Pakistan & India, You Are No One!

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How do we break free from nationalism? You know, I think most of the problems in Islam all comes down to the knifes

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and Allah subhana wa tada helps us understand or gives us tools in the Quran to do the knifes for example a lie reminds us where we're going Allah says Kuru knifes in there it can tell mote every soul is going to taste death. Your nationalisms are going to save you in the Day of Judgment, no matter how big you think you are. And by the way, to be very, very frank, the nation's You're so proud of our rubbish.

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Pakistan is a failed state. Bangladesh is killing Muslims at the moment. Where are you guys from? You is a failed state Azad Kashmir has no political authority to smear the other part is taken over by India.

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I mean, who are you? Who are you?

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Who are you you're nobody we're no one on nationalism. Is has been cast by Allah subhanho wa Taala look at our nations. We came in different on Muslim to kind of feed on people and you're proud of where you're from. Support Allah I'm Greek I'm leaving proud I'm from in Greece. I have bigger Empire than you. We will we go greater history than you. You will you started in 1950. Bangladesh 1971.

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And you think you're somebody?

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I'm sorry, this is crazy rubbish. I get so angry. And this is because the disease and the onma You know why? We're lucky we have black brothers, they convert to Islam, pious brothers better than most of the Asian brothers sometimes. And they go to Asian cha cha, cha cha cha cha. Cha. You know, I love you to beat us in the masjid. Can I ask for your daughter's hand? He's gonna have a heart attack.

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Is this guy Yes or no? And I'm telling you even some of you have this in your hearts now. Even you have. I know you guys, right? In the Asian community. I'm married into the Asian community. Okay, so I know while Gwon I know what's going on. Even if your pies are hot sometimes. You know we'll never allow those my black man never forget the Punjab became America smeary A Kashmiri COVID may have been goalie and Afghan economy Marian Gani

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Do you see the problem here? nationalism is destructive, is destructive. And it's one of the main issues of thing why there's a lot of sisters who are pious unmarried

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because they can't find some within the community and therefore the door shut for them. They can't go outside of the community and this is a shame

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So remember, we were going deaf and just to break us nationals are going to help us isn't going to take us anywhere. And I'm not saying this to offend you acquire What? We should be proud of our language to do the beautiful I mean, element Kabbalah What a beautiful poet, a beautiful poet. You know, there's one poetry I liked that was trying to in English he said

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you know, there's a there's a big question that's that's affecting the East which is Does God Exist? But I give them a new question.

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Does the self exist?

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You don't even know who you are and you're thinking about God. And once you know who you are, you know Allah exists. While fionnphort sicoma Fela tube sironen themselves did not reflect did not see. So we respect your language respect your cultural customs are not against Islam. But don't make it now your creed your art either. It is the yardstick is the the lenses, the glasses you put on your face to see the world. And it's all judged by those nationalistic boundaries. We are 100 whether you like it or not, we bleed in the same color. We smile in the same language and we live in the same language. And we eat with the same hand.

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Come on, we're one

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we are one and remember this remember this okay? You know, my parents are non Muslim,

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but they don't have a severe. When I was growing up, my dad said, Oh, forget Greece. You know, I don't want you to be defined by Greek. How would you be defined by your human nature? Turks came to my house blacks, Asians, whites, greens, blues, purples, rainbows. Everybody came into the house, and that's my dad. He's not even Muslim. So why would my dad who's not a Muslim, follow the values that we should be following? This is why I'm upset. Because at home I see Islam but they're not Muslim. But when we go when I go to the Muslim community, I don't see Islam.

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How does that make me feel?

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and other reverts will lie and we can complain about the EDL.

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There is more racism documented in the EDL. Listen to me carefully. I don't care how much you've been being up. There is no racism in the Muslim community. Then the

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Do it is the EDL they have agents black Sikhs in the group.

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You know because even in Bangladesh right? a cheater gonia and cut Maria silletti

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is not right

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is terrible.

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I think we the only way to break nationalism is to,

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to belittle it a lot, you know, because it's all based on ego. And remember where you came from, Allah tries to break our knifes and says, you were a baby, you could even wipe your backside or keep your head up. And now you think you know you're something. You are despise fluid and despise fluid and you think you're special.

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So these kind of principles and realities will make us realize that we're actually nothing. Only Allah gives us the is the vibe, believing him and worshiping Him. nationalism won't do that. Even the professor some when he took over Mac, I believe he stumped his foot. He said nationalism is under my foot.

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Think about this,

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a few years ago is one relatively 10 5060 years ago, 70 years ago, some guy a colonialist, who killed your forefathers drank their blood almost embed in the books, went on a map and he drew some lines on a map and you define yourself by those lines.

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Think about that.