Daood Butt – 30 in 30 Day 26 – Daily Quran Tafseer – Ramadan 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The 26th day of the year is the 26th day of the month from Akkura, where Islam is seen as a way of worship. The message of Islam is discussed, including the use of the Quran as a means of worship and the transmission of Islam through the Quran. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding out who is God and working towards a "harn't be a coward" culture, while also highlighting the need for unity and collaboration among different groups and moments of the day. The speakers emphasize the importance of giving back and taking time to relax while working towards building a "harn't be a coward" culture.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa ala to be healed Karim Allah He of one of Salah atomic tasleem Shakti Sabri were Sidley Emery. Why should an Auckland attend Millis Nef gohil golly, my brothers and my sisters as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh so today is the 26th day of this blessed month of Ramadan in the year 1442 according to the age of the cat, under and it is Saturday May 8 2021 and then hamdulillah tonight, it is the 27th Night of the month from Avon and so we are hoping to be able to maximize and benefit as much as well to be awake to strive to push to

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excel and to have greater

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rewards from Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout this night of I'm alone.

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Of course being the 27th night of Ramadan. I know that culturally, a lot of people just say little cadres on the 27th night of Ramadan. But that isn't the case. islamically we don't see that it is mentioned as being on the 27th night specifically, a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to hunt it out in many of these nights. However, a lot of narrations are mentioned about different you know, some of the scholars highlight the 23rd to 25th to 27th.

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And, you know, a lot of a lot of cultures, you know, lean more towards the 27th night so tonight in sha Allah Allah once again, we're going to be live streaming from the masjid. And you know, that's another thing that we encourage everyone to take advantage of.

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Having said that, as well, I do need to get her to set up and be there on time and to get everything running smoothly. So I'm going to try finish up a little bit earlier today, maybe about 15 minutes before exporting sha Allah, just to be able to pack up and get everything done, and ready. So we'll jump right into it today the 26th Jews of the Quran, just number 26 or the 26th c pata of the Quran. And I want us to go over to sort of verse number 29, verse number 29, of swords, cough.

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In verse number 29, Allah Subhana Allah says, Remember Oh prophet when we need to group of Jin your way to listen to the Quran, then upon hearing it, they said to one another, listen quietly. Then when it was over, they didn't as Warner's. So here Allah Subhana Allah gives us an example of how the jinn. You know, we're listening to the recitation of the Quran from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And

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the lesson really that I wanted to share from this is the fact that the Quran itself was not sent only as a guidance for us as human beings, it was sent for the jinn as well. And Allah some have always Allah says, In the Quran, in fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions will not connect to the jinn now we'll insert in learning boon sorry, Allah subhanaw taala says, well now collect origin now and insert malaria and we're doing that Allah Subhana Allah didn't create the humans origin except that they are to worship right so the purpose of their creation is to worship Allah Subhana what to Allah. Having said that, now when we look at the quota and a lot of the times

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we as human beings will claim the Quran because Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was from amongst us a human being who received the Quran received that revelation, but we have to keep in mind that the Quran is not only for us as humans, it is also for follow and Frank's the jinn are those who believe a lot of people a lot of people will feel that the jinn are not

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believers or there are from amongst the jinn that are only evil

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that the jinn have, you know, evil thoughts and evil intentions, work for Chevron and so on and so forth.

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below him in a shape on his regime, see, talking about the genius and I just beyond our all to be learned in a shape on energy.

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Allah subhana wa tada shows us here that the jinn listen to the message that came from Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Sorry, there's just something that came up trying to get in touch with the last few days. He says again, money can be given

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upload to the masjid website, Marina Deen econo milton.com you can choose and select where your money is going towards. So if you have that kind of money, you can select zeca money, if you have selected, you can select that. Or you can come out to the masjid this evening between 930 and 11:30pm. And you can you know, just hand it over or put it in whichever whichever box you prefer in sha Allah Okay, so till we do have that and for the first 200 people that are going to be swinging by to donate tonight at the masjid, there will be around Fine Foods meals that will be given out to the first 200 people that come by and shot all along. Tada. So just putting that out there because

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there's not many of you on yet a lot of people usually sign on fairly late. So the first 200 people starting at 930 and I probably would swing by a little bit earlier if you wanted to, you know, donate to the musti that hamdulillah and Alhamdulillah Paramount find foods here and Milton has donated 200 meals for the first 200 families that do come and hamdulillah

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are getting back to what we were saying Allah Subhana Allah shows us that the jinn are also listening to the Quran. And they do believe from amongst them that believe in Allah subhana wa islanders that whether it goes on amongst them, like there's doubt whether it goes on amongst us, right? And so Allah says, Remember, oh prophet when we sent a group of jinn, your way to listen to the Quran, and then hearing it, they said to one another, listen quietly. So they listened attentively. Then when it was over, when the recitation was over, returned to their fellow jinn, as warrants. And they declared, oh, fellow Jin, we have truly heard as revealed after Moses, confirming

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what came before it, it guides to the truth and the straight path. Oh, our fellow jinn respond to the color of Allah and believe in Him, who is that Muhammad SAW along with it, the son of the gender, telling the jinn to believe in to follow in the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, respond to the color of Allah and believe in him, he as in Allah will forgive your sins and protect you from a painful punishment. And whoever does not respond to the color of Allah will have no escape on Earth, nor will they have any protectors against him. It is they who are clearly astray, do they not realize that Allah who created the heavens and the earth, and did not tire as in

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good not, did not get tired in them is able to give life to the dead? Yes, indeed, he, Allah is certainly most capable of everything. And on the day, the disbelievers will be exposed to the fire, they will be is this hereafter not truth?

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Not the truth. They will cry Absolutely. By our Lord right call Oh, Bella waarop Bina ABS salutely by our Lord, it will be said, then taste the point of your disbelief.

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So in your patiently, as did the messengers, affirm, resolve, and do not to hasten the torment of the deniers those who reject the way of Allah Subhana water had on the day they see what

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on the day they see what they what they have been threatened with, it will be as if they had only stayed on this world or in this world for an hour or a day

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or an hour of a day. This is a sad warning. Then will anyone be destroyed except the rebellion as people? Well Allah subhana wa tada ends to rattle off discussing the situation of the jinn and how they heard that they returned back to the their fellow jinn. And they warned them and told them to obey the messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam though he's a human, he still is conveying the message in a race to elite with me my mechanic Aflac Sorry, I'm caught on like calling out heads off my game today. Right tired? Well, my productive agenda will insert in laniado doing

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what's the other decent look? For it'll come to me in sha Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to one of our select la hotel alanine right well known as a NACA la de la jolla mean Allah subhanho wa Taala

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It says that he sent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as a mercy to Allah Allah mean to all of the creation of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Allah arrows wilhemina chef, forgive me, you're gonna see me yawning a lot. You're gonna see me yawning a lot today. It's been a very, very long day. It was a long night yesterday long morning as well. I had some work to do in the morning, got that done, and then only got a few hours of sleep and spinal. I'm just going off that.

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Let's skip forward to sue Muhammad. Okay, swell Mohammed, which is in the 26th Jaws, of course of the quota and that's what we're covering for tonight. If we go to verse number 22 of Mohammed, Allah subhana wa tada said, Now if you turn away as in the hypocrites, those who disobey and deny Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now if you turn away,

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perhaps you would bid corruption throughout the land and sever your ties of kinship. These are the ones who Allah has condemned, definitely seeing them and blinding their eyes, as in, there are blessings in front of them everywhere, but they still choose to reject. They hear the message of Allah but they still are ignorant, right? They still choose to obey. And they're the ones who, who Allah has can do they not then reflect on the Quran affiliated baronial Quran? And Mahalia kulu follow her, Allah Subhana Allah says, or are there locks upon their hearts?

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So he says, Do they not reflect on the Quran? And of course, just before that he he affirms that they don't write, they don't don't they won't they shouldn't they couldn't they, why haven't they? Right? And Allah Subhana Allah says a fella

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by he mentioned that their hearts are sealed, right? They see the blessings around them and it's as though they don't exist. They hear the the the command of Allah subhanho it and and the recitation of the Quran in it as though it doesn't penetrate their hearts. And then you turn on you recite it to some other people's power this morning, you know, was on a live session with

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you know, some some of the brothers in Australia, right and so on. And a brother who embraced Islam on August 14 2020. Okay, August 14 2020.

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So not even a year ago, you might know him he's, you know, fairly famous online. He has these videos on YouTube, Miss LA, right, Mr. What wha, so kinda, you know, this brother embraced Islam. And one of the things that I noticed about him is that he just listened. A lot of his videos were just about listening. And he would listen. And you could see that in his attention to the lecture and he used to, you know, he did a lot of videos listening to Mufti Ismail Manx lectures on, you know, Islam and so on. And so he would just listen. And you could see the emotion you could see the tears, he sometimes slowing down his face. And a lot of the time people say, Oh, it's just, it's just acting,

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it's just for that. No, it's not Allah subhana wa tada is in control of the hearts. Right? And so Alhamdulillah he embraced Islam and, you know, some advice, they asked me for some advice at the end and they said, you know, just listen, do like Mr. withwhom, right. He just listened. paid attention to the message of Islam. And if you feel that it right in it, and it's the truth, then obey.

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And his advice to people when the Quran read the translation of the Quran, like it's a message that's there, it's waiting, it's a goldmine, waiting for people to to submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala but they first need to allow themselves to take in. So listen to the Quran, read the Quran, he was saying, right? read the Quran and if you read the Quran, you'll find that every single answer that you were looking for, he said every question he had was answered in the Quran. Every question he had was answered in the Quran. Right? And so when we recite through the Quran, you know, Allah subhana wa tada and it says, affiliated peroneal Quran. The problem is people don't people don't

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listen to the Quran. And they don't ponder over the content. And in fact, even us as Muslims, how many of us completed the translation completed reading through the translation of the Quran if you don't speak Arabic for those who speak Arabic Alhamdulillah right.

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But for those who love it, that doesn't mean that you understand everything. Right? That doesn't mean that we understand everything. Brothers and sisters, it's enough for us to listen to Allah subhanho wa Taala here in the corner, and he says a fella Ted baru.

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Allah khudobin Uk fellow or our hearts locked up, right or their locks on their hearts. All we need to do is simply listen. And you'll see videos on YouTube as well, where people are walking down the streets and like metropolitan cities, New York City, downtown Chicago, wherever it is right? p videos of the recitation of the Quran simply allowing non Muslims to listen to the Quran. And when they hear the Quran, you can see Sakina just tranquility enters upon them.

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Some of them they asked like what is this? I've never heard of this before. This is this is so soothing. It's so relaxing. What is it? It's the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's the word and command of your Creator. And if you feel at ease with the words of your Creator, then there's a sign in that for you.

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That you've acknowledged and you've accepted and embraced, that there is something greater than us.

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Back there is Allah zoa Jen, who is to be worshipped, and we submit to Allah Subhana, WA, whatever. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah says

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in verse number 25, Indeed, those who relapse into disbelief after true guidance has become clear to them. It is shade on it is safe eating, that has tempted them, luring them with false hopes.

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Very sad.

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Very stat and very, very sad is the condition of those who had Islam

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and relapsed or turned away,

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turned away

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from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Of course,

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when we're talking about this habit of the longer I'm home, they didn't have Islam, those who were born into Muslim families, right?

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early stages, they were all from amongst the Quraysh.

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And they received from hundreds of Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so Allah says, Indeed, those who relapse into disbelief after true guidance has become clear to them. It has shaped on that has tempted them, moving them with false hopes. What are the false hopes, beauty of this dunya relaxation, comforts right? That never last forever? mminton pleasure and fun, that eventually goes away. Right We become older and we become more stiff and it becomes very difficult for us to do things. And so will Lawson henwood. Allah says that is shaytaan who was tempted those who left Islam and have turned towards falsehood. That is because they said Allah Subhana Allah says about them early can be unknown God will lead in a carry who man is that Allahu

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Sen, sen eurocon v Berkeley under law we are in Israel.

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That is because they said privately, to those who also detest what Allah has revealed, we will obey you in some matters. But Allah fully knows what they are hiding. Right? And so these whispers of shavon to pull people humans away from Allah subhanho wa Taala, especially at a time of submission.

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And we I'm pretty sure most of us know someone or know of someone who knows someone who was upon Islam and then left and my brothers and sisters, it's important for us to be upon Islam with the understanding of Islam and this is why just before it Allah subhanho wa Taala says a dead bear rune Al Quran

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don't they ponder over the Quran we understand in order to ponder and we need to ponder in order to understand

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right? So they go hand in hand. So we from amongst those who will sit and we'll think and we'll analyze and dissect what Allah subhana wa hannahs can, demanding us to do.

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And try to understand it and implement it in our lives. He says it is those sorry that that is because they privately said to those who also detest what Allah has revealed, we will obey you in some matters, but above all, he knows what they're hiding. Right and that's it.

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That's the hypocrites right? Then how horrible will it be When the angels take their souls?

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beating their faces? How horrible will that be? And the angels take their souls away.

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At that point in time they will realize the life that they lived, but it'll be too late. This is because they follow whatever displeases Allah and hate whatever pleases Him and He has rendered their deeds void. I can living a life doing everything that displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala had

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and they themselves don't want a loss of habitat is pleased with so for example, the law says, you know, we have to believe in a lot now don't feel like doing that. Right? You have to pray you

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don't feel like praying, right? You have to find Ramadan don't feel like fasting. Why not? If you understand the sweetness of email and you understand the sweetness of fasting you'll understand the sweetness of it and Lila you'll enjoy it.

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Right? And so because of their heat towards doing and loving What's good, not a lot likes and their desire and drive to Japan with Allah is displeased with a las panatela says, For

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the rent rendered their deeds voice

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and the loss of power with Allah says or do those with sickness in their heart that Allah will not be able to expose their mouths? Do they think that Allah subhanaw taala will not be able to expose them? Of course not. Right? Allah Subhana Allah knows what we reveal, and what we conceal what we have within us and we what we have upon us, right? Every single thing is known to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We could move off into Surah Taha gerat verse number 10. Okay, let's go to verse number 10.

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All the way to verse number 18 till the end of the surah inshallah, okay. Surah Hojo, right.

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Verse number 10.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, In Nirmal me Luna

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for all slay, who die in a hallway con, what token all learn

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span with Anna says the believers are but one Brotherhood in MLM miuna equa. As in believers, both men and women, they are brothers and sisters to each other.

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So make peace between your brothers. Right you are the same you are together, you believe in Allah Subhana Allah you believe in all the things that Allah has revealed. submit to Allah and come to the unite to your hearts for us who have been awakened. So make peace between your brothers, what duck lawful of Allah so you may show mercy. So you may be shown mercy. See, my brothers, this idea is not just telling us to fix our problems with other Muslims. It's also encouraging us to help other Muslims who you know have an issue amongst themselves to come together as to resolve their problems. Monsters tonight are 27th night. What do you see happening on the 27th night of I'm on fundraiser,

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right? fundraising galore. And this is why I love when the mustard is open. When our mustard is open and humbling we're not going to do any fundraising when the masjid is closed. We have no donations coming in. We have to encourage people more online. And so here oh pennyweights Anna says in normal me No, no. For us, the whole been awakened, like encourage people to come together. And this sad thing is is that we know that as Muslims are supposed to come together. But on the 27th night everyone is seeking out their own benefit. So masajid are trying to benefit themselves and they're trying to pull everyone a we need your donations and organizations are trying to pull each other

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together. And it's like, we need to be working together and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah as Muslims a loss of habitat, his book Baraka in our earnings and our provisions, and we can spend a little here and there, right? We can share it in multiple places. My brothers and sisters remember, one of the things we need to do is not just bring individuals together, we need musicians together. We need to bring understanding to the table. How many times and I'll say this now and you know that it has effects

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For short, it's affected you how many times is it the beginning of Ramadan? And you or someone in your family is doing is starting Ramadan on a different day? How many times does it come to the end of Ramadan and for either fitter we are read on different defenitly members doing it read on different days. I remember in the last few years Subhan Allah

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Hola, La quwata illa Billah right in the last few years, we would find people Emily's mother, father, children, right? fan of people. The father is saying I'm doing read one day the mother saying I'm doing read another day the children are saying forget to read our mother and father can't figure out which day they want to do it read together then we just won't celebrate. We'll celebrate it one day with one of them and another day with the other one. And that's simply to please the parents not to please Allah subhanho wa Taala hat to my brothers and sisters, we go back to what we were talking about a fellow at the Berwyn Al Quran. We need to stop these arguments. And I know it's

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not read your shoulders, but you have the ability to at least have your family do it read on the same day. Don't split up the family. And if you're the husband, and you're saying no, we're doing it another day and the wife is saying we're doing it another day for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala had tried to find some common grounds and do a read as a family on the same day. Now people say how are we supposed to do that? When within our own city there's division one mustard is doing one time I never said another time another one another time another mustard another time. Like if you look across the GTA we have over 200 different massages and masala is maybe maybe even over 300

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and it's every single one of them is like well we're doing it this we're following that we're following this. And the question is always there like Well, what do you follow? Brothers and Sisters as a community we should be following things together.

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should be doing things together. And read is it time to be happy not a time of division. If we're divided on the day of varied then what does that say about us as an oma?

00:27:13 --> 00:27:32

What does that say is you know about us as an oma and I know there'll be people out there and go but that would that shows the flexibility the resilience that shows you know the the understanding and the compassion of the dean Yeah, it shows it. But what are people understanding about it as well? And are we supposed to be doing this in a day? Or should we come together

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and so I know that from an organizational

00:27:37 --> 00:28:20

angle, it's not really on your shoulders, it's on mine. It's on mine to try to influence and you know people like me who have this position a position of leadership position of being mmm you know, the the people who are responsible for massaged whether they're thumbs or you know, educators or even directors or board members and management ensure we are the one really have to get our act in order. We need to think of the greater good of our Muslim community and we need to try to work together to try to bring harmony within our Muslim family first and foremost and then to give an example of this Deen to the rest of society

00:28:21 --> 00:28:22

is going to take time

00:28:23 --> 00:28:28

to take time, but we'll work towards it. We will work towards it in sha Allah.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:32

Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

00:28:33 --> 00:28:34

He says

00:28:36 --> 00:29:15

all believers do not let some ridicule others they may be better than them. Nor let some women ridicule other women they may be better than them. Do not defame one another right? Do not defame another well attend Mizzou and full circle when I attended the zoo bill. Allah Subhana Allah says do not defame one another, nor call each other by offensive nicknames how evil is it to act rebelliously after having faith right after having faith, big Sally small for su casa del Eamonn.

00:29:17 --> 00:30:00

And whatever does not sorry and whoever is not repent woman Lamia to Allah eco home avani Moon whoever does not repent. It is they who are the true wrongdoers. So calling each other names ridiculing each other defaming one another putting each other down this is not the way the way is to come together and Allah Subhana Allah mentions in the Iraq before in them and meanwhile aquatint for ostomy Robaina awaken what Taka La la la quinta honeymoon, right fear of loss of hundreds and to be mindful of Allah azza wa jal right, and then we continue on till Arab so the rest of the surahs panela You know, I think you can read it on your own

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But if we were if we jumped let's say, you know take a few examples verse number for Nemo Nino and La Nina um and we'll be learning what I saw from Bellamy are terrible wotja had to be a marine we're enforcing him v Sabine Illa hula ecohome the true believers are only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger never doubting what comes from Allah subhana wa knows what was sent to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and strive with the wealth and with their lives and the cause of Allah subhana wa Tada. You give from your time give from your energy, teach others you learn to Hades Balu who I knew when I teach someone else a verse of the Quran, share in your wealth with others, Allah

00:30:41 --> 00:30:45

subhanho wa Taala will put haven Baraka in it, they are the ones

00:30:47 --> 00:30:49

who are true in faith.

00:30:50 --> 00:30:53

They are the ones who are truth.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:01

And we're in there insha Allah

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for today, because to go live from the masjid, later on, 45 in sha Allah to Allah, and remember that tonight for the first 200 people that come to the masjid for you know, donation drop offs, right, it's just going to be a drop off the hamdulillah the management, you know, arranged

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through Paramount and hamdulillah mount Fine Foods, our Valley May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless family and his his business and

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you know, hamdulillah they sponsored 200 meals, 200 meals for the first 200 people that come out, to donate to the masjid and hamdulillah

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and those that are, you know, at home and able to donate from from their home, but there's a lot of elderly in our community and a lot of people who prefer to give cash or prefer to give back or dropping off their pledges or the boxes, we need these returned as well. So if you can swing by tonight and drop these data, and for the first 200 people they will be receiving, you know, a meal sponsored by Paramount Alhamdulillah and you know, it's making me hungry already. Just thinking about it. My boss Subhana Allah bless every single one of us tonight starting at 930 in sha Allah who to add up to, you know, see some of you and actually have a few things in my car personally that

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I want to give to some families who I noticed, you know,

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just when a loss of hanaway to add a trigger something in my heart, I have some gifts for you as well in sha Allah Allahu Kayden will barakallahu pucon

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we, you know are starting stopping a little bit early, like I said earlier, just that it gives me some time to get everything set and packed and ready to head over mustard later on. And there are lots of hanway to accept from every single one of us. Now lots of panels, you and your family and grantee, the best of this dunya in the best of the earth era. A young of a very fee, Ramadan mobile product to you and an early Barak to you and your family as well. Allah subhana wa bless you in England hamdulillah.

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So May Allah which Allah accept from all of your good deeds and your efforts and allow us to continue to maximize from this month of Ramadan and I'll share one last thing with you, you know, today, just being at the masjid in my office, the amount of phone calls that came in and

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it seems like everyone just keeps asking, when is it read? Which day is read which day is read and in my mind, I'm thinking why are we as Muslims thinking of read, let's just focus on

00:33:41 --> 00:34:28

them about, alright, let's focus on them about when it comes from us. We don't need to prepare so many, especially this year, right? We're not gonna have the read prayer, the large reads gatherings and prayers so everyone will be at home and shot alone. You know, we'll go live and share with you a few pieces of advice and Hadeeth and Ayad and panelists will be able to, you know, lead being at home this year. And you know, it's time to relax, give it all you've got, and then relax on the David Eden shuttle van had barakallahu figure tonight at 945 live. And once again, you know the drive thru donations would be open from ICM later tonight starting at 930 and the first 200 people

00:34:28 --> 00:34:37

received meals from Paramount find foods. Zach malacanang Baraka lo fi comms mechanical lawnmower behind ignition we learn that in less than 10 and still Filipina to be naked.

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