Dear Palestine, Allah Always Hears You. Victory will Come

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On better the night of budder look at the numbers. It's a 300 plus they say 12 1314 Muslims, it's

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more than 1000. Now look at the percentage three times. What did they have few horses and 70 camels 700 camels they had and 1000s of horses, the night of it. And you have a rasool Allah salatu salam, and he made his dua to Allah. And this is something we all have to do.

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And he said Allahumma ng is whack your Allah fulfill your promise. And then he turned to him and says, Your Allah, if you're not gonna give victory to this group, who will worship you on this land on this earth.

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And you know the history go for fast forward a few years later, and you have a hijab, that trench, same story. Now even worse, this is even way more relevant for today. Because it was not only a Quraysh it was everybody around them. They did the famous trench and now everybody is coming to them and they are

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siege behind them is Medina.

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In Medina, the Jews in Medina, they absolutely negated the agreement with the Rasul Allah sorcerer, and now they are all in one place. That's what the Rosa is now.

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What did they do?

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And Allah didn't give them Victory Day One, or day two, how long they stayed in the trench.

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One month, they came to him Ali salatu salam. So the auto Salah we're hungry. It's exactly what you are seeing. He said, We are hungry, and they showed him their belly and they were literally tying around their belly rocks. What did he do? Alayhi Salatu Sera. He lifts up his shirt. And he had two stones, two rocks.

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Because then when Allah planted and wanted it, and how did they win?

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How did they win? There was no war in this one. Allah sang the wind.

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Now you're going to tell me and I can see what I am not a real Swati salatu salam and I am not the Sahaba right.

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But we can be if you want to be the real one. What are the Allahu Allah Dena Armen minquan wa mural solidarity is totally fun the whole film camera stickler for La Nina and probably him. What are your MacKinnon? Well, you have a Dylan Nomada Hoshi him and while you MacKinnon Nila whom Dino hula de toda la home while you with Deanna whom embody Hafi him Amna Abdullah Nilaya surecall Nisha, listen to this verse. This is from the Quran you all read. Allah gave promise to the believers. He didn't give it to the Muslims, he gave it to the believers. minquan the special believer from you, and they do good deeds is not words.

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Three things

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you will have the victory on this earth. That's not my words. That's when will the Quran go and read it one and then he will make Islam you MacKinnon Allah hum Dena Hama, he's going to make Islam strong. He didn't say one. He didn't give us time, and then he will replace their fear with safety and peace.