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Who was Imam Nawawi? What is his 40 Hadith collection about?

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So let's get into the introduction of a mountain lion. What is this book about? So one thing we know for sure, if not, no, we're not going to lie in this book. He is collecting 40 Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Now, first of all, FYI, this book does not have 40 Huggy that has 4200 Okay, first thing, but the reason why it's called a 40 100 collection is to round it up to the 40 because there is a virtue mentioned in some ahaadeeth regarding 40 haggis collection. So before we get to all of that, I thought I would start off by actually reading

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the introduction of human readable government Allahu Allah is 40 Hadith collection.

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He starts off by saying Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah mean for us somehow it would have been

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would have been a holla if marine by February salatu wa salam O Allah him mukalla Finley hedayati him Fabiana Shara Deen with della della Kataria T. Er Wow, the heart in Bora Bora. When a mother who Allah jhemini near me he was a local museum in poverty, he will calm me down this first part more or less, he's praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's a summary of it. And he's also

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now why is he praising Allah subhanho wa Taala because we know that any action you start you always start in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala there's one Hadith that tells us then any action that has started without the name of a law has no better climate. So he starts off doing exactly that. The second thing is that any project you start writing, any goal that you want to take on you always praise a lot at the beginning because Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one who can give you the ability to complete that.

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Who can give you the ability to carefully and properly execute what it is you're going after. So that's why the importance of 100 100 100 always praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and the truth is that when appraising when a person thoughtfully praises Allah subhana wa Tada. When a person thoughtfully praise Allah subhana wa Tada. That's when you learn to build an intimate bond with Allah subhana wa tada because you forgave him, praise him for his favors upon you. You think about them, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who created the skies and the earth he was the one who he is the one who maintains the skies on the earth. This has an effect on reading was delivered to

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us through the prophets, you know, and these are hobbies are clear proofs. And these are how these were delivered to us because Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the prophets by the rooster, Allah is the one who sent the prophets. And then he says to Allah, Jimmy, I mean he, I praise Allah for all of his favors, will so we'll mosey them in fatherly he will call me and ask a lot to shower me with more of his favor and more of his honor. Then after that, he testifies in the oneness of Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Karim is of worship under Mohammed Abu Wahhabi boo, boo,

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Lu T. Wel, l mukarram. Bill Corolla ezines, Bill Corolla Aziz and Marja t l Mr. Marathi Allah artemisinin, ob Sunni al Mr. Neeraj t Mr. Shi Deen al Matsui, Giovanni alkalyn. For sama has it been sort of lots of law he was around for a while so he didn't have been while marine. Ali Ali, Ali coolin wasa is thought of him. So in this part, now he's testifying in the oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he sends us allocations upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and praises the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for being the one who is the Beloved of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Servant and Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one who was honored by the miracle,

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the continuous miracle of the Koran, the Honorable put on, which was sent after a long drought there was no revelation for such a long time. And then the revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala came and Allah subhana wa tada also blessed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with beautiful with a beautiful sinner with a beautiful sinner. And his he was Massoud maybe to be Giovanni. I'll call him this is a very beautiful praise he uses to praise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What does that mean? Elon Musk Sue speech Obama I'll call him Elon Musk Seuss means he was unique. He was special with this big awami alkalyn with concise statements. The promise of a lot while he was

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someone make a small statement. And 1400 years later, scholars are still commentating upon that one statement. Still going to the depth of it. You know, when I I'm teaching Heidi's this year muscato masabi to the students at the fundam Cemetery. Those were in the advanced years. And when I sit in teach them sometimes we open up one Heidi, there was one time we discussed one had been for almost one hour. And one of the students in the class that to me, I never imagined there could be such commentary on a hottie for one hour. By the way, it was a one hour of stories and it'll go to Cuba karnavati it was one hour of proper commentary, like you know, a flawed and opinions and how

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The hoodies and what we derived from the hobby and the context of the ideas and the meaning of the ideas and how to implement that hoodie and as we were going through it the students were amazed and I said to them this is the Joe ami I'll call him a prophet for a long while and he was sort of how the process of allowing it was Adam had these precise and concise statements and we'll learn this through the class while we're reading these a Heidi for the purpose of a lot of student will exercise many of these he then says I'm about I'm about is a transitional statement. This is the statement you put inside your macadam or or in your letter in your introduction or in your letter,

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once you're done with the praise and ready to talk about and introduce the science in the book. So now he's ready to introduce the book. He said further away Anna and Alibaba Vitaly, well Abdullah him live in the Scruton when why the bridgeable Ibiza webinar, Amara webinar, Botswana's cinematic wabi Herrera, Wabi Sabi the new hoodie rhodiola han han Min tooru, pin kathira, beanie, wiarton muthana, we add, he says that we have, he narrates a bunch of Sahaba and said that through all of this, however, we receive one narration and the narration comes to us through many pathways meaning there are many chains that narrate this have you and what is this genre of Hadith under a pseudo law

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he said Allahu Allah was so Sallam Paul Madhavi de la Amati albarino Hadith and Emilie de Neha Botha Allahu taala Yama, Yama fiumara tim fuqaha he went

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off he revised in Vasa Allah who 41 element of filial piety. Welcome to the who Yeoman chiamata shanwa shahidan Ophelia YTV Massoud Kira, who made a wobble genetti *ter feederwatch Yama, katiba fiza, Marathi Rama Maharshi Rafi zomorodi Shahada, so he narrates all these a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever memorizes 40 Heidi, that's one interpretation or one translation of this Have you or the more accurate translation of this Have you this whoever preserves or safeguards 40 Hadees for my oma that relate to the matter of this religion? Many anyone that preserves 40 Hadeeth for them so people can come and learn them. What does that mean? Maybe

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preserves them as a book writes them as a document. That's why I always tell my students that I encourage every Muslim to compile a 40 Hadith collection. Every Muslim should compile a 40 Hadith collection, you don't need to publish it. It doesn't need to go online. It doesn't need to be in an online bookstore. just collect it for your own benefit. that these are my favorite 40 a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as a Muslim when I studied the prophets, a hadith when I read them, he's a 40, a hadith that meant something to me. And you can choose a common theme as you might know, we will talk about up ahead, I would love to see someone collect 40, a Hadith of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that relate to the youth. We have 40 a hadith regarding the wives of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam and 40, a hadith Arnica and 40 a hadith on this and 40 Hadith on that, I once came across a 40 Hadith collection. It's called the 40 hadith of Muhammad, which means there are 40, a Hadith, and all the narrators and all 40 of these ahaadeeth guess what their names are? Muhammad, and Muhammad, even Mohammed, Tara Muhammad, and Muhammad Samyama, Muhammad, Muhammad that's kind of like within the chain of narrators, narration sounds like Mohammed, Mohammed Mohammed. And then there's another famous 40 Hadith collection, in which the author of the 40 Hadith

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collection what he did was he collected 40 ahaadeeth. And you guys ready? From that's one from 40 Hadith, he collected 40 compiled nations of 40. Heidi, I have that book at home, by the way. So there are 40 honey collections, and this author collected 40 collections of 40 100 collections. So this time 40 by 40. And that's how many have you throw in that book? Okay. Um, there's another one that I was referring to, in which the author what he did was, this is prior to having access to easy transportation. He traveled to 40 different major cities and narrated one honey from each of the major scholars there. So there are 40 Heidi from 40 major cities so these people had a different

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tastes a different spin on what they were looking for. They created a thesis a hypothesis what they wanted accomplished, and then they Calcutta collected 40 honey. Now, the one who does this, what's their reward or what have you, it says that they will be resurrected in the group of the scholars in jurist. One Hadith says that that person will be resurrected as a scholar and a juris. What have you It says that that person

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I will intercede on behalf of that person and I will testify on behalf of that person to Allah subhana wa tada What have you tells us that Allah subhanho wa Taala will say to that person and turn into whichever door agenda you want to enter through Subhan Allah and what he says that his name will be written in the group of scholars and he will be resurrected with a group of the martyrs. Now after narrating all of these a heartbeat if I'm never gonna have to lie, what does he say? He says, what the photographer favelas and who had even very fun, we're in Costa Rica who

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said, Africa

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All these narrations regarding 40 ahaadeeth, and their virtue.

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All the scholars who are masters and

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the masters of hobbies are in consensus, that a hadith relating to preserving 40 Hadith are all weak,

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even though they come through many chains, but as you might know, you don't have to lie to himself saying they are all weak. But just because they're weak does that, does that mean about nobody that is not gonna write this book?

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Does that mean him? No, he isn't gonna write this book, a week. Hadid still has a place in the religion, and he's gonna address that very soon. So how he addresses It is very interesting. He starts off by saying, there were other scholars before me who practice practice these had these two. So he's kind of taking the blame off himself. He said there were other scholars who did it as well. And he starts off by saying, what are the some of the fellow Lama? radi Allahu anhu he had Al Bab mela you saw Amina masala fat so many books have been written in this genre of 40 Hadith collections that you can't even count them. For our lumen alum to husana Fie the first scholar who I know my

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number is saying who wrote a 40 Hadith collection was Abdullah ibn Mubarak sama Muhammad Aslam a to see someone who doesn't abuse soufiane and NASA we were Abu Bakar jewelry, Abu Bakar Mohammed bin Ibrahim, Alaska honey what God kutani what Hakeem wobbu I am Rama tsunami, Al Malini

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Assad Guney Abdullah Mohammed Al Ansari, Abu Bakr, very happy and he says there are so many of them, he lists a bunch of them and says and you know, there are so many of them who've written in this field. And for those of you who know these names, you know that each of the people he named are giants, they are considered as a point of reference in their fields of expertise.

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Then after that, he says, Well this is the heart of LA to Allah feagin free Germany out of Marina Hadith and then I made it harder to Allah subhanho wa Taala on collecting 40 Hadith 50 that I'm behind will I metal Allah, so I can follow those great scholars and their practice will have fathered Islam and the protectors of Islam.

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Allah Allah Allah Jalla wa salam ala will Hades life feel for that. He says the scholars agree that it is permissible to practice upon weak narrations when it comes to matters of virtue. Now, just because it's weak doesn't mean it's discarded. And just because it's weak doesn't mean it's practiced. Even when it comes to the matters of virtues, there are certain conditions that must be met. The scholars, they say there are three conditions that must exist in a weak narration in order for it to be practice. What is the first thing

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the weak Hadees is related to Virtus? And it has reminder in it, it reminds us It encourages us to do good deeds, it is not related to legal rulings. And neither neither does it relate to

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Arpita creep belief because you cannot establish your creed through a weak narration. Everyone understand that? And neither can you establish a 50 ruling for a weak narration.

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The second thing, the weakness cannot be extremely weak.

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It can be weak because even weak narrations are of different degrees, which is such a beautiful thing in our Islam that we have this detailed concept of what is a weak narration what isn't a weak narration.

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And the third thing, the Hadees must not contradict a proper understanding an established understanding of Islam or a general principle Islam of Islam, it can't bring anything new, and it shouldn't contradict something that's already established.

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So now I'm not going to lie. By the way. For those people who have a problem with with weak narrations. You're going to have a big problem with a person by the name of Muhammad Yunus May.

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I recall once I was in a discussion, and during the discussion, I quoted a hadith and the person in front of me said who's the Ravi? I said Mohammed bin Ismail. He said that he's a weak narrator. What did he say? He's a weak Narrator And the Hadith you quoted is weak. I said, Well, the Hadees I quoted is weak. That's true. But the fact that you're saying the humbleness man is a weak narrator. That's not true. Because you know, Mohammed Yunus males, more common name is remember how to

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allow them to copy. Human quiet is like Oh, man, you played me, Sheriff. I didn't know that. I remember what his real name is. Muhammad Yunus may

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be carried on with the law. They wrote many books by the way. And not all of his books only consisted of authentic narrations. mahadi himself says I have memorized 200,000 authentic narrations. And I have memorized 100,000

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on the other way around 200,000 week narrations 100,000 authentic narrations and in his saying Bahati, he has no more than 7000 ahaadeeth. So if you believe remember, Hades goal was to collect all the saints of youth in the world. He himself shows a discrepancy of 93,000 a hobby

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and remember hard enough

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is a commonly taught book to students of knowledge people read it all the time. Maybe sometimes in our community maybe at some point in our community we can cover a lot of with Muslims as well. In their in my memory brings a man Buhari brings weak narrations to. So this understanding that weak narrations have no place in the deen is not a traditional understanding. It's not the understanding of them had the theme and in my malware, nearly right here is just blowing it out the window.

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But he says even though I'm going to compile this 40 Hadeeth Well, Mr. hodda, Felisa tema de Allah hodel Hadith I'm not doing it because of the Hadith of the 40 Hadith. That's not why I'm compiling this 40 Hadith it's not because of the weak narrations above the reason why I'm compiling 40 Hadith he says, but other polystone Allahu alayhi wa sallam fil a hadith newvalue Shah who mean come alive, is because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his farewell sermon of hydrated WA, he said, Those who are present should convey my word to those who are not present. I'm following that honey puffs of Adam. And he said, Well, he said a long while he was selling nothing but a low limit on

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some yamakawa T for aha, aha, come SME Aha, may Allah subhanho wa Taala enlighten or brighten the face of the one who heard my statement, and he preserved it and then conveyed it to someone else, just as he heard it, meaning didn't cause any change. as Muslims we are very particular how we narrate the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you're not sure the exact statement that you're narrating then always add at the end of it. okoma thought

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okay, my thought means something similar to this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said.

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Then he says former minella olema man, Jamal arbaeen Dino baldwinsville for abbadon filthy Hello bottom facade

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wakulla ha ha sido soy Hutton radi Allahu la casa de la, he said and many scholars came they compiled 40 ahaadeeth with different intentions. Some scholars, some scholars compiled 40 Hadith on the principles of the deen while some compiled 40 100 on the on the for the lower issues of the deen while some scholars compiled a 40 100 collection just on the topic of jihad, and some scholars compiled the 45th collection just on Xu asceticism. Some scholars collected 40 Hadith on the importance of other proper manner, some compiled and then he continues on with all these different reasons why they compound. He says what other acgme arbaeen Hama minha Cooley.

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Well, Your Honor, Hadith and Mr. militant Allah Jamie Dalek, he said, however, I have a plan. And my plan is not to compile a 40 Hadith collection on one subject. It's to compile a 40 Hadith collection that covers all the subjects. It's going to be all inclusive, I'm going to bring everything into it. Well, kulu, Hadith and minha tuna de Mattoon Khawaja Deen and every Hadith I will compile in this book, will be a principle from the principles of the dean

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will call the wasa for whom

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Allah Allah will be sorry, Maka wasserfall. hula LML be under Medina, Islamic alayhi wa one is full Islam with Alec and he said I will be inserting a hadith that scholars themselves will say regarding this hadith that these are these are some of them are half of the month. Some of them are one third of eemaan meaning These are big, very important principles that are part of our religion. Now he starts closing off by saying as you move your head the takuna Hatton or more of the Mojave so he he alcohol you were Muslim. He said, I will. My goal is to bring only authentic narrations in this 40 Haggadah collection. That's a very unique thing that always works. And in this one in particular, he

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said most of our hobbies that I will be quoting will be found it's a body and a Muslim. He then says well of Guru her mouffetard is not I will cut out the chain of narrators because if I read each chain with each narration, it's just going to become too long and too blowing up. So he says I have removed the chain of narrators Why yes hula hip Lucha

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will be her inshallah. So those who wish to memorize his 40 Hadees can easily do so. It'll be very easy for you to memorize it. I've shortened that Hadith. And he said also it'll be easy to benefit from it. Then he says from the bobbin he'd love to feel and finally he said if there's ever any words that are a little complicated, I will also help you understand them to William Boolean equally Robin will offer a yachtie for having a hadith anyone who has an intention or his desires towards the hereafter should dedicate time to learn these How do you manage them not only human animal human because they consist of very important subjects. Water without a human cambiado Jimmy a thought and

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it also it also covers and highlights the good deeds that a person needs to bring in their life. with Alec I thought he really meant that about and and what I am saying the importance of this book will be apparent to whoever reads this book. When it says lalala in our team it I trust a low in a hit the fee wasting it and I I rely on Allah subhanho wa Taala what I will have the one near and I all praises for a law and all fear was our fault law but we hit the fifth one Esma and Allah subhanaw taala is the one who guides and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who protects. Now, we've covered the introduction if I'm never going to have to lie two quick things that are left before we

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class, one thing, we're going to be studying 40 Hadith, so it only makes sense if we define what the word hidef means. So what does the word Hadith mean?

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Literally, new Latin. From a dictionary standpoint, the word Hadees means something new. The idea it's the opposite of something old. And the reason why not have youth is also used to refer to speech. And the reason why speech is called Hadeeth. Is because every time you say something, it's something new. It has a beginning, you initiated a statement before you initiated it, that statement didn't exist. So that's why Huggies is there. Villa Ducati as an opposite opposing to something old. Now, technically, when we use the term Hadeeth, what does it mean? Not leafa in an obese that Allahu alayhi wa sallam mean Polin, or phailin, Alta Kareem, all super thin, healthy, healthy.

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What does that mean? That whatever is attributed towards the progress of a lot while a Muslim, whatever is attributed towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from his statements, anything he said, it's now considered a hobby

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or his actions, anything he's did is not considered a hobby, or career him or something happened in his presence and he remains silent to it, that's considered a high need as well. Because the reason why that's something important is because had it not been permissible the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would have immediately prohibited thought that act because he was a prophet, he would not allow something to happen in his presence, or a characteristics of his or a characteristic characteristic or description of his that describes his physical features, or his internal character. So someone's saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more beautiful than

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the full moon. That's ahaadeeth because it's describing its physical features, or someone saying, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more modest than the newlywed while she is sitting inside or how they're just sitting inside her little camper little carriage. They're describing his characteristics.

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So now that we understand how the it is also important to know, how do you throw different grades there are authentic narrations. There are hussen good narration there are weak narrations. And then there are some narrations that are absolutely fabricated. If you're interested, if you are interested in learning more detail on these terms, and the different types and what their definition what their definition is, you'll need to study a more advanced and more detailed class. There's a class that I teach actually in this machine in the summer called the Hadeeth intensive in which we actually cover all of this and much more in a lot of detail. So we invite you to that class.

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Otherwise, there are many books on this. And there are many courses online that are easily available. The last thing I want to cover before I close today.

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It is a tradition

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that when we study howdy since next week, we're going to start the first How do you it is a tradition that before you study a collection of Hadeeth you cover the Hadith known as Elmo salad salad with a Walia.

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This is the first Hadith every student hears from their teacher. When I sat in front of my teachers, the First Lady they taught us was muscle syllable oleum cells that means something with continuty and Alia means the first time there are many a heartbeat like this for example, well sudden syllable Mustafa every time the students study this ideas from their teacher, what do they do? They shake the teachers hand will celebrate the bus some every time you study this ad from your teacher, you smile, because it's a hobby when you heard this ad from the Prophet he smiled. And then when he taught it to a student, he told his student you must smile too, and his student made his students smile. So

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similarly, muscle cell will match your thermal that the Hadith that when you teach this hadith the teacher gives the student two dates and some water, some some some water. These are all different types of what have you. So there's one quadruple cell cell bill over here, the Hadeeth in which the first Hadeeth every student hears from their teacher, so I will share this with you inshallah when Aziz while also sharing my entire chain of narration in this hadith. I heard the hydrothermal segment earlier from my dear teacher Schiff use of insult a man who taught me this hadith in England, while I was studying in the Battle of doom, in the outskirts of Manchester in a small

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little village called Rams bottom. And he studied it from his teacher ship, Mohammed Zakaria, candle v. who studied it from his teacher shift. Yeah, and this was the first heartbeat he heard from his teacher shift. She's gonna go he and this was the first Hadeeth he heard from his teacher shift from his teacher chef, Lani magette to the deli and this was the first heartbeat he heard from his teacher shift Shah is hot the Halloween and this was the first Hadeeth he heard from his teacher shift shot of the nausea the Halloween

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and then from there I'm just going to read the rest of the Hadith and the rest of the chain in Arabi inshallah, and he heard from his teacher shot Well, you Allah, Who says had the phinisi Adama, men love the heat to Jehovah and to be sent along while he was said he says that I heard the Hadith from my teacher.

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Say that while I was standing in front of the grave of the prophets of Allah Han he was so well who Oh, hi, Ethan similar to human and this was the first Have you ever heard from a teacher? by the hodza in Egypt, the chef Abdullah bin Solomon boiserie Paulo

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Hodges and Samuel to whom in Pearl Harbor chef, Mohammed shahir be shall we call ohanaeze and semi now hoomin off Barnaby a chef says when the Brahim and Desiree Mufti Shaheen call Oh, what do you think similar to human calasparra Chef mahathat sadan Mohammed Al mockery. Father who overthrew Hadith in similar to human Anvil El Camino Ahmed Al Hajj Giovanni Paolo Oh Hadith is similar to whom in a nutshell Islam RSV la salle de Rahim. tazzy pada wahoo Oh, Hadith and similar to human Tara Tara, who are Maha Armada Rabbani have been further Mohammed bin de Baca bin Hussain al Marathi Bala Oh Haji la policia ultimate love the chef in ASEAN Deen Abdul Rahim vinpocetine erahthi Carla

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ohanaeze in similar to human Tal hudsonalpha Mohammed bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim al Bakr Al Madani caller Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Jason, similar to me, Tara and achievable. For example, Latif in the name of the Luna and her Ronnie Paula ohanian. Similar to him in calasparra, ALLAH hafiz. I will follow each other up man, if no Josie follow or anything similar to mean, per se it's mainly been a bizarrely booty call or anything similar to human

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quality Abu Salim Ahmed bin Abdul Malik and more than Carla What do you think similar to homie calasparra Boko Haram Mohammed bin Mohammed much as the body color Whoa, whoa, whoa, have you seen similar to a woman called Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed bin Yahya al Rosa's caller Whoa, whoa whoa Have you seen similar now woman by Robin Bishop but how come Paula or have you been similar to them in Afghanistan and Ariana harder Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa different similar to women. And I'm having dinner. And it'd be fabulous mode Abdullah bin amor. If you're asked, and a beloved family will ask for the Allahumma Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call.

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This is the Hadith.

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Or raha moon yahama Homura Manta barakaatuh Allah Ilhan Omar hammelmann for your hammock among

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those around him in your home are among those who are merciful. The Merciful will show mercy to them. Those who are merciful amongst you, the Merciful will show mercy to you in a humble man. Have mercy on those that are in the earth or hammock woman for summer. The one in the heavens will have mercy upon you. This honey is musella. Alia and inshallah Allah is next Wednesday, we will start with the first Heidi, that in my middle of July it gathers and it's collection of 40

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there's one last little nook that I forgot to mention that I mentioned to you right now. This 40 Heidi collection mm hmm No, we don't need to LA Holly wasn't originally his. There was a scholar of Hades by the name of evil.

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Evil Salas started writing a 40 minute collection but was unable to complete it. He compiled 20 for a hobby

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and he wasn't able to complete it. Same I know we're not meant to lie. They started from where he left off and added another 28 Howdy, which made it how many in total 4200 so that's the background to this, this collection as well. And we'll stop here we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts Subhan Allah He will be hungry he Suhana Callahan, Mohammed ik shadow Allah, Allah Allah and istockphoto kono to blue lake, Afro dalada and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Somalia como la vaca