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It's getting your character aligned with the character of the prophets a lot is to them. That's at the center of this teaching. It's trying to align your character with the character of the prophets lies to them so that you actually follow his son. I'm one of the things that a lot of people do, they follow the sun of the beard, the sea, whack the robe, they take all these outward

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sunon but then they don't follow the Sunnah of smiling.

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Like they'll never smile.

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Now, the beard is an important signal, there's no doubt about that.

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But anybody can grow a beard.

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Do you know it's it's it's an effortless practice, you just don't shave?

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Seriously, it's effortless.

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But smiling.

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When you don't feel like smiling.

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You know that it takes effort to do that. And that's why it's one of his amazing Sooners is that he was constantly smiling about the hug. That's one of his names, the one who smiled. And he always smile when he saw people you know he he greeted them with a smile. And there are amazing principles. And one of the examples that I've used many times and Shambala. You can ask him about this because he was there and witnessed this. The prophets I seldom said

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that none of you will enter Paradise until you believe and none of you will believe until you love one another. And then he said, Can I tell you something that if you do it, love will begin to grow amongst you? And they said yes, indeed Rasul Allah, and he said, spread peace amongst you. Now, the primary meaning of that is actually give the greeting of peace of shoe set on Vayner calm, but it also it obviously has just what it means spread peace amongst you.

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But what you know, we were, we were in Medina, and we used to go every morning, the same door, and there was a man, they're very grumpy man, you know, one of these guards at the door. And the first day I said, saramonic, come to him. And he just he looked at me, he's like,

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and then the next morning came, say, Man, I was just shut up Darla, and I smiled, said I'm not a con. And he was like, Why do you come sit? Um, you know.

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And then the next day I came, same man's True story. And I said, Sir, I'm at a con. And he looked at me and just a tiny smile broke.

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And then the next day I came, and I just sat on line, a comb, you know.

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And I swear to God, shut up the law. He was there, he came up, and he hugged me.

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You know, just it takes work. People don't they don't, we don't want to do that work to break down these, you know, human icicles. And people have reasons why they are the way they are. And a lot of it is just they didn't get enough hugs when they were kids or whatever. I don't know, there's a lot of reasons for why people are in the state the lack of trust that they have for other people. There's a lot of reasons.

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But that that aspect of our Deen is so ignored.

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You know, this aspect of just add up and treating people with respect, you know, with human dignity. It's so ignored. And then the Muslim Omar wonders why nobody treats us with respect. We don't treat each other with respect.

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why should anybody respect us? Why should God grant us that gift of being respected if we don't respect each other, you know, if we don't have just basic ethos, you know, too far down. And I'll just give you one more example of this. When I was in Medina, I was with a man driving and somebody cut him off and he started honking his horn and

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and, and I just said to him, you know,

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I said that, that that is it's such a horrible thing to hear in this city, all the honking that goes on Meccas the worst for that, for honking, it's just people. And the amazing thing is they honk when it's meaningless, like honking. You know, there's a reason Dong honking. I mean, there's a reason why you have a horn in your car. Because it's like to stop something really dangerous from that or you know, of somebody

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really does something, you know, you honk and let them know, that wasn't appropriate. I want a bumper sticker. Don't shoot, I admit, I'm a lousy driver, you know.

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But people, you know, people do things, they cut you off sometime by mistake. And people whenever they get cut off, they never remember the times they've cut off people. By accident, there's always the assumption What an idiot.

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this man, I just told him, I said, you know, the, the mahkum of driving is he thought,

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well, you don't have to see him. They prefer others to themselves. That's the power of driving. Because when people have that type of ad up on the road, driving is much more safe. And it's actually a much more, it's, it's already a difficult thing to drive. It's not, you know, it's an intense thing to do. you're traveling at high speeds. And it's very dangerous. It's already a difficult thing. But when people have courtesy on the road, it just makes it easier to handle all those difficulties. So I just told him that and he said, No, you don't understand here, everybody. It's never seen us. And I said, Well, don't be one of those people, you know, you need to change.

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I came back a year later.

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And the same person, he's actually the son of a chef and Medina, really sweet man. And a year later, and he told me,

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and I'd completely forgotten about this, you know, just that incident. But he told me, You know, I had an amazing experience this year,

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based on something you said last year, and I said, What and he said, Do you remember when the I told got angry with that person cut me off and you said, you know, you should really prefer people driving. He said, Well, I decided to do that to practice that. And he said, I was amazed at what I saw. Like people, just how they responded to that.

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You know, so he he experienced that just of doing satana Liberata said that the the crisis of this oma is add up.

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That's what he said. And and I really believe that he said, that add up is a loss of prioritization. Because when you put yourself first

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everything else is chaos.

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When you put yourself first, when you are your major concern,

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everything else is chaos. Now, that is not to negate at a common Fusco take care of your souls. But taking care of the souls in reality is taking care of other souls.

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I mean, that that's, that's the reality of it is that when you begin to get out of that egocentricity, and move into a world that actually is taking other people into consideration, that that that is nurturing your own soul. That's how you work on yourself. And as you know, that is Islam. That's why I'm a Muslim. So after all this madness out there is because of people like that,

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because that's the embodiment of the profit center if you want to follow the sun, it's not big beards and short robes. It's that magnanimity of character, you know, the ability to, to not want vengeance.

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And not have that resentment because he saw God, somebody asked him in the malapa, why are the Christians taking over? He said, because we abandon our religion.

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And God is putting these people over us, because we've humiliated his religion, and now we humiliate ourselves. That's what he said. And he said that God manifests as the Nasir in tuncer, Allah young soracom if you

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give victory to God, God will give victory to you. And he said, but if you are having if you forsake this religion, it's a gel Allah subhana wa tada alayka bc for the Hadith, that God will manifest Himself to you as havin the one that forsakes you.

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And also and will have other additive as soon as you want to behave like the Prophet. And the thing about CDs man, he doesn't have the outward signals that a lot of people focus on, but he has the character

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of the Prophet. He's following the sinner that nobody follows anymore. You know, everybody's got the sin of the beard, the sea whack the short robe, but the heart of the problem the love the Prophet had for people, their care, that's the real it. It's not to belittle those are the things but if you're focusing on those other things and neglecting the reality, his inward reality, his form

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Parents his care, his concern, His mercy, all those things, then you're missing the point.

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And then also loving the your fellow Muslims having really love for them not the prophet SAW them said, Do you want to see a man who, who's in Paradise and this they saw this man one of the Sahaba said I wanted to find out what he had that other people didn't have anywhere. And he asked if you could stay with him for a few days. And he said yes. And he didn't fast. He didn't pray extra. He was pretty normal, just regular, like anybody else in Medina and he couldn't understand it. And he, he was convinced, you know, why is this man different? And and he told them and I want to see what could you Is there anything that you do? What's your practice? He said, I make sure that I never go

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to sleep with with having a bad feeling towards any Muslim.

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And the prophets I said that's what he was hinting at. It was that man's pure heartedness. He didn't have rancor or resentment and and and that type of purity. You know, the prophet said he had to come and mucuna of your bum bum you know are is one of you unable to be like well dum dum dum dum was somebody who used to give his honor his name in charity to people that spoke ill of him.

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Like if he heard somebody spoke it's a toss up. You know, it's charity. In other words, those good deeds that he the man laws for speaking of him he gave back to him as charity. So he said some of you can't you can't be like oh bum bum. Give that back to the people in charity. But other people that hear somebody spoke ill of them and you know they want to go kill them.

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And and May Allah give us the matam of muhabba May Allah subhanho wa Taala increases in May.

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And may Allah subhanho wa Taala makers people have had the Prophet said,

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he said, Well Allah He

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that whole agenda has to do with that to you know how to to have, you will not enter Paradise until you believe and you do not will not believe until you love one another.

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And that love of one another is for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So we have to love one another also. That's for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he said, Allah, Allah, I don't know come Allah share in file two more to have up to. Can I tell you something that if you do it, you will love one another. Up Shu Salaam avena. Calm spread peace amongst you be peacemakers. Don't be people of fitna. Don't be people of sedition who run the Mima and Heba and all these things spread peace among one another. That's what you should be doing be peacemakers. Because peace is from love.

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Sahaja tofi has set up their greeting in Paradise is peace, Paradise is a place of love. The Prophet also said Allah Emanuel Amanda have better Who? Allah Allah. Allah.

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Allah Allah. Amanda mahato Verily, there is no face for the one that has no love. Verily, there's no face for the one that has no love. Verily, there's no face for the one that has no luck. I'm David Zuckerman McCallum