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Sneha hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, my

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dear brothers

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inshallah, I'd like to talk to you, I'd like to speak to you from my heart and wishing that the words that come from the heart, reach to the heart.

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And maybe we will not go through a formal lecture and academic lecture, although I am used to this type of lectures.

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The brother who dropped me

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just now he lost his father a few days ago.

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And it was a very sad incident for him for all of us. And I was visiting him to give him condolences. And then we were talking about the death.

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We were talking about death.

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And we mentioned that the death, death is a big number from Allah, Allah Allah.

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It is a big number from Allah, Allah, Allah is a big bounty. It is a big favor, that Allah Allah, Allah favored us with. Why? Because whenever we remember death, then we will remember the reality of this life. And then remembering this will strike the balance in our life. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Hadith tirmidhi. He encouraged us to remember this a lot. Why? Because remembering this will strike the balance between the dunya and the Astra. If someone is living in a very horrible life, in hardship, and he is always suffering and suffering, if imagine that he doesn't know that this suffering will come to an end. Imagine that he forgets that he will

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die one time what will happen to him,

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he will despair, he will become mad, he will become so depressed. And then in some cases, he will commit suicide as many of those disbelievers commit suicide.

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But if he knows that this suffer will come to an end, then he will be relaxed, he will be relieved, because he will know that this suffer will come to an end. Moreover, if he was

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if he was observing someone

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and being patient all of the time, then he will come to know that Allah, Allah Allah will reward him for that patience that he has, and Alhaji lavalla will compensate him and he will live a better life in the hereafter.

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Similarly, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in the Hadith, that if a person is living a luxury life, and he is finding everything he can imagine, in his life, whatever he wants, he can get it.

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cars, houses, even if he wants any beautiful wife, enjoying every type of enjoyment in this life,

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he might become arrogant, he might forget to the aphylla he might forget Allah, Allah Allah, he might forget to do good deeds for his hero after death, but when he remembers that he is going to come to an end, then this will strike the balance and then he will go back to Allah, Allah and brothers, whatever we do, in this dunya it is will be recorded on us after we come to an end. After this life come to an end. And that's why brothers, Allah Allah Allah challenge all people, but in federal unfussy common mode, keep away. Keep yourselves away from death, if you are really truthful.

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And this brothers, this is an introduction for this topic. Why do we need to talk about this topic? Brothers? Why do we need to talk about this broad topic? Many people think that we are going too far talking about these issues, thinking that we are so strict being so strict, we are making it too difficult for young people. We are making it too difficult for ourselves, let us enjoy our lives. But then what is the end of this enjoyment? If the end is going to be a horrible life, for us after the Hereafter, then in the Hereafter, then this enjoyable life worth nothing? And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us this example in hadith of Muslims that Allah Allah

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Allah, as the Day of Resurrection brings two people, one of them will be among the people of

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The agenda of the paradise but this person he was living a terrible life. He was suffering all of his life. And then allegedly, Allah will dip him for a few seconds in the agenda and De La Jolla, Allah will take him again. And then Allah, Allah, Allah will ask him, Have you ever faced any hardship in your life? Have you ever faced any difficulty in your life, he will say that I will lie. I never experienced any hardship. I never experienced any kind of difficulty in my life. Why? Because he was dipped for a few seconds, just for a few seconds in the agenda. So hannula What a great pleasure. That is.

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Think of it brothers. Think of it. And similarly the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned about the other person who was enjoying his time, he was enjoying his life. And he was finding anything he wants in this dunya but he is among the inhabitants of the hellfire. And Allah, Allah, Allah will bring him the Day of Resurrection and we'll put him we'll dip him for a few seconds, and the hellfire. And then Allah, Allah, Allah will ask him, Have you ever enjoyed your life?

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He will reply, or Allah, I never enjoyed my life. Subhana Allah, you'll never enjoy your life, you live 6070 years, enjoying your life, you maybe you was the most wealthy person in this life.

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But just because of these few seconds and the Hellfire, you forgot everything, you lost everything. Yes. And that's why brothers, we have to be keen about our future, about what is going to happen to us after death. And then the person, the wise person, the intelligent person, he should look for what is going to happen to him at the end. And that's why they say in Arabic, and after Roman yaku era, the wise person who is laughing at the end of the discussion, not in the beginning. That's why brothers, we need to be very strict with ourselves very careful with ourselves.

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And the very first thing that we need to start with, in order to pave the way to get into the agenda, and to get into the real happiness variables, or the real tranquility, in this dunya and in the Hereafter is to rectify our heart, to take care of our hearts to take care of the hidden parts of our body.

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Brothers, in many cases, it is easy for us to take care of our outer appearance. But it is very difficult for us to rectify our internal problems

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and to soften our hearts to take care about a man to take care about our spiritualities and that is the most difficult thing. And that's why you might find some people

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growing their beards, some sisters wearing the hijab, but they are unable to get rid of some of the internal hidden diseases in their hearts. And that's why they always find it difficult and they will find it difficult to enjoy practicing their faith. Why because they have not taken care of their hearts. And Allah Allah Allah

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is looking in the beginning to our hearts and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that Allah Allah Allah does not look to your shapes.

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How you look like but Allah Allah Allah, Allah can Jambo ella pulumi como armonico he looks at your hearts and your actions. That's why the scholars like even on time said that a local buma University of Abuja, Allah that Allah Allah Allah looks to the heart The heart is the place where Allah Allah Allah looks.

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now I am Rihanna. Hello say that either either.

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party line. We're in imager Allah Allahu inara. Leader button.

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If the heart becomes hard, then the person will never cry will never weep. The his eyes will never feel humble.

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For Allah Allah Allah when the ayah to follow Allah are being recited because the heart is very hot. And the La Jolla Allah make this

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the La Jolla Allah prepared the Hellfire in order to put these hard hearts in the Hellfire so they melt down.

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That's why Allah Allah Allah prepared this

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for you. And Allah Allah Allah says, In the Quran,

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Allah Allah, Allah accidental Hadith Kitab and Muta. shabbiha duction of womanhood you love enough shall not a bomb, some Italian Oh, boo boo Mojito ada decorilla Allah Allah Allah sent down this Hadith, this, the Quran Kitab Amata shabbiha. In order what in order the skin of the people, the believers to be affected to be influenced by the citation of this plan, and then their hearts and the skin will be soft hearts and the skin that's why I like jello Allah condemned very ill from Mikasa tolu coming by the deli cafe can legibility overshadow password when they're turned away from the remembrance the decor of Allah Allah Allah, the guidance of Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah said about them. So Maka sepuluh bukem. This is the code issue. This is the most important issue is that the hearts become so hard.

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That's why in Surah Al Hadid when Allah Allah Allah says to the believers lm urinary Latina mo and Tasha aku bhumika De La Hoya manager la mina

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Abdullah hypnosis rotate. It was just four years that Allah Allah Allah revealed this ayah after we accepted Islam for years, that Allah Allah, Allah is talking to us like this. Why don't you have soft hands? Why didn't you humble your hearts? It is the time for your hearts to humble before the vicar of Allah, Allah, Allah and before the help that has been received, but that has been sent down by Allah, Allah Allah. Why didn't you reach that level? It is just four years after they have accepted Islam.

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Why? Because that a man in the heart is the essence of all actions.

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And is the essence for you to be a steadfast to remain steadfast on the help. And it is the essence for your success in this dunya and in the hereafter. It is the heart brothers, the heart. In many cases, we are most cases. In most cases, this is one of the biggest problems of many Shabaab.

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They focus more on their appearance, their outward appearance, but they don't put much attention to their hearts,

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to their hearts, either the man to be instilled

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in their hearts, or the diseases to be removed from their hearts, the disease's or fresh out of the desires or the shadow heart or the doubts. So two things that a man has to go into the heart. And the diseases of those two times have to be removed from those hearts.

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Who is pitted putting attention to that? And that's why brothers, we find that our selves are so weak. Why because the man in our hearts is so weak

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and more over. Once the demand is so weak, and the diseases are so strong in our hearts, the diseases can take over very easily.

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They can take over very easily. That's why brothers after this introduction, please please I appeal to you.

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It is good that you have this congregation in order to encourage you for the Caribbean. But you have to put attention to the individual Terbium

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to the individual television. No one is with you when you are alone. except Allah, Allah Allah and no one will be with you when Allah Allah Allah bring you before him mamiko illa was a Cebu Hola, les Sabina who avena Who told you man, every single human being will stand before Allah. Allah Allah no interpreter, no one to intercede. You will be fully exposed.

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Your mercy, the mercy that have been carried

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out by your limbs, you know about them, but the mercy the sense that you are carrying by your heart, the weakness of the man that has been the case with you in this dunya will be exposed before Allah, Allah Allah,

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you will be ashamed because of that.

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And because of this brothers, please, the first step and that

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whole path and the end the step is based on you taking care of your heart, me taking care of my heart, all of us taking care about our hearts.

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Don't deceive yourself, we should not deceive ourselves, that Mashallah I'm going with the brothers, etc. That's good. Follow, stop. No.

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We don't know about your heart. You don't know about my heart. And we all pray to Allah, Allah, Allah, to conceal, to hide the problems that we are committing the mercy, the sins that we are committing, away from the eyes of the people.

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We are all we should all pray to Allah Allahu Allah for that. But in the meantime, we should work hard in order to rectify those hidden problems in order to instill Eman our hearts in order to have certainty in our hearts. Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran.

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in Medina, as shown above and below be sure to

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wear a suit rucola comb our Ruby in Alameda to suit those who fear Allah, Allah Allah means what? While they haven't seen Allah deliver Allah, this is one interpretation, or the other interpretation that they are away from the people's eye, from the people's eyes, so people don't know them. They are hidden, but they feel a larger level.

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So that's why brothers.

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This is the first point that I'm mentioning to you. Please put the attention to your heart.

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Individually, each one of us should put attention to his heart. Brothers, put attention to your hearts.

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This is one thing,

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the first point, the second point how to put attention to your heart. Always brothers.

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Talk to your heart.

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Talk to your heart. Talk to yourself. Instead of talking to yourself in bad in a bad way. Talk to yourself in a good way. Always ask yourself, do I love Allah, Allah Allah

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as I should love him, do I feel Allah Delilah?

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And you might come to a conclusion that you don't love Allah, Allah, Allah as you should do, you might come to a conclusion that you don't feel our Gallo Allah as you should do. Then say to yourself, I had to sell my house. He said, My uncle taught me that whenever

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I am alone with myself to say a few words, and then how to sell my house up at that time he was very young.

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He taught him to say that I love Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah is monitoring me. I watch Allah Allah is saying has he been taking me to accountability and say this brothers to yourself, you can do this while you are walking while you are waiting in the bus station. While you are talking to someone even

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talk to yourself like this. Or, Oh Allah, I believe in you. You are above me. You are monitoring me. You are watching me now. While I am walking. While I am talking to this while I'm driving. While I am waiting for this while I am cueing. You are monitoring me and you know what is in my heart now. Oh Allah, I love you.

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All Allah, I love you. Oh Allah, I want to meet you. Oh Allah, I beg you to make me a good person. So I can meet you in a good condition without shame.

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For Allah, place me among the righteous people and put me in the paradise brothers. This if we practice this, we will find the sweetness of

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The man in our hearts, we will find the sweetness of a man in our hearts. And that's why once the person as a designer finds the sweetness often a man in our in his heart, he will never leave that.

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And this person who is finding that is within his office, he man in his heart, he will go to the agenda of the dunya because he will enjoy being a Muslim, being a Mormon, he will enjoy brothers, he will enjoy being with Allah, Allah Allah.

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He will feel that if Allah, Allah, Allah is with him all the time, he will feel as if he is accompanying Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah is accompanying him all of the time. And this feeling, this feeling is is the agenda in this dunya brothers don't feel that the people around us they are enjoying their time.

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Yeah, you many people, many of us we, when the brothers when the brother dropped me, and we saw the people they are going to pops and they are wearing some of them good clothes, etc, going to nightclubs, etc. And I say to him, Subhana, Allah, those people, are they enjoying their time? are they feeling happy? Well, why if they are feeling happy, they will not go to these nightclubs in order to rain to drink alcohol. Why is it in the most industrialized, industrialized countries, you will find the most people committing suicide in the UK alone, on average, 4000 people committing suicide every year, they are not enjoying their time, if they are enjoying this dunya this life, how

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can they commit suicide? How can

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so this physical pleasure that they are getting they are receiving is not a real pleasure? The Real pleasure is the tranquility, the Lior pleasure is the confidence that you get, well, ah, one time I was sitting there, there were some young people sitting together, and they asked me to give them a talk. I said for young people to give them a talk, what shall I tell them? Then I told them brothers, have you ever asked yourself why people are coming to Islam? why people are embracing Islam? Have you ever thought of this? Have you ever asked yourself this question? And they said, No. I said, you as young people, you have to ask yourself this question.

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Islam has so many restrictions, as they say, Don't drink, don't have girlfriends. Don't you have to wake up early in the morning in order to pray, you might have to have widow in a cold weather, you have to fast Ramadan and maybe Ramadan is coming in the hot weather and it is coming in summer, it is 18 hours almost have not no drink, no water, nothing

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is difficult. However, the believer is enjoying it, he is not leaving it. And people are coming to it. So panela why with all these restrictions, women have to work a job put all of these restrictions and maybe sometimes they have to leave their families, etc, etc. Why? Because they are finding this tranquility, that they don't find it in any religion except Islam. And SubhanAllah. When they asked me when they asked me to give a lecture for those people, and I asked them this question. Among them there was a brother who accepted Islam recently

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accepted Islam recently, and they said here is a brother. He was 16 years of age. And then Okay, I said he's a typical person. Let us ask him, why did you accept Islam? He said, I knew that it is the help. And I find that it gives me tranquility.

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So Hanalei loving, that's why people are coming to Islam. That's why people are coming to the real happiness that they will receive in this dunya and they will receive in the hereafter. And Allahu Allah. Allah says in the Quran, woman and the Khalifa in Allahumma banca when I am

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the one who turns away from my Vicar, he will not live a happy life. Don't ever imagine that the one who is turning away from the dhikr of Allah, Allah Allah Allah from the guidance of Allah Allah Allah will live happily in this life. No, for in Allah Houma, Isha monta.

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Naija life full of hardship full of misery, full of difficulties, and when I sure will not pay homage to him and we will resurrect him as the day of judgment as a blind person Call of Duty Mahesh teniendo according to vasila Why did you visit resurrect me as a blind person

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I like a very chaotic, chaotic fantasy tower fidella kilometers, because you turned away from my ticket, you turned away as if you were blind. And now we will respect you as a blind person.

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The most important thing, brother, brothers, is in order to get this tranquility is to take care of the hearts is to take care of the hearts that no one knows about them except yourselves.

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And that's why brothers, as I told you the first step, always talk to yourself, talk to yourself. And this talking is part of reflection part of the code, a bad code. And a bad way to defer the idea of contemplation is some scholars said it is the best ibid

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they've added to tobacco Why? Because the person is reminding himself of Allah, Allah Allah. And he is helping his Eman to increase in his heart.

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And he is always contemplating on the creation of Allah, Allah Allah on the signs of Allah, Allah Allah and this person who is doing that too frequently, he will reach to a level of an exam. That's why this contemplation is leading to a lesson which is the highest degree of Eman anti de la que en la Casa La fere in La Quinta rasa in LA to worship Allah Jalla wa ala as if you see a la jolla as if you see a la jolla but if you don't see a La Jolla, of course, a la jolla Allah is seeing you. This is the better of a difficult that's why when they ask the wife of Abu Dhabi, Allahu Allah and she said about his Eva can accelerate it difficult the most of it is difficult contemplation. And he

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said in one rewire a rock at 10 feet high you don't mean to me later to Raka in contemplation with contemplation is better than to turn for the whole night without contemplation. Why? Because as they say, maybe you will find the person standing, standing to pray next to another person, this person's prayer will reach to the heavens and this person's prayer will not leave his head. Why? Because this although physically, physically brothers, both of them are doing the same thing. But the spiritually

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is totally different. This person is coming to his evader and he as if he's saying Oh Allah, Allah, Allah, I am coming to worship you to come closer to you to gain your pleasure. I want to please you, Oh Allah be pleased with me. And the other person is just coming rushing to the Salah. He doesn't know the meaning behind the Salah.

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And that's why this person who is performing this Salah in this way, he is getting that this reward in the hereafter. And in reality, his Salah is the real Salah that prevents him from doing bad deeds. We're asking a Salah, in a Salah to 10 and in fact even monka established the prayer for or because the Salah is forbidding you from doing the evil and the mooncup

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similarly brothers, we fast many people they fast they abstain from food during can sexual

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activities. But in reality and reality brothers, they are not gaining what they should gain from fostering

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Yeah, you're Latina Amano que la casa muka naka de la Latina in publikum la la quinta taco, fasting, abstaining from food etc, is the physical activity. But what about that spiritual activity? What about the takua? inside the heart, which is the main meaning behind the fasting? What about it? That's why, okay, fast brothers.

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When you fast, brothers, just contemplate, talk to Allah. Allah. Talk to you, Lord, yes. Your Lord is very close to you. He knows your heart more than you know your heart. He knows everything about yourself more than you know about yourself. He is closer to you than you then your neck.

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Talk to you talk talk to you, Lord. Talk to Allah. Allah Allah. Oh Allah. I'm abstaining.

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from food from drink, I'm not drinking in the morning, I'm not having tea, it is difficult to realize difficult. Oh Allah, I'm doing this

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to please you, just for nothing but to please you so you will become pleased with me. So at the Day of Resurrection, I will say, Oh Allah at that day, so and so I just forced it just to please you for nothing. So Allah, Oh Allah be pleased with me.

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Talk to you, Lord, enjoy brothers. If we don't enjoy being with Allah, Allah, Allah, we will never enjoy in our life, we will never enjoy the agenda.

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In nuffic dannielle agenda, there is a there is agenda in this dunya. Now whoever does not enter that agenda, he will never enter the agenda of the alpha.

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That's why just let us try let us try to have this practice to enjoy being with a larger lavalla talking to Allah, Allah, Allah, then we will be proud of our Islam, we will be confident of our Islam, we will be waiting to meet this merciful Lord, Allah, Allah Allah, we will be waiting for that minute. And we will find any difficulty because of in this path or in this any difficulty, any hardship that we face, in this path, the path that is taking us to Allah, Allah, Allah, we will enjoy it and we will find it so easy.

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And therefore, brothers, the one who is monitoring his heart, as such, this person, most likely he will remain steadfast, he will be firm on the religion, whatever happened to him. I was reading

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a few days ago about about one of the Sahaba that who was caught about who was caught by the king of the Romans, and had been abused alongside and the king of the Romans when he caught him. He said to him, listen,

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cannot Sarah conocer become Christian, and I will give you half of my wealth, and I will give you my daughter in marriage, Tom and brothers Yanni for us Muslims, if we are not facing this situation, if you are sitting here relaxing, we will say of course this person will never accept that. But imagine a person who was captured by the enemies. And who was in that situation in that difficulty. And he all of a sudden, he has this offer from the king. He might think about it, he might say at least brothers, he might say, let me pretend that I become Christian, and then I will get half of his wealth, I will get married to his beautiful daughter, and then I will escape.

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But because of the certainty and they have been in this sahab his heart, he said, If you give me all of your kingship, if you give me everything, I will not, I will never turn away from my religion. I will never turn away from my religion.

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And then, in one of the rewired there, he put him in jail. He put him in jail, and he stopped food and drink. And then he gave him some pork and wine after so many days when he is about to die. And then he told him, this is the food. And he never ate from that. And then they'll think talk to him. And he said to him

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what is happening, he said in my religion, I can do that because I reached the level of necessity. So I can drink wine, at least little amount of it. And I can eat a little amount of pork just to survive. But I don't want you to take an advantage of that. I want to humiliate you.

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And I will not. I don't want you to feel victorious over me. That's why I didn't eat it. In there is a similar story that happened with Abdullah him a semi and all of you know the story when they came once he fed up with him. He brought boiling oil, boiling oil imagine that boiling oil and he brought one of the Muslims present

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And he put him in that boiling oil. Imagine

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they always talk about Muslims that they don't have mercy. They are not civilized people, they force people to accept Islam, etc, etc, but they don't read their history. Okay? He puts that Muslim poor person, prisoner of war, as they say, put him in a boiling oil. And then they took him as a skeleton with bombs, the flesh went out.

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And then he told him I will put you on that boiling oil of the life and death a semi. He weaved he cried. So the king was happy. Oh, now he will come to Christianity. He said no. I cried because I wish if I have 100 knifes soul, and each of those souls die in the sake of Allah, Allah Allah, not just one soul to die in the sake of Allah Allah. Imagine the level of certainty brothers, imagine have the level of certainty.

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This level of certainty did not come because those people are doing the physical Islamic activities only, but they are doing they were doing the physical activities, Islamic activities, and most importantly, they are taking care of their hearts. And Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran

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in utter La Jolla.

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In lemon Attila, we have been selling except the one who is coming to Allah with a sound heart with a sound heart. This is that's why all of us know how does a man of negotiate when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said indeed in the heart there is what a model of flesh. Okay, flesh is a solid solid Jessa Dooku what is the facetted president? Yes a coup and our here it is the commander. It is the real King. It is the heart brothers. It is the heart. Of course brothers. There are many ways many other ways to rectify our hearts. But as I told you, the first step is brothers put attention to your heart and talk to your heart always and internally. When you are alone. When

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no one is watching you. Talk to Allah. Let us learn how to talk to Allah, Allah Allah. Allah is listening to us. always talk to Allah, Allah, Allah say, to Allah, O Allah, on such such on such and such date, I was alone. And

00:37:55--> 00:38:33

I made that sin. I made that mistake. It was ignorance from me. Oh Allah, I beg you to forgive me. Oh Allah, I never intend to disobey you or to be arrogant. Before you, Oh Allah, I beg you to forgive me. Oh Allah, you covered that mistake. That sin that I committed in the dunya Oh Allah, I beg you to cover it, even in the Day of Resurrection, and to wipe it out and not to take me to accountability because of that sin.

00:38:34--> 00:38:35

This is

00:38:36--> 00:38:46

an extension of what we have said that we can increase the man in our hearts by this contemplation

00:38:47--> 00:39:08

at the Faculty by talking to yourself by talking to you load a larger levada and part of talking to yourself and talking to Allah, Allah Allah is considered to be the accountability, Allah Mohammed has 17 knifes when you take one home when you hold yourself accountable to whatever you do.

00:39:09--> 00:39:46

This is the first step. Of course there are many other steps in sha Allah. I'm sure that the brothers will cover them but because I wanted to cover this point brothers, because not many people are putting attention to this. And brothers will law he if you try it, okay, once twice, you will find it difficult. Believe me you will find it difficult. And in the first few days. When you try to do this you will see that yourself you are trying to breathe to to take a deep breath

00:39:47--> 00:39:50

because it is affecting the heart

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

and it will make you a different person. It will make you a stronger person having confidence in

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

Allah, Allah Allah, it will make you enjoying your life enjoying being the slave of Allah, Allah Allah being attached to Allah, Allah. If you do this, try to do it all with every time

00:40:16--> 00:40:20

and of course there are many other ways to

00:40:21--> 00:40:46

rectify the heart problems and to increase the man in your heart but as I told you, there are any I'm sure that the brothers will inshallah only cover them but inshallah those points this particular point, I would like you to put attention to this particular point. And we ask Allah, Allah Allah to

00:40:47--> 00:41:11

rectify the problems of our hearts. And we ask Allah Allah Allah to increase the man in our hearts. And we ask Allah, Allah Allah to bestow His mercy on the brothers here in this night, and especially the brothers who organized this, any blessed gathering because Allah Allah wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was a big man