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Somebody can work from at the lower end of residences in Slough normally the professor will your recent guest last n base of Ramadan he's very very proactive on your Allah know how active the Prophet in clean anything that priest Allah so here's a way to increase Silvermont done or what before Ramadan ends we know that insert and buffer on chapter two verse 261 Allah remind us about anybody who was banned Weisstein for the sake of Allah Dang, he will be reverted to 700 died a lot but they may ever bring it get spam is like 700 Ping get the Senate. Now there's many ways to automate your deletion every day, especially the last 10 Night. Simply press the link provided and

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choose the amount you'd like to give each gate example you can choose a gift, Dan ringley 100 Clean get towels and bring it up to the more you give. Allah said coma and Upton Bichette power your three full were ever spent on me I will spend back on him. A lot of what we learn is faded after us so increase your amount and reward and share this review over there she said. So you also get the rewards of everyone could give because of your sharing. Do it and that estimate that needed that you can do because the reward is huge.

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I will pay for your success. We have prayed that Allah except for Ramadan except old Gam I was the Son of God and all old goodies at the end of the year from dinner attina feeding your house enough of your artwork there Hassan Okinawa Bonacci May Allah grant us happiness success here is like and success and hopefully in in the next slide and sip orrefors from hellfire. See you again. Hope to hear from you be as ad

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somebody go more if not Allah barakato