Do Not Tire! Gaza is still Dying

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Let's not forget, even if it's going to take years, let's not forget them. Let's not get used to it. You can never get used to injustice, we should never get used to

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pain and suffering of the others.

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And the more we see what we are seeing, and again, I was saying this to myself, how grateful we are, we should be to Allah subhanaw taala. And I'm saying this to myself, what will I say to him when I stand in front of him?

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Everybody in this room, what test we went through?

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Right. And I mean, the story is from us, which one we start to which one we end, you heard che Omar, talking about the man who's Khalid, who he lost his granddaughter, rah rah, he used to call her the soul of the soul. And it's not now becoming a hashtag. And everybody else in the woman's who says that hamdulillah Ilaha illa Allah and what God who said it is she does she have seen her. She was saying that it's my mother, I know her from her hair. And the men trying to console her and says, No, it is not she says no, I know it is she, I mean the story is, is beyond. But the point is we the blessed ones, we need to remember this. And we need to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and then

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I'm gonna get you to the sovereign Jamil the beautiful patient.

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That beautiful patient for us. And again, may Allah forgive us is when the temperature becomes 50

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or becomes 14 Dallas, and it gets very cold and everybody starts complaining.

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And if you come to California even worse, because everything is available and everything is available in the best way. And easy. You want to go and buy any fruits, you're going to stand in front of them and says which one I'm going to take.

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And many of us will hand we don't even think about the price. So the more we see this and I kept asking myself, your Allah, there is a hikma you're making me see this and live this. And the only thing I say show me your wisdom and make me learn from it and make it in make it in a way to make my RightScale heavier