Builders of a Nation #20 – Um Kulthoum bint Muhammad (ra)

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testimony from what I meant Allahu over a cattle journeying again

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to the past, with the life of the builders of this nation, and this one is another daughter of our beloved Rosu daddy Surah to Sinha and this is no one else than cedar MacArthur. Her full name is omocha thaum bento Mohammed Abdullah, as she was known by being the responsible, she took responsibility at a younger age. She was the second wife of Sade now it might have not fun. After her sister of a year passed away. She was in sequences the third daughter of Rasul Allah salatu Sinha, the first one to say designup Second one Seder rakia and now say the Omo Khartoum and then we have said of ultimate the fourth one, she was also born before prophethood in Makkah, and her mother

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is a Seder. Hadiya what she was known for that she took care of her mother while she was sick, and migrated with her little sister Fatima to Medina, alone was saved Natalie, and with her stepmother, say disorder, the passage or the death of her mother say the Hadiya caused her a lot of pain and sorrow. It's interesting this was recorded from all the other daughters This was recorded that she was really affected by the death of her mother, and she was the only grown up daughter to stay with her Soiree. Serato Sara after the death of say the Hadiya say the Zainab was married and say the Roca was already in abyssea. So she became the adult caregiver of the house. She comforted the

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rosary salatu salam through during the hard and the painful time he went through after the death of Seder Hadiya and she herself going through the mourning and the pain and the grief of losing a mother. Add to that she had her younger sister side of automa Sue who she is also now taking care of her. She was married twice her first marriage like her sister omocha ortho to the sons of Abu Lahab.

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And when the verse was revealed temporada abelia had been WhatsApp May the hand of Abu Lahab Parrish, Abu Lahab ordered and convinced his sons to divorce the two daughters of Roswaal a salatu salam. So she ended up being divorcee. And then she migrated to Medina, with as I said, with her younger sister saved nearly and saved us older. She was married to the son of Abu Lahab. But the marriage was not consummated. And the husband to be his name was or Taber. He was Least to say rude and unpleasant to Rasul Ali salatu salam. And after he divorced her, he attacked her, Swati Hisar to sit down and humiliated him. And there are swla salatu salam looked at him and made a dua made a

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prayer. And he said, may Allah unleash his dog upon you. And

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guess what happened? Not long time after he was actually in a journey, trade journey traveling to Syria. And in the land of Jordan, current Jordan. He was attacked actually by a dog and he was killed. And the dua for Swati salatu salam was absolutely answered something for us to learn that it decode our thermo blue, they Sabina harboring a life hijab, be aware of the supplication of someone or injustice has been done against them, as there is no shield or barrier between it and Allah subhanho wa Taala she migrated to Medina, and in there, she got married the second time, and this time, she managed to seed now with mine. After the death of her sister of a year, she got married to

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save now to secede not mine was honored with so many honorable things in his life. And this one was one of the exceptional ones because he was the only companion or married to daughters of Rasul Allah Surah to a sinner. What an honor is that? And that's why he was called the no rain. The man was two lights, because he married the two daughters of rasool Allah Who Salah chose Sinha. The marriage actually was ordered by Allah subhanaw taala Allah revealed Torah so Allah His salatu salam Mary, you're done.

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or to say no to man. And this was actually done in the month of robiola, a woman and the departure, she left to the house of her father, to her husband, say now to man in dramatic, tiny, or a soiree, his salatu salam greatly loved and praised seed Northman and saved mouth man had done so much to this Dean, one of the famous ones remember how generous he was, and how much he donated the Jaysh dollars rather, the army the of need, when he donated all of it, or he actually donated to give all the supplies to that army and the Roswaal a salatu salam said his famous line about him that nothing with hot will harm out man after what he just did today. So when he was giving his daughter to Earth

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man, he said Truly, your husband is closest in resemblance to your forefather Ibrahim, and your father Muhammad. May Allah be pleased will say North man and some Allahu Allah say now Muhammad, she was the daughter of Rasul Allah salatu salam, the wife of say Northman yet she had no children. And Allah always has reasons why he blessed some people with children and he doesn't plus some with children. So all for wisdom Subhana she died actually very young, that age of 28 year old and she passed in the month of Shaban nine years after he dropped and the Rasul Allah salatu salam grieved her death, he led the prayer of the funeral and put her in the grave. And you can imagine how many

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so far have a swallow his salatu sera put in graves. May Allah be pleased with her. May Allah be pleased with all the daughters of Roswaal risotto Sana May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us some of what he gave her