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The Milken is crucial to avoiding confusion and avoiding confusion, and is essential to being sure of what one is talking about before speaking about it. It is crucial to give out knowledge and balance between one's opinion and the other. It is crucial to take medication and pray for peace and comfort, and to be aware of one's actions and boundaries to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. It is crucial to not let fear limit one's ability to achieve success, and to be mindful of one's actions and boundaries to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

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You know the idea of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in the eye ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says we're folklore couldn't be the Illuminati, that above every person who has knowledge is one who has more knowledge and above them all is Allah subhanho wa Taala has the most knowledge

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so aneko heavy or la cama Silla, do it Allah Who prepared and humbled we are in the beautiful city of the best man of conduct from Hamid sallallahu alayhi wa so how do you feel heavy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah He The feeling is one of peace and the release of 100 let you know Medina has got a feeling of peace that no other city has. So Had Allah for Allah may Allah always give us the opportunity to come back here often more and more and more inshallah. I mean, I mean, my conversation for today is that Subhanallah we live in a society where there are a lot of keyboard shakes, Google mache, eggs, and Subhanallah every buddy today is a *. You find out that everybody

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wants to talk about Islam and want to give their opinion about Islam. As long as someone knows a bit of mashallah Tabata kala they think the announced call as an authority to give verdict in Islam without having a proper and deeper knowledge of Islam. Now, there is no literature on also have this conversation Sheikh Ibrahim is because I have noticed that some people who do not have a proper understanding of slang, actually when they speak they take all the people away from Islam. Yes, because they do not understand the wisdom on how to pass the mess and how to work around it. So it becomes a big problem Subhan Allah, so tell me habibi. What is knowledge in Islam?

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Subhanallah knowledge is something from Allah subhanho wa taala. In other words, first and foremost, and it's actually a light that is placed within the heart of a person who is studying the religion. And why I say it's a light is because

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you know, ALLAH SubhanA wa totalis is putting heavy He's severely ill Allah say, This is my way I am calling to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah, bossy Allah, upon bossy era. Now, Nova Zerah is knowledge, in addition to the ability to see that's why bizarre is the ability to see so the only way you can see spiritually is to have that light from Allah subhanho wa taala, other vasila tin Ana wa Manitoba and me, meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and those who follow me. So, you know, having a piece of information is different to having knowledge. In it, you might find someone very informed, he knows a lot, but he doesn't have knowledge. So what Allah he you know,

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I think it was a Lima Shafi, who said, a little more north, that net the knowledge is light. And if you don't have that light, then it is not yours. You just don't have it from Allah subhanho wa taala. So you've got to have the combination of the information and the Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa taala. The two have to be gathered in you, for you to be defined as an eyelid. And this is why ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says in the masala mean a birdie Alero lemma. Indeed, the most pious most religious of people are those who are most knowledgeable of Allah subhanho wa taala. And even the authority but not the Allahu Anhu also says that f and amo Belemnite, for immeasurable who are in love to have

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that knowledge is connected to action.

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If he responds to that, and he actually goes out and he performs his salah, and He gives us His account, and he does what he's meant to do, and he acts upon that knowledge,

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then it will remain well enough to hit otherwise it will take a journey it will leave Subhanallah now, what you've mentioned of you know, social media and Subhanallah I think maybe let me leave you to ask the question shall so yeah, before we come to social media or hamdulillah Yeah, I'm glad you were able to introduce knowledge in such spite and bring in the verse in the Quran. The Prophet Allah hurry was silver said that you know if you have been on you know,

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if I want to give you goodness he grants your property for people 15 saw a proper and deep understanding of the religion can you explain a bit about this hiding? So, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wants goodness for a person, he grants him a deep understanding of the religion you 14 or 15 And why is this you know, if we take a look at our lives all together

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Our wealth won't go into the graves with us, our children will not go into the grave with us. No matter how close we are to those children, nobody will say, bury me with my father, bury me with my mother.

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Nothing of this dunya goes into the grave with us, besides our knowledge and our deeds.

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And subhanAllah knowledge is left behind on earth, yet you are buried down into the ground. And that knowledge continues to be a source of your light of light in your grave. So this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says that whoever Allah wants goodness for you grants him a deep understanding of the religion. And in addition to this,

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you find that it makes you a more tolerant person. Why? Because the more you learn, the more you realize how ignorant you are, I don't know much Allah He I really don't know much when you realize there's a whole ocean of knowledge that is out there. I've only got, you know, a slight droplet of it, perhaps if that if I am lucky, I've got a droplet of it.

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You know, the idea of Allah subhanaw taala in the eye, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tadesse is we're folklore calling me the Illuminati, that above every person who has knowledge is one who has more knowledge. And above them all is Allah subhanho wa Taala has the most knowledge. So really, and truly, knowledge is a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. The other thing is, when a person has knowledge, he acts upon that knowledge. So he's doing something knowing that this is beneficial to me. If I act without knowledge, I can jump up and down here, you know, 1000 times, thinking that this is for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala to add it, but really and truly, if it's not an act of worship,

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which is loved by Allah, that I've wasted my time. So that's the difference between knowledge and someone who is just Subhanallah just ignorant, you know, that's amazing. She actually brought him in, and let's still stay on doleful give knowledge out there. Yes, at what point does one quantify, to give knowledge? Allahu Akbar, you're putting me on the spot, CIF. You know, I often ask myself, whether I am qualified to give, you know, impart knowledge. And I think as long as you are sure 100% And you have learned that particular issue that you are talking about, then you are allowed to impart it to others. And this is because Ben Lee, who I need whether I let pass on from me, even if

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it is just an A, but you've got to know what you're talking about to you can't simply come and say, you know, I thought about this. So I think it's a point and I'm going to add it and put it out there, it's important for you to first be sure of what you're talking about before you go and speak about it. I still remember, as I was graduating, there was a chef, a well known chef in Saudi Arabia. In fact, many people may have heard of him chef Saudi health Ozanne. And they were talking about he was talking he was giving a speech and someone asked him that what is the test care for our students who are graduating to go go out there and teach and he said, You know what, your test here

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is your certificate that you've received from the German from the university, that is enough of a test care, because on the other hand, you've got students of knowledge, who believe you need a test gear from the chef and then chef, but those same people actually believe in the chef, very highly. And I heard with my own two ears, and I saw with my own two eyes when the chef actually said that your task here is the test gear that you have from the jamea Islamiat which means you've graduated from an institute that is reputable. They've given you a certificate to say that you can actually go out there and speak and you know, talk to the people who invite them to Islam, etc. Teach them that

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the dean then that is enough. That's what he said literally Subhanallah and I found that amazing because you get all these sorts of you know, arguments that go on. No, you don't have your test skier who gave you a test skier who said that you are knowledgeable who said you will not and Wallahi I found that amazing animals. You know, when I was studying Sharia in the university, I went to understand that there was overzealousness with me initially, I just wanted to give talks that the better say this and say that you know shake your Rahim told me how do you find balance between oversee geniusness and lack of knowledge?

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What leads the problem shift to the reality when we started as well when the first few years when you're studying Arabic you feel the same? I can go out there and firebrand and talk and tell people this is with this ship. This is haram

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You know, but as you mature in knowledge, you realize how little you know, like we had spoken earlier. And then you realize, hold on is a whole world out there, there are so many opinions, there's so much that we can learn from. So I think that particular aspect belongs to those who are beginners, those who have very little, you find that they are the firebrand speakers that are out there saying, hey, what that person is doing is that one is out of the religion this one is, but hold on, there are so many opinions, sometimes. These are opinions that have actually been deferred over for 1000s. Well, not 1000s, but we can say, you know, hundreds of years, nearly reaching or

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reaching to the time of the Sahaba holy Allah. And yet we come here and we say, No, my opinion is the only one, the Sahaba the ones who differ with regards to this the tabular in the target Tableau tablin are the ones who defend with regards to this. Don't just put people out of the religion, call them kuffaar Call them disbelievers call them, you know, people of be the people of desire, etc. It's important to actually be balanced to understand that the world is out there, there are so many different opinions, we need to look and strike the balance, yes, where a person is wrong, completely wrong. They are wrong. And we cannot call that the right way. But where there is scope for

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difference, let's understand each other, let's be tolerant of each other, let's be decent with each others, especially when speaking to each other or labeling each other, you know, talking about other people. And the reason I say this is because people are quick to label, very quick to label quick to say this and that. Yet they don't realize that sometimes this issue has been deferred over for so long, that only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows who is right in this debate. Subhana Beiner I'm glad he brought up the issue of difference of opinion within Congress, which you know, is a known fact by a lot of people today. How does the Nomad Muslim navigate the difference of opinion between two

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scholars, Allahu Akbar, putting me under the under the spotlight CIF.

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I, I really believe that if you don't have sufficient knowledge, to choose a chef, or to decide that this person seems like someone that I can take from, or to choose between two different opinions, then choose one method and go by that method and follow especially when it comes to the matters of a fifth and a deed etc, you can actually follow one person and someone who's been trusted for centuries, not generations, not decades, but centuries. So they are actually a reference with regards to the Sunnah. And the the Quran and the Sunnah. And the RP data that is in the the flip that is in there, you can follow them. Because I found people who are completely confused when it

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comes to choosing, you know, they say but this Schiff said this, so I'll take from him for this muscle, and that shift I'll take from him for that muscle and and that's it, and they gather all of this together, and they come up with some sort of concoction, you know, we it suits them the best and sometimes that actually, unfortunately, the gathering of all those aspects together is a very

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What do I call it the right word for it would be in a very mixed form of religion, where you don't even know whether you're following hat or you're following buttons or you mixed between two opinions at different times. So generally, by and large for the people. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with them following a method a particular way, methodology and that will suffice them you know, sha Allah, sec must have the extra the bit about the words must have and likes. Yes, absolutely. We had so we have the four scholars that we know very well. The former their hip, Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Malik Imam Shafi and mediven Humble Rahim Allah Hello Jimmy Emiliana

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and one of those former there who is sufficient for a person to actually be a good Muslim I'm not saying don't go and learn more and don't follow another opinion where you feel that the Imam

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you know, was wrong so perhaps you've heard another opinion based on proof and evidence

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absolutely no problem in fact you should leave the opinion of your Imam and follow the more correct opinion but if you do that all the time and you sit and say no on in this opinion in this masala I'm going to follow this opinion in that masala that opinion in that masala that Imams opinion it becomes a difficult thing

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has actually become burdensome. And we know that when things become burdensome a person generally tend tends to go further away from the SubhanAllah. Does Atala finish

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a lot of Oscar De hamdulillah we're so far is just by lectures listening to the spoilers giving motivational talks and everything. In your opinion, do you think that motivational talks is enough knowledge for a person who is trying to become better in their faith

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I think it has a very great place in Islam a motivational speech or a talk it has the capacity of changing and turning a person's life around. And we've seen this you know, from time to time you have conferences that you attend and people will say that will lie my life turned around at that conference when I heard such and such a speaker and people identify with different speakers.

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And I think it is a very important part but it is not the beginning and the end of everything. It is simply the start from there you've got to now go to a chef to a scholar learn or perhaps learn online pick a reliable scholar you know, sometimes today it's not easy to get out of our busy schedules and visit a chef once a day or once a week it's hard. So if a person is finding it difficult, you've got so many reputable institutions online that you can join learn some more about religion do a course

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some of them can actually give you a certificate of graduation where you've got a Bachelor's certificate in the deep which is great Wallahi I think it's important to actually do a course DO IT degree do something further to understand the religion Now having said that not everybody can do that online not everybody can do that. So if a person can't then simply watching motivational speech you know speakers and that is also good these fading that these a lot of played in that so keep watching Don't abandon it altogether, you know, we'd rather have people watching that than watching

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other stuff Yes. That's really amazing shaker they accident man like he was up at 82 You know, Linda didn't properly I mean,

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where I come from, like a lot of young people find it difficult to understand teachers from the DMV simply because most of them is done in Arabic and Alexa, yes. Now when it comes to his our session of the Quran, you find that a lot of people don't really understand what the Quran is saying. It wasn't an understand the Arabic language. A young person who wants to understand the deen and wants to, you know, get closer basically built his or her relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, what would you advise them to do first,

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the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, the book of Allah, you know,

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we have this ideology where we are meant to recite and read and read and read, write the book of Allah subhanho wa taala, but we don't understand it. And I think it's impossible for the entire Ummah, to understand the Arabic language, but

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they are translations into so many languages. So today, it's very easy for a person to understand what they're reading in their salah, for example, what they're reading that day, to pick up one iron out of one page and ponder over it. Instead of just letting it pass by your tongue. Let it pass by your heart, let it affect your mind, let it affect your soul. That's when it will seep into your heart and change your life you will find a transformation altogether. So I think that is a the best starting point. You know, we start with that which Allah subhana wa Tada began with a Chanda they can be no other than that there can be no better place to start from obviously, anything connected

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to that as well. Subhanallah, amazing flounder, amazing chef, you know, going back to

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the affairs of we as human beings, we live in a society where everybody's going through one problem or the other from sadness, depression, and anxiety, you know, must have loved ones, but how to deal with all this become an issue and we've seen Muslims who have committed suicide in this regard. And in my opinion, I think that most of the time it is due to the lack of a proper understanding of the team that needs them to this this is what I think right? Know what Toby shared. Allah says in the Quran, lotta has an in Allah man right there is. He said Allah is with you. Yes. Tell me if I'm sorry, as a Muslim what Dwight? Allah Akbar you've addressed a very important issue because many

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people today are sad, anxious feeling as though they cannot continue in life anymore. i My life is over. I don't see a way forward. So I'm going

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End to end it. And you're absolutely right. When it comes to a believer in Allah subhana wa Tada that deen is the best coping mechanism for such a person. And we're not saying that it is because you are distant from Allah that you are anxious. Some people are anxious. Regardless, they have a medical condition. Let's acknowledge that they need medication they need help, but the N is a shifa for that which is in the breast of man. It is a cure for that which is in the breast of man if you ask a person where do you feel anxious from where does it emanate emanate from he'll tell you that I feel you know anxious My heart is pumping my blood is moving through the body and I feel like you

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know too anxious to be able to do anything all of a sudden I'm going through a panic attack. What did you do solo last and ALLAH and he said, Let him do. He would tell Bella hurry Nabi Hyah, beloved, you know, bring us to peace to comfort to ease with the salah hiya billet Kana either has to be humble or has about who am rune fuzzy I Illa surah he rushed to Salah when he was in difficulty. So what Allah he the best thing is to strengthen your link with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Let's go to the eye where Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when a dinner Allah mu n k lb or Sudoku, cabbie Maya, oh Lord, we know that your chest is

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constricted by that which they say they are saying you're a magician. They're saying you're a liar. They're saying all of these things. We know that your chest is actually constricted by that. Yeah, Mohamed. But what should you do for sub b be humming the Arabic glorify Your Lord with his praises. We're calling Mina Sergi deen and be from amongst those who perform the sujood who performs the salute those who are linked to Allah subhanho wa taala, those who are connecting to Him through prayer. So prayer is one of the in fact it is the most important thing after the show had attained to actually perform in a snap. It's the first thing that we will be asked about on the day of pm for

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a reason. And that prayer is your stability in life, that prayer is your happiness in life, that prayer is your connection in life without it, you're lost.

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And that's, that's really amazing. The sheer level of fear, you know, when it comes to knowledge, how to parent at the beginning, when they give birth and the likes of it? How do they meet date sheets of the people of knowledge? What are the steps they should take?

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Subhanallah it's a question, a timeless question and how my little one is now 10 months old, mashallah Sham. And I've just been, you know, I didn't instill this in her, but my mother started teaching her da da, or banner, Tina. So now and she does this. So when she hears this, you just see a banner attina She's 10 months old. SubhanAllah. But she does this. And it's amazing to watch, you know, you see that Allah hates it melts your heart to say, this is how you install the deen into them. I take it to the Haram with me Alhamdulillah and I enjoy doing it. You know, it's hamdulillah it's a pleasure to take it to the Hanuman her to be there. And in front of me. And as I go into such

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that, you know, she'll feel like what is this guy doing around me, you know, but those early exposures to the dean is what actually endears the dean to them.

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My wife has been teaching,

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madrasa, Ma sha Allah and she calls it you know, pray and play. And the reason why I mentioned this in the first place is because it's a very different experience to what we had at Madras. So most people, most people's experiences have been difficult with madrasa. So the Imam or the chef beat them up when they didn't know they work, etc. And this is something that I feel takes people makes people have a bad experience of the religion from the beginning of their life. You know, I know this one uncle in Zimbabwe, and I speak to him frequently. He actually went to a Christian school. And he says, You know, I was a Muslim, but I was boarding in a Christian school. So I'd spend my entire

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time with these Christian people. And one of the classes that we had was a weekly class with a pastor, and he would teach us the Bible. And he said, I know the Bible from cover to cover. I know what it

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entails I know what it means I know what they understand from it. And I began to love that Bible, but he's a Muslim. He actually says, I began to love the Bible. Why? Simply because the pastor would narrate it in such a beautiful way. And he will tell us stories, you know, story after story. And now he's telling me that at the age of I think he must be about 60 Possibly, he started to read the Quran. And he says, I wish I wish I had someone like the pastor, teaching me the Quran, meaning an Imam, teaching me the Quran, someone who could endear the Quran to my heart. So, he was he was spellbound by the Quran and he keeps reading it he can't even read it in Arabic, but he keeps

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reading it in English. And they set him this is you know, he would come and tell me that this verse is amazing and discuss it with me and I, I loved my discussions with him because this is what I gathered from him he was a lay man, a normal person, but Wallahi the knowledge that I got from that man the inferences that I drew from him that my conversations with him were, were beautiful you know Subhanallah one of the eight that I must mention inshallah light will be a sought after Sharia for him as well. He says, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in surah 12 After

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fellow Allah in quantum why Allah Medina in turtle Ji owner her in quantum Saudi a pin that when a person is at the you know, when a person is somewhere where someone is dying, and he says that if you are not to be returned to Allah subhana wa Taala then why don't you take that soul and put it back into the body?

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He says, I found that amazing. And until that juncture, I didn't actually ponder over that verse. But when we thought about it, I said that is all of the power of INSEAD defined in one eye. Allah subhana wa Tada is telling us you have power. You think you are strong? You think you are mighty? Put that soul back into the body. Let us see what is your power? Where is it gone today? Why can't you say I'm dying today? No, hold on, put my soul back in. Allahu Akbar. I found that profound, you know. So, this is what I mean by you know, I think we should endear children to the religion, children to the deep make our masajid welcoming of the youth You know, the youth, the youth, this

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disenfranchised from the Masjid. Why? Because the IMA and the shoe you and the scholars are fighting they have jealousy against each other they have hatred against each other they have malice for each other and this is the reality you know you look at I won't say you know all massage it I won't generalize but a lot of massage it have politics, they have fights. And why all for power. One nil massage at their dinner. But the massage is for Allah they are not for your petty wars and fights. It is time we get over that it's time we say no, hold on, let's go back to the roots. Let's be happy for each other, you know, may Allah subhanaw taala unite that may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all

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goodness in our hearts and good feelings towards towards each other. Me hon Allah, you know, Tommy chef, was one of the most amazing moment where you are seeking the knowledge of a dean, when do you have an amazing moment? How did you feel about it? Can you remain in memory? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Subhanallah you know, my, the first semester that I studied the Arabic language in the University of Medina was I think the most amazing semester of my life. I know many people come to Medina they find it difficult to settle in they find it hard. I was I was in heaven Subhanallah I just rolled around in the university and went to the lessons and attended regularly I still remember

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I would go to the gym as well. So I ended up coming back home at around 11 And after that I didn't realize that the gym was affecting me to the point where I couldn't sleep until three o'clock so I'd sleep till three o'clock wake up for Fudger and then go to the lesson but still add enjoy the lessons and no when it comes to the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada knowledge related to the deep regardless of how tired you are, you can actually sail through you can manage to make it through but tell me to study mathematics after after, you know, having stayed awake all night. I don't think it's possible, you know, maybe 10 minutes 20 minutes and fall asleep. Subhanallah so, that semester

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was amazing because it is my first exposure outside of the country outside of outside of my home country. So when I arrived in Medina, I I loved the city. I loved the feeling I enjoyed myself, you know Subhanallah so

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I think that semester that first semester that I spent here in the city of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam was the most amazing time that I had in terms of my, you know, you could say My Career Knowledge isn't right, having studied etc.

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I feel like it was my first exposure to scholars. Outside of my home country in Zimbabwe, obviously, I had exposure to the likes of my uncle, my grandfather, Chef Musa mink, where I have a lot of respect for my beginnings were with the chef, so I learned a lot from him. But subsequently, Medina being in Medina and having studied in Medina was one of the most amazing experiences, especially the beginning, the first semester that I had the was amazing. Subhan Allah Han. So yes, as he gave me some shake, talk to me about Yeah, we know that a lot of people should they have we're into social media. Every budget is a show where everybody's given opinion on social media, everybody have

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something leads to talk about it. And Alexa, we don't give readings on social media. But talk to me about social media shed with a clip. But it's a problem for the OMA today simply because you don't even know who to follow or to listen to. So how do we go about this?

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Wallahi I like that you've addressed this topic because we do have social media shakes, you know, so to speak. And you'll find a person who has absolutely no knowledge of the date perhaps was not even practicing. You know, a month ago two months ago is now a big scholar. And they are giving fatwa they're telling the people what to do what not to do it doesn't matter this you don't need to do it. Don't worry about that. Hold on. Do you know what it means for you to give a fatwa these a scholar these a scholar that wrote a book and he says, a Lamb will more terrain and Medicare A bill and I mean,

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you know, the

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people who are actually writing fatwa or giving fatwa, or signing off that this is what Allah wants.

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So how can a person who has no knowledge, no experience will lie? And they just come on to social media, you know, it doesn't matter music is 100. It's okay. That's the fact what they automatically they just give it you know, this is okay. It's okay. If you don't wear your hijab, like that doesn't matter. Allah is happy with that. That's literally what you're saying. When you say, this is okay. And that is not okay. I in fact, what really struck my mind and I was just telling someone is I was one scrolling through my feed and Subhanallah I saw the sister, it wasn't my feed, but it was the, you know, the Explore page. And there's the sister who's literally in the top, and she's making like

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she's holding a gun. And she's got fetch was, you know, written up there. And she says,

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bang, bang, bang, Allah, He that was her footwork, then this is, this is all wrong. This is the people of the past taught this, this is wrong. That's wrong. That's wrong. People. Mountains in knowledge, have that opinion. It you, bang, bang, bang. I found that shocking. I see on a daily basis. I see. And I've made a point to now start checking these clips because I want to know what's going on. There are youth that are listening to people, you know, perhaps the the youngster is himself not even dressed properly. He's not dressed appropriately. He's not even religious in his outward appearance. And that's all we know, Allah knows his heart. We can't judge his heart but we

00:33:55--> 00:34:36

can judge the outward appearance and we can see that this man is not even religious in his outward appearance. And he's talking about Tafseer of the Quran is giving to see from his heart, this is what Allah means. This is what Allah said and this is what it means. These people really need to think about what they're doing and why I addressed them is because the masses are harder to address the masses are hard to talk to. I'm not saying don't talk about that which you don't have knowledge about. I'm not saying don't talk about that which you and you know, if you know something, pass it, pass it on. badly when you want to if you have knowledge of something you went you learnt you

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

studied. You know about it, you show about it, pass it on. Absolutely. But that which you don't know keep out of it. fatwah is not your domain. That was not your domain at all whatsoever. Don't come and start giving verdict say Halal haram this one said this but I just believe in that I think that chef is wrong. That is not your place. That is not your place whatsoever. Stick to what is you

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Was your road your path? Use social media for goodness, absolutely. Even if your outward appearance is irreligious to something religious and 100, that we are happy, you bring people to the water, may Allah subhanahu wa taala reward you for that. But don't go out to a few, you know your parameters and your boundaries. I think there is a boundary that you should know and you should set for yourself and stick to that. So hon, Allah knows really amazing, you know, you came from that point. And what of what you realize is that unfortunately, due to social media today, so many people have so what followers that become religious influence as incurred. And because they assumed that the

00:35:41--> 00:36:16

religious influencers now they have the right to cowboy Islam, yes. And do that, as one other what I got to realize is that most of these people, their actions, become honest lawmakers roll this and then people look at them as but these are in religious influences because the Masters don't really understand or this person's has more knowledge that this was another one that's very problematic. Yes, I think we know as well. We got to be very, very careful here. What is his origin of Allah subhanho wa taala. We're dealing with Sheikh Ibrahim, thank you so much for coming on the program. But before I end this session, tell me

00:36:17--> 00:36:22

what you think of the last day you're going to go back to the last panel a tad, what comes to your mind?

00:36:24--> 00:36:28

Well, I am terrified. And that's the reality. You know, we

00:36:29--> 00:37:12

we can sit and say that we really and we think we're prepared and we are trying but in reality, only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best and we we try our best to think good of Allah subhanaw taala and to think that he will treat us in the way that we would want him to treat us in the best possible in the best way. But when I look at my actions and I look at how I'm living my life, I really am terrified that's the reality of it. I don't know Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows best. May Allah have mercy on me. I mean Zakka lucky beautiful to have you here in Medina. It was lovely being here with

00:37:14--> 00:37:50

me next I see you will be Zimbabwe Nigeria and inshallah inshallah most welcome it's me online sale and Nicola Cana Hamdulillah. We've come to the end of this episode. You know, we've talked about how important it is to seek for knowledge as Muslims and also if you're a part of those who Allah has honored with being an influencer, to give message out that you need to understand that you are carrying a ban not just a banner for the name of being a banner but because you're kind of name of Allah subhanaw taala we got to be very careful. Until the next episode. I leave you all in the care of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful as somebody coming out here.