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Your vision of life is wrong by Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who is the best of mankind is the leader of mankind. The prophet SAW Selim said NSE duality Adam, I am the master of human, all human beings, and I am the first one to be resurrected or to come out of his grave and I am the one who is going to open

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or start the accountability to intercede for Allah Allah Allah to stop the accountability and I am the one who is going to open the gates of paradise for the entire humanity, they will follow me.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us unto Mousavi own our Luna, you will come in the beginning of the idea of resurrection. You are the former's You are the first people to enter the agenda.

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And the word Allah Allah say to us can

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reject leanness You are the best nation ever raised to mankind, you enjoying the good and forbidden evil and believe in Allah, Allah Allah. Why are we the best of nations? Is it because

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we have a different we have a special color? No, look hamdulillah we have black people, white people, Asians, Arabs, everywhere. So why are we the best people because we are believing in Allah, Allah, Allah. And we are following the message. The aterna message, the message that Allah Allah, Allah chose to be the best of messages, the eternal message, the message that was sent to Mohammed Salah lawyers. Now

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this oma which should be the best of nations should have the best individuals.

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What do we mean by that?

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You my brother, you my sister, everyone here should feel that he should be the best. Really?

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Why not? He shouldn't be because the oma who builds the oma, the oma is nothing but the individuals if the individuals are failing, if the individuals are bad, the whole amount will be bad. That's why

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when, during the camp of the prophets, I seldom or even after the time of the prophets, I send them we have individuals like aboubaker like Omar lifers, man, like I live in a pile, like Malia, Sophia, and like Abdullah

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Abdullah, he's like, I'm the boss, like like, like, we have ladies like eyeshadow, the Allahu taala and her like hafsa. Like other great ladies,

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the oma was the best of nations,

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even after the death of the prophet SAW them during the Romanian period, even after that period, we have the likes of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, Allah and his his students, Abu Hassan, Mohammed, Hassan Abu Youssef, we have the likes of Imam Malik. We have the likes of Imam Shafi, the likes of Imam Ahmed, even the leaders of the Ummah, we have the likes of Harun al Rashid, we have the likes of Jaffa, we have the likes of all the other halifa.

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So that's why the oma was the best of nations.

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At one point, my dear brothers and sisters, at one point we, as Muslims, we were controlling most of the earth.

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At one point, there was no as they as many historian said, that history in you the Romanian period and Trump at one point, and it was the largest ever country known in history, even it used to control an area bigger than the area controlled by the Roman Empire.

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And when the individuals My dear respected brothers and sisters, when they lose this passion to be the best individuals, then what will happen?

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We will see the likes of Aleppo.

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We will see the likes of

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the Rohingya being killed, and no one bothered about them. Yeah, how many 1000 How many? Maybe 10,000. How many? Maybe 100,000. The whole world is watching because Muslims themselves are not so powerful. They are not so great. Then they are not respected. They don't deserve to be

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be respected. As simple as that. If you respect yourself, then you will be respected. My dear brothers and sisters, if Islam is not in control, then what will happen? As they say, might? Yeah, we'll be right.

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It is not that right? Is might. So the one who has power, he will be right. If you don't have power, even if you are right, you are wrong.

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My dear respected brothers and sisters, this spirit has to be passed from the older generation to the younger generation. We need to teach this to our children. They need to be inspired. That Yes, it is true that maybe now we are attacked, everyone is calling us Muslims. Everyone is calling us names. Yes, ISIS, terrorist, Qaeda, etc. And many of the younger children, they might feel intimidated, and they hide their identity and go to school, they are confronted by a number of questions. What did Islam provide for humanity? Who are your Muslims, you are nothing look at what's happening to you in different parts of the world. And we need to empower them, we need to tell them

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that what is happening to us is just happening to us on a temporary basis. Look at our history since the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. When the prophet SAW Selim was sent 1400 years ago, since that time, we as Muslims, we were the best of nations, we were either the main superpower in the world, or one of the superpowers in the world.

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The abassi period was the superpower, it ended in the middle of the seventh century 656, then the hereafter fell down, then it was followed by the automatically refer it to remained as their main superpower, or one of the main superpowers for six more centuries. So during the time of Islam, which is 1400 years ago, which is 1400 years, Muslims were their superpower for 1200 years, a minimum, which means they were either that superpower or one of the main superpowers for 80% of the time, more than 80% of the time. Our children they need to know this. They need to learn this might be respected brothers and sisters, we can talk a lot about that. Yeah, we can. It is enjoyable to

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talk about your legacy, your history, and how rich Your father was, how great your father was, and you just live by that and you deceive yourself, as they say, you don't achieve anything.

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However, everyone should ask himself. What is he doing now?

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Is he going to say Oh, my ancestors were the best of people. I was my father was my grandfather. My Yeah, but what about you now? First of all, knowing history, gives confidence to the person

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gives confidence to the person and in his prayers the person to live as a great person. That's why Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Allah says kontum Hara Medina Bridgette Lina, Allah Allah Allah says waka Delica, Ghana Mata masala takuna Shahada alumnus on the Day of Resurrection. Yes, we will testify

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before mankind and we will be telling Ya Allah we testify that these prophets pass the message to their nations, who are we to testify because we are the best of people?

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Allah, Allah, Allah is inspiring us by these words.

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Allah Allah, Allah is in inspiring us by telling us who our Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem is.

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So, let us talk about ourselves. My dear brothers and sisters,

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one of the key qualities

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of the successful people who will build successful nations, powerful nations is that those individuals

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for a vision.

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Live for something

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and the noble that vision they are living for.

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They will be noble, the noble the individuals who will be

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The more

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this vision is inspiring, the more those people will be inspired by this vision, and the better they will be.

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If you have, if you are living for a low vision,

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then you will be a low person.

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If you are living for a higher aim, you will be a high person.

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homeless person, many of them can do a lot. But this is what this is the maximum they are living for is just to eat that today to live, maybe he or she will have their dog and instead of them lowering their hands to beg people go work, go do something go No, I am happy like this. Do you want to live like this?

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Even if you want to live like this, this life? Yes. Is this life everything? No, this life is just a test. Holla pelota Well, hi,

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Libra welcome in Silicon Valley in Santa monopol 13 am *ging Natalie created he created Deaf a life in order to test people he created as a human beings from a sperm to test you this life is a test is a temporary period of time to be to pass the test. And once you pass the test, you will go to the highest place in Ghana.

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And you will regret every single minute you lost in this life.

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My dear respected brothers and sisters.

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I want every single one of you, especially the young people. Yes. I always like to talk to young people, because they are our future.

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The young people are our future. And that was the habit of the prophets. I send them that was the son of the prophets I send them. He spoke to everyone and he put more focus on the young people at the party. Even Omar

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Abdullah hypno Abbas Abdullah, he had been a runner, and the others the young people more as a young people because they are build the future. However,

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which has talked to all of us.

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What is your vision in this life?

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What is your vision?

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Do you just want to work? Get some money, each drink? Al Hamdulillah you pray five times a day? Yeah, you will maybe do some Islamic activities. And that's all you are happy. You are thinking about owning your house.

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Yeah, and maybe owning a good car, have some money in the bank and maybe if you are well off little bit, you want to you think about better education for your children. And that's it.

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That's it.

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So Hannah law the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told us that Allah Allah Allah likes no matter what Allah Allah doesn't like silly matters.

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If we look at the Quran, and look at the great people mentioned in the Quran, and look at their how the how the Quran, we spoke about their young good.

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We will see that Allah, Allah Allah told us that they were inspired at a young age that they will be great people.

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Ibraheem alehissalaam whom Allah, Allah, Allah said that he was an oma. He was a single person, but he was an oma.

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From a very young age, Allah Allah Allah told us what he can do. Li Ibrahima mallacoota semi YT will, Willie akuna minal molteni from La la la Toka Robbie Fowler, ma la palabra.

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Allah Allah Allah and inspired him that he will be a great person and he will be given the ability to give Dawa and refute all the people who go against the commandments of Allah Allah.

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He was an oma in Eva Hema Kanda own mutton. Connie 10 lilla hanifa.

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From a very young age, he confronted the entire town

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in Alabama, Nevada and

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Colorado omada Ibrahim confronted all of them call to send me an affection yet Kuroneko Ibrahim we heard that there is a boy Yes, he

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was counting bad things about these idols, a boy threaten you call the Ebrahim are too fat to be here. Are you sure to bring him

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early Hakuna Ibrahim, look at this. Ibrahim at that time was a young boy. The whole town was against him, against him in what? in something that is fundamental for their existence, worshipping the idols. Have you done this year ever on him? He proudly said, Yes.

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If he was born, to be a coward person, to be a small person, not to think big, he will say why do I need to do this? I will confront the whole world. Am I going to change the whole world? I am the only one.

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He never said that.

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And then they commanded him to be thrown in the fire of hell.

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And the fire he was ready for that. Did he start saying please look at me. I am a young person throwing me in the fire. Please, I beg you. Yes, I fought. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. No. I am the leader of humanity. What you are doing is wrong. And what I did is right. You are worshipping the idols before Allah, Allah Allah and this is covered. I need to change it. We will throw you in the fire. I am ready.

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Then Allah, Allah Allah said, Polina and Hakuna

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wa salam and

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the support and the help of Allah, Allah Allah descends on the leaders. Those who want to change the humanity, the help of Allah, Allah, Allah doesn't go down on the coward people Allah, Allah Allah doesn't tell the coward people

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who turn away

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when there is a need for them, to have supper and to be

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called Nana Cooney burden or Salomon Allah Ibrahim, what are Adobe Kayden?

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literally move on from Rahim Allah who Serra Yusuf alayhi salam,

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that young boy, that young boy,

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his brothers felt jealous of him.

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Allah in Nero, Dasha Rocco Kaaba was shamsul Amara to homeless her God.

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He said my father, I saw a dream when he was a young boy.

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My father I saw a dream. What is my dream son? He said I saw 11 stars prostrating before me. And not only that, I saw the sun, the moon all of them are prostrating before me. Who am I?

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Then his father told him

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my son, you will be a different person. You are nothing any person.

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Don't tell that story to your brothers. They will be jealous of you.

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They will be jealous of you. But I have won a lottery Osaka aquatic. We can give many stories My dear brothers and sisters. masala has set up recently his solemn our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When I was born, he was born as an orphan.

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For a poor family. However, Allah Allah doesn't want him to live with a low ambition.

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His grandfather, Abdullah polyp was the chief of Orion.

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No one was allowed to sit on his throne, which was a simple not acceptable. Mohamed Salalah

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in order for him to be inspired, oh, Mohammed.

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This is your position.

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From a very young age, at a very young age, they were building al Qaeda.

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Yes, the the idol worshippers we're building al Qaeda.

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And the young people were helping and building al Qaeda. And they are either worshipers so they used to be fully naked in order to have the lower government. Yes to put it on their shoulders when they carry stones.

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Mohammed at that time

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he was a young boy. He wanted to

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Do this.

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Allah, Allah, Allah did not allow him to do this. Because Mohammed you are not any person. This doesn't be fit your status, your future status.

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Not only that, when they finish building al Qaeda, they want to place and Hydra last word which is,

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has a very high status on their eyes, who is going to put it in that place? Who is going, who is going to do that? Who is going to do that? Allah, Allah, Allah want to tell them and Elijah Allah, Allah want to tell that young boy that you are the leader of humanity, no one in the whole world be fit to do that job, which is placing Galahad in its place, except you, Muhammad

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Sallallahu wasallam.

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So they had any disagreement, and they agreed that the first one who comes in from this side is the one who will put a hydrolysis with the blackistone in its place. And it was

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from a very young age, he was inspired, that he will be the leader of humanity.

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And he was the leader of humanity. sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi, Salah, my dear respected brothers and sisters, the seer of the prophets, I send them the Quran is full of those examples, full of those examples.

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We can talk a lot about them. However, we need to bring that theory into practice. Every one of you, my dear brothers and sisters should ask himself should ask yourself, what do I want to achieve?

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What do I want to be?

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Do I want to be a simple person?

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No one should say that I'm an old person. I lost it. No. No. Many of the scholars of Islam.

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Yes, they started their journey for leadership at an old age

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at an old age.

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In fact, in fact, as one of the scholars came to an FBI, he said oh I have done so many miles in my ages 16 out

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there how La quwata illa Allah. Then alphabet told him Do you know what the hell Rocco telavi law means? He said no. He said it means it means fix what will happen? What will come in the future? A larger level Allah will reward you for the future and the Lord Allah Allah will also forgive you a previous sense and shortcomings. But if you continue committing sins in your future, awaji Allah, Allah will punish you for both the past and the future. Fix your future Allah, Allah, Allah will fix it for you and the Lord and Allah will forgive you for your previous shortcomings. No one should say that I am old. No lady should say I am a lady. I can't do anything. Yes, Maria. Allah, Allah, Allah

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told us about Miriam alayhis salam, she was a lady.

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Yes, she wanted to have a son. Although she did not have a father. Allah gave her a son and gave her who gave her a Sally Sarah.

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Call it in in order to Dr. Murphy, botany mahabhava. What was her project? What was her vision to have a son to make him devoted for the sake of Allah Allah. This is the mother of Maria. So this was the mother of Miriam and Miriam as well. had a similar vision.

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Fatima Ba ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba? Allah, Allah, Allah told us about

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the wife of Fidel.

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My husband is an evil person. I can't do anything. Allah Allah Allah told us, no, you can still

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What did she do?

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pilot Robin in Nigerian and federal normally, when a gentleman of Nevada may save me from around, he is the king he is controlling the however save me from him or not to just give up?

00:24:49--> 00:24:55

And she said Rob Benigni, beighton. Rob Devaney and debate and Phil Jana, when a gentleman found out

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she was looking for something that is I

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Something that is noble build for me a house in general. My dear respected brothers and sisters, my dear respected children,

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live for something that is big.

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Life will have a meaning.

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Live for something is small life will be so depressing. Whatever you get from the dunya will not give you happiness.

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Live for something big for your akhira you will be a great person, you will be a big person, you will be a successful person, you will be moving from success to another success.

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Check what projects that you can do.

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Before I end,

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sometimes I'm invited to lectures, I asked people, how many of you my dear brothers and sisters memorize the Quran? If I asked you now it is not suitable for the hotbar to raise our hands. Very few people memorize the Quran. I asked them how many of you wish if they memorize the Quran? Most of the people raise their hands. I asked them I asked you do you know some people who memorize the Quran? They say yes. What is the difference between you and the person who memorized the Quran?

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Do they have more hands? Do they have two heads? Do are they more rich than you? In fact, many of them may may be poorer than you.

00:26:40--> 00:26:42

What is the difference? They had the vision.

00:26:43--> 00:26:52

One of their achievements that they want to achieve one of their goals they want to achieve is to memorize the Quran. They were committed, they achieved it.

00:26:56--> 00:27:04

This is a simple example. Do it My dear brothers and sisters, all of you. Even the old people have the vision

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to memorize the Quran, at least consider it as one of your aims in this life. We ask Allah Allah Allah to make us successful people. We ask Allah Allah Allah to inspire us to have vision for our life. We ask Allah Allah Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings.