellfire are shuts.

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This is a month of incredible ease to attain the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you don't get the forgiveness, the focus is on you because you had every opportunity to get it.

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This way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the lie he

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never hides. He said there are seasons belonging to the days of a wasp habitat. Just like there are businesses where they make all of their money in the summer. And businesses they make all of their money in the winter. Seasonal. He says the days of a long some of them are seasonal. There are days in which

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the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is in greater season than other days. And the prophets of Allah where I do send them says

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expose yourself to it. When it's the time of season go into it work really hard. receive the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala and some of the setups used to say before the month of Ramadan, a beautiful

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Aloma celemony in Ramadan Oh Allah give me Salaam give me peace and protection

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to Ramadan I allow me to live and witness the month of Ramadan. And then they would say well suddenly me Ramadan and make Ramadan surrendered to me What does that mean? We make it easy for me to deal with the month of Ramadan, make it easy for me to take advantage of this month of Ramadan, it will make it at my disposal that it's easy for me to pray and to fast and to do all the good that I possibly can, you know may come on easy for me to you know, conquer it by doing all these good deeds. What does a woman need what are Kabira and accepted from me as something that you owe a lot have accepted from a deed that is accepted. And so this is this month of Ramadan that we are coming

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And as we enter it, people have conflicting emotions. There are some people who maybe are very righteous, they are incredibly excited, and other people who aren't dreadful, and they're saying I'm gonna miss my coffee, and it's gonna be really difficult on me. And there's most people who are probably in the middle, you feel some excitement and you'll feel some apprehension.

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But when we think about what Ramadan is worth, the value of Ramadan, it should take us from any apprehension and anxiety and fear towards pure excitement and happiness that this month in sha Allah is one that Allah will allow us to see.

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One of the scholars gave a parable, an example.

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He said if you brought the cows want to eat, and you gave them gold and silver. They turn away from it. What am I going to do with this? They don't want to eat gold and silver. And if you gave them grass and hay, they would love it and they start eating it. Why?

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Because they don't understand the value of gold and silver. They don't understand its usefulness. So it's not worthy for them.

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And this is sometimes our relationship when it comes to them. obon

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here's the gold brought to you. We don't understand its value. So we turn away from it. It's not something that we really want. And so he warns us that we are the people that are less prone to die this is in One Belt, One Road sabetha they are like the cattle only more misguided. They don't understand the value of what is before them.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make dua that Allah Subhana Allah would allow him to witness this month of Ramadan. As we're entering to this month of Ramadan, we realize that Allah subhanaw taala made this month for us why I left them to Tacoma, you may have Taqwa

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Tacoma is

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a very beautiful term with a lot of meaning behind it. One of the greatest meanings or definitions of tuck was what I mean, I've never thought about the 117 and a half minute Jenny will Amil with Tenzin, what

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was the ideal Moroccan, he said it's reviewing the most majestic and it is about acting upon the revelation. And it's about being content with even having very little of the dunya and preparing yourself for the day of departing from this world.

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And some of the scholars comment on this, this is what counts is tough what you fear Allah subhanaw taala with the knowledge that you're getting

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Allah subhanho data that you feel Allah subhanaw taala with the action of wanting to act upon that knowledge, you know you're gonna meet Allah subhana wa Tada. So what are you going to do about that? And fasting is incredibly important, and it's tied to this meeting.

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You fast.

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When you fast it transforms you into someone who is constantly thinking about meeting Allah subhana wa tada meaning Allah zildjian the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said, the saw me forgotten, the one who fast has two forms of joy. For Hudson and the fifth, he also has Angelica europei The one who fast has two forms of joy, the happiness of breaking their fast eating their food, and the happiness of meeting a loss of Hannah with either the happiness of meeting a lot. So it's about tough one and tough was about preparing yourself to meet Allah and the Prophet tells you the joy of fasting is when you meet Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to Aisha, when I had the humble Allah, Allah holy woman, Kenny and

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whoever loves to me, Allah, Allah loves to meet them. And whoever hates to meet Allah. Allah hates to meet them. I said to the Prophet, O Messenger of Allah, but each and every one of us hates death. All of us hate today we're afraid of dying. The Prophet said, This is not what I'm talking about. He said, rather the person who does good deeds,

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and they know they believe in a law, they know that that reward of the good deed is with Allah. So they're excited because one day they're going to meet Allah Subhana Allah and Allah is going to reward them. And the Prophet said, how the footsie can dominate nasm level in the song for in the Holy One at Zb. But Allah counts it says, All the deeds of the children of Adam belong to them except fasting. It belongs to me and I will reward them. When you fast. You don't get the compensation. Nobody gives you anything in return. You will get your return when you meet Allah subhana wa Tada. And one of the beautiful benefits of fasting is it increases your top quality and

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reminds you you're going to meet a lot. And when the days of fasting are difficult to remind yourself, it's okay if it's difficult. One day I'm going to meet Allah subhanaw taala. And he's going to give me what I've endured this difficulty for, he's going to give me a reward for what I've done. And this is what gives fasting incredible meaning why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make dua to Allah was a Lucas show. In Excel, I asked you for the longing this to meet you allow me to have that deep desire to meet Allah Subhana, Allah copernico to have those thoughts running through in order for him

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, who early

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on it was a woman while the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to us that

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that fasting is a shield.

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And there's a lot of

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understanding we can take from this very short Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. I do send them. But one of the things that fasting shields us from is from an over dependence on the dunya that we're constantly focused on our physical reality, we forget our spiritual states.

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Fasting acts as something that breaks our dependence on the material world. And instead of focusing always on our bodies, now we have to focus a little bit on our souls. Instead of focusing on our stomach, we have to focus on our connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is one of the most powerful lessons that we can take from fasting. And as we're entering into this month, this is incredibly important. This month of Ramadan, pre COVID at least people use the as time of socializing.

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This is a time of you turning to Allah subhanaw taala connecting to a loss of penalty, breaking our dependence on the dunya

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and then this month, you know and hamdulillah last month we last year we had no opportunity to come to the masjid. Now hopefully in sha Allah we have opportunity to be at the masjid and I'm asking everyone in short what to take this privilege.

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Su seriously

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COVID is having an effect right now. Someone in our community

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used to attend to here as an attendant for a long

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Time, but they were in the hospital on COVID. Because they had COVID. They were intubated and they passed away.

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And someone else in the community I know.

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We're in our area in our community, had COVID was in the hospital was intubated on the ventilator hamdulillah they're back home, but they can't speak anymore.

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So it's not only about the impact of death, there's the impact of other illnesses that come from this. We have to take this seriously. And so I'm happy that we're going to be able to offer people to come to the masjid and pray. But let's in our personal lives, not taking additional risks, stay at home, worship Allah subhanaw taala at home as much as you can come to the masjid and pray and leave and that's not socialize, it's not the month of socializing, right? Even if there was no COVID it's not the month of socializing, it's the month of Ramadan. So let's do that inshallah, because you might not take it seriously, there might be a person here who doesn't take it seriously. But

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what might happen is you might get the virus, and you might come here, and then they might say, well, this brother had the virus and he came to your message and so now nobody can pray the medicine has to shut down completely because of one person. So not only is it the possibility of might spread the illness to someone who dies or someone who gets sick, but the possibility might also stop prayers altogether. So let's please take it seriously even in our personal lives, so that inshallah we continue to have the opportunity to have drama, we continue to have an opportunity to pray inshallah, in Ramadan, ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep us safe. School was counted either to keep us

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healthy, and to protect each and every one of us. I mean, in the long run, it gets worse and worse. So do not be under the narrow Sandra username would seem a lot more suddenly was no malice at night whenever you know, have you been?

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Long sundiata Mohammed a medical doctor and abroad. Also the idea here of the methadone. polyalthia urbanna salatu salam and he made the laomi Deen while he was happy to play me in the Pleiadian while I don't matter what minion while you know, while I read the lines on Aloma letter that other female Amina had a bit lower photo. Well I have Manila for Raja well as in any operator, or even illustrator while I walked in and laugh at what I had written and how I didn't do well after Halo three no one in the field said I love or detail were so dramatic. I mean, as long as it is no one will see me where are they before they can even help me with the alarm habit eating an email was

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able to call Rubina or carrier in in a call for one for one reason or jahannam which I'm never not rushing in in a lie. I believe it is anyway corba why adhan and fascia you're probably either gonna look into that Come on, what's cool, I have crypto mysuru ionomycin

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lol yada, yada almost stone Abdullah.

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modern civil

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