Don’t Belittle a Good Deed!

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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a plan to bring more people together to serve the umpires and educate them on the importance of doing so. They also mention a study program for women to learn about Islam and practice it. The plan is expected to be successful and bring together more people for better outcomes.
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CINEMALAYA Kumar rahmatullahi wa barakato hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen we are so grateful to Allah and I'm sure all of you are that he gave us the life to live to see Ramadan. He gave us life to live the first 10 days with Lila Hammond and also he helped us. Those of us we were able to do all the good deeds mainly fasting, praying tarawih reading Quran, being generous, being helpful taking care of others and may Allah subhanaw taala always facilitate good deeds for you hamdulillah Grameen if you have been enjoying the our new series, builders of the nation and if you have been enjoying all Virginia Institute have been offering this Ramadan and I'm sure you all have noticed will Illa land

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and I'm so grateful to Allah, that in this year, we were able to bring way more than what we did last year and we were able to spread more knowledge at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen this is all by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala number one and also by and after that is your help your believe in us and your support. I am reaching out to everybody or Swati Assad or Sam so the Hadith that I really love and very dear to my heart which is led to Quran nominal model fishy, Willow and Talcott haka, Bo gentle paddock don't belittle any good deed, even if the good deed was as simple as meeting our brother or meeting your sister with a smiling cheerful face and this is what we are appealing.

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Alhamdulillah a very small, good deed $1 And if you we all going to be able to do that well in your hand $1 As Allah subhanaw taala said no Surah Al Baqarah

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as small grain can go up and up and up to up to 700 and even more and if you all are able to do that just a $1 we will be able to be it Nila and he will put Baraka in your act and in our efforts to bring way more we have many plans for this upcoming year to serve the Ummah to educate the woman Hamdulillah we this is the second year we finished the year of knowledge, our signature full time Islamic study program. We have more plans to offer not only the woman, the adult but we have also a plan to offer our youth, our girls to have a place for them also and for the adults to not only learn but together to feel the sisterhood to also practice fun the way that pleases Allah subhanaw

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taala help us reach that and I'm sure Allah's pantile will not but put Baraka in everything you do. And we do Ramadan Mubarak