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Marriage is a wonderful thing okay? It's one of the best things that's going to happen in your life in sha Allah say insha Allah I hear a very quiet inshallah in the room come on guys have some hopes is the best thing in your life is going to have a look you get born is the best thing for the world right you got born Yeah. And then the next biggest moment in your life is actually when you get married is one of the biggest moments in your life. You choose your partner, you get married, you have your own family and so on and everything inshallah from that point onwards changes okay, you're gonna have a new life inshallah. Now you look forward to a lot of things what is marriage about

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marriage is about you protecting your chastity, your protect your, your own honor, your dignity, you key helped you to keep your eyes down, it gives you a family because you need a family for the latter part of your life. Okay, you need a family. Now a lot of people are like, You know what I'm gonna do I'm not gonna get married, I'm gonna stay on my own. And we didn't do that when enjoy life. You can enjoy life right now. That's fine, you're 20 years old, you're 24 years old, you got your own job, you get 30 and you enjoy your life fine, you got your own flag, you got your own own, you know, on money and income. But what happens when you get to 45? When you get to 50? When you get to

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5560? You're gonna find out you're gonna start seeing everyone's got their own families that have got their own wives, husbands, children and so on. Where's my where's my family? Because your family most of them before you look right now, look, you're young. Let me let me let me break it up to you. Because some of you might not understand. Because the new world is all about independent, I have to be independent from everyone can do everything on my own. I can do everything on my own. Right now. You got mom, you got Dad, you got siblings, everyone's young and so on. Everything's going good in 25 years time, 30 years time, they're all gonna grow. Alright, when you become 45, your mom and dad

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are probably not around, you got to start thinking about that. There is something serious for you to think about. When you when you get old, you're going to find out there's something very, very different. You look at life very different. You need a family around you. So anyway, marriage is about a lot of great things, moments of happiness, you're going to share with one another. You need the other half you need a partner. Why? Because Allah created us as opposites, any opposites he created. They need each other. Alright, the night needs a day the day needs the night. These are opposites Allah created that where we stay in harmony with one another because we want one another.

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Allah created the man and the woman in that way that the man is not happy until he has his woman or the Melissa Salam he wasn't happy until how well was created in Jana. He had the whole of Jana. Imagine this the whole of Jana to himself. And he was became it became, you know, it was lovely to be in Ghana, but he had something missing. He wanted to share it with somebody he didn't even know because he never even saw another human being. You didn't know. And one day Allah azza wa jal, he created Hawa he just fell asleep and then when he opens his eyes, he sees this beautiful person. Oh my god, she's so beautiful. And she has what he doesn't have. And she has what he doesn't have. He

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was beautiful. It was this was this is the avatar of your life is the best part of you are you you get to be with the person that you have those things which the other person doesn't have