The True Qualities Of A Believer 01

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Many brothers and sisters ask

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that we are living in a world today where there is many, many problems.

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They say what is our position

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in our current life? What should we do? How should we do it? When should we do it? What is our stance as Muslims in our current

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The answer is very, very simple. The answer is very, very easy.

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And we know that whenever we want information

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in use, that the most authentic news is in no other than the glorious, perfect, excellent word, the uncreated word of the Almighty Lord,

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the Noble Quran, there you will find genuine authentic facts, news. Instead of watching CNN or Fox or any other garbage, gibberish, news on television, the news in the world of the Almighty Lord. So what is our position today?

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What should we do today?

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What should be our stands today? Let us reflect and contemplate

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upon a beautiful perfect verse in Surah

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verse number 35,

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the almighty lord said