Allah Loves Not The Sinners

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The speaker discusses the meaning of a "has been" and how it can be used to remove sin. They explain that a "has been" means something that is internally is not something that is internal, and that people should not the idea of sin being a problem. The speaker also talks about a "has been" meaning something that is internally, and how it can be used to remove sin.

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I said mid como rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While Ali he was so happy woman who Allah, Allah maluna Maya and found our Vanya, Bhima Olympian Ayala teachers what is beneficial for us and benefit us from what you are teaching us? Allah's pantalla said in Surah Al Baqarah, the cow and the verse is 276, Yamaha Aquila, Horiba, will you be sada caught Allah? basically destroy interest and multiply charity?

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Allahu La Hibou Kula Kaffir in a theme and Allah does not love anyone who is ungrateful, who does not believe in Allah and a theme, the sinner and this is what we're going to look at today. Allah, the majestic Subhana doesn't love the person that his or her description is a theme, a theme, sinner.

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So what is a theme mean? And what is the difference between an item and a theme? It's all translated to a sinner.

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A theme is someone who is constantly sending,

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denying, or rejecting the fact that he or she is doing a sin, not to open to an advice, a piece of advice, a word of advice of someone and they think they are okay.

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Allah does not love those people.

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disobey Allah, constantly. They are not open to any word of advice, and they do not think internally. They are doing anything bad. Allah, Allah will help. So I have to look at my actions today. Have I committed a sin? And have I continued to do it, or I continued to do different sins, but constantly continuously sinning? And that I don't think I'm doing something. And when somebody tells you remind you, it's days of Ramadan, this is the last 10 days these are blessed nights. The response is I no or no response or no change. So this is the first thing I don't want to be that person. I want to Allah to love me. You want to be me, and for Allah to love me and you, I am going

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to do my best to do everything he loves, and stay away from what he doesn't love. Then the second question comes in what is L?

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What is the sin? There's some things obvious we all know. Not praying, not fasting. Right, not dressed properly. backbiting, not nice to the parents. But there is much more than that. And in a beautiful Hadith, Saraswati salatu salam, a companion came to him

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and asked him, ya rasool Allah, what's Albir what's excellent, what's a good deed?

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What's a good deed? And he responded in a very nice way and he said, I will be manipulating FSOC bill, excellence. Good deed, is what you are comfortable internally, in doing it, comfortable internally in doing it, and the heart feels serene when he or she is doing well, Ethan,

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Ethan, the sin. Allah doesn't love the sinners. The sin is McAfee soldering.

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The sin is when you are internally feeling. My hacker if it's not like something inside your chest you're not comfortable with internally, you will know that you are not very comfortable. And what are the deaf ears solder? The continuation of the hadith is that it's continuously inside you internally. You're not comfortable about doing it. You're not comfortable and about doing it and he continues and says when after calmness we'll have to look, even if people tell you it's okay. It's not a big deal. Internally, you feel you're not doing the right thing. So let's step back again. If sin because I need to learn what is this word Allah used in the Quran, so I am going to not do it.

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So Allah will love me because the verse that we are sharing Allah Allah, Allah does not love a theme Kuffar on a theme that the that person who doesn't believe in Allah or ungrateful and a theme will translate it loosely to sinner, and we said sinner constantly. He doesn't think or she is doing something and they are not open to a word of advice. Sin itself. And this is something for us alone to learn as the sin is something internally

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internally, not someone is telling you and you're rejected because you just don't want to acknowledge it. internally. I am not comfortable. Something in there tells me this is not right. Even when people tells me it is right.

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And if my hacker if you sold again another narration, he said, it's also the same is what is internally you're not comfortable. And you are not comfortable people seeing you doing it.

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You are not comfortable people seeing you doing it. So if I am holding a phone, and then I was looking at something and then somebody comes in, and I feel they can see the phone, if I turn it off right away, then there is a possibility what I was doing is something not pleasing to Allah could be something private, but I'm speaking in general could be something private, not haram, not a sin. I just don't want someone to look at it. Let's say it's at your password, but I'm speaking in general in general. So if sin, things we know, but also sometimes they are so hidden, it's internally. Let's ask Allah subhanaw taala in these blessings, Knights and the DUA, this application that assayed

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Ayesha Aster Rasul Allah is Auto Salon. The meaning of she said Dr. Rasool Allah, if I knew tonight is Layla to other I know tonight is the night of power. What should I ask Allah? I know tonight is she was asking him if I know it is the Night of Power What should I ask Allah? And he responded says say Allahumma indica fu to hula, half five one, Ya Allah You're awful. You are the one who poured them to a bull if you love to pardon for anime, pardon me. And pardon is not only forgiveness, it's forgive and completely removed. So, if someone commits a sin and ALLAH forgive, that sin is removed, that sin is forgiven, as if he did not do it. And Laffel is completely not even written in their, in

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their books. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those he loves, make make us the one who does things that he loves. May Allah subhanaw taala move away singing from us. We don't love to do with them. They are not available. They are not ready. We don't have people who help us to do sins on the contrary, may Allah surround us of those who remind us not to sin, who remind us to obey Allah and may he makes his obedience easy. Your ebme Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.