Builders of a Nation #22 – Asma bint Abi Bakr (RA)

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. We are continuing our journey with those special woman who played a huge role in building our religion, our nation as Muslims. Today, we are still in Makkah, where a young lady by the name of a smart was born to a blessed family of Satan Abu Bakr. She's the older sister of the wife of Roswaal, a salatu. Salam Seder, Aisha, she's actually half sister of Sayed Aisha, her mother name is Ko Taylor say that SMA was one of the early Muslims. She was in fact the 18th person who accepted Islam in Makkah. And she spent a lot of time in the house of raw Swati salatu salam being a direct student of him. She ended up marrying a Zubayr of

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Nora one who is relative of rasool Allah salatu salam from his paternal side. But he was also one of the 10 people who were given black tiding of entering Jana by a rasool Allah salatu salam. So when Rosario saw to Sudan decided to migrate to Medina and took her father say net will burqa as the companion. She stayed in the home of her father, and the door was knocked and she opened the door and there were a group of men from Quraysh led by algebra,

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who asked her directly Where is your father? And she responded, I don't know. He left and immediately, I will Jehovah slapped her on the cheek to the point that she was wearing two earrings both fell from her ears. She was pregnant. When she followed her father and also a salatu salam taking with her her younger sister Seder. Aisha and the mother of side Aisha so basically her stepmother actually, which is a moral man. And she guided them and led them to Medina. Now as she was doing this, she was pregnant. And she actually delivered as she arrived, Medina and she gave birth her son sang Abdullah and Abdullah Zubaydah was the first newborn in Medina. And he was

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actually carried by a Vasarely salatu salam, who gave him his name. And he also did the Sunnah of the newborn, which we call it a technique. Basically Rasul Allah saw two Sarah chewed dates, made them like a paste and then took part of this paste and then just drop it on the gums of the new board saved Abdullah. One other thing say that smart played a role in the migration. So basically, when you will remember the migration for us So Alisa to Sarah, and you want to remember a woman, the name Osama bin Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with her comes in right away. As they were moving to Medina, or Suarez salt or ceramah Sadan Abu Bakr, she was the one who come daily from her house in

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Makkah, and give them food. And she was carrying both water and carrying food and she was pregnant. So this is very famous about her than what she wanted to bring the food and water. She couldn't put them both on the camel. And she actually took her belt and cut it half and tied ones to each side of the camel put the food in one side and the water on the other side of the camel. And for this she was given one of the nicknames she had is actually long not arcane, the woman of the tool belts, so she arrived in Medina lived with her husband and her son Abdullah Agnes Zubaydah. She used to send her son to the house of his aunt Sayed Aisha, and there are so Ali saw to Sudan to learn firsthand

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from Rasul Allah Surah to Sarah, spend a lot of time so you can Abdullah with a seed Aisha to the point that said I wish I didn't have a son. She was given the nickname on Abdullah, the mother of Abdullah what's the name of the wife Miss Zubayr grew up he was one of the most famous companions specially in the narration of the sayings of Rasul Allah He salatu salam say that smile. Even as she got older, she stayed as courageous if not even more than when she was younger in Makkah. Later on in life after the resort he saw to Sudan passed away. Satan, Abdullah had Ms. Zubayr at the time of the MaHA Khalifa. He was

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was encouraged to run to become the Khalifa. And he was encouraged by people from different countries, Syria, from Iraq from Makkah from Medina. So he led an army to take over the Halifax from the unknown dynasty at that time, and had judges tog Rafi, who used to live in Baghdad, also led army and start fighting against Abdullah misery. At this point, many of the supporters of Abdullah Addonizio Bay left him and he actually ended up in Makkah, and his mother was with him. At this time, she was more than 100 years of age, she lived for a long time. And he came to her and he said, Mom, mother, many of my supporters left me, should I surrender to our high judge, because they

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promised me if I surrender, I will live or I continue to fight. And if I continue to fight, the possibility of me dying, is almost certain. Now 100 year old mother, this is her only son. She looked at him and said, Did you fight for the truth or falsehood?

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And he said, for truth, then she said, Keep fighting. And of course, he was killed after he was killed, and her judge actually asked her to come and take his body. She refused. And she said to him, courageous woman, she said, you took from him his life in this dunya you took his life or your his dunya but guess what? He took your hereafter. May Allah be pleased with her. May Allah subhanahu wa taala give us the courage that this woman had. May Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Make us work for this day, as she did