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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses Jesus's actions during a prayer, recapping lines of the Surah Al Imran and his actions during court. They emphasize the importance of recording one's actions and not rushing during long distance races. They also mention a new video about a race in a pool and a ban on certain activities. The need for people to stay on the witness's (the court) microphone and not take too long to recap is emphasized.
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when Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam used to stand up in the nighttime, he got so deep into so deep into it, listen to this hadith once the heart became, and he saw the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam praying in his night prayer, and he went and joined him.

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He joined the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in prayer. And of course, who wouldn't love to join the Prophet sallallahu is in prayer, but this was his nightly prayer. This was his private prayer. This was the one that he didn't make it short for the people behind him because there's not supposed to be anyone behind him. It's him, one to one with Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam started and he says, When the Prophet said, Allah has prayed, he prayed every single idea, slowly and steadily to the extent that I could count the letters he was saying, Allah, you know, one is to count the words how many words are saying, one is so slow that you can count the letters, there'll

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be as slow as this, possibly possibly close this out.

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He can kita boo, Roy fee, who then more than happy if I go as slow as that I can count the lettuce. But if I go faster than that, if I say the early kale key Taboola array, but if he gets way too much for me to count, right? So he must have been going slow as as the first time I do. And he said, Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, he read Surah Fatiha. Then he started surah baqarah and each time he read a verse, I thought, okay, he's going to go to recovery in a short while and he kept on reading and kept on reading and reading kept on reading. And he kept on reading and every time he came to an IR where he's supposed to ask Allah for something he kept on repeating it again and

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again. For example of the

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Dean do Nia Hassan and morphing wanting has been

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washed in Piemonte Hassan and down

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and he would repeat it. Rob burner.

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Finn Irati Rati has been wifing him Lottie has been

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and unrepeated. And every time he came to something to seek Allah's refuge, he would seek Allah's refuge and save again and again. And the Sahaba thought loop was seven was a maximum, the province of Allah Allah isn't going to read well to the end of surah baqarah and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam reached the end of Surah Baqarah. And he didn't go into RUCO. He started Surah Nisa.

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And the Sahaba is thinking this is getting very long now. And the prophets of Allah has been carried on till he finished all the verses revealed up to that time of Surah Nisa. And then he started sort of earlier Imran and he recited Surah Al Imran, you know how much all of this is, this is almost if we count all of the iPads revealed, and it's about five years, maybe not all the iPads revealed by that point, it would have been at least three or four years. That's a long time in that rhythmic thing to read. It's a long time, it's probably about I don't know, probably might be an hour, hour and a half could be hour and a half. I don't know.

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So Oh, could be an hour at least. So he's standing the old way with the prophecy last night, you're standing that long, it's going to it's going to be paying you Okay, now the Prophet sallallahu is and finally goes into ruku. So when he goes into court, it's a relief. It's a relief, because you're gonna recoup and you know what it Hassan, he says, he says his record was as long as he's standing. Allahu Akbar. And the and you might think, Wow, that is that is long. Now. I'm not asking any of you guys to do that tonight. Okay, seriously, you won't be able to manage it. This is a person building his Salah to a wonderful, wonderful point. This is our Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he said that

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he's standing up for that was same as his ruku. And his sujood was same as the ruku and he and the sahabi. He said, I want you to break my salon go.

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Now, now it's not for everybody. Now I'm not asking everyone to do this. I'm asking for us to do a five minute instead of taking two minutes for two tickets. Take five

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minutes for two records.

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You guys can take five minutes, take four minutes, take them all the time. So normal people will do two records in two minutes.

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Normal people, two records two minutes. Fast people will do two records in one and a half minutes to recap probably in one minute. That's really fast. Okay, if you can do two rockets in four minutes, three to four minutes, that's very good. If you can take two rockets and you can stretch it a bit more than that's excellent. And all I'm asking for if you can double the time for two rockets, say three to four minutes if you can double it, you'll see you'll you'll you'll get better and better and you'll enjoy more in fact when you stand there sometimes you will not want to you know some people think let me share share a secret with you some people think that

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if if we get people to do it slower I'm look I'm not talking about for the present. Hey, guys, please I'm not asking the Imam tomorrow. Yeah, to do the salah that in Assam Salah and you there for 15 minutes. Allah what happened you know, Hassan Ali came and he switched our Imam Yeah, I'm not talking about that here. I said for Salah you know, fine and even Tara we should be moderate. Tara we shouldn't be that slow. But you know, some places in taraweeh they go drome drome drome drome drome drome they want to just finish it

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they want to just finish it it's like a whole racing cause for them how many times they can hound the rockets are gonna you know like a like like a racing cars has gone.

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down instead of one lap, two laps, three laps four laps always come does 19 lovers gonna

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finish? And if people think that if they get to be like that, you know, how fast can I do it? You know what happens? People actually get more tired.

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Trust me, people get more tired. You know if I do a quick quick one here and I make you do recall and salute fast. Trust me you will be more tired by the end of it says Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah hasta Bula how are you? It's like doing some exercise and by the time you finish talking about us, trust me you'll be more tired. What I did is I went to one place I think it was in

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it was in Holland 1995 and did my taraweeh there

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and the people will use to fast Travie

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and I you know, the mom used to pray the moms for something like this. hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Rahmani Raheem Imani Kiyomi Dini eigenaar Buddha Yeah Can Stein and then also Ottomans that name was Robin Latina and I'm trying to immigrate in my womb era in mana ball in everyone. I mean, then, you know, whatever. The Mongolia and Nikita Amina the Quran, and he's just reading you know, whatever it might be in a pool in goon dunderhead gonna Mahabharata Viani Allahu

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wala homophone Rahim going after your Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah your boon caffine that's how the Imam used to read so I came and I said you know, I said to people look, I want to do be different and I stood up the first night and I explained to everybody I said look I'm not going to do to slow and I said guys, you've had years and years of you know

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kind of a fast Robin are super fast but it was a kind of a faster rally. And I said what I want to do is I want to you to experience with me not a slow Travi but a moderate one. Okay guys, I'm not in favor of reading some beef some brothers they go to Turabian like my god, three hours and the guy's got to go to work tomorrow I'm not in favor of that too. I'm not in favor of really fast rally and I'm not in favor of really slow to rally I'm in favor of a moderate rally.

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So I said I want you to experience it. So they gave me a chance I said fine, and I read I will

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hone in to him Moon Allah, time Tammy Roni or Habima common law whoever if you need

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more food or walking, putting up in your own law, however, assuming that you are in a more Hala and you're willing caffine in a loss for them or one more home, let you vote on him and now we move on, I mean, lineitem Babu

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one more who sent me on Ernie now just in between not too slow, not too fast, you know, by the time and and I was slowing a bit more towards the end a bit more because I saw that you know, what happened the first night, first night, you know, people who are used to this faster are we

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and suddenly you going slower?

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They're like, Nah, without having that. Complaints came seriously. Complaints came in always going that slow, slow and then after a while. Some left some left seems to some

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until the mustards, a few enter the mustards many stayed, but even then there was still few complaints. By the time I did two or three nights with them, and you know you slow it down a bit more then they get the den they really like it and I could slow down more and they would like it more and I'm trying I'm seriously you want to test it out test it out. I was

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good Newman.

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Web up on one June I'm Nika Lunella, and even econ on Febi. Ae

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be command to can the ban yes no homerun. FISA 31 Out of the mean who have finished very any.

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You won't be Kumar to can V ban and I know that can be quite slow for some people but you know why when you get to the 20s 20 Something night and if you're slowing it down and you because everyone used to it. You know what more people joined. Why people get used to it. Hey,