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The importance of living in the present is highlighted in the Sharia law, which is a path of conduct that is linked to a fundamental belief in sharia. It is a discovery and development process that is focused on protecting humanity's personal development and values, and is linked to the sharia's principles of conduct. The goal is to establish justice and peace, and practicing deeds is crucial. The speakers emphasize the need to act on it oneself and share it with neighbors to make it a habit.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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in Alhamdulillah nama the whole understanding of who and it's still futile when will the villa Himanshu rhodian fusina. What means the RTI Marlena Maria de la who for La mobila When my yo boo lil who follow her the Allah wa Shadwell La ilaha illallah who the hola Shadi color JELA Anisha V he will Mythili will cook you will normally wash Hello Ana Mohammed and Abdullah who are Soto sallallahu alayhi wa early he was lucky he was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Yeah, you have Lavina Ermanno top Allahu Akbar Ducati Walter Mutanda Illa, anti Muslim on All praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala who knows what we reveal and knows what we conceal, and even knows what the animals

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feel. We thank him we praise Him and on him we have reliance. It is to him we only turn to for true guidance. We asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the best of human beings and prophets. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on Holmby prays until the very end of our days. We asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy and to never lead us astray and for him to save us on Judgement Day.

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No doubt brothers and sisters, that Allah subhanaw taala brings to us new times to reflect over what has past brings us a sense of understanding and introspection for us to understand how to pave the future, the past decades that have occurred and still occur in the Muslim world, and the events that unfold have a direct role to play in the rest of the ummah. And one of the most important things for us to understand is to constantly see what are the trajectories of the Muslim community and how we as a family unit and also as individuals that make up this Muslim Ummah

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should act should deal with each other. How should we as a community plot our future? So we must reflect over the past in order to understand where we are going. As Malcolm X locking the whole law said people who don't know where they came from, will inevitably not know where they are going. Are they here to Allah

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Well, Lafarge ALLAH,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave us a way of life.

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that has been under scrutiny for many decades, has been under scrutiny since even the assumption of Islam. And this way of life is something that we must embrace and we must stand and we must also represent truly, first by acting upon it ourselves and then teaching others, starting with the closest to us, which we have permanent relationships in with, then our community members and then the greater neighbors and community at large. And this way of life is known as the City of Islam. The word Sharia in which this country and cities in this country have unfortunately, put under intense scrutiny until the point the word itself has become something Muslims are ashamed of the

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word itself, something Muslims don't know how to even appropriately rep represent or to respond to, in fact, cities in this community have actually adopted anti Sharia laws

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out of the fear and Islamophobia industry that have perpetuated this kind of belief, and especially the events that are unfolding in the world, for example, in Afghanistan, of the foreign occupation that we participated in, in this country. Now allowing the country to freely dictate what its future will hold.

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brings to this community here at home the reality of understanding how we as a community must represent our faith truly, and how we must share with our neighbors what the true meaning of Sharia means. This is of the utmost importance, because for the past couple of decades in this country, the number one group and continues to be under scrutiny in America has no doubt been among them, Muslims, Muslims who were made to feel a sense of cognitive dissonance about their Islam, about the fact that they follow Sharia and what that even means. And this is an incredibly important topic, because we that oncoming generations, are facing a generation of young people that did not have the

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background traumas that we grew up with. Whether it was the traumas of immigrating to this country from

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Play places of violence, whether it was the traumas of immigrating to this country from places of repression, or whether it was being traumatized by what happened in the past two decades in terms of the intense scrutiny, what it meant to be Muslim in America, to even say that you're Muslim, when names were changed from Muhammad to Mo and hijabs were taken off, and people needed to feel they need to adopt an Islam palatable to society. We need to understand this now more than ever, for a generation which our values as Muslims, is going to be scrutinized more than simply being Muslim as it was in the past. We live in a society now, where we as Muslims must think twice about just simply

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sharing the values that our faith represents, unfortunately, because of the dichotomy of the political structure of our country here, as well as the greater world and what it means to be a person of faith in modernity, in a secular society. And our children are the first group of people that if they do not get the right answers, they will be the first to also leave the Muslim identity and leave it as a cultural label, not a lived experience. The word Shetty on my brothers and sisters is something our Lord Allah subhanaw taala has given us as a way of life Allah subhanaw taala says shout Arlequin Mina de ma wasabi he knew how will lovey Oh hyena lake. One hour was Selena

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behavioral hemo Musa Isa anokhi Medina wala Tata for Roku fi tabula rasa El Masri kita melted room in a Allahu Yoji Tebbe he made a show where the HEMA you need Allah subhanaw taala says he has Shara legislated to you all believers, this way which we have given to all of the previous prophets and messengers, one faith under god indivisible, one faith as a god to all of humanity, one faith that is a way of life to know and and what we have revealed to you are prophets and what we reveal to Ibrahim and Musa and Isa, commanding them, uphold the faith and make no division in it. What you call those who reject Faith from the pagans, is unbearable to them. Allah chooses for himself

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whoever He wills and guides himself whoever returns to you

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The word Sharia as even far as an allowable as for honey say, it comes from Hua che, you still see Mt daddy in your Kudo fee, we'll call it Nigel Perrysville Wilder, which means the clear path, the clear path all the way to the watering hole, a flowing spring that you never get nourished from not just theory, it's something that will give you clarity and path. That's what the word comes from. And it actually entails every component of our faith, as well as the corporal and governmental and communal interactions. So if it's from the Sharia, that you pray to Allah, and it's from the Sharia, that you open the door for an elder, and it's from the Sharia that you don't raise your voice, when

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there's someone of respect. And it's from the Sharia to care about the neighbor and it's from the Sharia to give charity and it's from the Shetty up to be involved in a community. Nothing, Neff CNF see myself myself. This is all Sharia, often translated as as Islamic law. And that's why for those who say Sharia law, it makes no sense. Sharia Islam,

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who say Sharia law says this makes no sense Sharia Islam, and it refers specifically more so than just Islamic law. It refers to a divinely ordained path of conduct that governs ritual acts of devotion, as well as day to day life, when essentially people call anti Sharia. They're saying you no longer want Muslims to live here.

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Once one people claim that they are against Sharia thinking that it's about a particular component 1/50 of what Islam has made of, in fact, it is a call of ignorance makes no sense. Allah subhanho wa Taala says from Madonna aka Allah Shariati mineral Emery that Tubbataha Walla Walla Deen Allah Allah moon, now we have set you are Prophet on a clear way of truth a Sharia. So follow it do not follow the desires of those who do not know the truth. Allah subhanho wa Taala when he gave us a *tier Imam a call to the rocky Mahalo to Allah. He says a police Khalidiya to Lasota Minwoo in Alma was Sharia to Masha Allah holy rebel to him in a deen little Easton Najat this path that Allah gave us

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we as Muslims believe that it is the path to salvation. We as Muslims live upon this path, believing it will make us the most upright human beings. We as Muslims believe that the Sharia is the most pristine personal development programme in the universe. It will rectify the washy of humanity, the animal instinct of humanity that will not consider any accountability except accountability to Allah the Most High the highest level of accountability humanity needs today, if you look what our society collectively suffers from, it is a spiritual emptiness and vacuum that has perpetuated it is a spiritual vacuum that makes people adopt a moral value system that will denigrate the other that

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will harm the family structure that will harm the general community at large. And hence why we as Muslims believe that this is the most pristine way of living with our neighbors in a plural society that we that we are to understand mutually what the other believes in and also to assert our values as Allah subhana wa Tada has granted them to us. The Sharia is composed of two parts, one that is divinely revealed and one that is understood.

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The one that is divinely revealed is the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah azza wa jal says We have revealed to you the Quran, tibia and unluckily shape as an expounding of everything. You want to learn how to be a parent, you want to learn how to understand how to govern, you want to understand how to conduct charitable structures, environment, environmental awareness, or civil rights. Everything is in the Quran and the Sharia that Allah subhanaw taala has given us TBN and equally shake. The second part will my anti colonial hella in who are in the worker, you are your prophet, oh, you prophet. He does not speak from his own. Rather everything that he has said is a

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revelation that has revealed the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the part that is understood is the part where our scholars of Islam use the principles of understanding the Quran and Sunnah from the Sahaba of the Prophet a subtle set up and a Nabi SallAllahu de Sena myself to give us the rules of understanding how to derive application in modernity. And this is what the Sharia entails not just

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All but behavior and conduct Allah's prescription for human action. And the Sharia is a discovery of those rules to allow believers to obey Allah and to guide those who don't believe to this path. It reflects broader purposes and values. These brother purposes and objectives are six core objectives of the Sharia. They are life, religion, reason, or intellect, protection of wealth, family, and honor. This is what the Sharia came to for the greater benefit of humanity. So when somebody comes and says, we don't want Sharia, you don't want the preservation of life. You don't want the preservation of faith. You don't want the preservation of reason and intellect, because that is what

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the objectives of Sharia are. So when we look at the rules of Islam, we have to understand that the rules were set there, and the Sharia should be understood via its goals and objectives, beliefs and values before the rules itself. When your child comes and asks, Why should I do this? Why did Allah tell us to do this? If we don't explain the why the objective the goal, than the rule itself will be meaningless. It's like putting a BandAid on a wound and not realizing there's a tumor there before

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a father came to me in a city in America. And he says, Can you please talk to my daughter because she took off the hijab. And he was crying profusely. So I let him finish. And I said, you know, comforted him. And this, I want to ask you a very honest question. How much time have you spent with your daughter?

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Do you have a date night that you take your children out? Have you talked when's the last time you told her that she was beautiful? And share beauty is so priceless? There is no man that actually deserves it, but I will allow him How many times have you hugged her, told her she's She's beautiful and told her that you love her. And there was a silence there. And oftentimes, others have said to me, Well, you know, I'm busy at work. This is not an excuse.

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Work is an obligation, but your child has a bigger obligation than that. And I said, You know what, my my uncle, may Allah bless you, I want you to understand that what you're trying and asking me to do is to put a BandAid on a wound when there's a tumor that exists deeper with it.

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If our young generation and before that if we don't understand the makeup and construct of what our faith calls to, then what we essentially will do is focus on the aspects of our faith.

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That actually Allah azza wa jal focused on the objectives more and focused on the means for people to accept that faith that I shall not be alone and said, If the first laws and Islam were to be revealed, stopped drinking alcohol, and stop committing intimacy outside of marriage, she said, none of this ahava would have done it. But the first thing that were revealed is the verses about the hereafter, and connecting people's hearts to Allah, the Lord Almighty, His mercy and His love and understanding and reasoning and the rationality of faith and what we're working towards. And the fact that Islam is greatest claim is that there is another life to live. Islam's greatest claim is

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that the Divine is present in our lives, even if every molecule of our being wants to run away from them.

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And that everything we do is a cause and effect of our relationship with our Lord subhanho wa taala. She said then, after those ayat that people's heart become soft, and they understood the objectives of the Sharia. And then they accepted Dhaka

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narrated in the slide. I want you all to understand my brothers and sisters why mama daddy said in his book almost phosphor, these objectives is for the reason of what must slow Hollywood Hulk for the benefit of humanity and create and the creation. And it will call him said Allah sent the message to the messengers and sent the book so that justice will be established to humanity. Due to this justice, the heavens and the earth were established. If any signs of this justice become clearer in any form, or in any way than that is the law of Allah and His faith. Allah did not limit the paths of justice, it's evidence or sign in anything, nor did he reject any of it. Rather, the

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establishment of justice is what the objective of establishing it among humanity with due diligence and hence why

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Imam entertain me Rahim Allah Allah He said in Allah you came with Dola to the idea that one kind of calcula What are your team of walima? When Kenneth Muslimah Allah will establish a just country even if it disbelieves and establish an oppressive country, even if it is Muslim? And Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, in Allah you either have the deen the raw juillet Fajr

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Allah will aid even this faith, even if it's with a sinful person. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah says that those who establish justice, they will establish it first on themselves. This all entails that we as Muslims must apply what Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you will the innominate full facility Kapha enter into Islam completely. And I will address something my brothers and sisters that we need to take on honestly, truthfully, with ourselves. We are increasingly in America, living a pic your Islam kind of religion.

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We are increasingly in America following a religion of whatever I feel I want to apply in Islam and then leave the rest alone. We're increasingly in a community in a society where we don't focus on the aspect of what does it mean to completely apply the Sharia.

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When we focus on the superficial components of the Sharia, and we haven't bettered the content of our character in dealing with our, with our family, for example, with our spouses, with our wives, or husbands and our children, when we talk about the outward aspect of the Sharia, and we are people that are not people have integrity and honesty.

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When we talk about the components of the outward aspects of the Sharia, and we ourselves, must be the first ones to implement them. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to be of those that he

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blesses, to completely accept the Sharia and to live by the Sharia and to teach the Sharia with our actions before a statement statements of who to call the house of frolicking for Sofitel in the Hall of Fame.

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah wherever he was, so he was delimiter Simic Avila, my brothers, my sisters.

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We in the past decades of living in America, as a minority, no doubt come under intense scrutiny for our faith. It becomes very difficult sometimes to live outwardly Muslim in some aspects. Yes, we have been given Alhamdulillah the freedoms that Allah has afforded us to practice our deen in this country. But we must stand for our values unapologetically, we must teach our children our values. And to live unapologetically, we must not allow our faith to become a cultural identity marker alone,

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where we don't live Islam, but we call ourselves Muslim. This must be the discussions that you and I carry, firstly to ourselves, those around us from our family and our children. How is that done? Number one, we must be increasingly educated about our faith. We must learn the seed of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the point that that is our first reference point. We must understand the diversity of our community. And we must be welcoming to people that may have questions may have doubts, may have misconceptions may have come from an element of trauma. So many Muslims come from traumatized experiences. And that's why the great scholar as Eddie Mohammed Al

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Ghazali, Rama hula Allah, He says half of the world's disbelief is because of religious people that harmed others.

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Half of his disbelief is people who are upwardly looked looked religious, and they harmed somebody so that person eventually turned their back on Islam. They were forced to do something they were beaten to do something. How many of us we had teachers of Quran they beat us when they recited Quran when we made a mistake, you know what that does? This forever in your mind and grades with you an emotion of pain, with the most beautiful thing the words of Allah subhanaw taala. So when a person grows, they inertly naturally will not read the Quran, because there is an intrinsic subliminal feeling of pain. Imagine that pain is with other aspects of Islam. We must be welcoming, non

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judgmental, we must also be willing to humble ourselves

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and to lower our egos. That is true Sharia are my brothers and sisters because we talk about what happened in the past few decades. Now we must understand that the future is based on us educating ourselves and practicing our deen because I guarantee you

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look at the history of colonization and what Muslims have suffered because of it. Look at the history of Ben internal colonisation, and how Muslims have refused to learn from the things that have shackled their constructs of understanding Islam

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My brothers, my sisters. This conversation, of course, is just one hutzpah to initiate that discussion. How does that relate to very microscopic things like the family structure? How does that relate to the microscopic things? Like, what are the viable means for young people to find compatible spouses in society? What does that refer to in terms of dealing with the greater problems in society that we see today? Poverty is increasing in America. In fact, 57% of Muslims in America are under the poverty line. And this is shocking to so many people. Do you know why? Because there's an elite class divide in our communities, we may represent a side of the of the class poverty

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structure that is, needs to reflect where are the other Muslims in the community? And what can we do as a social responsibility to fulfill their needs? Where are those organizations and programs within the masajid to cater for that, and also women's programs, children's programs, and other things that the greater community can even benefit from? This is all part of the show to my brothers and sisters. And we must proudly and again, like I said, unapologetically represent our faith. And if we do not my brothers and sisters, then there will be people who speak for us misrepresent us, the Islamophobia industry in America has become a $42.7 million industry. That was 10 years ago. What is

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it now Allahu Allah.

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May Allah azza wa jal allow us to represent our deen truly correct the misconceptions, educate ourselves and the greater Muslim Ummah of what it means to truly implement Sharia. May Allah azza wa jal allow us to be of those he honors with Islam, that we live with Islam, and we die upon Islam and the last word we leave on this earth is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah is in Islam on muslimin Allahumma Salli Juana masala fina if you call him again, Allah Muhammad and mercy the Oxfam and rich Sahara and matalin Allah on Allahumma Afghanistan alumna well a man Aloha Marina now the becoming cablecar he didn't want muckety muck in Allahumma us the hierarchy that and I Allah, Allah

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Asli Mallanna Allah Shariati Qayyarah but Atomy Allahumma Inanna odo becoming a bull mu of Allah Mia hamara me Allah Allah is looking at either bein NAR hammer Rahim Allah Martha and Allah Allah how much female ba now on multiple Muslimeen Allahu Allah Hamilton our Melton Muslimeen Allah Murdock Nomura Sakata Habib You don't want to be in a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fear Allah Jannetty li wa salam ala whom I was sending Mubaraka habibi. I don't want to be named Muhammad while he was Socrates, brainwashed masala.