5 Key Qualities Of Successful Muslims

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AI: Summary © The importance of unity and generosity in leaders is discussed, emphasizing the need for leaders to nurture and train others according to their qualities. The speaker also highlights the importance of showing love and empathy in order to achieve success in the afterlife, as evidenced by a woman who talked about her husband's actions and emotions. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about a woman who talked about her husband's actions and emotions.
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I hold all of you together upon the role of Allah, Allah Allah and don't be disunited. Why does the heaven

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Yes. Okay. So this is unity we can talk more and more about it after unity. What did we say?

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Aha. gratefulness. Yeah, gratefulness. Gratefulness is a Sherpa and from an sunnah, if no pain Rahim Allah said the deen is either southern or Schuco. Yeah. The end of the Quran Allah, Allah Allah praise the Shakyamuni Yeah or

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various few are having what? Yeah, a shortcode. Allah, Allah, Allah says,

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Booker in Shackleton law as even if you are thankful to me, I will increase you. If you want to be grateful to people be grateful to Allah first. That's why the prophets of Allah they sent a link between both in the Hadith. Yeah, and this is one of the key qualities of leaders who inspire others, because the Shaka becomes what becomes a positive person becomes a smiley face, who appreciate what others he connects them in the best way he can really inspire them and lead them. Yeah, sure. Then after that, we said we need two more qualities. What are they?

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Generosity? Yeah, generosity is a comprehensive meaning. It doesn't mean giving money. It means giving.

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Actually, it means for getting yourself. Okay, because you want to look after others. This what generosity mean? It is not just the money. That's why forgiveness actually comes in. From what? From generosity. Yeah. And when Allah subhanaw Malick praise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was the best of people in general the best of features and the best of love. And then he mentioned two important follow. Yeah, he said he was the best of people in terms of generosity can occur. And he was the most courageous even had that said those two qualities encompass all good qualities. Yeah, okay. generosity, we can talk a lot about generosity,

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but as I told you because of time, and the last one, okay, so the the one before last is what can you just I don't think Okay, anyone needs to discuss that okay. Because, as I said, you know, Malik said that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was a Xiang he was the most brave person and they mentioned many stories about the Shah the bravery of the prophets of Allah Allah you it was obvious other human beings if they want to be successful, they should not be covered.

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Yeah. Okay. And of course that is of different levels. And then after shujaa I said to you okay, there is a quality with that whether we should make it a separate quality or not, but love let me be more precise. It is actually empathy or showing love

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no successful person yet will be successful if he doesn't show love if he doesn't show empathy. Okay to others. Yeah, that's why Yeah, that a deal in

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our deen is encourages us to love others and love or sorry, let me be more precise love goodness for others. Now, you know I Hadoken had your head very happy man you know one man you will believe until he loves for others what he loves for himself Okay, these are the key qualities of of successful people of leaders of Florida of those who want to achieve something call it whatever you want to call it.

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Brothers, I have given this lecture or this as a seminar in many occasions, many places. And believe me, if the person had those three qualities, those qualities will change his life. They are simple. As you can see, I mean they are simple or later sake presented in a simple way

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in order to appeal to every single one of us. Yeah. And in order for them to be practical. Okay, I advise any of you and being Shaohua in the organization, we will do that. We'll do some suitable infographics to have them in front of you

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I had to get to you to do them all the time. Yeah. Even to train others, those who work under you. Yeah, you need to work. Observe those qualities with them. And you need to nurture them on those quality your children, you need to nurture them according to those qualities, you need to deal with others. According to those qualities. I don't want to mention some of the qualities or traits of so called leaders. Look at them when they deal forget about to their wives, because now we are afraid of our wife. We did treat them the best. Yeah. Because of because of feminism because of media because of other things. Or for whatever reason, yeah. And some, they are doing it for the sake of

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Allah, Allah, Allah, which is the correct thing. But look at how some leaders are actually the people in the street.

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Yeah, look at leaders. Okay. And hell, they're clearly the people who look after their offices or or they clean their offices. Yeah. Do they have this arrogance, or they actually, as one of

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the scholars said, one time, he said, My father taught me a very important because a beggar came to him, and then my father gave him some good amount of money. So my father said, Okay, I said to my father, you could have given him something like Yeah, and you know, any rupees, okay, one rupee or two rupees, two pieces coin that you don't use it anymore. Anyway. Okay. He would that was

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satisfied. He said some? If he, yeah. He said, I said to my father, he doesn't know you. So just give him anything that will suffice. He said, Son, if he doesn't know me, yeah, I know, who am I?

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Yeah, I know who I am. Okay, or who I am. And other scholars said, yes. If he doesn't know me, Allah knows.

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Yeah. So this is the true meaning of leadership? Do we really treat others like this? This is for example.

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Are we generous with ourselves? Or maybe our relatives or maybe the dignitaries or the rich people, but we are not.

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We are not generous with others. Are we brave? Maybe in front of weak people, but we are not brave on strong people. Yeah. And so on, so forth. Let us all try to install these good qualities, which are the best qualities in Islam in order to attain success in the dunya and success in the afterlife, because the prophets of Allah said Akabane are not meaning that a man has a flock the best of you in emaan is the best or the best of

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the best in the law. They are working to either make us among those who excel in their

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Five minutes, okay.

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Yes, let us do our count. We have already been Yeah.

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Sure. Maybe 10 minutes.

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Okay, yeah.

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This akmola Farah, may Allah reward you.

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Just get me show me the action. Please.

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I know that you are.

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Maybe you are leaders and maybe you are like me. Maybe business people I don't know. Or maybe you are. But a skill here you are human beings.

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And 111 Lady in England, she came to our Council. She was complaining about her husband, her husband is a wife. Revert is a businessman. She said I want to see somebody actually. Yeah. Okay. He's a businessman. Why but he should at home he should be well, he's a human being. So I want to see some emotion. He doesn't show any emotion. This is the nature of you know, one people.

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So she said one time I know. She said I made a big mistake. I throw his belongings, his clothes and they said take your clothes and just leave. Yeah. So he

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wanted to come visit him and he saw his clothes peacefully. And he just

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she said I was so angry. I even I was because I became more angry because I was going to become angry.

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So he left the second day

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he sent me an email via so and so with reference to the misunderstanding that took place yesterday I would like to apologize first and then I would like to say the following. She said I was about to hold the laptop and just to smash it even now he is still not angry. He's treating me as an employee or something or he's treating me as he said professionally and efficiently in your house means emotions. Yeah. So she said we are human beings. And this should be okay. Our trade all the time will let us not forget at the end of the day, yeah. Let us not forget those qualities because we are human beings at the end of the day. Yes, that is a true husband Jazak Allah

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Okay, now we're gonna reward you. I was really delighted to be with you. Okay, this evening our Delisle accepted is you know, the day of Friday is the most blessed day and it is now time for us to add that to our will be accepted. Now, I don't know either accept our.

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