Haitham al-Haddad – This will happen to you

Haitham al-Haddad
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want him

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to give him the best,

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the best,

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the best reward for the suburb and for the masiva that he has gone through.

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On behalf of him he asked me to say a few words in this very sad okay. My dear brothers, first of all,

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we ask Allah, Allah, Allah to give Rachna to our share our elder, humbles Muhammad Abdullah.

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And we ask Allah to make these moments in the grave,

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as the best moments in his life,

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because my dear brothers, as you know that the person wants the person is born, he doesn't die, death, my dear brothers, we need to understand this. This is just a trip from one abode to another above. So he was anything above this earth with us. Now he is living with different types of creative creative beings, with the angels. And we ask Allah, Allah Allah to make his next abode, which is the grave to make it as part of Jenna. Now as he is placed in the grave, as the Prophet of

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Allah, it isn't as

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if the person who passed away is a righteous person, the angels of Rama will come down to him and they will ask him, Who is your Lord? He will say, Allah is my Lord, who is your profit you will say Muhammad

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Prophet, who is your what is your deen he will say my name is Ali.

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And this is he will have about he will have to say this because Allah, Allah Allah said, You tempted to Allah will Lavina Iman who will only tell you

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what the wicked people that you will people, they wouldn't be able to answer those questions, even if they are, if they know about those questions in the dunya. But such a person we hope we have our trust in Allah, Allah Allah that He will answers, he will answer those questions. And then the angels of Rama, they will say to him, Look, this is your grave waiting for the answer and they will open a door again for him to paradise. And they will say this is where you are going to go. And he

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will look at the paradise and he will start getting some of the fragrance of paradise imagine this situation. This woman's brothers, we are here above this ground and this what will happen to them and they will say your Allah when is the hour going to stop when the hour is going to start because he is so happy. And then they will bring for him clothes and beds from Ghana and they will say to him rest in this place and they will widen it and they will they will widen it and enlighten it and

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he will say your Allah Ya Allah.

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I want to go to my final destination in paradise. My dear brothers.

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We don't want to talk about the evil person what will happen to the evil person because the grave for him will be part of health and the province of Allah and he says I haven't seen anything except a gray piece was gone. That what I have seen in the era for the disbelievers. Oh

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my dear brothers Subhanallah look at this dunya whatever you need, if mashallah 90 Is all of them who this is my salah, he has been an imam in different places, he raised his children and they are righteous people. And at the end of the day, all of these years will come to an end very quickly. All that coming up is out there.

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Oh Valeo. When the time of death comes, they will be ours. How long? You stayed in Detroit? They will?

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Or maybe half a day. Can I know me? Oh my

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God, our behalf when we see the Day of Resurrection, we will say Oh, where is this dunya that we have lived in? No now these are very important lesson for us.

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Very important lessons for us. That's why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Remember death to frequently concrete. And he said I stopped you before from visiting graveyards. Now because of the benefits of visiting greatly graveyards. I want you

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To visit the graveyard

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because what it reminds you of the reality, the reality is what this life for love is with transition. And this is our, and this is our abode, every single one of us. Now brothers, we know this, just maybe

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God, this knowledge, we need to transform this theoretical knowledge into a transformation in our life. Girls who are away from Allah, Allah Allah, girls who love someone other than Allah more than or those who love someone more than then of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah they hold, they should they change this, those who feel something other than Allah or more than they fear Allah, Allah, Allah, they should be aware of those who glorify something they have in mind, something greater than Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah or equal to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, they should abandon that they should connect we all should be connected to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, as our Lord, as our provider, as the only one that wants to be worship Allah.

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And other than that, we need to look at the five pillars, are we doing our Salah prayer properly, those who are missing their salah, those who are missing them, or those who are delaying their salah or not taking this seriously, or even you are, you are young people not praying in the basket or taking it seriously not giving your Salah it's important. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the first thing that we will be held accountable for is our salah. If we pass that test, then insha

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Allah will be passing our Salah dollars who have the car, and that

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car Subhanallah many of us think that they are not obligated to give the car but in reality, they have to give him a calm, if Alhamdulillah most of the Muslims for the month of Ramadan. But if you have missed any of the days before or India, make sure that you make of those days had kids coming. Make sure that you sign for height other than the five pillars.

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All of your ailments How is your relationship with your parents?

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You will miss them one day like this. I lost my father a few years ago. And after I lost my father, while I was there always say that you knew the value of your father.

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And you will miss what the greatest opportunity to go to jungle because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I'll want to do

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a global agenda. The parent is the biggest door that takes you to dinner. Please, please, please anyone who has no relationship or relationship with his parents. Now today, to date. This is a reminder for you go and fix your relationship with your

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brothers. Also, if you have taken the ranch of anyone, please give it back to him because our the Lord Allah forgives the sins that you've committed against him. But the sins that you've committed against the human beings, our jalala will never forgive them except that person has to forgive. Yeah. So if you have taken the money or maybe have consulted someone or violated the rights of someone, just do that be consigned with him or with her as soon as possible. And if any one of us is

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committing some of those major sins involved in maybe drugs, alcohol, or Xena or Nermeen backbiting leave us underneath them. This is the time to do it over and over from the

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main main organizer for the great job. He was telling me yesterday.

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I am Boy Yeah. 16 and then 23 and 39 passed away. No accident. No COVID Just like they said he was talking about someone he said to his children. The night of tomorrow on April you will do this and that and this and that. And in the morning of eight he did not wake up.

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Dad will not knock on your door and all we'll give you or we'll we'll send you a note a note that I am coming to you tomorrow. So brothers. Yeah, I was one of the earliest caller said in the morning do we Tober entering

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Running do Toba in the conductor. So do tell the old child now brothers you are listening to me do Toba between you and Allah do Toba. We don't know when our time is coming. I remember during COVID Subhanallah one day I was giving a reminder. And I said, I don't know who is next Subhan Allah, the father of the person whom we buried, we, within 24 hours, I was given a reminder about after the death of the Father within 24 hours Subhanallah we don't know who is next. And you should be you

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should be all the time ready for how by being closer to Allah, Allah Allah by the repenting all the time doing all the good deeds, and finally brothers.

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And I would like to appear to his children martial law righteous children. Now again the other protecting, you can do sadaqa jariya. If they can establish a small Masjid maybe in Bangladesh or any other place or a water well, and then they make it bigger and bigger. So many projects, we knew that we can make this

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big project it started with a small sadaqa jariya by the children of the person and all of us can contribute towards that and I am sure anyway,

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Inshallah, this person has not violate the rights of any of you but if you feel that anyone owes him something, please ask his children forgive him first. And if you still feel something, ask him children, to maybe to pay it off to clear it and to so we wanted this person to rest in his grave as to rest in Robert Murray.

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That he is nesting in part of Genesis.

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As we ask Allah Allah Allah for forgiveness for him, Allah Maya us

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