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The speakers discuss the importance of finding one's weight to be optimal in achieving success and humility. They emphasize the need to find a balance between physical and mental health, and to keep oneself humble in order to achieve their goals. They also stress the importance of finding opportunities to keep oneself healthy and humility.

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Noemi Illa

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree Cara Machado Anna Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah

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Azza wa la manzanilla el amin

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all praise is due to Allah alone. And when we seek aid and assistance in time we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. truly am Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides them can mislead and human law leaves to go astray there is nothing we can guide and everyone is that there is nothing worthy of worship save alone. And the Mohammed Salah law wherever you're selling them is both a servant and His Messenger.

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inshallah today's discussion

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is about

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the work that all of us have to do as believers to remove

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the dirt that clings to the clothing.

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And what I mean by this is that a loss of how no it's Allah created us clean the hotel in Santa Anita when Allah says we created men in the best fashion from Allah, the dinar, who has philosophy and then we sent down we sent him down to be amongst the lowest

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And the Prophet sallallahu. Wherever you send them says, each child is born upon the fitrah upon the natural inclination that connects them to Allah subhanaw taala. But it is their parents that caused them to go into other religions. And so like clean clothing, when it's exposed to dirt, the dirt clings to the clothing, the person has to work to remove it. A lot created us pure, but our surroundings, our

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friends and environment that surround us, cause us to be taken away from that purity that we were created upon.

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And the basis of the diseases that we get exposed to the basis of those diseases. As it hasn't invested enormous ly Tyler Lee said her begonia Rasulullah hoppy said that the love of the dunya is the heart of every sin in every error. And so we have to discipline ourselves to enjoy the hell out of the dunya while preventing our hearts from being corrupted by the dunya itself. And so from excessive love for the dunya diseases start to emerge. And they are of different forms, diseases, of arrogance of envy of evil assumptions about other people. And so one of the most powerful, essential diseases that affect or infect our heart is the disease of kin, is the disease of arrogant. And the

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basis of this disease is something called an urge of which is self aggrandizement, aggrandizement, that we have self admiration, or what's often called ego, that we think really highly of ourselves. This idea, allergy is the heart of what becomes kibin, what becomes arrogance. And this idea of self admiration, or the ego.

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It comes out of attributing success to ourselves, and not to the tofik of Allah subhana wa Tada. So if I succeed in something, I say to myself, I succeeded in this because of my intelligence. I succeeded in this because of my superior planning, or my superior effort.

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And someone might say to us, but you know, other people are intelligent, other people planned, other people put an effort, and yet they did not succeed while you succeeded. What's the difference between you and between them?

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And that person might say, well, the circumstances were different. That's why they didn't succeed. But I am incredible. And my circumstances allowed me to sit and because of my circumstances, my incredible talents allowed me to succeed.

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But who is the one who arranges circumstances a loss of Hannah Montana, Who allowed you to have the circumstances to succeed and others not to have those circumstances? If someone finds themselves memorizing or

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memorizing the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu? It was and then you ask yourself, where did this come from? You say I worked hard. I studied all day and night. I stayed up all day and night, I went to the scholars and I studied from this person and that person. And we might say, Yeah, that's true, you put an effort. But who gave you the trophy to do that? Who gave you the ability to do that? Someone else might have had the same desire to learn about Islam, but something else in his family held him back. This holds him back this problem holding back his debts held him back. What is it that allowed you to learn and others not to learn? What gave you the ability to succeed, while

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others did not have that ability?

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And so you might say, it's my effort, and my good works. And in my planning, someone might have a lot of money, they earned a lot of money over their life, they're giving charity for the sake of a law. This is because of my effort and my hard work. And say, yes, but primarily, Allah allowed you to put in that effort, a lot allowed you to put in that hard work.

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And so to remove the idea of self admiration, self aggrandizement, it comes with recognizing that the primary force that allowed you to achieve any success is a loss of power. And when we forget that, and we say, We're the reason because I'm so intelligent, because I worked so hard, because I did this and this and this, I succeeded.

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And you forget that the primary force in your success is a loss of control data. That is a pathway that leads us to arrogance, and to ego. And an urge of the self aggrandizement is the gateway for the human tension to arrogance. You aggrandized yourself, you think of yourself as the best. You think of yourself as very talented, of the elite. You think of yourself as a

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incredibly successful, not attributing your success to a must panel dialog, and the person becomes an arrogant. And arrogance has two forms, the hidden arrogance. And the open arrogance. The hidden arrogance is the arrogance within ourselves, believing thinking that you have virtue over someone else, that you're better than someone else, I'm better than this person. You think. You might not say it or act in that way, but you think it you believe in. That's a hidden arrogance, by the way, who was what was the slogan of shape on what was the slogan of at least called a hydro min, I'm better than him. That's a slogan, I am better than him.

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And it's based on ego and arrogance. Because it's all about me, I, me, I'm better than this person, I'm better than that.

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And so first at least has the hidden feeling that he's better.

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And then it transforms into conduct into behavior. And so what's hidden, the hidden arrogance becomes the open arrogance. For this reason, the scholars say there's three stages or three forms of arrogance, one is in the heart, the hidden type, then it becomes speech. And then it becomes actions. And so it starts in the heart, we attribute good to ourselves and not to unless we attribute success to ourselves, and not to allies origin. And then it goes further than that. We compare what we have, to others have, I have more money than this person, and somehow convinces us that I'm better than that person, I have more clothes, I have more influence, I have more fame than

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that person. And we convinces ourselves we're better than that person. Even I have more code than that person, I have more

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in the religion than that person. And it convinces us that we're better than this person. And so we start comparing what we have to other people, and all of this is in the heart. All of this might be hidden in the harder, but then it starts to turn into our conduct into our behavior. You walk by a group of people, you say to yourself, I'm not going to give them senem, they should be the ones to come give me set up. Because I'm more important than they are.

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Right? So this is the belief now turning into conduct. You look down on the people around you, you refuse to accept when others correct you when we make a mistake, because we see ourselves as better than other people again, behavior and conduct. And so, and then it starts to flow into our words into our actions. Emily's shavon, Idris

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originally was a worshiper of a loss of habitat.

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And some of the FSC they say, you know, they mentioned that there was no place on earth except that it leads me to Allah subhanaw taala. But, you know, sometimes a person makes a such depth with their body, they're not making that such they're really with their heart.

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And so maybe as he's worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. He's not worshiping Allah with humility is worshiping Allah and then thinking to himself, oh, Allah, I did this for you. I prostrated for you. I did this favor for you.

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And so at least might begin to think that he's better than others. And he entered into a circle a lot raised him to use worshiping so much Allah raised him to be amongst the angels, though he's not from the angels. And some of the tifosi have, they said he was known as Paulson melodica was like a crane and the bird that has a very long neck, right? So he was like the crane amongst the angels. He was better than all of them. They're all angels. And he's better than them, because he's worshipping. And so he compares himself to the angels around him. Does I pray better than them? I worship with freewill. And they are worshipping with no freewill.

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But then I tested him. And he tests him by creating atom. And he breathed His soul into Adam. And he ordered the angels and beliefs to make sujood Adam to Prostrate to Adam out of respect for Adam.

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Both the angels and the beliefs both of them together, have a problem with this. Not together but both of them have a problem to this. Both of them question a loss of handle data about the creation of Adam, both of them object to the creation of Adam.

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But there's a difference between the questioning of the angels and the questioning of uglies. The questioning of the angels is questioning to learn. Questioning out of humility, questioning to understand

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Whereas the questioning of at least as a questioning of arrogance, the angel say to Allah subhanaw taala at 10 geographia may UFC dhupia, whereas we could deny, they say to Allah, are you going to put on Earth, a creature that will cause corruption, a creature that will spread bloodshed when a new set of beer will be handy? Kenapa soda, even though we are the ones who glorify You and praise you,

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we're questioning a lot about the creation of Adam, and a lot of response to them. And he says, on a on a whim at a time when I know what you don't know.

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What's the reaction of the angels when Allah says, I know what you don't know. The reaction is the reaction of humility. Yes, you are a law, you know, and we don't know.

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The sense of panic

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or worry belongs to you, you know, when we don't know.

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They have humility to accept a weakness in front of a loss penalty rather than humility to accept their deficiency, their lack of knowledge, their lack of understanding in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is where it ends for the angels. But now we're ends for shavon for Elise, he says,

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He says, No, I'm better than him.

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When he derives the reason why he's better than him,

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and even know how lockdown and clean, You created me from fire. You created him from clay. So this is what the human will do. We have arrogance.

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We think it we believe it. We believe that we're better than others because we've compared ourselves to them, then we derive a reason why am I better than this person? We have to derive a reason now. chypons arrives the reason I made a fire he's made of clay.

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People might derive a reason. Well, he's black, and I'm white. They might derive the reason why I'm Arab and he's not Arab. They might derive a reason I'm rich and he's poor. They might derive reasons to justify the fact that they've convinced themselves that they're better than someone else. And then

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the last turn dial Of course tells him first regimen how leave paradise, and then he says phobia exotic Allahu in homage very, he says by your mites for a lot, I will misguide them all, I will misguide all of them.

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And so

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the disease that began began in his heart, then went to his conduct his refusal to prostrate, then I went to his words, I'm better than him. Then it went to his entire behavior, which is to wage war against the children of Adam. And so the kin, the arrogance in his heart leads to react, wanting to be seen as better leads to envy waging war against the children of that. But it begins with arrogance, and it begins with ego.

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Another way for us to see arrogance is to see it as a lack of a lack of knowledge. And some of the scholars mentioned this, they said before the maze that in San Miguel kebari is dead, oh, feed him in a jam that commiserate to the increase of arrogance, a person will increase in their ignorance of other males controlling for knifes, mineral Kimber? Yes.

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That equal to the amount of arrogance that enters into a person is equal to the amount of knowledge that leaves the person. Now, what does this mean? Some of you might say,

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I know this person, he memorizes, the quarter end, he memorized the Quran. I know this person, he memorized books of Hadith. And he can quote to you from this book, and from that book, and he knows so much about Islam. And yet I dealt with this person. And he was very arrogant. Yes, I dealt with this person. He was one of the most arrogant people I know. And he is, you know, a chef, and he memorize this, memorize that, and he knows all this knowledge.

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What is it? What is meant by it, I didn't hear what's meant by knowledge here is not just information. what's meant by knowledge here is not information. what's meant by knowledge here is in not just intellectual knowledge, but spiritual knowledge.

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You can know that a law as well as ease you can know that allows the almighty you can know that a lot is the all powerful. That's a fact. Right? We all know this fact, all of us know this. It's different to know the fact. And it's different because you know this fact, now it changes your behavior. You say, I can't do this, because the loss account as a disease he could take me to account. Unless Peridot is a disease. He will bring this this evil sin that I do, he will show it to me on the Day of Judgment. I was disease because if I do this

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Do you will punish me for sure. And he is capable of doing so. My knowledge has now informed me on a spiritual level about what I'm going to do. It's one thing to know the fact, it's another thing that that fact actually affects you spiritually and affects your consciousness and affects what you do. And it's, it's truly arrogant. For that it's truly ignorant for a person to be arrogant. Because think about it. What are the reasons that causes a person? And what are the things that a person uses to become arrogant? If you're arrogant or prideful? Let's say it's on the basis of knowledge. Right? I know more than you. So I'm better than you. I know more than you that I'm better than you.

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This is ignorance. Why is ignorance because if you had knowledge, you understood

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that your knowledge is a suggestion for you or against you. Your knowledge will be an evidence for you or against you. If you arrive on the Day of Judgment, you say, Oh, I have knowledge. Does that mean you're better? No, Alexa will say you have knowledge. What did you do with that knowledge? You have knowledge, you had a greater responsibility to act because you had knowledge. So that knowledge might be the reason you enter agenda, because I learned and I acted, or that knowledge might put you in a worse place now fire because you knew and you still didn't act.

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And so why would you feel arrogant and prideful, that you know more, when it might be the reason you get punished worse.

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This is why some of the scholars they used to say well onto the ignorant person who does not do one good deed. And one wanted the scholar who does not do 1000 good deeds. Because the scholar has more knowledge, there's more of an onus on him to do good.

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Someone might feel arrogance on the basis of their good deeds. So they say I prayed more. I fasted more. I worshipped more. It's one thing to know information to know knowledge. No, no, no, I actually did. I fasted I prayed. I was in the messaging. I was standing and dad Judo standing, being, you know, pmla, and I'm standing in taloja. And I was I was praying and I was reading her and and I was doing all these things. I was doing acts of worship. So I'm better than all these people who didn't do acts of worship. I'm better than all these people didn't show up to the question, because I worshiped and they didn't.

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Now the question is, this is ignorance. Because how do you know all of your acts of worship your 1000s and 1000s of acts of worship? How do you know Allah accepted even a single one of your acts of worship? And when you look down at the other brother, who rarely shows up to the masjid rarely praise, commit sins? And you say I'm better than him? How do you know Allah did not accept one of his slaughter? And Allah did not reject all of yours? How do you know 100% you don't know. Look at how do you know the famous Hadith of the man who killed 99 people? What did the angels say about him? Then near 500 on Fox he never did anything good.

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You go to Gen Z go to the health Where did he go general go to Bellflower you went the agenda.

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You went to a gentleman? That he said yes. But he went to gentlemen.

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If you saw someone commit so much evil, you know killed 100 people you still look at him like he's better than you're better than him. You can hate the sin be little the sin be disgusted even with that sin. But how do you know you're better than this person? That's ignorance. Right?

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So when you look at someone with arrogance on the basis of you're a bad dad

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By the way, Allah will punish you by making you abandon your father. And if you want an example Look at him nice. He felt better than everyone because of his a bad luck caused him to leave isn't it better? What are other reasons that people feel or base their arrogance upon? One is money

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I have more money and this person so I'm you know, I'm better than him. I better clothes have a better car better house and better. I don't even have you thought the real deal alone. He said about money. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi, Sam. Hi, Ron. Paul. He's watching me But why should anybody feel pride because of their money? He said money is one of two things if it's Helen, it's a sad but was gonna take into account and if it's how long? Allah is gonna punish you.

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Right? It's his job because Allah will question you. Everything that person does in this world. Allah will question them about when it comes to money, a lot more question than twice Why? Alo asked him, How did you earn it? How did you spend it? to your question twice? How did you get this money? Where did you spend this money? How did you spend it? And so how do you feel pride about your money even people have

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Money. How many disbelievers had money?

00:25:04--> 00:25:44

How many enemies have a lot had more money than you? Today? I don't have money. How much I like money. Yes, if you have money, if you have money and you use it properly, you can draw closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. But why do you think the mere fact that you have it makes you better than someone else? And then others feel pride because of their race because of their tribe because of their nationality? And how is this something for a person to feel arrogance based off of its ignorance? Because this is something you have no choice in deciding? You had no skill in attaining. How do you feel arrogance about something that you had no hand in? Um, I chose what race you would

00:25:44--> 00:25:54

be born in what parents you would have, what language you would speak a lot chose these things. How can a person feel arrogant on the basis of something they themselves did not have a hand in?

00:25:55--> 00:26:13

And the basis of given of arrogance is ignorance? Because how is it possible to have a relationship to a lesser penalty either on the basis of arrogance, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said alegria that Allah Subhana Allah says how do you allocate reality that?

00:26:14--> 00:26:34

Is it for the naza? I mean, why the minimalna cluster who should know the profits a little lower isn't absurd that a law said pride is my cloak and arrogance. Sorry, pride is my cloak and greatness is my rope. Whoever competes me in respect to these, I shall cast into the fire.

00:26:36--> 00:27:21

It is improper for a human being to have pride because we are deficient and we are weak. But it is proper for a loss of Hannah to Allah top pride because he is perfect. When a human being has pride. It's it's ignorance, because you are trying to compete with a loss of Hannah to Allah. What do you think is gonna happen? Allah subhanaw taala will prove to you that your pride is unworthy? And how do you have a relationship with the last panel to Allah when you have pride and you are not worthy of it? And a loss of health it should be affirmed, as the one was the one who was greatness, the one who was pride because he's worthy of it, depending on what to add up. And the reality is that

00:27:21--> 00:28:07

arrogance, not only is it going to destroy your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala, it destroys this world. Most of the destruction of this world is because of arrogance. Most of the tragedies in this world is because of arrogance, wars that occurred destruction, bribes, theft, you know, boycotts and hatred and plotting against each other. The seed of these comes from arrogance. And so Allah Subhana, Allah made us responsible for this world, we have to rectify this world. And the way for us to rectify this world is by, you know, removing arrogance from it. You know, and this is important because this world right now is so secular, that people have forgotten about spiritual

00:28:07--> 00:28:48

diseases. Like we want to talk about racism, people say we need this policy or that policy or this law or that law. And these laws can be good these policies can be good. But can they ever be truly effective? When there's no element of Ischia? When there's no element of realizing these are diseases of the heart and they have to be removed? And that we have to you know, help people become humble and find humility, and find spiritual healing? Because if we just talk about everything on a secular level, and everything's gonna be resolved by laws and policies, No, they won't. There will always be loopholes to laws, there will always be loopholes to policies. But people have to in their

00:28:48--> 00:29:07

heart clean their harder from arrogance and to learn to have humility. And this is really important in our religion and our purpose as Muslims if we want to bring goodness to this world, it's really to promote spiritual healing amongst people unless parents artists is an operand. Why you got the right man and lady named Shawn, I love the I wanna

00:29:10--> 00:29:49

call Lucena. Allah Subhana. Allah says that the servants I got to recommend this beautiful verse, you got the right man, the servants of the Most Merciful unless counter is describing these people, but he's connecting them to his attribute of mercy because he didn't say they are the servants of a lot. He says their servants have a right man as the front lines zildjian is telling you they will attain the right mobilizer agenda. What is our objective in this world other than to attain that are mobilized. So what is the description of these people? Where are you rather recommend a lady named Shauna Allen I will be Helena they walk this earth with ease and in the tough seat it says the I'm

00:29:49--> 00:29:52

sure not out of the I wanna am Shona,

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

be Sakina tin whatsoever, that they walk on this earth with tranquility and with

00:30:00--> 00:30:45

humility. Now when a lot wanted to say these are people who are humble, he didn't say they're humble. He said they walk the earth with ease. Panama, very beautiful description. Why would Allah say they're walking the earth with ease, because of handle law, to be arrogant is very difficult. If you're arrogant, it really matters to you what other people think of you. If you're arrogant, you want dominance over other people, you want other people to recognize you as being elite as being great as being this as being bad. So you have so much energy to exert to make sure that people see you as a certain way that they think about you a certain way that they consider you a certain way.

00:30:45--> 00:31:27

Right? your arrogance forces you to care so much about what other people think about you. Whereas if you're humble people are not central to your life. A lot is central to your life. If you're humble All you care about is you're doing good and for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala whether people like it or don't like it that's not central to your life. So your life is easy, ensure not allow that there's no pretension to them. They walk the earth with ease. Well, you know, Harpo, Jackson went up on cinema, and ignorant people speak to them and say ignorant things to them. Quantum cinema, they say peace. They don't feel so angry that this ignorant person said something ignorant to me, because

00:31:27--> 00:32:03

it doesn't matter to me if the ignorant person hates me. It's not that big of a deal if people don't like me, whereas if you're arrogant, it hurts you so much if you're a narcissist, it hurts you so much if other people don't like you. But when you're a person is connected to a loss of people like me or not, who said I'm only treat people with, you know this a piece. And it doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, you're worshipping Allah spirit, Allah, He is central to your life. So there's an ease, there's a tranquility, there's a calmness and having humility and something that we have to accept into our life. felco probably had the worst of module almost awful in order for him.

00:32:23--> 00:32:28

Salam hamdulillah salat wa salam, ala rasulillah, who either early he was lucky to be here, woman wide

00:32:29--> 00:33:12

jaw just a couple of points to help us develop humility in ourselves and to remove arrogance from ourselves. The first is that we have to have knowledge and knowledge of course of the greenness of the loss of hanno to Allah, also knowledge as a weakness of ourselves. Now there's that famous story where you know, a king or a men of great stature saying to one of the setup, he says, Don't you know who I am? Don't know who I am. He said, Yes, I know who you are. He said, You know who I am, and you're still speaking to me like this. He says, I know who you are. I will look a lot further than Maduro. Well, hero, kanji friends and others wanted me to be in a delicate genre. He says, I know

00:33:12--> 00:33:43

exactly who you are. Are you not? The unclean? Drop? Like were you not a drop of sperm? Is that not what your beginning was? And your end? Is it not? You know, g fats in particular? Are you not going to be a rotting corpse? And between the two of them, how you started and how you'll end? Aren't you just a vessel that's carrying impurities? Aren't you just a vessel that's carrying you know, your blood in your guts and your excrement and all the things that are, you know, impure within you is that I know exactly who you are. That's who you are.

00:33:44--> 00:34:11

Because why are you teaching them a lesson? Why are you being arrogant? This is what we are as human beings, not even for the long run. He said, Egypt's women can't answer companies that I'm amazed by people who have arrogance. He says because look at how weak we are. Well, Hobart, even people are weak. He says, I can tell you what Lrd that sweat makes the person repulsed. Like if you're sweating so much, you're repulsed even with yourself. You can't stand yourself.

00:34:13--> 00:34:28

What's up Tony Schaefer en and he can die from choking. Like if you drink water and it goes down the wrong pipe, you might die. Losing How Are You arrogant? A little bit of water can kill you. Drinking a little bit of water might be the end of you. How are you arrogant?

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

And then he says in the end, it's the insects that eat you. So how are you arrogant? The small disgusting insects they you know, you shoo away from you that you can stomp out in a second you can kill so easily. Those insects are gonna eat you. So why are you feeling so arrogant? When the person learns, you know about the weakness of themselves as a human being the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. So that removes arrogance from our hearts. And the second is our actions, what kind of actions that we do in our lives.

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You know, we have to do actions that are

00:35:05--> 00:35:37

that are going to promote humility in us remove arrogance from us, and so on the actions that we can do are ones that people can't see. If we give, try to give in secret, pray, pray at night when no one can see us do things that other people's eyes are not going to be seeing. Because we don't want to act for the people on actual lesson handle data and make ourselves more sincere. And also, to do things, you know, to do good deeds that are not seen as

00:35:38--> 00:35:41

you know, as great.

00:35:42--> 00:35:59

You know, giving a hoot about something like this people's Oh, the whole team, right, it can increase your ego. You know what will increase your ego sweeping the masjid cleaning, the vacuuming, cleaning, the washrooms things like that. Nobody's gonna look at Oh, that's such an amazing job. That's something that's gonna give you humilities.

00:36:00--> 00:36:36

Every day for the long run, he used to milk some sheep for some slave girls, or slave girls, and they It was too difficult for them to milk the sheep, he would volunteer help them milk the sheep for them. And then he became the hollyford, approximately seven passed away, he became a Khalifa, the girl said to each other, we have to find someone else to help us Now, of course, is the study phase too busy. We need to find someone else to help us. And under amaze, all of a sudden Iboga arrives, he comes to help them. They said we find you're not going to come you're going to be too busy now. He said to them, I am more in need of this now than it was before.

00:36:37--> 00:37:19

I'm more in need of helping you now than I was before. Why? Because he understood now that people are looking up to him like Well, how do you feel he needs more things that will keep him humble that will keep them you know, feeling not arrogant. So he's I'm more in need of doing these small kinds of things. Now, you know, this menial kind of work now for me to have more humility in my heart. And so in the long run passed away, people realize he was the one sweeping the masjid. He was doing these things, in order to keep himself humble. And this is really important. We have to look for opportunities for reasons to keep ourselves healthy, keep ourselves humble. I don't know one of the

00:37:19--> 00:37:58

scholars they mentioned used to take up the trash and clean things up. And one day somebody overheard him cleaning up the trash and there's some dogs there. So he's speaking to the dogs. He says that he went out with the dog don't harm me or harm you. And then he says to the dogs, if I cross the sirop and I enter agenda for an item of income, then I'm better than you. But if I fall off of this at all, and I end up in the Hellfire, then you are better than someone overheard him saying that's how a lot. This is the way of the righteous people, even the dogs, they don't look at them and say I'm better than them. They realize even the dogs might be better than us. But if we do

00:37:58--> 00:38:27

this and we incorporate this into our lives in sha Allah, Allah, Allah will bless us with humility and remove arrogance from our hearts and allow medallic to slow down and maybe you are living in an era he was sitting with snuba along on Sunday was lm Allah says you know I want to be you know, have you been a Mohammed alongside the Allah Mohammed the medical document Allah bra Muslim de la bella Matador Miss Martha so the army sandali Roberto Sorrento Salomon de la Mateen while he was hiring Korean while Omaha mini ya know, I got

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a lot more data than a female caminada vanilla.

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Vanilla faraja What are they in La la cabeza de Manila theta one theta will determine how to do Nia without your hair look a bit awkward I don't want to solder in luckily Tell us about your ametek Moroccan in along those in Assam one Muslim in what I need before they can even help me with Dean along maybe Nina Nina was a in Hosea Rubina what kind of hidden and crucial info so colossian Well, john limonada, Washington and ally a little bit added to it. So anyway, Ted kotoba 100 fashion Macario to come Lala come to the corona. what's called Life Coco mush Khurana Nami is it. Political la Jacobo Yana mudstone on the left in the sun,